Nemus Launcher: Smooth Homescreen Replacement Tool With Resizing Widget Feature [Android]

If you're already sick of the look of your gadget and looking for a more modern style for your Android smartphone, you'll love Nemus...

Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(1)If you're already sick of the look of your gadget and looking for a more modern style for your Android smartphone, you'll love Nemus Launcher. The app turns any style of unit, giving a more modern look and take the gadget. For those seeking a more modern style for Android, Nemus Launcher is ideal. You can be sure that, with it, your gadget will get much more beautiful, after all, the menus are light and without a lot of visuals. Moreover, the launcher options brings very useful tools for those who want to keep your device running better apps or browse the device. Another advantage is the possibility to use the entire space of the home screen dock, dragging the menu to check all content. The Nemus Launcher also allows you to configure the look at will, changing colors and letting the device even more with your face.

Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(4) Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(5)

If you want, you can also download additional themes for Nemus Launcher, which opens up many possibilities for your smartphone becomes even more beautiful and modern. To use Nemus Launcher you will not get any work: download the theme, and when returning to the home screen of the device, the system itself should suggest the Nemus Launcher for you. A modification of the system is complete. Menus, shortcuts, folders and a dock at the bottom of the screen that becomes fully interactive.

Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(2) Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(3)

If the original look of Android you has just a few buttons at the bottom of the display, here you can put how many you want and slide the menu to the side, having quick access to any tool you want. The application menu also gain a different style and two tools to help you in navigation. You can do a quick search or choose to see only the apps that are currently open.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Smooth launcher replacement.
  • Low memory consumption.


Download Nemus Launcher For Android

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