UltraSurf: Simple, Free Yet Fast & Powerful Tool To Access Blocked Sites & Browse Securely [Windows]

Some companies, schools and universities have a lock on their internet server to prevent staff and students from accessing to certain sites...

UltraSurf-Simple,-Free-Yet-Fast-&-Powerful-Tool-To-Access-Blocked-Sites-&-Browse-Securely-[Windows]Some companies, schools and universities have a lock on their internet server to prevent staff and students from accessing to certain sites, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and in some cases, blogs too. Again, there are some Country-Level restriction in many sites which may happen either because the owner of the site allows only visitors from certain country to visit the site or because the site is banned by the country government. But what if you are badly needing the contents from those? With the growing importance of blogs, for example, you often find information in blogs which can highly influence your life or help in your job or study. Despite the good intentions of the lock (or whoever put it), it can make things worst sometime. In cases like this, what do you do? Simple: fool your ISP and navigate through the obstacle. There are many softwares available in the market to do so. There are IP Switchers (not really recommended), VPNs and many other ways to bypass this system. We previously reviews few of them including Hotspot Shield and SecurityKISS Tunnel. Today we will be looking to another free yet fast and secure alternative called UltraSurf. More to read.

Easy to use, safe, functional and effective, UltraSurf is almost everything you want in a program like this. In addition, it operates almost invisibly, since you need to access to the interface only to configure it or manage trails. Although this tool was primarily built to be used in IE, there is direct support for other browsers like Firefox and Chrome. When you close UltraSurf, a window pops up with the option to keep the browser open, or delete all data related to navigation, which prevents you forget to delete these files and leave something to indicate that any blocked site was accessed.

Attention: Use this program at your own risk. If there are any site is blocked by your ISP/ Country/ Carrier/ Site-Administrator, there is some reason for it. So analyze the situation well and see if you really need to view the blocked site. Remember that school and office are not places to visit Facebook or read that blog gossip. Also visiting blocked porn site isn’t legal. ABC Trick team will not be responsible for anything you use UltraSurf for or it’s consequences.


UltraSurf allows you to access any sites, whether it’s blocked or not, with maximum privacy and security.That is, you are free to enter any site you want and don’t have to worry about cookies, history or any other type of trail left. It's as if you had not used the computer! All this because, as the developer's website says, these are the three pillars that support the UltraSurf: the freedom of surfing, the privacy of your data and access security. Forget the headaches and disappointment to see messages like "Access Denied" and "This page can not be displayed" and get to anywhere you need.

Using this tool is real simple and hardly need any steps. As this is a portable tool, just simply download and extract the archive then run the executable file to get started. It will then automatically detect your internet settings and setup a secure gateway to browse for you.

Download UltraSurf


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