System Ninja: Speedup Windows, Clean Junk Files, Check System & Hardware Specification And File Checksum

Speed and productivity, that's what every single person want from his gadget. But as of usage, your gadget will get older and older and ...

Speedup-Windows,-Clean-Junk-Files,-Check-System-&-Hardware-Specification-And-File-Checksum-With-System-Ninja-()Speed and productivity, that's what every single person want from his gadget. But as of usage, your gadget will get older and older and slower as well. Real slowness in processing is not something rare to people who have an old computers. Even systems with just a few months of usage may well crashes, this happens because of duplicate and unnecessary files that end up being accumulated on the hard drive and just make everything become heavier. We have already talked about PC being slow and how to prevent it a couple of time in Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your PC and Boost Performance and 10 Tips For Happy Computing. We also shared some really powerful system utility and performance booster tools like Advanced System Care, CCleaner, Startup Master, iBoostUp, EaseUS CleanGenius, Tweak Me!, SlimCleaner and more for Windows and Mac. System Ninja is a similar types of tool for Windows that cleans junk files, manages startup programs/running process, view hardware info and more. Although all of those tool is common in so many other apps, but one thing made System Ninja unique and that is it provide a full-featured portable package to let you run it without installing. More to read.

If you are a person who does not have enough experience to distinguish between files that can be erased and files that can not but would like to apply a tool that allows the computer perform better, try the System Ninja. It a lightweight and simple software and can be very helpful. As mentioned above, it also a provide a portable version with all features, you can also run it without installing it.


The home window of System Ninja is simple and easy to understand. It categorizes it’s tool in 4 tabs: Junk Scanner, System Tools, PC Analysis and Options. Junk Scanner will scan for junk and useless files in your HD and let you download them. You can scan for Temporary Files, Internet History etc. Click on Scan for junks and then select one (or more) drive to scan and then click on the Scan Drive. At the end of the process, you will get a list of all junk and unnecessary files detected by System Ninja database. Click on Delete Files to delete the files and improve the performance of your computer. It is important to take a little care when carrying out the deletion, because sometimes some files (important to you) can be deleted.


System Tool lets you delete any startup program from Startup Manager, view all running processes and end any of them from Process Manager.


Here you will also find an Additional Tool which is basically a file checker tool that displays useful information for a file like MD5 Checksum, SHA1 Checksum, SHA256 Checksum, CRC32 Checksum, Date Created, Last Accessed and file size in Kilobytes and Bytes.


PC Analysis will display your system and hardware info like Processor, BIOS etc.


From Options, you can add files or folders to ignore from checkup. You can also change some settings like Run in “Debug Mode”, Check for update, Language etc.

System Ninja is rather a useful system utility tool that allows you to clean junk files, manage startup programs, check file info and more. It comes as both installable package and protable package and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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