Advanced SystemCare 6: The AIO System Optimization Tool Updated Once Again With New UI & Full Support For Windows 8 [Windows]

The biggest question on most of the computer users mind is Why my PC is slowing down and how to make PC faster . From time to time, you mus...

Advanced-SystemCare-6-The-AIO-System-Optimization-Tool-Updated-Once-Again-With-New-UI-&-Full-Support-For-Windows-8-[Windows]The biggest question on most of the computer users mind is Why my PC is slowing down and how to make PC faster. From time to time, you must perform a cleansing process and computer optimization to make the most out of your resource. For such tasks there are many programs available on the market (free and paid), however, very few of them are as simple, elegant yet powerful and trustworthy as Advanced SystemCare. This application is totally free, available in many languages and gives a reliable boost to the computer. Basically, Advanced SystemCare handles the operating system performance by removing unnecessary files, temporary folders and other items that accumulate on your hard drive as you use your PC, killing unnecessary processes, fixing registry and performing a short defragmentation. We have previously featured Advanced SystemCare of some times already and now this tool has been updated once again. Back in July, we featured beta launch of Advanced SystemCare 6 and now it reaches to the final version. The latest edition of Advanced SystemCare has visual enhancements, keeping the tradition of the software to innovate and provide a user-friendly interface. The free version of the program comes with several tools for you to turbocharge your computer. More to read.

We have featured many Advanced SystemCare tips and tricks previously and we are not going to bring them in this article. So you should check these following articles to know other things that Advanced SystemCare can do:


The first thing that comes on this new version is the beautifully designed interface, The interface of Advanced SystemCare were brilliant as well as user-friendly on the previous versions and now it has been even more modern, It comes with two color scheme, black and white, and both of them matches perfectly with Windows 8 metro UI.


It has to mode, Simplified Mode and Expert Mode and you will be asked to choose your preferred mode while getting started, You can easily change the mode anytime you want.

On the Simplified Mode, with just one click, you can significantly improve the performance of your machine. Just click on the Smart Scan button and it starts scanning for possible threats in your system. This option combines several actions to clean up the operating system, try to improve computer performance and especially avoid some minor problems that may hinder the safety of the machine.


Advanced SystemCare scans the main areas of the OS and makes deletion of everything that was identified as junk automatically, saving you from having to worry about every detail. After completing the scan and repair, the application displays information about the problems fixed and freed space. Undoubtedly, the various tools offered by this program are ideal for those who do not have much time to post and keep track of software working on the computer.


Now time to switch to the Expert Mode, just click on Simplified Mode on the top bar and select Expert Mode. Here are complex tools that seek errors which are most harmful to computers. This option need not be accessed as often, but it is recommended that you use these types of cleaning at least twice every month.


The Expert Mode is divided into three tabs for easy accessing. First is Scan then comes Toolbox and finally Turbo Boost. Scan does almost the same this as Smart Scan in Simplified Mode. Only thing is, here you will be able to check which options you want to be scanned and repaired.


The Toolbox is the true power of Advanced SystemCare which has lots of tools available for system boost, intenet optimization, privacy and junk removal and lot other tool. Just select the one you want to use from here and you will be taken there automatically.


The Turbo Boost is made for those who need to free up memory and processing power of the computer for a specific activity. Turbo Boost is perfect for gamers who want zero lag and for those watch videos in high resolution or do other things that needs heavy system resource. Through this tool, Advanced SystemCare disable processes and services in the background, emphasizing the main applications run faster.


The Quick Settings is another new invention in Advanced SystemCare 6 which lets you quickly and easily change important settings and make the tools even more effective. Quick Settings is just a simplified and visualized version of full setting mode which can be complex for new user.


Apart from the brand new interface and Quick Settings mode, one for other new this is the monitor gadget. Monitoring system performance and usage of hardware components such as CPU and RAM also became more powerful, it is now more accurate and can optimize those resources more efficiently.


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple Commands.
  • It works quickly and efficiently.
  • Has many tools for 360 computer optimization.
  • Intuitive interface and tools very well distributed.
  • Has full support for Windows 8.


  • Has several limitations compared to its paid version.
  • Defragmentation still takes a long time.

Besides all this, the application has received full support and compatibility for Windows 8 - the latest version of Microsoft's operating system. We have tested this tool in Windows 7 32-Bit/64-Bit and Windows 8 64-Bit. It works on other Windows versions since Windows XP too.

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