12 Great Cydia App To Make Your iPhone Worth JailBreaking [Picked]


A jailbroken iPhone can be much more attractive, mainly because this way it is possible to perform several modifications in the system, something that is not allowed by Apple in a locked unit. The company does this as a safety measure, since changing the operating system may cause some problems and make the smartphone unstable. However, testing the applications carefully and not installing any modification that appears in front, the chance of any problems occurring is very small. We prepared a list of 10 interesting applications found only in Cydia AppStore for you to increase the productivity of your iPhone.

Toolwiz Care: Freeware Tool For Complete System Optimization With Windows 8 Support [Windows]

Toolwiz-Care-Freeware-Tool-For-Complete-System-Optimization-With-Windows-8-Support-[Windows]-(0)Toolwiz Care is a full-featured tool that promises to improve the performance of your computer supporting the latest version of Microsoft Operating System, Windows 8. In addition to the basic options that sweep the system for junk files and invalid entries in the registry, the program also offers password manager, backup and restore for registry and MBR, and automatically repairs network problems. Toolwiz Care has an extremely intuitive interface. Thus, it becomes much easier to find the features you want to use, all a click away. Toolwiz Care is one of those essential tools to keep your system performing well. The main difference of this program with the rest of the genre is that it brings together a lot more tools in a single interface, taking up little disk space. Thus, you need not to install a lot of applications on your machine to do a more thorough cleaning, just install Toolwiz Care instead. More to read.

Astronomers Witness The Greatest Explosion Of A Black Hole Ever Recorded [News]

Astronomers-Witness-The-Greatest-Explosion-Of-A-Black-Hole-Ever-Recorded-[News]According to National Geographic, a group of astronomers detected the largest explosion of a black hole ever recorded. According to the publication, the event recording has reached a magnitude of at least five times larger than any other studied before this occurrence. The black hole in this explosion is located about 11.5 billion light-years from Earth, has a Supermassive mass equivalent to 1-3 billion suns together, lying in the center of a quasar (a type of galaxy which is extremely bright and energetic). Astronomers are studying the explosion through the powerful telescopes of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile, measuring the speed and the properties of the outage materials.

Viddy: Capture Videos, Instantly Apply Different Effects & Share Them Over Social Sites [iPhone]

Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(1)Everyone has the right to show their life, their activities, their creations and their talent as possible film director. With these cameras in various devices and platforms increasingly integrated with YouTube, it becomes increasingly easy and irresistible share some videos. For those who already know and use the instagr.am, popular app to enhance and share photos quickly Viddy can understand how a program of the same type only this time directed to videos. Viddy is highly recommended for those who love to shoot, but do not understand a lot of editing software. With the tools contained in the application, any user equipped with enough creativity can raise the level of production without any effort. Another positive factor: the speed with which they can post a video is as fast as sending a post via Twitter. And the whole point of the application is there as well as Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, the Viddy restricts the videos just 15 seconds. More to read.

Talking Garfield HD: Play With A Garfield That Speaks, Moves, Plays Piano & Does Lot More! [iPhone Game]

Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Talking Garfield HD is a fun little game that brings talk of how the main character likable kitten Garfield, who speaks, moves, plays, plays piano and more. You can play for hours with this lazy bug who loves to eat, play and rest. When you touch the screen on it, it makes some gesture or different reaction, like walking forward, waving or even say anything. If you want you can speak a sentence near the microphone so that the Garfield repeat exactly the same words, but this time with a different voice. You can play the piano with Garfield or even play a game in which the food is falling from the sky and you need to slide your finger over the screen so that he can pick up and eat food. Another fun option is to shoot this kitten mixing with the environment, in assemblies of fun over there..

NASA Finds Water On Mercury From Analysis Of Data Sent Via Spacecraft MESSENGER [News]

NASA-Finds-Water-On-Mercury-From-Analysis-Of-Data-Sent-Via-Spacecraft-MESSENGER-[News]-(1)Based on data obtained by the MESSENGER spacecraft, NASA confirmed that Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, has water on its surface. And what to come surprise next is, this is not a small amount. According to the NASA, the planet has an abundant amount of ice and other frozen volatiles in polar craters. Despite the proximity to the sun and high temperatures recorded on the surface, the polar regions of Mercury didn't ever get sunlight yet because of the tilt of its axis of rotation, which has an angle of only 1 degree.

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Square Planet: Take On Incredible Challenges In This 3D Universe [iPhone Game]

Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Square Planet, you are a ninja willing to drop all his friends who were unjustly imprisoned. For this you will face the greatest challenges in a 3D scene full of obstacles and enemies. A plot entertaining, high-quality images and funny sounds make a game of Square Planet essential for anyone who wants to have fun in a game that can be a game or a casual game in goal for career. The image quality of the application is, without doubt, what draws the most attention in the Square Planet. Once you open the game, you'll notice the care of developers in delivering a gambling full details in all environments and characters. Both the iPhone version as adaptation to the big screen of the iPad does not disappoint.