SmartBand: The Smart Bracelet From Sony That Logs Everything You Do

During an event of CES 2014 , Sony unveiled a small device that can be the core of many wearable devices to come - not only those who ar...

During an event of CES 2014, Sony unveiled a small device that can be the core of many wearable devices to come - not only those who are released by the company. The device, called Core, will rely on battery that lasts for five days and is even able to send notifications via vibrations (Read more about Sony Core). For now, the main product that uses the Core is SmartBand SWR10. It is a smart wristband that works as a physical activities assistant.As you might guess, the operation is very simple: you put the device in your wrist and it begins to collect related data about your physical efforts.


However, due to the Core, the SmartBand does more than compute calories burned in races, for example. The bracelet from Sony can record data throughout your daily routine, showing if you sleep well, identifying movements made and even media used within the last 24 hours.

Besides all this, the device also sends notifications by light signals and vibrations, so you can check if someone called your cell phone or if there are any messages to reply or items to be consulted on social networks. Other possibilities are exchanging music and using third-party apps.

An example application is the LifeLog for Android, which is developed the company itself. With it, your smartphone would be able to store all the data collected by the Core and give points for your lifestyle - the more active the better, for example. The program also allows you to check daily goals to try to improving the score.

The device and the application will be launched in the first quarter of this year, with compatibility for Google Mobile operating system - support for iOS will take a while to happen. The price is 99 euros, and the rubber part can be replaced, having different colors.

Source: Sony


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