Megabit vs Megabyte: Confusion Regarding Bits & Bytes And Calculating Real Internet Speed [Picked]


It is pretty much common to find people with doubts about choosing the best preferred plan and package for fixed broadband. In general, complaints and questions arise because of the low speeds provided. In fact, there is great inconsistency on download rates, because even paying for a 10Mb/s plan, the speed seems to be 10 times lower than contracted. From the point of view of the customer, the question is pretty simple. I'm paying for a connection of 10Mb/s, so my plan will enable downloads at a rate of 10 Mega Byte per second. But in reality, the story is a little different, because even with an internet connection like this, you'll see the file downloading at 1-1.5MB/s - or sometimes even much less than that.

USB-AV 2012 Free: Real-time Protection From Viruses & Autorun Controller Of USB Storage Devices [Windows]

USB-AV-2012-Free-Real-time-Protection-From-Viruses-&-Autorun-Controller-Of-USB-Storage-Devices-[Windows]-(1)USB-AV 2012 Free is an application to prevent infections by viruses and malware that are on USB sticks or external devices. USB-AV 2012 Free brings an alternative for those who often use flash drives and external hard drives to store content on multiple computers. Although the application does not have an interface itself, it relies on a kind of security screen instead that advises the protections state of the computer. There, you can get an overview of what is (or is not) enabled in your USB and if there is any file that was sent to quarantine because of virus or malware threat. What can be considered a negative point is that all alternatives customization program are the settings screen, so you can not modify the functions at the time they occur, for example. More to read.

Astronomers Discover Planet Almost 13 Times Massive Than Jupiter [News]

Astronomers-Discover-Planet-Almost-13-Times-Massive-Than-Jupiter-[News]-(1)Although it may seem confusing, the picture below is one of those important moments for science, especially astronomy. With the help of Subaru Telescope located in Hawaii, scientists discovered a new exoplanet which is classified as super-Jupiter - the Kappa Andromedae b (Kappa And b, for short), as it was named, has a mass of 12.8 times more then Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. The planet is orbiting a star that is 170 light years from Earth. For scientists, this discovery is an interesting characteristics of the new star. As a new star, the Kappa And b has mass that puts it in the threshold between a massive planet and a brown dwarf. A division of "super-Jupiter", according to press release published by NASA, is used to keep both possibilities.

UK Scientists Are Developing Optical Fiber 2000 Times Faster Than Current Aiming For Home [News]

UK-Scientists-Are-Developing-Optical-Fiber-2000-Times-Faster-Than-Current-Aiming-For-Home-[News]A team of researchers from the University of Bangor, Wales, discovered a new method for developing optical fiber which makes the transmission of data 2000 times faster than currently available services. The technology uses the Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) system.Moreover, the big news is the accessibility, since the goal is this new fiber will be commercially available to the general public, such as homes and businesses. However, the project is not the first to get success with the method. Last year, a team of the University of Sydney, Australia, had discovered a way to transfer data via optical fiber at a distance of 50 km, at speeds of up to 26 Tbps (terabits per second).

Scientists Create System That Uses Friction To Recharge Cell Phone Batteries [News]

Scientists-Create-System-That-Uses-Friction-To-Recharge-Cell-Phone-Batteries-[News]Researchers at Georgia Tech University (United States) have created another innovative system for recharging smartphone batteries. Based on studies of static electricity, they created a device capable of storing electrical energy generated from friction between plastic and metal materials - nanoscale surfaces contribute to a better use. The friction causes the electrons to wiggle and get the load required for the desired features - is something like what happens when air balloons are electrified by friction with the hair. About 50 common materials could be used to create the charging system, but so far only 15% of the mechanical energy can be converted.

How Is Windows 8 In Terms Of Gaming? Pros & Cons Of The Latest OS In Terms Of Games [Analysis]


Even before the official launch, many sites started reporting the news that some developers are totally disappointment with the performance of Windows 8 considering gaming. Since then, the number of complaints increased considerably, mainly because of problems with Games for Windows Live platform. Although many people has marked Windows 8 as good, they said that they have no problem with the system and report that the performance is much better then Windows 7 in some situations. We take all this buzz to study the case thoroughly. Today, we show that there are two sides of the coin, but perhaps not everything is as bad as some say. So why don’t you read more after the break for the complete story?

OPSWAT Security Score: Analyze Your System For Current Security Status & Display Result In Easy Pie Chart [Windows]

OPSWAT-Security-Score-Analyze-Your-System-For-Current-Security-Status-&-Display-Result-In-Easy-Pie-Chart-[Windows]-(2)OPSWAT Security Score is a tool to check your Windows computer security status and rate in a score from 100. With it, you can learn how to change the protections applied in your system to make it more threat-proof, and get tips to resolve any issues which have been located. OPSWAT Security Score brings a good way for you to check how effective your security programs are. One of the main advantages of the application is that the tests will be done automatically with a click only in less then a minute. The UI is elegant total fool-proof with out any customization or configuration in tests making it real handy even for the dumbest user. Another very interesting aspect is the results are displayed as a pie chart, which greatly facilitates both the viewing and in the interpretation of information obtained. More to read.

Chemists Create Polymer Capable Of Increasing The Capacity Of HDDs [News]

Chemists-Create-Polymer-Capable-Of-Increasing-The-Capacity-Of-HDDs-[News]-(1)A research team made up of chemists and engineers at the University of Texas has developed a new polymer which is able to increase the capacity of hard drives as we know them. The substance, known as block copolymer, can block the magnetic fields generated by points that store the data presented in a storage unit. As a result, it is possible to decrease the space between each of these points, which results in increasing the overall density of information carried by a device without them being corrupted. So far, the process was able to double the available storage space on a hard drive, but this should change soon.

Scientists Successfully Tested “Invisibility Cloak”: Cylinder Shaped Object Became Completely Invisible During Trial

Scientists-Successfully-Tested-“Invisibility-Cloak”-Cylinder-Shaped-Object-Became-Completely-Invisible-During-Trial-(2)Can you remember Harry's invisibility cloak that his dad gave him in Harry Potter book series? That cloak had the ability hide (yes, make someone or something invisible) anything. Have you ever wanted to invent an invisibility cloak like this? According to a report published by BBC, a couple of scientists at Duke University, U.S., has managed to make an object completely invisible during an experiment with a microwave - for the first time ever in the history. According to the publication, the researchers used a kind of Stealth-shaped diamond cover (or layer) that was able to reflect light (in the form of microwaves) coming from a cylinder of 1 cm high and 7.5 cm wide.

Orphan Planet Is Discovered Wandering Alone In Space Without Any Solar System Or Any Star To Orbit

Orphan-Planet-Is-Discovered-Wandering-Alone-In-Space-Without-Any-Solar-System-Or-Any-Star-To-OrbitAccording to a news published on Discovery News website, an international group of researchers discovered the existence of a planet drifting in space that does not orbit around any star nor belong to any solar system. Baptized by astronomers as CFBDSIR2149, the orphan planet is approximately 130 light years from Earth, in a region of space known as AB Doradus, a small moving group for star cluster. This region is formed by a group of new stars, and astronomers have never detected the presence of any planet wandering around like this. Our planet, Earth, is orbiting around Sun and a part of The Solar System (Sol, I believe).

Researchers Found Nanomaterial Polyurethane May Be Able To Stop Bullets [News]

Researchers-Found-Nanomaterial-Polyurethane-May-Be-Able-To-Stop-Bullets-[News]-(1)Researchers at Rice University announced the development of a complex nanomaterial polyurethane which is able to stop bullets fired by lower gauges firearm, such as the 9 mm pistols. It’s speed of repair is so quick that, even before a shot can pass through the material, substance ensures the seal, making it impossible for the bullet to fully penetrate the structure. The research team, which also includes a team of MIT’s Institute for Soldier that with the invention it is possible to create vests stronger and lighter for the police. Likewise, the technology could also be used in armored vehicles.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder: Create Professional Slideshow & Burn Them To DVD In No Time [Windows/Giveaway]

Wondershare-DVD-Slideshow-Builder-Create-Professional-Slideshow-&-Burn-Them-To-DVD-In-No-Time-[WindowsGiveaway]-()Taking pictures of your class party or family celebration is always fun, allowing you to have hours of stories to tell. However, the photos can only bring a fragment of enjoyment and the complete excitement can come with a classic well-furnished slideshow. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder allows you to create presentations with those pictures that you like, to show others the important moments of your life using a professional yet easy to use tool to create stunning slideshow. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is an indispensable tool for anyone who creates presentations all the time, but want to leave the hardness of a professional tool but also want to get more options then a basic free presentation tool. Despite having a few limitation, the options in Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder are varied, allowing you to create really cool and professional style slides in no time.

Curiosity May Have Found Information About Mars That Will Go Down In History [News]

Curiosity-May-Have-Found-Data-About-Mars-That-Will-Go-Down-In-History-[News]When the Curiosity of NASA landed on the Mars, many fans and believers of aliens were eager to know what would be discovered. After a while, most of these people were quite disappointed, after all, nothing astonishing was found. Although it’s work didn’t created much of news, the sensors of Curiosity recently found something that is making NASA scientists very excited. According to John Grotzinger, principal investigator for the Curiosity rover mission, these new information have great chances of entering the history books. However, the NASA didn’t confirm or disclose any facts regarding this report as of this date, because they did not want to risk disclose something that is not true, as that would take away the credit of future results coming from Curiosity.

Samsung Will Unveil New Chipset With 8 Cores In 2013 [News]

Samsung-Will-Unveil-New-Chipset-With-8-Cores-In-2013-[News]-(1)Based on some recent rumors and events, Samsung is about to debut its first product based on the big.LITTLE architecture on February 19, 2013, technology developed by ARM. While half of the new processors will be designed to work everyday considered, the other will be used for handling tasks that require intense processing load. The device, a 28nm SoC combining two quad-core chip, one made by Cortex A15 cores at 1.8 GHz and and another by Cortex A7 cores at 1.2 GHz will be demonstrated during the International Solid State Circuits Conference. The proposed product is to reconcile the low energy consumption expected from a handheld device with the demand for increasingly efficient performances by consumers.

The Next Flagship Device Of Samsung, Galaxy S IV Rumored To Be Released In February 2013 [News]

The-Next-Flagship-Device-Of-Samsung,-Galaxy-S-IV-Rumored-To-Be-Released-In-February-2013-[News]With each new release, Samsung has been surprising consumers with their smartphones for high quality and innovative hardware. And, apparently, 2013 will be no different for the South Korean company. Rumors have begun to circulate about the configuration that will be presented at the next big flagship device of Samsung, Galaxy S IV. The previous three devices of Galaxy S series (excluding the Galaxy S3 Mini) has been quite a successor for the company and surely they will work hard to continue this race. But this wouldn’t be so easy as there are now some really powerful devices available as HTC One X+, iPhone 5 and others.

Nokia Asha 305: Check Our Thoughts Of A Cheap Budget Nokia Phone With Dual SIM & Touch Screen [Review]


While buying a phone with Windows Phone Operating System, Nokia does not leave consumers less demanding side. They have the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 to beat the most advanced Smartphone lineup as well as Nokia Lumia 820 to be moderate level phone in a good price. After those Smartphones, Asha series to let people have everything they need in a really cheap price, with the good old Nokia S40. Asha came to meet the huge demand for people who do not want an advanced operating system, but want to use the most basic features of a mobile phone. We today reviewing Nokia Asha 305, a model that stands out for bringing touchscreen and support for dual SIM. Additionally, this device brings a basic camera and some basic applications to access social networks as well as for entertainment. Let's talk about the good and bad things about this device. More to read after the break.

Lumia 920 : Learn all about the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 With PureView, PureMotion & Qi Wireless Technology [Review]


Nokia and Microsoft are already in a partnership for some time now, but the most distinguished product from them is surly the Lumia 920, which will be the first of flagship Nokia's new Windows Phone 8 Marketplace (to be released commercially soon). Nokia showed that device can really impress and brought very interesting hardware features, that should be more than enough to ensure the proper functioning of the newest mobile operating system from Microsoft. But what really caught my attention was the revelation of something that many already expected - Nokia Lumia 920 will be equipped with the PureView technology. Besides, it has a lot other really brilliant features to compete against the most powerful smartphones of today like iPhone 5, HTC One X+ or Samsung Galaxy S3. We, today, have gone through deeper into the Lumia 920 and I found something that inspired me to write about it. So, I’ve decided to put up this article with my views about Nokia Lumia 920.

Windows 8: 7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The New Task Manager [Picked]


The Windows Task Manager actually needs no introduction. Since older versions of the system, it provides a way of visualizing the processes and active programs on your computer, allowing you to make a series of operations related to them (or even close them when needed). Task Manager has been one of the most useful default tools since Windows XP. It let’s you keep an eye on system performance and application behavior helping you to further optimize your system. Although it stayed almost the same on Windows 7 as it was in Windows XP, Task Manager has been rejuvenated in Windows 8 adding many powerful features and new tools. Now it let’s you check impacts of startup programs and allow you to disable any of them, visualize hardware resource usage and many other things. Below we have selected some tips that can help you when using the tool.

Advanced SystemCare 6: The AIO System Optimization Tool Updated Once Again With New UI & Full Support For Windows 8 [Windows]

Advanced-SystemCare-6-The-AIO-System-Optimization-Tool-Updated-Once-Again-With-New-UI-&-Full-Support-For-Windows-8-[Windows]The biggest question on most of the computer users mind is Why my PC is slowing down and how to make PC faster. From time to time, you must perform a cleansing process and computer optimization to make the most out of your resource. For such tasks there are many programs available on the market (free and paid), however, very few of them are as simple, elegant yet powerful and trustworthy as Advanced SystemCare. This application is totally free, available in many languages and gives a reliable boost to the computer. Basically, Advanced SystemCare handles the operating system performance by removing unnecessary files, temporary folders and other items that accumulate on your hard drive as you use your PC, killing unnecessary processes, fixing registry and performing a short defragmentation. We have previously featured Advanced SystemCare of some times already and now this tool has been updated once again. Back in July, we featured beta launch of Advanced SystemCare 6 and now it reaches to the final version. The latest edition of Advanced SystemCare has visual enhancements, keeping the tradition of the software to innovate and provide a user-friendly interface. The free version of the program comes with several tools for you to turbocharge your computer. More to read.

Windows 8: How To Make Images, Music & PDFs Open On The Desktop [Tutorial]

Windows-8-How-To-Make-Images,-Music-&-PDFs-Open-On-The-Desktop-[Tutorial]-(t1)One of the significant changes that occurred in Windows 8 is how it handles opening certain types of files. For example, if you want to view an image, it opens in the Windows 8 Metro Photos app interface on full screen, instead of using the good old Windows Photo Viewer on the desktop. This occurs with a number of other files, such as music, videos and PDFs. If you do not like this form of startup and wants to return to "old standard" by choosing the desired applications and opening them directly on desktop, just follow the steps explained in the tutorial below. Default apps we have used to switch to in this tutorial are used for example purposes only. You can opt any other apps as you like.

Windows 8: How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog To Reduce Accidental File Deletion [Tutorial]

Windows-8-How-To-Enable-Delete-Confirmation-Dialog-To-Reduce-Accidental-File-Deletion-[Tutorial]-(4)Windows 8 comes standard automatic deletion of files, removing Delete Confirmation dialog that popped up in the earlier version of Windows while you try to delete a file. Meanwhile, although this small modification makes managing folders a little faster, it is also something that can cause problems, like the fact you delete things by mistake. For me, this has be another bad move in Windows 8 and I really like the good old fashioned delete confirmation pop up. Because I mainly use Delete button on keyboard to delete any file instead of Right Click > Delete, so without the confirmation dialog, a lot files are getting deleted accidentally. Hopefully, Microsoft didn’t removed this feature like they removed the traditional Start Menu, instead, they have just disabled it. To reactivate delete confirmation dialog, follow the steps in this article and the problem will be solved.