3D Video Player: Brilliant Light-Weight Tool For 3D Playback With Real-Time 2D To 3D Conversion [Windows/Giveaway]

3D technology was the most historical afford to bring “Real-Life” experience in any video – this can be a movie, a house hold video capture ...

3D-Video-Player-Brilliant-Light-Weight-Tool-For-3D-Playback-With-Real-Time-2D-To-3D-Conversion-[WindowsGiveaway]-(thumb)3D technology was the most historical afford to bring “Real-Life” experience in any video – this can be a movie, a house hold video capture or a simple video clip. 3D format definitely here to stay in the electronics industry. After becoming the major attraction of the film industry with so many 3D movies, the 3D came to games, home theaters and also to the screens of computers and notebooks. However, finding software and video discs compatible with 3D format still is not a simple task. Most video players out there doesn’t have support for 3D playback or 3D conversion, there are a few applications that work with such conversions. If you're curious to see any video in its 3D format (without buying a real 3D monitor and 3D disc), one of the alternatives is 3D Video Player. The application is available as evolution version, which allows the user to play any video in with real-time 3D conversion including a watermark text on the bottom-right corner. More to read.

Note: This is a paid software available from a really cheap price of $9.95 only. The evolution version lets you do everything but just puts a watermark while playing video in 3D. We are giving away 8 license code for 3D Video Player to 8 of our lucky reader. Please check by the end of this article for more details.

P.S.: To enjoy 3D movies using this player (or any other player), you are obviously going to need a 3D glass (Normal computer monitors don’t have the technology to show real 3D graphics. 3D Video Player uses anaglyph 3D so you will need a Red-Cyan glass to watch movies.


3D Video Player is a pretty much basic program to play videos. The only feature that stands out is the real time 3D conversion and playback of 2D videos. The interface also does not provide many features, but because of it ends up being simple and intuitive to the user. You just need to drag the video file in the application interface and then active 3D mode – that’s it.

So, to get started, download and install the 3D Video Player package first. It is recommended that you have a graphics card with dedicated graphics processing unit for smooth experience. Once installed, run the application. Then simply drag the video file(s) you want to play in the application interface. 3D Video Player will then automatically start to play the video file(s) like a normal video player.


To watch videos in 3D, you will need to activate the 3D button from the bottom-right corner of the app window. Here you will also be able to modify 3D depth and shift for perfection.


So, here’s what we’ve got after activating 3D mode. Well, it won’t make any sense in plain eye, you are going to need a Red-Cyan 3D glass. But as you can see from the screenshot, the video is filtered and layered in red and cyan color in real-time. We’ve found almost no lag during playback and really pleased with the final result. 


Finally, 3D Video Player is a real simple yet fast tool for real-time 2D to 3D conversion and playback. It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview. The evolution version puts a watermark during 3D playback while the full version is available from only $9.95.

Download 3D Video Player

Giveaway: We are giving away 8 License Code for 3D Video Player Professional to 8 of our lucky readers. To get a Free Activation Code of 3D Video Player Professional, participate in this simple contest. The Giveaway will last 4 days (Till 7th October, 2012). To participate on the contest, complete one of the following process:

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