SecurityKISS Tunnel Provides Blazing Fast Free VPN Service With 300 MB Free Daily Bandwidth [Windows & Mac]

While browsing through the internet , sometimes you need to hide your identity to protect your privacy. Although it sounds like you are goin...

SecurityKISS-Tunnel-Provides-Blazing-Fast-Free-VPN-Service-With-300-MB-Free-Daily-Bandwidth-[Windows-&-Mac]-3While browsing through the internet, sometimes you need to hide your identity to protect your privacy. Although it sounds like you are going to do something illegal by hiding yourself, but believe me, it is a good idea to become anonymous on the big web because there are tons of threat out there to attack you. Also I believe that privacy isn’t stealing and protecting myself isn’t illegal. To protect yourself from online threat, we previously shared some free VPN tool called Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost VPN, TunnelBear and UltraSurf. SecurityKISS Tunnel is another free VPN program that serves to protect the information you sent from your computer. With it, you connect your computer to the Internet through a secure tunnel to exchange information allowing you to navigate in a completely anonymous manner. In addition, it also allows you to access restricted content by region, whether by government or blocked by the site owner. SecurityKISS Tunnel has standalone desktop version for Windows and Mac. More to read.

While you are surfing through the internet, your are just leaving behind many traces of usability, i.e. you can easily be tracked from sites that you have visited and if someone with evil thought and right technology find it, he can easily find out what information you have exchanged with other people. To protect yourself, you have to be careful while leaving traces on such websites. Or if you do not have enough knowledge or time, use the free VPN service provided by SecurityKISS Tunnel. This program creates a kind of tunnel between you and the internet, where all your information is protected and filtered so nothing is able to intercept them in their path. In more technical terms, SecurityKISS Tunnel encryption gateway uses a highly advanced route, allowing you to navigate safely even in public wireless networks.

The encrypted tunnel created by SecurityKISS Tunnel not only protect your information, it does also protect your privacy. As you start to using a different gateway, the IP address identified the server from where you are navigating. In other words, if someone tries to trace your IP, they will not be able to reach you. Moreover, another advantage of using a foreign IP is to access sites blocked in your region. Like if you want to Hulu, Veoh, ABC, Pandora, CW etc. outside from USA, SecurityKISS will be of great help.

Using SecurityKISS Tunnel simple and easy. Just install the software if you are using Windows or Mac and then run it. Once the application is opened, click on Connect to connect through SecurityKISS secure tunnel.


You can change server and choose one from the available by clicking on Option > Change Server or clicking on Sever icon.


It also has a service called Exclusive Tunneling which blocks all other connection except for secure connection through SecurityKISS Tunnel.


SecurityKISS Tunnel gives you 300 MB of free bandwidth to browse and download from every 24-hour. The connection speed is real fast allowing you to faster access to all service. It is completely free and unlike other free VPN services, it neither displays advertisement nor it limits speed. I am recommending it for your complete privacy protection. SecurityKISS Tunnel works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The Mac version works on OS X 10.4 and later.

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