SmartBand: The Smart Bracelet From Sony That Logs Everything You Do

During an event of CES 2014, Sony unveiled a small device that can be the core of many wearable devices to come - not only those who are released by the company. The device, called Core, will rely on battery that lasts for five days and is even able to send notifications via vibrations (Read more about Sony Core). For now, the main product that uses the Core is SmartBand SWR10. It is a smart wristband that works as a physical activities assistant.As you might guess, the operation is very simple: you put the device in your wrist and it begins to collect related data about your physical efforts.


However, due to the Core, the SmartBand does more than compute calories burned in races, for example. The bracelet from Sony can record data throughout your daily routine, showing if you sleep well, identifying movements made and even media used within the last 24 hours.

Analysis: Why A Fresh System Goes Slow Overtime & How To Prevent It? [Windows]


If you are a regular PC user, the biggest question on your mind is “How to make my PC run faster?” – I am quite sure about that. That’s not an easy job at all as managing a faster system depends on many factors and failing on one will completely make no good. So, to get to know how to keep a new system fresh and fast or how to make a slower PC faster, you first need to know why the system goes slow overtime. There are real reasons behind this problem and we can’t pass the fact that whatever you do, your system is surly going to end up taking decade just to boot up. All that we can do is to keep that moment away for a further bit. In this article we will explain what are the major reasons of a slow system and sluggish PC and what basic things we can do to prevent it. So, let’s get started.

Crystal Cove–New Augmented Reality Glasses Of Oculus

If you follow the news related to the gamer world, should remember the Rift glasses. The unit is facing an augmented reality concept – with the goal to get you to come closer to the stories of the games and have a completely different experience to have fun. The initial project is already very promising and made a lot of people interested with the prospect of a pair of augmented reality glasses that really worked. It turns out that the Oculus, the company behind Rift, is still searching for progress and improving their own product.


Because of this, at CES 2014, the company unveiled the prototype of Crystal Cove, which is a kind of evolution and successor of Rift. One major difference is the fact that the screen rely on OLED technology, so that latency is lower, reducing the image blur, a characteristic that was a deal breaker to some people.

NVIDIA Features Tegra K1 - The Chip With 192 Cores [Video]

Kicking off the press conference of CES 2014, NVIDIA came to public early on Monday (6) with its presentation. Onstage at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, the company's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, talked mainly about three issues: new games, new Tegra K1 chip and automotive technologies. Opening the meeting, Huang talked about the recent news of the company and how they are forwarding it that NVIDIA believes is the future of gaming. The GeForce Experience and G-Sync technology were some of the examples cited.


In a demonstration, the Batman: Arkham Origins game was run on the PC and transmitted simultaneously via Shield, to a 4K TV. The latency rate during the display was very low, with virtually no loss of quality.

CES 2014: What To Expect From This Year’s Segment

The international CES is one of the biggest event for electronics and technology showcase of the year. Each year technology fans and addicts look forward to this event which tends to showcase the upcoming technologies and concepts which may come to light later that year. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2014, which is scheduled for 7-10th January, should not be any different. This event should chosen by many companies to debut and display their innovativeness that should dominate our attention over the coming months. In addition, the event will also give space to statements of appliances and inventions that will help us to have a more accurate view of what the coming years are holding for the world of technology.


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Prevents Zero-Day Attack [Windows]

From the same developer of famous Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is an application for Windows to prevent the attack of malicious applications on your computer through security vulnerabilities. Applying a constant monitoring of programs open on your computer, the software tries continuously to keep them protected from threats. For this, the program maintains a system of preventive protection (real-time) to detect all attempts to abuse and stop them immediately. It is worth mentioning that this application is still under development and testing (Beta) and may not always behave as expected, with bugs. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is a security utility, aimed to prevent zero-day attacks. Although this application doesn’t work as a complete replacement of an updated and full-featured antivirus program, the idea is simply to increase their degree of tranquility while surfing the internet.