AMD introduces fastest APUs for tablets and sleekbooks With gesture and facial recognition Technologies [CES 2013]

AMD-introduces-fastest-APUs-for-tablets-and-sleekbooks-With-gesture-and-facial-recognition-Technologies-[CES-2013]On the 7th January, 2013, AMD introduced their new APUs at CES 2013. First, we have Richland chips, which will be exclusive to the OEM market - and probably equipped with the sleekbooks. Compared to previous models of the AMD A-Series, these processors should offer up to 40% more performance. These units will bring facial recognition and gestural technologies. The Kaveri series (with 28 nm lithography) should be the successor of Richland. According to the official document, these chips will have HSA technology (which leverages the parallel processing power and the division of resources), and also will focus on sleekbooks market. In addition to these innovations, the AMD APUs presented Temash and Kabini series - aka Brazos 2.0 - which will be composed by the first SoCs (system on a chip). The manufacturer, who will also be the first x86 quad-core SoCs world. These chips will be launched in the first half of the year for tablets and ultrathin notebooks.

Huawei Ascend D2 Brings waterproof Device With impressive screen resolution & FHD+ Technology [CES 2013]

Huawei-Ascend-D2-Brings-waterproof-Device-With-impressive-screen-resolution-&-FHD -Technology-[CES-2013]Huawei has been investing heavily in developing new smartphones, all to grow well beyond the Asian market. Therefore, the company has introduced several different devices at CES 2013, as Ascend Kill, which brings the largest screen ever seen on a phone, or Ascend D2, which has a really impressive hardware. The second, inclusive, is introduced by the company as the smartphone of dreams. Of course it is difficult to agree with this statement so away, but one can not deny that the configuration brought by the device is quite satisfactory. The phone has an impressive 5-inch display screen resolution, all thanks to Full HD resolution FHD+ and IPS technology, which allows a density of 443 ppi. Called Super Retina, it allows everything to be viewed with extreme image definition.

Fujifilm announces cameras with superzoom Snapping DSLR Like Photos Easily [CES 2013]

Fujifilm-announces-cameras-with-superzoom-Snapping-DSLR-Like-Photos-Easily-[CES-2013]Everyone loves to snap pictures of the highest quality, but not everyone can produce them with their cameras. One of the major reasons for this is the difficulty in operating a professional or semiprofessional digital camera, which are equipped with a lot of buttons and functions. But Fujifilm has a series of cameras that makes life easier for consumers. This is Fujifilm's S Series, reaching the series in 2013 with several new models. The main camera of this new series is HS50EXR which provides optical zoom of 42x for new photographers - controlled in manual manner, which makes the experiment more accurate. You can also leave the manual focus, but it requires a little more skilled photographers.

Nectar Power promises to recharge your gadgets For up to two weeks [CES 2013]

Nectar-Power-promises-to-recharge-your-gadgets-For-up-to-two-weeks-[CES-2013]A company called Lilliputian is getting attention at CES 2013. They never put any product on the market before and there is a large range of options in the event this year, but showed a device that can be very helpful for consumers who spend much of their lives outside the home. This is the Nectar Mobile Power, a portable charger that promises great results. The device works with Pods that are high capacity batteries and are stored inside the structure. The Lilliputian states that they have enough power to recharge your gadgets for up to two weeks - of course this depends on the frequency of use. It is also possible to use Pods reserve to the device to be even more time away from outlets.

Canon introduces camera with Wi-Fi & Direct Image Sharing In Twitter and Facebook [CES 2013]

Canon-introduces-camera-with-Wi-Fi-&-Direct-Image-Sharing-In-Twitter-and-Facebook-[CES-2013]Confirming rumors, Canon presented on Monday (7th January, 2013) a new series of cameras with integrated Wi-Fi at CES 2013. Displayed in the company's booth at CES 2013, the ELPH 130IS lets you upload videos and images to computers, tablets and smartphones via ad-hoc connections. The gadget also features compatibility with the CameraWindows app (for Android and iOS), as well as allowing direct sending of files via Twitter or e-mail messages (with a right to the establishment of comments). Finally, the device also features integration with Facebook, allowing you to choose the exact location of the social network in which your images will be available.

Samsung introduces new Series of cameras called SMART CAMERA 2.0 That Suits All Types [CES 2013]


Samsung introduced at CES 2013 its new series of smart cameras to leave the world in thrilled. The company has not lagged behind and followed the tune of other companies which are also bringing cameras to the market, such as Sony, for example, showed the new Cyber-shot. The presented camera series called SMART CAMERA, Samsung, gained a sort of upgrade, so that the products displayed at the event are part of the new SMART CAMERA 2.0 series. The concept, according to the company, is not just a fancy name. According to Samsung, the cameras feature a completely new ecosystem, something that makes the photography even easier to shoot and share the images produced. Therefore, tools such as AutoShare and Direct Link were maintained. Altogether, Samsung has brought six new models with SMART CAMERA 2.0 features for CES 2013: WB250F, WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV150F and ST150F. Check out some information about the gadgets displayed.

Intel announces new generation of processors with low power consumption Coming In Surface Pro [CES 2013]

Intel-announces-new-generation-of-processors-with-low-power-consumption-Coming-In-Surface-Pro-[CES-2013]For some time, Intel has invested in preparing a new market for processors with low power consumption, suitable for tablets, smartphones, laptops and ultrabooks. Now, during CES 2013, the company unveiled the new generation Ivy Bridge processors which can provide with good performance and does not require much battery life of the devices. During a presentation at CES 2013, Intel announced the 4th generation of processors for smartphones, tablets, laptops and ultrabooks that should require low power consumption. While current chips need to 17 watts, the new Ivy Bridge processor should consume approximately 7 watts.

Polaroid Brings iM1836 Camera Running On Android and Features interchangeable lenses [CES 2013]

Polaroid-Brings-iM1836-Camera-Running-On-Android-and-Features-interchangeable-lenses-[CES-2013]In December, there were some leaked information about a possible digital camera from Polaroid that would run on the Android operating system. At CES 2013, this was confirmed by the company, which presented the iM1836 camera during the event. And it came with features that really left consumers with good expectations for 2013. Besides having the Android OS, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ensuring ease of sharing images captured by the camera. And since we're talking about lenses, the Polaroid camera present in iM1836 that the lenses are interchangeable and can be changed according to the need of photographers. It is worth mentioning also that the sensor it is capable of recording videos in 1080p.

Third generation MiniPCs Of ZBOX promises superior performance with GeForce [CES 2013]

Third-generation-MiniPCs-Of-ZBOX-promises-superior-performance-with-GeForce-[CES-2013]ZOTAC appeared at CES 2013 with new MiniPCs. Updating its product series with Intel Core i3 processors, the company launched two models, ZBOX ID42 and ZBOX ID42 Plus. Both bring NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor and an improved cooling system. According to information from the manufacturer, these computers are ideal to work as a media center, mainly because they offer optical audio and HDMI outputs. Despite bringing modest specifications, these PCs already have some power to run games. See the hardware configuration of the two models below:

Razor’s Project Fiona appears in its final version at CES 2013 With New Name “Edge” [CES 2013]

Razor’s-Project-Fiona-appears-in-its-final-version-at-CES-2013-With-New-Name-“Edge”-[CES-2013]ThumbIn early 2012, the Razer stirred the pride of the gamer community by displaying the Project Fiona, a tablet dedicated for the gamers only. Now, a year later, the brand back showing the equipment in its final form and under a new name in CES 2013. Meet the Edge, equipment, which, according to the manufacturer, is the world's most powerful tablet. Available in two models, with variable price and configurations, the device has a 10.1-inch screen and runs Windows 8. The two versions are called one as Standard Version with modest configuration and the Pro Version with more powerful hardware. Check specifications for both of them after the break.

Voyager GT Turbo Is one of the world's fastest pendrives With Up To 260MBPS Transfer Rate [CES 2013]

Voyager-GT-Turbo-Is-one-of-the-world's-fastest-pendrives-With-Up-To-260MBPS-Transfer-Rate-[CES-2013]The Corsair is a company well known for their work with products for data storage, such as SSDs and HDDs. However, at CES 2013, the company showed a product that escapes what is considered as their normal. The news is about a new series of flash drives which is extremely fast and well that leverage the USB 3.0 ports, called Voyager GT Turbo. It can process data at a speed of up to 260 MB/s, which puts them among the fastest product of its kind - and the company claims that they are the fastest in the market.

Samsung shows new notebooks Series 7 Chronos And Ultra Ensuring Optimal Performance [CES 2013]

Samsung-shows-new-notebooks-Series-7-Chronos-And-Ultra-Ensuring-Optimal-Performance-[CES-2013]--1Several models of notebooks were shown by Samsung during CES 2013, but two of them really caught the attention of the press and consumers. We're talking about Series 7 Chronos and Series 7 Ultra, which should reach the market in the first quarter of 2013. And both bring very satisfactory hardware configurations for the most demanding users. The Series 7 Chronos has Intel Core i7 processor and AMD Radeon HD 8870 graphics card with 2 GB of graphics memory, being billed as a real option for those who do not want desktops, but neither want to give up the hardware advantages of them. You can also equip your computer with up to 16 GB of RAM.

Meet the Lenovo K900, the first smartphone with CloverTrail+ platform Running In Android [CES 2013]

Meet-the-Lenovo-K900,-the-first-smartphone-with-CloverTrail -platform-Running-In-Android-[CES-2013]Just as happened in 2012 with Medfield architecture, a device produced from Lenovo will be responsible for debuting a new technology from Intel. Presented at CES 2013, marks the debut of K900 smartphone with CloverTrail+ platform including an Atom Z2580 processor of 2 GHz. The Android device has a 5.5 inch IPS display with 1080p resolution, 13-megapixel camera with dual flash, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of space for data storage. The new smartphone also uses Gorilla Glass 2 to prevent the device screen from being easily damaged during everyday use.

A $995 Tobii REX allows you to use your eyes to replace your mouse [CES 2013]

A-$995-Tobii-REX-allows-you-to-use-your-eyes-to-replace-your-mouse-[CES-2013]Presented as a prototype during CES 2012, REX, the manufacturer of Tobii, returned to CES 2013 with a big news. With uninviting cost of $995, the device promises to be an alternative to the old keyboard and mouse combination that allows you to use eye movements to control Windows 8. A change in the way of interacting with your computer is made possible through a small sensor on the bottom left of the monitor, which is connected to your machine via a USB port. After a single calibration, the device enables navigating the operating system by simply looking at them - to access any program, just select it and press a button on the keyboard.

Liquipel 2.0 Brings even better protection against water to your gadgets through nanotechnology [CES 2013]

Liquipel-2.0-Brings-even-better-protection-against-water-to-your-gadgets-through-nanotechnology-[CES-2013]-(1)At CES 2012, we heard about an amazing technology called Liquipel that can turn smartphones into waterproof gadgets. In the event of CES 2013, the company returns again, and this time, they have made ​​a second version of their product, which is, even more powerful. According to Gadget Evolutions, responsible for the product, the Liquipel 2.0 is significantly advanced with regard to strength, durability, corrosion and water protection. This version would be 100 times more effective, maintaining the integrity of the components and sensitivity.

Lenovo announces new computers with touchscreen & Optimized For Windows 8 Including A Table PC [CES 2013]

Lenovo-announces-new-computers-with-touchscreen-&-Optimized-For-Windows-8-Including-A-Table-PC-[CES-2013]As might be expected, with the release of Windows 8 at CES 2013 have some ads that would help the spread of the Microsoft operating system the way it was designed: fir touchscreens. Thinking about it, Lenovo announced some computer models with multitouch displays, ranging from PCs to all-in-one PC and Tablets. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A730 announced, with a computer screen of 27-inch touchscreen, with displays ranging from 2560x1440 and 1920x1080 resolutions. The computer is equipped with a Core i7 processor, 1TB HDD and graphics card options that include the GeForce GT 745M with 2GB of dedicated memory. The A730 should be released in June at a price of $1,499.

Alcatel announces new high-performance smartphones One Touch Scribe X & One Touch Scribe HD-LTE [CES 2013]

Alcatel-announces-new-high-performance-smartphones-One-Touch-Scribe-X-&-One-Touch-Scribe-HD-LTE-[CES-2013]Besides presenting the new holder of the title of world's thinnest smartphone, Alcatel used the CES 2013 to announce two new high-performance devices. The One Touch Scribe X and One Touch Scribe HD-LTE aim to deliver to consumers a good user experience combined with a large screen and powerful hardware. The Scribe X has a 5-inch display with full HD resolution, 12 megapixel camera and quad-core 1.4 GHz processor. According to the manufacturer, the device will come equipped with various software that will allow the device to connect with Smart TVs, perform photo editing and movie creation.

Alcatel introduces the new world's thinnest smartphone With Only 6.45mm thick Device [CES 2013]

Alcatel-introduces-the-new-world's-thinnest-smartphone-With-Only-6.45mm-thick-Device-[CES-2013]In their presentation during the CES 2013 event, Alcatel won the crown of thinnest smartphone manufacturer in the world. With only 6.45 mm thick, the One Touch Idol Ultra has a Super AMOLED display of 4.7 inch, dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The device also comes with a 8 megapixel rear camera, a 1.3 megapixel front camera and the ability to record videos in 720p resolution. To reduce the thickness of the device, the company had to sacrifice its internal storage capacity (8 GB only) and completely eliminated any compatibility with accessories able to expand the capacity.

Lenovo Shows ThinkPad Helix: a powerful hybrid Computer With Detachable Keyboard [CES 2013]

Lenovo-Shows-ThinkPad-Helix-a-powerful-hybrid-Computer-With-Detachable-Keyboard-[CES-2013]Lenovo took the CES 2013 events to introduce it’s new hybrid computers, such as the IdeaPad Yoga 11S, equipped with Ivy Bridge processor. Another hybrid computer from Lenovo is ThinkPad Helix, a powerful blend of tablet with notebook. But instead of just turning the product upside down or spin it back, you can remove the tablet from the keyboard and recombine it to get more power configuration - not just a keyboard support. This is possible because the keyboard dock has a special cooling system hinge that allows the machine to overclock the processor. You can dock it to and fro, and if you still want a tablet, you can close the keyboard behind the screen. This provides more performance for the tablet and life for the battery.

Panasonic introduces VIERA plasma And LED HDTVs [CES 2013]

Panasonic-introduces-VIERA-plasma-And-LED-HDTVs-[CES-2013]Panasonic already has everything ready for the year that has just begun: During CES 2013, the company introduced new models of VIERA series in both LED and in plasma. In total, 32 new TVs to increase consumer choices of VIERA series. The highlights of the devices are in personalization and interactivity: there is My Home Screen technology, which creates an individual profile in a single TV for each person in the house, the Swipe & Share, which lets you transfer content from tablets and smartphones to the TV, a pen to write on the device, and navigation commands by voice.

Sony introduces new models of it’s Bravia 4k TV In Smaller Size Aiming Average Costumers [CES 2013]

Sony-introduces-new-models-of-it’s-Bravia-4k-TV-In-Smaller-Size-Aiming-Average-Costumers-[CES-2013]-2Sony used the CES 2013 to announce the arrival of two new TV models to its serie of devices with 4k resolution. Called Bravia XBR-65X900A and XBR-55X900A, both models have quite similar characteristics. Highlights include the presence of the transmission of 3D images liability, the stylish side lighting by LEDs and Sony's proprietary technology for processing images in 4k, called X-Reality Pro, devices also brings compatibility with smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi Direct. With the feature you are able to control what's on TV directly through the interface of your portable device.

Sony has officially Announced powerful Xperia Z With Long Lasting Battery & Water Resistance Feature [CES 2013]

After many rumors and a discreet appearance in the halls of CES 2013, the Xperia Z was officially presented to the public on a CES 2013 event on Monday (7th January, 2013) by Sony. Equipped with the Android 4.1 OS AKA Jelly Bean, the new handset from Japanese manufacturer has enough power to cope with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 from Apple.

Samsung reveals plasma and LCD TVs with quad core processor and new menus [CES 2013]

Samsung-reveals-plasma-and-LCD-TVs-with-quad-core-processor-and-new-menus-[CES-2013]During CES 2013, Samsung has decided to show its new series of Smart TVs, leading technology seen in their televisions to take them one step further. These new TVs will bring a quad core processor, which promises an even better experience when you access apps from the comfort of your living room. The new TV models from Samsung will have screens with sizes between 46 and 75 inches and will feature A-15 processors of 1.35 GHz quad core processing power This should provide faster access to apps present on TV, besides enabling the HEVC videos decoding.

Sony updates the Cyber-shot Camera Series with 5 new models [CES 2013]

Sony-updates-the-Cyber-shot-Camera-Series-with-5-new-models-[CES-2013]-1Last year, Sony tried to please all tastes and introduced 12 different models of compact cameras. This time, at CES 2013, the company decided to simplify updating its Cyber-shot series with 5 different options of new Camera: WX80, W730, W710, H200 and TF1. According to the company, the idea is to focus more on quality and less on quantity, so all new cameras feature high performance capabilities, but bringing in a more affordable price for consumers of different layers. Each of the cameras has different attributes. Check out a little details of each:

Qualcomm announces the launch of 4 new Snapdragon processors [CES 2013]

Qualcomm-announces-the-launch-of-4-new-Snapdragon-processors-[CES-2013]Due to the growing popularity of Snapdragon 4, it is not exactly surprising that Qualcomm was preparing to announce a new version of the chip during the CES 2013. Surprising much for the people is that, the company revealed the launch of four new models of the processor during it’s presentation, baptized as 200, 400, 600 and 800. According to the developer, the Snapdragon 600 will have a 40% better performance than that offered by the model S4 Pro. All this thanks to changes in quad-core Krait Chip and Adreno 320 GPU which made them even more efficient and economical than their current versions - the first devices equipped with the processor should be launched in the second quarter of 2013.

ASUS Announces ROG Ares II graphics card Promising Impressive Performance [CES 2013]

ASUS-Announces-ROG-Ares-II-graphics-card-Promising-Impressive-Performance-[CES-2013]One of the most advanced Graphics Card that we have today is the ROG Ares, a device created by ASUS for the most demanding gamers on the planet – where the ROG represents Republic of Gamers. And now the Taiwanese company is announcing the second version of the graphics card during CES 2013, which has even more powerful features than the first model. For starters, the ROG Ares II has two GPUs (graphics processing units) AMD Radeon HD 7970 Edition. Thus, it is possible that the processing frequency reaches the 1100 MHz band (1050 MHz having as base). It still have 6 GB video memory. No detail about the availability and price of the equipment, but it is known that it is a limited edition.

NVIDIA launches i500 Soft modem With 1.2 trillion operations per second Capability [CES 2013]

NVIDIA-launches-i500-Soft-modem-With-1.2-trillion-operations-per-second-Capability-[CES-2013]During the conference at CES 2013, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, showed a tablet with new Tegra 4 processor which can load web pages in seconds. However, it is worth noting that, in addition to processing of the content, the device is responsible for all communication with 4G networks. In the event, the manufacturer was pleased to announce its first modem: the i500 Soft Modem. The component responsible for taking care of internet connections is the result of the presentation by NVIDIA. In developing the Tegra 4 processor, NVIDIA struggled to reduce the size of the i500 model. Result: The new device is 40% smaller and can work with up to 1.2 trillion operations per second.

Vizio launches its first tablet with Windows 8 Using Dual Core AMD Processor [CES 2013]

Vizio-launches-its-first-tablet-with-Windows-8-Using-Dual-Core-AMD-Processor-[CES-2013]Vizio invaded the computer market last year with the launch of several products - especially desktops. Now, the company is poised to break into the world of tablets with the arrival of its first model equipped with Windows 8. The company has announced the Vizio Tablet PC during an event of CES 2013, a 11-inch tablet shipped with Windows 8 Pro. Running on Z60 chip AMD dual-core 1 GHz - perhaps the only tablet yet equipped with an AMD. Check out all the specs:

NVIDIA announces Project Shield, new portable gaming console With Terga 4 [CES 2013]

NVIDIA-announces-Project-Shield,-new-portable-gaming-console-With-Terga-4-[CES-2013]-(3)Although the portable console market has entered into an eternal struggle against smartphones, it seems that NVIDIA held that there is room for one more contestant. During CES 2013, it was announced Project Shield, an Android handheld gaming device, will have compatibility with the Big Picture Mode of Steam. During the presentation, NVIDIA showed the console, which itself brings a joystick and a touch screen of five inches wide. Project Shield runs Android Jelly Bean and has a Tegra 4 (announced at CES 2013) chip, which should provide graphics worthy of the current generation of consoles, with the advantage of being portable. Furthermore, the device has a battery of 33 Wh, which will provide up to 5 hours of gaming or 24 hours of HD video output.

NVIDIA Has Officially Releases Tegra 4 processor With unparalleled performance & Energy Saving Hardware [CES 2013]

NVIDIA-Has-Officially-Releases-Tegra-4-processor-With-unparalleled-performance-&-Energy-Saving-Hardware-[CES-2013]-(2)NVIDIA officially announced on Monday (7th January, 2013) during the event of CES 2013, the release of Tegra 4 processor for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. According to the company, it is the newness of the most efficient option has produced to date, featuring five high-performance cores - one focused exclusively on controlling energy consumption. Although it has the same basic functionality as the previous generation of Tegra series, the new chip is distinguished by employing a completely new architecture. Although it has not revealed the frequency of operation of the new processor, NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsung Huang, said the processor has 72 CUDA cores.

NVIDIA Grid: a gaming platform In The Cloud with power of 700 Xbox 360 Game [CES 2013]

1-NVIDIA-Grid-a-gaming-platform-In-The-Cloud-with-power-of-700-Xbox-360-Game-[CES-2013]NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Grid yesterday morning, via their conference at CES 2013, a new solution of hardware and software to play game in the cloud. The Grid is a rack-based server that can support up to 24 individual racks at once, with a total of 240 GPUs - the equivalent of 200 teraflops of processing power. According to NVIDIA, the ability of the Grid is equivalent to no less than 700 Xbox 360 video games running simultaneously. Besides presenting some pictures of the product, the company also demonstrated some cloud gaming to the customers that are fed by the Grid for Android tablets and also for the Xbox itself. NVIDIA also revealed that the system has the ability to redeem the progress of a game on one device so you can start playing in another. Agawi, Cloudnion, Cybercloud, G-cluster, Playcast Ubitus and partner companies will be the first to test the system.

iLuv launches three new Speakers with Bluetooth playback [CES 2013]

iLuv-launches-three-new-Speakers-with-Bluetooth-playback-[CES-2013]-(4)The iLuv is taking advantage of CES 2013 to launch new models of their speakers with Bluetooth playback. The first is the Mo'Beats HD, a wireless speaker equipped with SRS WOW technology, and a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack for wired streaming. Then we have the MobiCup Bluetooth, a speaker in a cylindrical shape that fits up to the Coasters a car. The product can be taken to the beach or pool because its structure is resistant to water. Moreover, it has speakers that deliver sound in 360 degrees. Finally we have the release of MobiOut, which is also water resistant and has a built-in microphone. This device is more sophisticated because of the better quality: the audio output is more severe and the sound is reproduced with high fidelity.

HP Introduces New Series of monitors Highlighting First Ever USB Monitor By HP [CES 2013]

HP-Introduces-New-Series-of-monitors-Highlighting-First-Ever-USB-Monitor-By-HP-[CES-2013]-(5)The CES 2013 has barely begun and already it is clear that the major focus of HP, one of the leading hardware component manufacturer, for this year will be monitors. The company used CES 2013 to introduce 11 models of new types of Monitors already, including its first device category exclusively connected through a USB connection. With 15 inches and a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the U160 can be connected to any computer via a USB cable. Starting from $179, the device will hit U.S. stores by the end of January. For those who enjoy high quality display, there’s going to be Envy 27 at a price of $499. The 27-inch IPS display is able to work with 1080p resolution and promises to deliver a great sound quality using the integrated Beats speakers in monitor’s body – it’s going on the store on 3rd February.

Lenovo introduces ThinkPad Edge with simultaneous touch and OneLink Technology [CES 2013]

Lenovo-introduces-ThinkPad-Edge-with-simultaneous-touch-and-OneLink-Technology-[CES-2013]Lenovo came to Las Vegas on CES 2013 with great news for the ThinkPad Edge series of notebooks. The new products are ready to ship with Windows 8, bringing touchscreen, touchpad and new OneLink Technology. There are no major visual changes, but the new devices promises high performance in connectivity and foremost. This OneLink technology comes as a competitor to Thunderbolt. The new connection is used to transfer audio, video, data, network information and power over a single cable. Lenovo has not revealed technical details of the new technology, but exhibited a dock that should expand the connectivity of notebooks. Check the specifications of the Edge E431 and E531:

Lenovo Brings hybrid Device IdeaPad Yoga 11S with Ivy Bridge processor [CES 2013]

Lenovo-Brings-hybrid-Device-IdeaPad-Yoga-11S-with-Ivy-Bridge-processor-[CES-2013]-(1)Lenovo took to CES 2013 to announce its new series of consumer electronics, including the hybrid notebook Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S. It is a laptop with excellent features and touch screen, which is ideal to run the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8. The design of the latest hybrid device is the same as yoga 11, but actually has an important structural difference. In place of the ARM processor, the new device features a X86 chip, which allows the use of Windows 8 with all its features available - not requiring a pruned version of the operating system, Windows RT. And the processor is chosen by Lenovo featuring Intel Ivy Bridge, which should ensure good outcomes for diverse functionalities, including games and others.

Dell Is Going To offer Monitors with 1080p resolution for the XPS 13 Ultrabook [CES 2013]

dell-xps-13-ultrabookDuring CES 2013, Dell made many of it’s fans happy by announcing that it will begin offering monitors with 1080p resolution output for the XPS 13 Ultrabook. Despite its small announcement during this year's CES, CES 2013, Dell decided to make his presence felt by announcing that XPS 13 Ultrabook model that will be launched in the future will have the option of a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. So far, the XPS 13 is sold with a 1366x768 display, which was criticized during the launch of the computer.

Lenovo Brings New Gaming PC Erazer X700 supporting up to two video cards running together [CES 2013]

Lenovo-Brings-New-Gaming-PC-Erazer-X700-supporting-up-to-two-video-cards-running-together-[CES-2013]-(1)At CES 2013, one of the companies that has presented most devices till now is Lenovo. And amongst the the devices that are calling consumers' most attention is the Erazer X700, which is going to available from $1499 USD - the amount required for the most basic setup possible for the computer. It will hit stores at the end of June. But what really stands out are the maximum configurations for which the Lenovo X700 Erazer supported. We're talking about an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor, 4 TB of storage capacity and support for two graphics cards - AMD or NVIDIA. For those who opt for AMD, it is still possible to connect up to 6 monitors with Eyefinity technology.

Lego Robot can now be controlled by your smartphone With Linux-based firmware [CES 2013]

Lego-Robot-can-now-be-controlled-by-your-smartphone-With-Linux-based-firmware-[CES-2013]-(4)You've probably heard of the Lego Mindstorms kits. They are sets of traditional pieces of the blocks of mark which can be adapted to gears, and wheel sensors which can be controlled by a programmable processor, transforming the toy into a robot. The robot presented at CES 2013 is that the equipment which can now be controlled using your smartphone. These kits were born in a time when computers are the best option for programming small robots. Bringing the control to mobile platforms is the alternative to expand the Lego toy universe and open up further possibilities for using the system.

HAPIfork Brings An electronic fork that Monitors Eating Habit Helping You To Lose Weight [CES 2013]

HAPIfork-Brings-An-electronic-fork-that-Monitors-Eating-Habit-Helping-You-To-Lose-Weight-[CES-2013]-(2)It is not difficult to find inventions that aims to improve our daily lives which, at first glance, does not seem to make much sense. The HAPIfork, a fork electronics that monitors the way you eat, it's just one of these creations, which was unveiled during CES 2013. The HAPIfork is a set of cutlery (forks and spoons) that monitors your eating procedure. Through sensors on the body of the fork, you can follow if you eat too fast, which experts say is one of those responsible for weight gain. Even if the sensors realize that you're taking the fork to your mouth frequently in a short period, the object vibrates, telling you that you should slow down.