OPSWAT Security Score: Analyze Your System For Current Security Status & Display Result In Easy Pie Chart [Windows]

OPSWAT Security Score is a tool to check your Windows computer security status and rate in a score from 100. With it, you can learn how to ...

OPSWAT-Security-Score-Analyze-Your-System-For-Current-Security-Status-&-Display-Result-In-Easy-Pie-Chart-[Windows]-(2)OPSWAT Security Score is a tool to check your Windows computer security status and rate in a score from 100. With it, you can learn how to change the protections applied in your system to make it more threat-proof, and get tips to resolve any issues which have been located. OPSWAT Security Score brings a good way for you to check how effective your security programs are. One of the main advantages of the application is that the tests will be done automatically with a click only in less then a minute. The UI is elegant total fool-proof with out any customization or configuration in tests making it real handy even for the dumbest user. Another very interesting aspect is the results are displayed as a pie chart, which greatly facilitates both the viewing and in the interpretation of information obtained. More to read.

Moreover, the information are separated by sections, so you can know exactly how each part is (or not) compromised. Likewise, you can get detailed information on the results by just clicking anywhere in the graph (which can be ideal to locate the problem and analyze a solution). Another positive point is the program doesn’t need any installation at all, running directly. Just download the app and and run it directly by clicking on the downloaded file. Although you will need administrative access in Windows Vista or later to make the app work. If you need to make an analysis of the protection mechanisms in the computer, certainly the OPSWAT Security Score enables you to perform without complications, even for a beginner.

OPSWAT Security Score is not any tool that directly makes your system more secure. Rather it analyzes your current security status as well as checks the tools you are using to protect your system and then rates it. It assists you to decide which part of your system is unsecure letting you easily fix it.

The internet has become a major source of communication for people in the same extent as computers became more popular. Therefore, it is currently difficult to those who have no such tools and do not use them often enough. The problem is that every day brings new cyber threats such as data theft, viruses, malware, and other risks. Thus, the best way for you it to always have your computer protected. To check how good the actual level of computer security, you can count on tools like OPSWAT Security Score, which measures the efficiency of the protections performed on the machine.

According to the developer, the calculations made by the program are based on the security industry, and researches in the area of ​​protection. Further according to the company, the database is grounded mounted on ten years of analysis area, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the results.


The application works from a single window and basically has only one button to operate. As mentioned earlier, just double-click on the application and then it will run automatically. The first step is to agree to the terms of use of the application. Just check the I agree to the terms and conditions option and then all you need to do is click the Start button.


Then the application starts the analysis, which can take several minutes to complete. At the end of the test, the empty graph on the screen will be filled, indicating the number of items on which your computer has been approved in each of the sectors scanned (firewall, hard drive encryption, patch management, backup, public files sharing, anti-virus and anti-phishing).


To see details about the results, just click on any part of the chart. You will then be shown some detailed information about the security status of select area.


  • One click interface to get started.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Analysis finishes quickly.
  • Interactive pie chart for easy analysis.


  • Doesn’t allow custom scan.

OPSWAT Security Score is a nice and easy tool to determine how secure your computer is from online threats, cyber crime, viruses and phishing attack. This is a quite important tool if you want to make your computer more secure. OPSWAT Security Score is a complete freeware tool works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP too.

Download OPSWAT Security Score

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