How Is Windows 8 In Terms Of Gaming? Pros & Cons Of The Latest OS In Terms Of Games [Analysis]

Even before the official launch, many sites started reporting the news that some developers are totally disappointment with the performanc...


Even before the official launch, many sites started reporting the news that some developers are totally disappointment with the performance of Windows 8 considering gaming. Since then, the number of complaints increased considerably, mainly because of problems with Games for Windows Live platform. Although many people has marked Windows 8 as good, they said that they have no problem with the system and report that the performance is much better then Windows 7 in some situations. We take all this buzz to study the case thoroughly. Today, we show that there are two sides of the coin, but perhaps not everything is as bad as some say. So why don’t you read more after the break for the complete story?


So, we put up everything as of date to let you choose what suites you best. Check out how the system performs in time to run the games and what are the aspects that come compromising performance. We also recommend you to read some of our previous articles regarding Windows 8 performance and possibilities, check out

Evolution can Create Problems

Windows 8 took great improvement with lots of new features and other changes from the old versions, but it does not mean that the development system (coding) has been changed much, it has many similarities. To give a revamped system in history, Microsoft opted to move sharply in the core system. This means that many basic features have received several changes. We are not speaking here of the feature itself, but the way the system runs each tool. Microsoft has modified the core graphical system in Windows 8, inserting effects and animations that use DirectX as supportive platform.

In earlier versions of Windows OS, Microsoft used DirectX only for running several apps and games. But now it Windows 8, DirectX is used directly to enhance the system graphics which can, in theory, interfere performance in gaming as the both environment uses the same DirectX.


This is the first feature of the system that many point as a problem. Although it makes the system more elegant, such a feature may interfere with the gaming performance, because Windows needs to stay focused in two environments that use the same technology. Using the DirectX interface in the system can cause negative impact, but nobody has yet able to prove how it affects performance.

Lack of proper support

Despite a lot of complaints about the system, many users are also blaming nVIDIA and AMD – the GPU providers, for the low performance (which has not been proven by anyone). The most common complain is that the drivers are not optimized for the new system and because of this reasons the games are still the best in Windows 7.


In fact, in previous versions of Windows 8, the drivers were generating many problems and caused major impact on performance when running games. However, since then, the two GPU manufacturers have invested heavily to polish their software.

We have a Desktop using ATI Radion graphics card, two notebooks running in nVIDIA dedicated GPU, we already found latest compatible driver for all three of them and the drivers are also well-polished and functional. If you encounter problem with hardware compatibility, there’s a big chance that the provider is already working for Windows 8 support and roll up an update soon.

At the official site of AMD and NVIDIA, there are appropriate versions of the drivers for the Windows 8. Some chips (like some notebook) are not yet supported, which forces the games to use a version of software for Windows 7 to be able to play the games. In this type of situation, it is the fault of the drivers, but overall, this is an exception.


Actually, considering that Windows 8 just came out of the oven, it is understandable that there would be some problems (bugs) with drivers, however, we didn’t found any problem between Windows 8 core system and Video Card hardware.

Problem With The Game for Windows – Live

If on one hand there are few articles demonstrating performance problems of Windows 8, there are also a massive number of people who said to be suffering from the Games for Windows – LIVE platform. With a history of launching its own store, Microsoft ended up creating a direct fight with players who love Steam.

The problem actually is not about the store, but the bugs that interfere while gaming with who uses the service from Valve. Often, the games need to use the interface of the Games for Windows - LIVE to perform login and able to connect to online matches. This already happens in Windows 7, but there are not many errors as it is in Windows 8.

It's funny to talk about the Games for Windows - LIVE, because despite being a Microsoft product, it has not properly updated with the operating system. In general, many people are facing an error message when trying to use the advantages of this platform. In order to get around this, you must download the latest version of the product - which, incidentally, does not always work.

Minimal differences

To put everything into clean dishes, let's talk about what really matters. Let's see how each comes in time to face the games and benchmarks. PC World held a thorough analysis of the two systems in various situations in early October.

Moral of the story? In most cases while gaming, Windows 8 performs better than Windows 7. The differences, however, are minimal, and in a few games there is a jump turns. Importantly, in certain situations Windows 7 proves to be faster, so we have almost a dead heat.


Now, considering the superiority of Windows 8 in some cases, there's no telling what you will notice a difference in quality or speed. Even in games like Total War: Shogun 2, where the new system is up to 62% better, there is a large discrepancy in the hour of games.

Dirty Trick With DirectX

Responding to our main question, we can say that Windows 8 is not poorly designed for games, but that does not mean it is the most recommended system for games. Despite offering superior performance in many games, compatibility issues, bugs and other caveats may hinder players who want to play and avoid the headaches.

Now here’s may be the dirty trick after all, Windows 8 is great in my opinion and test, but forcing users to upgrade is a dirty marketing. Microsoft is forcing gamers to upgrade to Windows 8 by making it confirm that DirectX 11 will be uniquely available for Windows 8 and Windows 8 only.

For Microsoft, however, Windows 8 is unbeatable and all advertisements will say that it is the best at everything, ultimately more sales generate more profit. Even to prove this superiority, Microsoft has made ​​it clear that the DirectX 11.1 will be available only for the Windows 8, who wants to take advantage of the new features will have to upgrade.


In a way, it's not a bad idea to change the system, but perhaps this is not the appropriate time. Wait for more new games to come up as well as give time to the developers and manufacturers to furnish their apps and drivers for Windows 8. For now, we recommend Windows 7 for gaming, and Windows 8 for the curiosity.

[Chart Source: PC World]

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