Anvi Smart Defender Pro: Optimize System Performance & Detect Malicious Files Used Cloud Technology [Windows/Giveaway]

From the same developer of our previously featured   Cloud System Booster , Anvi Smart Defender Pro is yet another powerful cloud based pai...

Anvi-Smart-Defender-Pro-Optimize-System-Performance-&-Detect-Malicious-Files-Used-Cloud-Technology-[WindowsGiveaway]-(1)From the same developer of our previously featured Cloud System Booster, Anvi Smart Defender Pro is yet another powerful cloud based paid (Free version available too) system software for Windows. Anvi Smart Defender Pro is a complete and useful tool for privacy protection and system optimization. It is not a replacement tool for the antivirus you already have installed on your computer, rather it works as a complementary tool so you can use both applications without incompatibility problems between them. Anvi Smart Defender comes as a pleasant surprise in the competitive world of applications focused on protecting and improving the use of system resources. The first highlight of this too is the interface, it’s modern, intelligent and well organized, following a certain standard from which is almost common in this types of app. Furthermore, the amount of resources also draws attention, opening up many features both for those who want a safer PC and for those who want to remove the junk files that prevent the computer from functioning properly. More to read.

Aside of its stunning UI and effective functions, it’s operation is very discreet, working automatically from the system tray icon with it’s intelligent detection system. Anyway, being easy to use, freeware and with great features, Anvi Smart Defender is easily one of the best options which optimizes your PC for faster performance as well as defend it from security risks. What Anvi Smart Defender does is it scans the system for malicious files. With this tool, you can detect malware, virus, Trojan, adware and spyware. This application has tools for quick scan, complete scan or custom scan and is also able to give a boost to PC resources, taking advantage of the best possible way.

Note: Anvi Smart Defender has both free and pro version available. Free version has almost all features of pro version except for the Premium Guard Pro features which includes Web Guard, Adware Guard etc. Anvi Smart Defender is free and Anvi Smart Defender Pro is available from $24.98. With the collaboration of Anvisoft, we are giving away five Pro license of Anvi Smart Defender for free. Giveaway information can be found by the end of this article.


To get started with Anvi Smart Defender, download and install it first. Once installed, run the tool. As motioned above, Anvi Smart Defender has a quite stunning and modern interface with well-organized layout making it easier to use even for the newbies. The UI of Anvi Smart Defender is divided into tabs accessed from the top bar. The first tab Scan does scan for malicious files in your system. Altogether, there are three options for you to search the computer for malwares: Quick Scan searches only in critical places, Full Scan sweeps all the ends of the system and finally, Custom Scan lets you who chooses what is searched.


Click on any of them and then the scanning process will start automatically. You will be monitor the scanning process real time from the application interface. Once the scan is finished, it will show results and if any malware was found, it will let you take recommended steps.


The second tab, Cloud Scan, is the main highlight of this tool. Cloud computing is a quite new technology but from its usage, it seems that this technology has come to stay. This technology has the ability to send specific files for analysis in order to ascertain whether are safe or not. Here, you choose a file from your computer (or drag it into the screen) to be checked and, within a few moments, you will receive a full report of analysis.


From the Guard tab, you can manage automatic guard feature of Anvi Smart Defender. While running, the Anvi Smart Defender, it keeps your computer protected from all types of threats. There are a total of 8 types of protection available (4 of them are available in free, others are in pro only). By default, all types of protection are enabled, but you can configure the application according to your needs. Anyway, the application has the following options:

  • Privacy Guard - Stops suspicious activity, preventing them from gaining access to important system files.
  • Startup Guard - Prevents files suspected as malware from starting with Windows.
  • File Guard - Function that detects threats created by unknown files.
  • Process Guard - Prevents suspicious files have their processes run with the RAM.
  • Web Guard – Constantly protects your system while browsing internet.
  • Behavior Guard - Detects and blocks behaviors typically regarded as malware.
  • USB Guard – Prevents USB auto run to block malicious files in flash drive.
  • Adware Guard – Detects adware and prevent them from harming your system.


From the Optimize tab, you can optimize your system for better performance. In it, you can clean up your PC, remove temporary and corrupted files, remove invalid entries from the Windows registry, destroy private files, recover consumed RAM space and finally defragment the disk to recover hard drive space.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro is an amazing tool for all-in-one system protection and optimization tool for Windows. It has a free version too with almost all features mentioned above (except for the last four in Guard). Anvi Smart Defender works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download Anvi Smart Defender

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