How To Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview And Restore Old Bootloader [Video Tutorial]

As a close release of upcoming Windows 8 final, Windows 8 Consumer Preview has already taken a huge place of these days talking. It’s been...


As a close release of upcoming Windows 8 final, Windows 8 Consumer Preview has already taken a huge place of these days talking. It’s been downloaded and tried out by Millions of users. Have you tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview lately? If you are a Metro UI fan, I bet Windows 8 Consumer Preview have many things to satisfy your thirst. Also, if you are eager for new things or a Windows fan, you should tried out Windows 8 Consumer Preview if you haven’t yet. Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be run on the PC which meets the minimum requirements of running Windows 7/Windows Vista. So why you are waiting? Today I am going through every steps to show you how to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview (With Windows 7) Safely, how to restore old Boot Menu (Bootloader) after installation and video of the whole process. So continue for the whole story.

To know why Dual Boot is important and useful, I would recommend you to read some thoughts of Dual Booting before getting started.

Before getting into the process, we need to get the following things:

Check out the video tutorial once you have done those.

After completing those four processes, plugin your bootable device (Pen-Drive or DVD Disc) and then restart your PC. From the BIOS window, press F12 to select boot device. From there, select your boot device.


Windows will then load necessary files and start the installation wizard. You will first be shown the boot window while Windows loads other files in background. This may take 1-5 minutes.


Then the window will go greenish and take and show Setup is starting. Wait for sometimes here.


From the next window, select your desired language, keyboard input type and time format.


Then click next. Then click on Install Now.


On the next page, you will be asked to put your product key which you have grabbed earlier. Enter your product key here and then click Next.


Then you will get the license agreement terms window. Check the I accept the License terms and then click on next.


You will then need to select the installation type. There’s two options,. first is to upgrade your current system to the new one and the second to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview as a new OS. Since this is a beta stage of Windows 8, I highly recommend to select the second option (Which is Custom).


Now you need to select in which partition you want the install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Choose the partition you created with MMC Snap-in and then click next.


Windows will now automatically Copy and Install all files. Wait till it finishes and Windows will be restarted then. After restart, Windows will update registry settings and then gets your device ready. Wait and then your PC will be restarted again.


Now you will be taken to the new bootloader menu. Select Windows 8 Consumer Preview to continue rest of the setup.


The Personalize window will open. From here, choose your favored Metro background color (Can be changed later) and put your PC name. Then click Next.


Then from the Settings window, use Express Settings for default options. Or if you want to customize your own settings, select Custom then. Then put your desired Username and Password and click finish.


You are now done installing Windows 8. You might notice that your previous Bootloader has been changed to the new one. If you want to restore the previous bootloader, open Run window and then write msconfig and then click Ok.


System Configuration window will open. Click on Boot tab and then select Windows 7 from the OS list and click on Set to default. Now click Ok.


Restart your PC and you will see the old bootloader window has been restored. You have learned how to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview today. If you still have any problem, please comment here.


  1. i'm not able to start my previous version of 7!!!!
    it always start system recovery wen i select the win 7 option!!
    wat shud i do now?

  2. run startup repair from the installation disk

  3. run the startup repair from the installation disk. Windows 8's bootloader should see it, if it doesnt just do startup repair and make sure windows 7 is in your bcdedit


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