Lep's World: Super Mario Style Free Game To Help The Elf Recover The Gold [Android & iPhone Game]

Lep's World is a Super Mario style platform game for Android and iPhone . The character of this game is called Lep and he is a "L...

Lep's-World-Super-Mario-Style-Free-Game-To-Help-The-Elf-Recover-The-Gold-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Lep's World is a Super Mario style platform game for Android and iPhone. The character of this game is called Lep and he is a "Leprechaun" which, according to Irish folklore, a leprechaun guardian is a huge amount of gold found at the end of the rainbow. Who likes platform games, especially the games like Mario, will fall for Lep's World. The game you win right away, with a look very beautiful, well designed with bright colors and great graphics. Furthermore, it is possible to choose graphics low, medium or high quality, causing the game to run smoothly both in high-performance hardware as in Androids weaker. The gameplay is simple, fun and known to all: jump between platforms and beat your head against the crates to collect coins and bonuses. But not only the look and style of play that will please the most nostalgic gamers. Lep's World has a classic soundtrack, sound effects and music that perfectly match the style of play. Everything you already know and love in a new story and a new (and sympathetic) character.


Lep's World reserves still other interesting aspects to the player, as three memory slots for storing matches in progress and phases with different gameplay - as the world's first two, you do not control the floor of the character, just his jumping. The game has some features that could be better. Jump about a character is a little movement necessary, that usually leads you to lose a life. Additionally, the game has a low level of difficulty and no option to change. But overall, Lep's World is a very fun game and beautiful, it has everything to win the Mario fans who want a taste of the franchise in your Android. An addictive and enjoyable game!

Lep's-World-Super-Mario-Style-Free-Game-To-Help-The-Elf-Recover-The-Gold-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3) Lep's-World-Super-Mario-Style-Free-Game-To-Help-The-Elf-Recover-The-Gold-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4) Lep's-World-Super-Mario-Style-Free-Game-To-Help-The-Elf-Recover-The-Gold-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)

The problem starts when this little man, in an unguarded moment, dozed off and lost all the pot of gold he watched. A huge storm spread all currencies by the whole kingdom. Your mission in the game is to help Lep recover this money. Jump and run in a fantasy world in this amazing journey full of challenges. But be wary: During this adventure, various monsters emerge along the way. To defend yourself, you can jump on top of the head or nuts can shoot at enemies. To increase your life vest four-leaf clovers that appear on the path. Moreover, hit his head on rocks, always aiming to collect coins. The game contains well-designed and detailed graphics, incredible 32 stages, 5 different themes and 9 modes of enemies.


  • Very cute graphics.
  • Three memory slots.
  • Addicting gameplay.
  • Images well designed.


  • Difficulty level low.
  • Little precision to jump on other animals.

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