Effectively Search For Duplicated Files With Percentage Matches & Filter Via Anti-Twin For Windows

Effectively-Search-For-Duplicated-Files-With-Percentage-Matches-&-Filter-Via-Anti-Twin-For-Windows--()Anti-Twin is a free application which has been built to help you identify different types of duplicated files in your computer under certain conditions and filters. There’s a lot of space in hard drives nowadays while even Terabyte drive is available in a cheap price. While there’s a lot space available, it’s also been very easy to loose track of files in your HD. So don’t be surprise when you got a low memory warning even after having this huge space. Duplicated files are one of the many reasons of massive space wastage. On our short test, Anti-Twin proved to be real functional in search of duplicated files on percentage basis. It’s also very flexible in time to have displaced the folders to be examined, it was able to work with subdirectories, folders within a home network and even entire drives and files to the system without problems. In deed, the file comparison feature brought by Anti-Twin works very efficiently, especially the two who stand as the Differential application: assessments by bytes and in the case of images, comparisons by the pixels of the images.  In our tests, both methods worked quite well, identifying files by size and also by the image points. Although the program completed a lot slow, yet we got the expected results. More to read.

How To Find MAC Address Of Your Computer [Tutorial]

How-To-Find-MAC-Address-Of-Your-Computer-[Tutorial]-72Anyone who has tried to control computer access to a particular network must have certainly encountered with the so-called MAC address. While many people simply ignore its existence, it is possible that you will need this alphanumeric code for any reason and at any time, you'd have to know where to find it if you want to connect to the internet. The acronym of MAC refers precisely to the code of media access control and is not an exclusivity of PCs, as smartphones, tablets and even video games devices have this identification code. In single word, MAC Address is the unique identification code for your device. As stated, the main use of the MAC address is the management of a network of participants. For example, you can define which protocols are supported in a router, preventing unwanted connection theft. Today we are going to show you how to get MAC Address of your Windows OS easily. Check after the fold for full tutorial.

DeEgger Embedder: One-Click Hide Any File In An Image Using Steganography Method [Windows]

DeEgger-Embedder-One-Click-Hide-Any-File-In-An-Image-Using-Steganography-Method-[Windows]-(1)DeEgger Embedder is a very lightweight application that lets you hide a document within an image. This technique is known as steganography and has as main objective to ensure that confidential files can go unnoticed in the eyes of people who may be seeking to steal information. DeEgger Embedder is a program that offers an alternative security for your files. The main advantage is the fact it does not draw attention like a locked folder or a password-protected document. Hardly anyone suspect that an innocent photo is bearing a hidden file. DeEgger Embedder is a Windows tool that makes it easy pickings for you. The program interface is also noteworthy because it is completely directed to the procedure, without displaying menus or advanced options. Both the process to hide the file and the image extracting it is very fast, taking not just more than one minute, even for large-sized documents. Finally, the extracted file is just like the source file without even an extra bit of unusual character.

Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner: Change Size, Behavior Or Margin Of Taskbar Thumbnail Or Disable It [Windows 7/8]


Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is an interesting application that allows you to quickly customize thumbnail preview size, style, behavior etc. Normally Thumbnail has a fixed size that can not be changed natively. And that is where this application comes in, it allows to make some important changes, such as resizing windows and changing margins and spacing between them. Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is an interesting custom program that works perfectly in accordance with its proposal. It is not an essential program, but can be quite useful for those who like to customize the appearance of the computer beyond the native options. This program is very easy to use, since it has only sliders, without more advanced settings. As a portable tool, you don’t need to install it before using, simply plug and play. Additionally, this tool allows you to revert all changes made in a single click to restore Windows’ default. Any change made by this tool doesn’t need a restart to apply, it will just automatically close and restart explorer.exe. More to read.

Skipping Stone: Throw & Control The Stone Jump Over The Lake [iPhone Game]

Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(6)If you have ever played to throw pebbles into lakes to see how far they would go, you'll love the adventure of Skipping Stone. In this game you have a stone in hand and must make her jump as much as possible the surface water.Otherwise, it sinks and you can lose the game. If you search for a simple game, which casual, but enjoyable, then you'll love the Skipping Stone. This game will leave you with my eyes glued to the screen for a long time. All that matters here is to keep the attention and have quick movements. The controls respond accurately to all commands given by the user, making the game more interesting. The colorful images and lively track make the Skipping Stone has a rather playful, however, the game is not easy and will leave even the best players with all the concentration toward the screen.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering - Prepare Your Warrior To A Battle To The Death [iPhone Game]

Juggernaut-Revenge-of-Sovering---Prepare-Your-Warrior-To-A-Battle-To-The-Death-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, you will find a challenging game of strategy and fight completely set in a magical world. In control of a warrior well, your goal is to defeat all the monsters and creatures from the world of shadows. Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is a game of strategy and turn-based combat that puts players into a magical world full of monsters. To survive the perilous adventure, gamers must coordinate their attacks carefully, which makes the battles much more exciting. Unlike other games of this genre, the Warriors do not have open worlds to explore or worry about traveling long distances because all challenges are sequential. This may disappoint people who are looking for a game of adventure and exploration, but it is a detail that allows a quick gambling and more agile.

noozy: Crystal Clear Music Playback With Stunning Audio Engine & Modern Clean Interface [Android]

noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(1)noozy is a multimedia player for Android that lets you enjoy your entire music library with an excellent level of quality. The application itself has an equalizer whose goal is to leave the audio as clean as possible. noozy is undoubtedly one of the most complete multimedia players and intuitive that you can find for free on Google Play. The player has a lot of features such as support letters, and equalizer also lets you rotate podcasts. The clean interface, which is the hallmark of the tool may seem a bit confusing for people who are used to other programs more colorful. However, a few minutes to explore all the resources and realize the qualities of minimalist layout. The most amazing thing that made me switch to noozy is it’s brilliant audio filter engine delivering the most crystal clear audio possible. More to read.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S3 Mini: With Smaller Screen & Low-End Configuration Comparing With Galaxy S3

Samsung-confirms-Galaxy-S3-Mini-With-Smaller-Screen-&-Low-End-Configuration-Comparing-With-Galaxy-S3The rumors were confirmed. Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy S3 Mini, a simplified version of its primary smartphone the Galaxy S3, on on Thursday (11th October). However, unlike what many expected, the smaller screen than the new model also brings more modest settings, which makes it a sort of lite version of S3. The Galaxy S3 Mini has Super AMOLED 4 inches screen, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, dual-core processor at 1 GHz and run the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. The RAM was not informed, but probably it will be 1 GB.

55 Cancri e: Astronomers Have Discover Diamond Planet Larger Than Earth

55-Cancri-e-Astronomers-Have-Discover-Diamond-Planet-Larger-Than-EarthAccording to Reuters, a team of French and Americans astronomers have discovered that the planed called '55 Cancri e', located in the constellation of Cancer, probably has a surface composed of graphite and diamond instead of granite and water. According to astronomers, the planet has a radius twice than the size of the earth, being much denser - its mass is eight times heavier than our planet - and presenting on its surface temperatures that exceed 1600°C. Researchers have estimated that one third of the planet equivalent to thrice as much of masses of earth may be composed of diamond.

Monster Story™: Create Monsters And Raise Them In A Monster Town [Android & iPhone Game]

Monster-Story™-Create-Monsters-And-Raise-Them-In-A-Monster-Town-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Monster Story is a game for your iOS or Android where you have to create a city with various monsters, caring for each. In it, you will take care of the creatures from the egg stage to development, generating monsters healthy and keeping your village prosperous. Although it is the little game for your Android, iPhone or iPad, it requires internet connection for its operation (otherwise there is no way to play).  Monster Story is a good game for those who enjoy the style of creating and maintaining pets.Soon to open the application, you can see the resemblance to the Facebook game Dragon City. Even if you've played, you will observe that the actions taken are equal, since the position of the egg to feed the animal. Basically, the only difference between the two are the items that can be added to the game and the central theme (and in this game are not created monsters and dragons). Although the main action of the game is you develop your creatures, he has a series of missions that can be completed by the player. Although they are optional, represent a great way for you to earn game money and items, in addition to points to evolve your level - essential for you to have the best experiences in the game. The missions also represent a way to vary your actions in the game and let it differently.

Apple Is Tracking You In iOS 6: Here’s How To Disable It

ios6If you do not like to see you data is exposed or adherent of any conspiracy theory, prepare yourself for this news: Apple is tracking everything you do on iOS 6. Calm, the company is not interested in distributing your data around or do something. The idea is to offer contextual ads and more relevant interest based ads. The news was raised last week by the website Business Insider. According to the publication, iOS 6 brings a technology called "identifier for advertisers" (IFA), a sort of anonymous number that identifies everything that you do with the device, transforming this information into database to draw a profile and recognize what are your habits.

Nemus Launcher: Smooth Homescreen Replacement Tool With Resizing Widget Feature [Android]

Nemus-Launcher-Smooth-Homescreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Resizing-Widget-Feature-[Android]-(1)If you're already sick of the look of your gadget and looking for a more modern style for your Android smartphone, you'll love Nemus Launcher. The app turns any style of unit, giving a more modern look and take the gadget. For those seeking a more modern style for Android, Nemus Launcher is ideal. You can be sure that, with it, your gadget will get much more beautiful, after all, the menus are light and without a lot of visuals. Moreover, the launcher options brings very useful tools for those who want to keep your device running better apps or browse the device. Another advantage is the possibility to use the entire space of the home screen dock, dragging the menu to check all content. The Nemus Launcher also allows you to configure the look at will, changing colors and letting the device even more with your face.

Lep's World: Super Mario Style Free Game To Help The Elf Recover The Gold [Android & iPhone Game]

Lep's-World-Super-Mario-Style-Free-Game-To-Help-The-Elf-Recover-The-Gold-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Lep's World is a Super Mario style platform game for Android and iPhone. The character of this game is called Lep and he is a "Leprechaun" which, according to Irish folklore, a leprechaun guardian is a huge amount of gold found at the end of the rainbow. Who likes platform games, especially the games like Mario, will fall for Lep's World. The game you win right away, with a look very beautiful, well designed with bright colors and great graphics. Furthermore, it is possible to choose graphics low, medium or high quality, causing the game to run smoothly both in high-performance hardware as in Androids weaker. The gameplay is simple, fun and known to all: jump between platforms and beat your head against the crates to collect coins and bonuses. But not only the look and style of play that will please the most nostalgic gamers. Lep's World has a classic soundtrack, sound effects and music that perfectly match the style of play. Everything you already know and love in a new story and a new (and sympathetic) character.

3D Video Player: Brilliant Light-Weight Tool For 3D Playback With Real-Time 2D To 3D Conversion [Windows/Giveaway]

3D-Video-Player-Brilliant-Light-Weight-Tool-For-3D-Playback-With-Real-Time-2D-To-3D-Conversion-[WindowsGiveaway]-(thumb)3D technology was the most historical afford to bring “Real-Life” experience in any video – this can be a movie, a house hold video capture or a simple video clip. 3D format definitely here to stay in the electronics industry. After becoming the major attraction of the film industry with so many 3D movies, the 3D came to games, home theaters and also to the screens of computers and notebooks. However, finding software and video discs compatible with 3D format still is not a simple task. Most video players out there doesn’t have support for 3D playback or 3D conversion, there are a few applications that work with such conversions. If you're curious to see any video in its 3D format (without buying a real 3D monitor and 3D disc), one of the alternatives is 3D Video Player. The application is available as evolution version, which allows the user to play any video in with real-time 3D conversion including a watermark text on the bottom-right corner. More to read.