Breaking: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Right Now!

Just after an hour we have shared that Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 Counsumer Preview (Beta) any moment, well, it’s already here! Download the latest beta version Of Windows 8 right now.


Download Windows 8 Beta

Download Windows 8 Beta ISO

Stay tuned with us for the most recent new and tips about this latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

LG Shows The Next Optimus 3D Max [MWC-2012]

LG-Shows-The-Next-Optimus-3D-Max-[MWC-2012]sLG showed the new Optimus 3D Max in Mobile World Congress-2012 at Barcelona. It brings a slight improvement over the first Optimus 3D. The processor is dual-core as previous one, just increased the clock speed from 1 to 1.2 GHz which represents a very small jump in gaming performance. Hands on, the device is substantially equal to the previous version particularly with respect to the screen having the same size and resolution. Most of the interface has not been optimized to rotate in 3D mode and lighter drive device change in the functioning of the effect. Even without major changes, the Optimus 3D Max should improve soon, since it will receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich (on Tuesday, it was with Android 2.3).

ZTE Announces ZTE Era With NVIDIA Powered Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processor [MWC-2012]

ZTE-Announces-ZTE-Era-With-NVIDIA-Powered-Quad-Core-Tegra-3-Processor-[MWC-2012]ZTE went to Mobile World Congress 2012 full of news. After announcing four tablets, cost effective ZTE Orbit and ZTE 910, they have presented it’s next smartphone ZTE Era during the Mobile World Congress-212 which began on Monday in Barcelona. ZTE Era draws attention early on because of its advanced configuration. The biggest attraction of ZTE Era is all NVIDIA’s, the Tegra 3 quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz clock speed. In addition, its appearance also stands out with stunning design and slimmer body no more than 7.8 mm thick. It is still unclear how much the device will cost or when it will be available in the market, while ZTE has already shown interest in releasing it this year, we might see it on Market at second quarter.

Breaking : Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) To Be Released Today! [MWC-2012]

Breaking-Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-(Beta)-To-Be-Released-Today!-[MWC-2012]Microsoft brings up a huge surprise declaring that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) will be released later today on the Mobile World Congress 2012. With this announcement, Microsoft has ended all rumor and uncertainty about Windows 8 Beta release and put the whole tech world in a massive expectation. With the goal of bridging the gap between desktop and tablet Operating System, Windows 8 is Microsoft's big bet to remain the market’s leader. Featuring large icons and easily accessible, the new OS brings with it the promise of making the use of computers an easy task for anyone.

HTC Announced Three Smartphone From HTC One™ Series, the HTC One X, the HTC One S & the HTC One V [MWC-2012]

HTC-Announced-Three-Smartphone-From-HTC-One™-Series,-the-HTC-One-X,-the-HTC-One-S-&-the-HTC-One-V-[MWC-2012]-2HTC has revealed three new Smartphone from their new series HTC OneTM. They have shown up the HTC One X, one of the most powerful device out there, the HTC One S, the thinnest Smartphone ever made by HTC and the HTC One V, the low cost solution of Smartphone.  The camera is one of the highlights of HTC One X. It has an f/2.0 lens for better performance in low light. In addition, camera loads quickly (0.7 seconds) and takes pictures in just 0.2 seconds. The camera also has a technology that lets you take pictures and shoot at the same time. In addition of taking good pictures, HTC One X ensures a high quality sound with Beats Audio technology. The device is coated with a white polycarbonate layer for highly impact on resistant. In addition to 32 GB of storage, HTC One X owners will have 25 GB of data available through the DropBox free for two years.

Samsung Announced Two New Galaxy Series Smartphone Model Galaxy Ace Plus & Galaxy Mini 2 [MWC-2012]

GALAXY Ace 2 Product Image (1)Besides announcing two Tablet from Samsung’s most innovating Galaxy series during Mobile World Congress-2012, they also announced two different Smartphone model from Galaxy series, the Galaxy Ace Plus and the Galaxy Mini 2. One of the most popular Android powered Samsung Smartphone is Galaxy Ace and during MWC-2012, Samsung showed the evolution of this phone, the Galaxy Ace Plus (AKA the Galaxy Ace 2). It was hoped that the unit came to the European market later this month but new information gives hints that it may just go on sale in late March (with the possibility to be postponed to April). There are no information on the price charged by Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Beyond the Galaxy Ace Plus, Samsung also took the mini Galaxy 2 for Mobile World Congress 2012. The device, which must be one of the cheapest models of the Korean company, may hit the market by the end of March. Still no details on the price charged for this either. The Galaxy Mini 2 is also called the Samsung GT-S6500. It offers many advanced features, yet can be one of Androids most recommended for those who want to start experimenting with smartphones.

HTC Announced And Demonstrate The Power Of The HTC Sense 4 [MWC-2012]

sshot-1Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, stood on a stage of the Mobile World Congress – 2012 (MWC-2012), to announce next version of Custom UI Sense, the HTC Sense 4 for Android 4.0,  HTC’s custom interface for Android. According to The Verge, the new edition of the Sense UI has gained significant improvements in camera and audio features (essential features for a great experience with smartphones, said the executive said). According to this publication, the highlight of Sense 4.0 is the ImageSense, a mechanism to make sure that the pictures always come out perfect. This technology is capable of capturing images in just 0.7 seconds (with autofocus tool that takes only 0.2 seconds to make your settings).

Samsung Announces Two New Tablet Galaxy Tab 2 And Galaxy Note 10.1 [MWC-2012]

Samsung-Announces-Two-New-Tablet-Galaxy-Tab-2-And-Galaxy-Note-110Fans of Samsung can now have some fun because Samsung announced two new brilliant Tablet Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 in MWC-2012. The Samsung Galaxy 2 should hit the stores in the UK with Galaxy Note 10.1 to be followed. The Galaxy Tab will feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and two different display versions, 7 and 10 inches. Calling as Hybrid (Combination of Tablet and Smartphone) Galaxy Note 10.1 promises to break the line of Tablet and Smartphone but it turns out to be more like Tablet instead. Both Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 sounds familiar except Galaxy Note 10.1 has a pen and it’s design is much sleeker.

LG Comes With Three New Phone Designed Using the “L-Style” [MWC-2012]

sshot-1LG announced three new Smartphones identified by the manufactures brand itself called L-Style at the Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC-2012}, which is said "a timeless design with finer details that further differentiate LG’s mobile devices from the competition" according to the announcement of the manufacturer. The three devices, L3, L5 an L7, presented during the MWC have the new look L-Style, all with the Floating Mass technology which makes the display seems to be floating. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the new phones are very thin. The Optimus L3 is running on Android Gingerbread with 3.2-inch screen and should hit the European market next March. The Optimus L5 has 4 inch screen, while the Optimus L7 has a 4.3 inch display. These two comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and also should be released in the first half of 2012.

ZTE Announced Low-Cost ZTE Orbit Powered By Windows Phone [MWC-2012]

hardware_zteOrbit_pageZTE announced the launch of Orbit Smartphone on Monday (February 27) during Mobile World Congress 2012. Aimed at consumers with lower budgets, the product will packed with Windows Phone operating system, a 5 MP camera and 4 GB internal memory. According to He Shiyou, executive vice president of the company, the Windows Phone OS produced by Microsoft's powerful and intuitive, allowing you to create devices that meet the real demands of consumers. In Orbit, ZTE announced a high speed data card compatible with Windows 8. The product is based on MBIM v1.0 specification and is ready to work with the new operating system without any sort of additional installation. They said that the ZTE Orbit will start shipping in the second quarter or 2012. Press release after the break.

ZTE Brings Simple And Affordable ZTE 910 Smartphone With Android 4.0 [MWC-2012]

ZTE-Brings-Simple-And-Affordable-ZTE-910-Smartphone-With-Android-4.0-[MWC-2012]-2Mobile World Congress was officially started just yesterday (Monday) and we have already seen some innovationg technology in MWC-2012 from well-know manufacturers. Not only Samsung, Nokia, Sony and LG are covering the Mobile World Congress 2012, ZTE is also present showing some of their new phones that should begin to move on the market in the next few months. The ZTE 910 phone is a smartphone with simple configurations, but can be a great option for consumers who wants something more affordable considering price or who are entering the world of smartphones recently. Press release after the break.

How People Of Different Type Put Fingers On Keyboard [Humor]


It's scientifically proven that your habit exposed by your behavior, how to walk, how you seat, how you eat or drink, how you talk or even how you use your phone! And your habit builds on what you to regularly. Now here’s a funny type of thinking about how might different types of people with different view will put their finger on the keyboard. Don’t get serious, it’s just for fun.

[Via – 9gag]

Nokia Betting On Symbian Belle In Nokia 808 PureView With 41 MP Camera [MWC-2012]

Nokia-Betting-On-Symbian-Belle-In-Nokia-808-PureView-With-41-MP-Camera-[MWC-2012]-(1)Now this time to WOW! Nokia is trying to get back their old glory after the knock by Android. Some people thinks that mobile camera isn’t that good to be professional, but that’s not true at all. That's what Nokia will try to show with the new Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone that brings incredible 41-megapixel (Yes, you read it right – it’s 41 MP) resolution on the integrated sensor cameras. Nokia 808 PureView also has stunning design and powerful Hardware to beat any other smartphone on the market. But despite good hardware resources provided by the Nokia 808 PureView, still do not know how it will be accepted by the customers because Nokia is betting on the Symbian Belle OS again which has almost got knocked out by the arrival of Android. Specification after the break.

Sony Announces Xperia P With 8 MP Camera That Can Take Panoramic Pictures In 2D Or 3D [MWC-2012]

XperiaP_GroupV01_Silver-thumbJust after the beginning of Mobile World Congress – 2012, we heard a big announcement from Sony. Sony wasted no time and instantly announced a new model to it’s Smartphone store, the Xperia P. The device comes with an aluminum casing, which gives it a more elegant look and sturdy. This device has Reality Display screen in high definition technology with 4 inches WhiteMagic (which promises greater brightness and clarity in display environments with natural light), dual-core 1 GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera capable of shooting 3D and supports connectivity via HDMI and NFC and more. Get specification and press release below the fold.

Huawei Announces World’s Fastest Smartphone Ascend D Quad With K3V2 Quad-Core 1.2GHz/1.5GHz Processor [MWC-2012]

big-120227090427Huawei announced the launch of Ascend D Quad on Sunday (26th February), high-performance smartphone that will be able add new dimension on Smartphone world – as manufacturer says. The company said the Quad Core unit with K3V2 technology makes it the fastest smartphone currently available in the world. To demonstrate the power of this new product, Huawei has made several comparisons of performance with other devices like the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus - all tests show the Ascend D Quad is way more superior. The manufacturer said that device is 43% faster than other smartphones the world's but has not clarified what would such devices. See specification and press release by the end of the post.

Show Adsense Ads With Addthis Sharing & Social Widget Below Post Title In Blogger/Blogspot

Show-Adsense-Ads-With-Addthis-Sharing-&-Social-Widget-Below-Post-Title-In-BloggerBlogspot-Adsense by Google is the most effective CPC ad network available for a normal blogger by any means. Adsense have the industries highest cost-per-click rate and it’s still the best option to make money out of his/her blog for an average blogger as well as also for a professional blogger. Adsense is a contextual ad network that means it first analyze site contents and then show most relevant ads for that content. And so visitors usually get interested to these promoted ads because they are based on the same interest. To get more Adsense clicks from your blog, you should focus on ad placement. You can try heatmap or Google In-Site Analytics and find out the place where visitors usually clicks more. Although this depends on site design, visitors mentality, contents behavior and many other thing, but placing Adsense just below post title could be a better place. Although you cannot generally put a widget in content area of blogger (Blogger doesn’t allow it – you will get template error), but yet you can add Adsense there by following some simple tips. We are using this hack for a long time and getting positive feedback too. If you have noticed, we use Adsense and Addthis sharing tool widget just below post title in article pages. Let me today show you how to do so.

Start Multiple Applications & Replace Keyboard Hotkeys With Mouse Gestures Using MouseWrangler For Windows

Launch-Applications-&-Replace-Lengthy-Hotkeys-With-Mouse-Gestures-Using-MouseWrangler-For-Windows-()When you need to perform any commands and do not want to click on right mouse button to open context menu for advanced options, what do you do? Looking for something similar to keyboard’s hotkey that can be able to perform commands by mouse movement? With the concept to allow you to control tasks via mouse gesture, MouseWrangler is an amazing tool indeed. With it, you can configure your mouse in order to make it enabled to run a series of commands with just a simple movement in Windows! With a single gesture, you can run all the programs you use often right after logging on to the system, for instance. Via MouseWrangler, you need not to waste time looking for and setting up hotkeys to perform any action. Just hold the right mouse button, move it according to a specific sequence and MouseWrangler will execute the command. More to read.

Add A jQuery Pop-Up Email Subscription Box With Social Widgets In Blogger

Add-A-jQuery-Pop-Up-Email-Subscription-Box-With-Social-Widgets-In-BloggerEmail and Feed subscription is one of the proven way to boost your site traffic in short time. The number of feed subscriber shows how popular your site really is among the visitor. Also the Email subscribers are the most engaged and loyal visitor of your site. Judging a site with feed subscriber is an effective way to measure site popularity. But to turn your normal visitors into loyal subscribed ones’, you first need to show them the option. We had a good number of email subscriber but that was not something we liked. So we decided to go for author effective way to show subscription option to our visitors and then we implemented a pop-up subscription box in our blog. That’s almost 20 days ago and can you believe that our daily email subscriber got more then double in this short time! I am not blaming you if you don’t believe this, even I was surprised with the result. Then we added some social engaging buttons like Facebook Like Box, Google +1 Box, Tweet box and Delicious Box there and I can say the result is quite satisfactory. Now I am going to show you how to add a pop-up subscription box with social buttons in you Blogger powered site. Continue to find out.

Freeze Your System Like Sandbox Mode & Protect It From Damage Via Toolwiz Time Freeze For Windows

Freeze-Your-System-Like-Sandbox-Mode-&-Protect-It-From-Damage-Via-Toolwiz-Time-Freeze-For-Windows-()Toolwiz Time Freeze is a easy to use application for Windows to freeze your system to make it safe from any types of unwanted changes. This option is similar to System Restore at the first sight but the process is completely different. Toolwiz Time Freeze is superior from System Restore as it makes your Computer unchangeable, more like a sandbox application that applies over the whole system. Toolwiz Time Freeze is a simple and effective tool with an easy to understand interface and features that are far more advanced and useful then conventional when it comes to create restore points. More to read.

Change The Whole Outlook Of Android With Metro-Like ssLauncher

Change-The-Whole-Outlook-Of-Android-With-Metro-Like-ssLauncher-(2)For those who are tired of the same look of Android, ssLauncher can totally transform the style of your device. Everything starting from the revolve around the home screen of the device and the applications menu and dock at the bottom of the screen will get customized with this software. ssLauncher is a theme and app launcher that completely changes the look of Android. It is ideal for those who do not want anything from the standard system. More to read.

How To Re-Install Your Sony Ericsson’s Phone Software And Fix It’s System Error [Featured]


Getting a great phone doesn’t mean you are free from worry. You have to take regular care of your device, use it responsibly and handle it gently. Even after following all rules to maintain your phone, it will become lazy day after day. That’s because, the more you will use it, the more junk it will held in his system. Even the system can get corrupted for some misuse (or just suddenly, who knows!). The only remaining solution will be then to reinstall your phones software. While this is one of the easiest task, yet most people take their phone to sales point'/ service point and waste their money needlessly. If you have dug just a bit, you should already found that most of the phone manufacture company allow you to reinstall your phones software from your PC. As a Sony Ericsson user, I have already reinstalled my phone’s software 4-5 times in 3years, Each time I reinstall it, my phone seems like  became a fresh one. So let’s know how to reinstall Sony Ericsson’s phone software.

How To Password Protect Google Chrome Using Simple Startup Password [Extension]

How-Password-Protect-Google-Chrome-Using-Simple-Startup-Password-[Extension]-(4)There is no denying that security and privacy are essential elements on the Internet. In browsers, these features are a bit outdated and not many programs aimed primarily at protecting the use of the Internet. Simple Startup Password is an extension for Google Chrome that tries to fill some of that carelessness. The goal of using this extension is to allow access to the Google application only after entering a password, which can be quickly selected by the user. Thus, the pages with login and password are entered, for example, can not be seen by others. Simple Startup Password is a useful extension to the browser from Google. Its operation is quite simple, since there is no additional settings except the choice of password. The protection works successfully and any inexperienced user can enter a code in Chrome without any problems. More to read.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ Brings Real-Life Racing Experience In Your Android & iPhone [Games]

GT-Racing-Motor-Academy-Free -Brings-Real-Life-Racing-Experience-In-Your-Android-&-iPhone-[Games]It’s been a few days since I am writing it ABC Trick as Mobile editor and already I have received a lot of emails regarding why no games, everytime some serious apps? So I decided to share up some of my favorite free games from now often, let’s start it. If you are looking for a racing game that will hold you for hours, GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ surly be one of the toughest competitor on the field. Here, the races are deeply intense and you will feel like a professional races while driving those powerful cars. If you like racing games, then have to try the GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ on your Android or iPhone. The game is awesome in almost every aspect and certainly will not disappoint even the most demanding and advanced players. And the best part is, this game is one of the best free Gameloft games I have ever tried.

Angry Birds Skin Pack For Windows 7 To Give Your System Angry Birds Look

Angry-Birds-Skin-Pack-For-Windows-7-To-Give-Your-System-Angry-Birds-LookAngry Birds is surly one of the top quality games for any types and ages of gamers. This game is so brilliant that even a non-gamer will also try to get this game after looking at it. There’s million and million of Angry Birds fan around the world and if you are one of them, you now have a thing to be thing to look of. From the same developer of our previously featuring Windows 8, Lion, Ubuntu, Halloween, Android, WP7.5 Mango and New Year 2012 Skin Pack, Hamid has bring a skin pack featuring Angry Birds for your Windows 7 pc. Let’s check this out.

Search & Find Out What Devices Are Connected To Your Wireless Internet Connection

Search-&-Find-Out-What-Devices-Are-Connected-To-Your-Wireless-Internet-Connection-(2)If you're connected via Wi-Fi and want to know who else shares the connection with you, or to find out if some illegally taking advantage of your network, Wireless Network Watcher could be a good solution then. Wireless Network Watcher is a extremely easy to use software that lists what devices are connected in your Wi-Fi With a clean and easy to understand interface, even a newbie can handle it. Also, it's very lightweight and works quickly generating user list in seconds. You can also export the list as XML, HTML, CSV or TEXT format. Unfortunately, the process is not totally efficient - in some cases, one or other user may just left out of the scan, but yet it’s an worthy tool to try off.

Add/Remove Or Delay Startup Items To Boot Your Windows Faster Via Startup Master

AddRemove-Or-Delay-Startup-Items-To-Boot-Your-Windows-Faster-Via-Startup-MasterStartup Master is an amazing tool that allows you to manage and customize boot items of your computer. With it, you can view all items that are starting along with Windows in a GUI interface and be able to choose whether you want them to continue start on boot or stop them or even delay their service. Startup Master is designed to help you easily understand necessary steps to optimize the minimum boot time of your system, prioritizing the types of applications you use most often. The program interface is well arranged which helps a lot to use, even for those who do not have much experience with this type of application. Furthermore, all functions are arranged in the form of buttons, located on the toolbar of the program. So, everything is much easier to find at the time of use. Although you will not be needed to change anything while using the program, the application provides some extra configuration for those who wants more flexibility over usage.

ZDbox Brings 8 Useful Functions Including Battery Monitor & App Lock In Android

ZDbox-Brings-8-Useful-Functions-Including-Battery-Monitor-&-App-Lock-In-AndroidZDbox brings up some really useful features to the Android device. The application has several extremely important service for the maintenance and monitoring of your device. Besides having a beautiful interface and extremely organized, ZDbox also works perfectly during our test. The application combines functions of 8 different programs in one with no errors, crashes or problems. Each section offered by the software has several options for interaction, which further extends the usability of use. And also using the ZDbox is an extremely simple task, because the application has an intuitive interface and self-explanatory, so you have to judge much before using their service.

Listen Inputted Text In Different Voice & Export Recording As Audio File Via SpeakLine For Free [Mac]

Listen-Inputted-Text-In-Different-Voice-&-Export-Recording-As-Audio-File-Via-SpeakLine-[Mac]-SpeakLine is a language tool for Mac that uses the voice assist function of Mac OS X to read the texts chosen by the user. You can store multiple documents in the application memory and listen to them on different voices (both male and female) and even with musical instruments effect. At first the SpeakLine may seem redundant as there’s an awesome VoiceOver feature in Mac OS X, but the programs have two major differences with it whose make this worth of trying. The first is designed to read a specific text, determined by the user and the second is a tool to assist the visually impaired, including even the web pages and system menus. More to read.

Track Changes Of Registry Files And Compare Registry Keys Via CRegistry Comparison For Windows

Track-Changes-Of-Registry-Files-And-Compare-Registry-Keys-Via-CRegistry-Comparison-For-Windows-()CRegistry Comparison is an open source tool to create registry files backup and compare it later with current registry files of Windows. The concept of this program is to create a file containing all information of your current system registry and to allow you to compare it with your changed registry anytime. So whenever you want to check which changes were made, just compare previously backed up file with the current state of the record. CRegistry Comparison is a tiny program with really easy to understand user interface and simple comparison feature. The software has basically one purpose, compare your registry and check out what changes have been made – so there is one button to make a new file reference (To compare it later) and another to compare it. Both operations – means the creation of new registry comparison file and comparing it later can consume a bit time. That depends on how much content you have on your hard disk and hardware resource of your system. But the result is quite satisfactory and brilliant. More to read.

A Brief Guide About Creating A System Restore Point & Using It Safely

A Brief Guide About Creating A System Restore Point & Using It Safely  (2) - Copy

From the evolution of Windows XP, system restore is being helping users to restore their Windows system after a major crash or if the system performance is running low. At first (On Windows XP), just creates snapshots based on the overwritten system files. It wasn't though as advanced as it is now on Windows 7, yet it was one of the greatest feature from then. Today I'm going to show you how to create a system restore point and then get your system back after an accident. It is not so hard as you might think but in order to make the process safe and to ensure that you are not facing any problem – you should read this guide.

How To Install Android 4.0 AKA Ice Cream Sandwich In The Samsung Galaxy S II [10 Step Guide]

How-To-Install-Android-4.0-AKA-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-In-The-Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-[10-Step-Guide]-4Some Android developers and cracker from XDA-Developers forum have created a method to install the ROM of Android on Samsung Galaxy S II a while back . Previously on the beta phrase, the ROM was a bit buggy which contained several stability issues and bugs. But this latest version is already normalized and you will not find many bugs, it’s still not the official version though. Today we are going to take you over a step by step process to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich in Samsung Galaxy S II. Continue to follow it.

Customize Android Lockscreen With More Then 80 Themes Via MagicLocker Main


With the MagicLocker Main you gain the ability to fully customize the lock screen of your Android, changing the interface, how to unlock and even placing shortcuts on the screen itself. The ease of set up everything in MagicLocker Main is the great advantage of the app, you do not have to follow long steps to give your Android a beautiful and elegant Lockscreen. And best of all, is it only takes a few seconds to apply all changes. The availability of various types of themes is also a plus point for the MagicLocker Main, since it can match the style of any person, and to adapt to everything one needs, with different shortcuts and customization possibilities. More to read.

Mobile Phones Are Replacing Wallets : Time To Welcome New Mobile Credit Card

Mobile-Phones-Are-Replacing-Wallets--Time-To-Welcome-New-Mobile-Credit-Card-()Not very long ago, people used to carry their money on their wallet anytime and anywhere. Then came the Credit Card age when people get some relief as they do not have to carry all their money with them. Now comes the latest mobile wallet where your mobile device became your new credit card! No need for a wallet, because it’s much safer and handy. Although this technology isn’t still quite famous, but it’s getting to be one of the biggest addition currently. The Google Wallet software has added new tagline to Mobile Wallet race. Annual Mobile payment transaction has already reached to $240 billion and it expects to be 2x or even 3x within 5 years. Who will care to carry an extra gear while his smartphone can take over wallet? We are today featuring an exclusive infographic demonstrating you how mobile is replacing wallet.

Store Images/Files In Cloud And Share Them With Friends Via Free CloudApp For Mac

sshot-2Almost every single person who use computer, uses it as a massive storehouse to save his documents like music, videos, pictures, files and many other types. How do you share all these files with the world? Many users still trust this task to the e-mail or instant messengers, but this is time consuming. Nowadays, cloud service has became popular amongst the user to share their data with everyone else. There are many free/paid cloud-based service to make this easy for you. The most famous of them are Dropbox, Google Apps. CloudApp is another free and small cloud application for Mac. The application stays on the menu bar and lets you send any file to anyone. More to read.

Transform You Window To Mac OS X Lion With A Few Clicks Using Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3

Transform-You-Window-To-Mac-OS-X-Lion-With-A-Few-Clicks-Using-Mac-OS-X-Lion-Inspirat-DP3-If you ask me what is my favorite computer OS, I would surly answer Windows (Not from a comparative view – it’s just because I use Windows). But I often miss the amazing Mac Application Launcher Dock in my Windows. Windows’s OS is not comparable to Apple’s Mac OS X at look and feel by any means and any Windows user dreamt to make their Windows look like Mac. If you're a fan of Apple, but uses the Microsoft Operating System, we already have shared two different articles and 4 different method to do so. You can read those article from here and here. Of those, I like the Lion Skin Pack as it’s easy to install. But now I am presenting another handy and powerful alternative to that called Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3. Build on CustoPack tools, this customizer package includes everything to change your system to Mac. It’s easy as well as amazing like OSX. Read more.