Toolwiz Care: Freeware Tool For Complete System Optimization With Windows 8 Support [Windows]

Toolwiz Care is a full-featured tool that promises to improve the performance of your computer supporting the latest version of Microsoft Op...

Toolwiz-Care-Freeware-Tool-For-Complete-System-Optimization-With-Windows-8-Support-[Windows]-(0)Toolwiz Care is a full-featured tool that promises to improve the performance of your computer supporting the latest version of Microsoft Operating System, Windows 8. In addition to the basic options that sweep the system for junk files and invalid entries in the registry, the program also offers password manager, backup and restore for registry and MBR, and automatically repairs network problems. Toolwiz Care has an extremely intuitive interface. Thus, it becomes much easier to find the features you want to use, all a click away. Toolwiz Care is one of those essential tools to keep your system performing well. The main difference of this program with the rest of the genre is that it brings together a lot more tools in a single interface, taking up little disk space. Thus, you need not to install a lot of applications on your machine to do a more thorough cleaning, just install Toolwiz Care instead. More to read.

During our test on Windows 8 64-Bit, Improvements noticed after using the program were encouraging. The system was more fast while opening documents after using Toolwiz Care. Even the search system showed improvements, displaying the results in less time than that displayed before using the program.

Here on ABC Trick, we have already featured many tools to optimize your system performance like Advanced SystemCare, Cloud System Booster and more. But to make effective effort to clean your system for optimum performance, you first have to know the reasons why system works slowly.

Although there are several applications that promise to eliminate unneeded files and make your computer faster, few offer as many features as the Toolwiz Care for free. All this occupies little disk space and without using lots of resource of the operating system during scans.


One of the main features of Toolwiz Care is scanning the disk for problems like blank folders, invalid entries in the registry and files that are no longer used by the system or by the user. Defects found, it's up to you to decide whether or not the program should solve them. To make access to the disk and the registry still faster, Toolwiz Care also offers a defragmenter specific to each of these areas. So, everything is more organized and Windows finds the necessary data more quickly.


The program offers a surprising amount of features. You can search for duplicate files, recover accidentally deleted documents, manage passwords and back up the registry. But the tool that draws the most attention on Toolwiz Care is the File Shredder to eliminate any type of file without leaving any chance for recovery. Very useful if you are planning to sell your Computer or HDD.


Another interesting feature that Toolwiz Care is offering uninstalling applications on the computer. With just one click, you have access to all applications installed on the machine and can quickly uninstall one you want, also erasing all files left behind during the removal process. It first uses the default uninstallation provided by the specific application and then remove registry keys and files left behind.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive
  • Several tools in one application


Toolwiz Care is indeed a great tool to improve your system performance with a lot other useful miscellaneous tools. It is a complete freeware tool works on both 64-Bit and 32-Bit version of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and others.

Download Toolwiz Care For Windows

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