Jelly Bean: Roundup Of Recent Addition & Changes Of Android’s New Evolution v4.1


Following the tradition of giving names after a sweet food to all version of Android, Google has disclosed some official information about upcoming Android 4.1 AKA Jelly Bean. According to Google in the official announcement, the system would be the evolution of the Ice Cream Sandwich. Besides being much faster and full of innovative features, it also bring some features for more convenient usage. We did previously featured Round-up of Ice Cream Sandwich with all new features and improvement found there. As of official statement from Google and as well as our experience on Android SDK, we have now prepared some quick notes about Jelly Bean’s recent changes, additions and improvements. Check out this article to find more.

CollageIt: Create Stunning Image Collages In Easy 3 Steps With Adjustable Settings [Windows/Giveaway]

CollageIt-Create-Stunning-Image-Collages-In-Easy-3-Steps-With-Adjustable-Settings-[WindowsGiveaway]-(1)Photo Collages are a great technique to creatively share and express some big thoughts (or to capture a whole celebration) in a single frames. And so pictures collages are really popular all around the world. But creating a simple photo collages using a professional image editor like Photoshop or usual image tool like Gimp can be really difficult and time-consuming as well as will need lots of professional experience, can be almost impossible for an inexperienced user. However, there is an easy option to use, CollageIt. With it, simply select a template (Layout of Photo Collages), add the desired images - including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF and TGA - change settings for background and spacing between photos, generate a preview and save the file. Yes, it’s now really easy just like it sounds. With only 3 steps, you can create your own Picture College! CollageIt makes it real easier even for the dumbest person ever. More to read.

Photo Lab Daily: Perhaps The Best Photo Editor Tool For iOS With Effects And Filters [iPhone]

Photo-Lab-Daily-Perhaps-The-Best-Photo-Editor-Tool-For-iOS-With-Effects-And-Filters-[iPhone]-(1)There is no doubt that some of the most famous effects and image filters of the great Adobe Photoshop are those that transform the compositions of ancient and true black and white oil paintings. Photo Lab Daily brings you almost the same resources, for you to play freely with their photos and create beautiful effects, but without the need for advanced editions or the aid of a computer: everything is done directly on the screen of your iPhone or your iPod Touch and with a few taps! Photo Lab Daily works just like the vast majority of programs that carry some sort of suffix in the App Store, serving as a demonstration of the full program (in this case, the Photo Lab). Photo Lab Daily is a real laboratory images, able to change them completely with adjustments of colors, contrasts, shapes and types of strokes, and of course many filters and special effects. The variety is absurd for a program of his pocket and begins to redefine the concept of mobile devices like just to talk. The potential for the development of large applications already exists. It seems fun, but the quality of effects applied by Photo Lab Daily - at least on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch - are comparable to popular programs for computers, such as GIMP and Photoshop, with the help of good pictures (say , in good lighting conditions and with pronounced colors). More to read.

Glee Karaoke: Sing By Enhancing Pitch Correction With Glee & More [iPhone]

Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(1)Fans of the television series Glee - which tells the story of a group of coral broken by the other students – will just go crazy with this application, which turns you into one of the singers of the show. As the screens are clean and Glee Karaoke show functions so well organized, despite the onslaught of color and decorations, how to use the game becomes simple. Once you find the buttons responsible for the main actions of the game is not difficult to understand how to perform the activities. During the games, the game recognizes your voice accurately, showing that you are singing according to the tone and rhythm right. One of the most interesting parts of Glee Karaoke is the fact that he save the singing and post it on the list of the application itself - if you allow - so that other players can hear the result of your recording. If you prefer, you can also post the file directly into a social network. However, you can not check the result of the recording immediately after I finished it, because the application does not offer any buttons to perform this action. The only way to hear your own voice on the audio publishing is a social network or list of Glee Karaoke. More to read.

Tractor Trails: Plant Hundreds Of Trees With The Help Of A Farm Tractor [Android Game]

Tractor-Trails-Plant-Hundreds-Of-Trees-With-The-Help-Of-A-Farm-Tractor-[Android-Game]-(1)Tractor Trails is a logical thinking game where your goal is to plant trees in every available space of the scene. For this, you guide a tractor can not go back or pass over the places that already have plants. The gameplay brings a casual control scheme that requires only a few taps on the interface. To move the protagonist, you slide your finger across the screen to the desired point. You should be very careful when planning your route, since it is easy to become trapped and leave empty areas. In Tractor Trails, you will be put into practice their analytical skills while helping a tractor to plant trees in diverse settings-shaped maze. The biggest challenge is that you can not pass twice by the same place or walk backwards. The gameplay follows a pattern very casual with the potential to appeal to younger, although the more advanced stages require much thinking to be fully completed. Anyway, the title never lock you in a level, and you can always move forward regardless of your score.

Kingdom of Heroes: Help Your Kingdom To Become The Most Powerful One [Android Game]

Kingdom-of-Heroes-Help-Your-Kingdom-To-Become-The-Most-Powerful-One-[Android-Game]-(2)In Kingdom of Heroes, you manage a small medieval town with the help of his heroes. Your goal is to transform the small village into a mighty empire, owns large tracts of land. Kingdom of Heroes is a strategy game for lovers of war and resource management. Your goal is to transform his kingdom into a major military power, invading and dominating other lands. The gameplay of the title follows the pattern of most strategy games of the genre, with many options require long and tedious delays. However, a few iterations most basic, such as military attacks, show immediate results, improving a little game mechanics. The intuitive interface displays all features and options clearly, since there are many self-explanatory icons. In turn, the screen shows several options quest early on, opening a wide range of possibilities for the evolution of his warriors. More to read.

Nexus 7: Learn All About Google's First Tablet From Nexus Series Coming From $199 Only [Review]


Since Google launched the Galaxy Nexus smartphone (in partnership with Samsung), it was hoped that a tablet will also come from Nexus series. And the wait ended yesterday (27th June) when Google took the stage of the conference of Google I/O 2012 to unveil the new device: Nexus 7 . And, apparently, it has to displace all competitors who are already on the market. The reasons that make us think that? For starters, it will go on sale for prices starting at $199 (one of the cheapest on the market) and have the hardware resources that can leave any gamer with his mouth open, one of the strongest today. Are you curious to know what is being promised? So stay tuned to the news brought here. Because of highest attraction of today’s technology world, we have decided to go through a quick review of what Google showed about Nexus 7. Read after the fold for more info.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro: Convert PDF Files Into Office File, Text, Images Or EPUB Files [Windows/Giveaway]

Wondershare-PDF-Converter-Pro-Convert-PDF-Files-Into-Office-File,-Text,-Images-Or-EPUB-Files-[WindowsGiveaway]-(5)Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a specialized software for converting PDF documents to other file formats. Through it, you can convert PDF files into texts and pictures to the formats used in popular programs, including Microsoft World, Excel and Power Point. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a great option for those who want to create PDF documents to other formats without losing any content or quality so that he may be able to check out his documents without a PDF reader or manage his calculation more easily via Excel. During the tests by ABC Trick, the program ran the conversion process quite rapidly, showing amazing final results, especially in transforming files to the format compatible with Microsoft Word. The software is also able to convert PDF to the HTML files, and EPUB, which allows to use them both on the internet and in digital book readers. All details of the process, including how hyperlinks and text will be displayed, can be fully controlled through the configuration options of the application. More to read. Cross-Platform Messenger Client To Chat On Gtalk, Facebook and Pingpong [Windows, Mobile, Chrome] Cross-Platform Messenger Client To Chat On Gtalk, Facebook and Pingpong [Windows, Mobile, Chrome] (2) is an instant messenger client for you to chat with your friends on Facebook, Gtalk or Pingpong from anywhere. This cross-platform tool supports Windows, Android, iPhone and as well as for Mac and Linux tool with a Chrome extension. With it, you can open a chat window with your contacts without having to access the pages of services, from the desktop of your computer. It is not necessary to have an account of the program, but the services you want to use through it. is a good application for you to have a conversation with the contacts of the supported services without having to stay on their page. In the case of Gtalk, it represents a window well organized and more user friendly than that integrated with Google Mail. The emoticons are limited, but the same would happen if you used the original window in Gmail. The same goes for Facebook, Gtalk in, you can still open a new window in chat, something that is not possible in the social network. The screen is bigger and is much more organized in case you're talking to more than one contact at a time. They are not "tiny" and a number representing the messages, but are displayed on each tab in a screenshot. More to read.

Project Buffer: Latest Technology Of Android Jelly Bean To Boost Speed And Performance [Announce]

Project Buffer Latest Technology Of Android Jelly Bean To Boost Speed And Performance [Announce]The announcement of Android 4.1 at the Google I/O surprised everyone with Project Butter. The curious name says it all: this is a technology aims to make Android device as smooth as milk derivative. According to the information from Google Developers, Android 4.1 is being designed to offer the best performance and lowest latency in touch commands - taking advantage of an easy and intuitive interface. To ensure this improvement, Google is working seriously on the Project Buffer, which is to modify the base software and add some features that will improve response and resource utilization. More to read.

Text Me! : Chat With Your Facebook Or Textme Friend & Send Free SMS To More Than 40 Countries [Android & iPhone]

Text Me!  Chat With Your Facebook Or Textme Friend & Send Free SMS To More Than 40 Countries [Android & iPhone] (4)Text Me! - Free Texting, SMS and IM makes sending messages actually much more natural. Besides being an IM, it let’s you to send free Text Messages (SMS) to more than 40 countries. But to use it, you first need to convince your friends to download the application. Otherwise, it does not work, for obvious reasons, since it has its own functions that can only be accessed through the program. Text Me! screens are well organized and very beautiful, with colors well used and well contoured and modern designs. But if you do not like the look, you can choose another theme to decorate the interface. The sections are divided and clearly differentiated. The functions in the same way, are presented in a logical manner and represented on the screen with icons that let you know what each button does just looking at them. Because of this whole organization, to use the application becomes very obvious. You do not find problems in learning to use the Text me, even the first time. The operation of the program is stable and very fast. Messages are sent as soon as you press the button for it, without duplicating or cutting the texts. This tool works on Android and iPhone and is available for completely free.

Crack Your Screen HD: Make The Fool Out Of Your Friends By Fake Cracking Your Display [Android]

sshot-11Crack Your Screen HD is an app to make fun of your friends. It can display an image on the screen, as if the display was broken. When you open the app, you can activate this view with a slight movement in the apparatus. Crack Your Screen HD is a simple and fun tool. It can be activated whenever you want, and was developed in a way that makes everything more realistic. After activating the application, you can deliver the unit to another person and the effect appears on the screen after a movement of the appliance. In the settings app you can determine the sensitivity of movement, both to perform and to reverse the effect of Crack Your HD Screen. You can also enable sound for a broken screen. This is a downside to Crack Your HD Screen. Even with the volume at 100%, the sound effect is very low, almost imperceptible.

Basketball Shootout (3D): Show Your Basketball Skill To Get Top Of The Arcade Basketball Game [Android Game]

Basketball Shootout (3D) Show Your Basketball Skill To Get Top Of The Arcade Basketball Game [Android Game] (1)While sports games are not any rare type on Google Play, Basketball Shootout (3D) is a game that deserves mention among the many options available today for Android. It brings a simple gameplay, not too heavy images and challenges that make you feel like continue playing long. If you are a basketball fan, you'll love Basketball Shootout game. Here you will find a gaming fast and fun, ensuring that you get distracted by how long you want. The game has a lot of mystery, but requires you to have a great aim and is faster movements. The free mode is great for training the aim and test your skills in the game, but it is in "Arcade" that the joke gets even better: the difficulty level is not suitable for beginners. Here, you need to be very good to do well in the game. The short time available to make the baskets is what makes the game more dynamic, forcing the player to throw many balls in no time. The UI of the Basketball Shootout is not impressive, but has detailed illustrations and very well defined. What can mess up a little gambling is the amount of advertising that interrupts the game.With this, you may end up opening ads without even trying, which can become a hassle.

Freemake Video Downloader: Easily Download Online Videos In Different And Convert Or Extract Audio From Them [Windows]

Freemake-Video-Downloader-Easily-Download-Online-Videos-In-Different-And-Convert-Or-Extract-Audio-From-Them-[Windows]-(9)Freemake Video Downloader is an excellent freeware tool to download videos from YouTube, Google Video and other sites in different formats including HD, MP4, FLV and 3GP. It also has a built-in conversion utility that converts videos to MP4 or WMV or to only extract the audio in MP3. Freemake Video Downloader has support for thousands of sites, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh, LiveLeak, Facebook, Metacafe and Photobucket, as well, of course, YouTube and Google Videos. According to developers, the latest update of Freemake Video Downloader supports more than 10,000 sites. Freemake Video Downloader is simple and easy to use tool with multiple options to download and conversion. And also it has a distinctive designed UI, which is attractive and clean. During our test, this tool proven to be pretty effective as we tried it in 5 different famous video sharing platform plus Facebook. Although it lets you download a video in various format rather then converting it on your own machine, but to use so, the site from where you are going to download video has to offer multiple format/resolution. Otherwise, this won’t work. For instance, if you are going to download a video from YouTube, you can get it as FLV, MP4, WebM etc but from Vimeo – we got only FLV. More to read.

MX Player: Easy Yet Powerful Tool To Watch Videos, Movies Of Almost All Format With Subtitle [Android]

MX-Player-Easy-Yet-Powerful-Tool-To-Watch-Videos,-Movies-Of-Almost-All-Format-With-Subtitle-[Android]-(5)Those who are highly addicted to videos, movies and TV shows favorites can play them on their Android device with a simple, free and highly recommended video player called MX Player. MX Player is a free video player with many features, supporting wide range for formats, playing video with subtitle and more. MX Player is a simple to use, great for video playback. Its main highlight is the facility to insert subtitle files in the video playback and editing possibilities in size, color and location of the source. This is super important, especially on devices with small screen. Furthermore, the user still has three types of codecs available for free by the developers. One detail that may disturb the appearance of advertisements is at the bottom of the video when it is paused. If you pressed the "Pause" because I wanted to see a detail, it can be hidden. It’s initial interface displays all the folders with video files on your device. You can manage them, placing new names or deleting folders. To insert new files in the library of MX Player, click the menu button and go to "Video Scan", for the application to perform a new scan, updating the list of videos. Clicking on a folder, you can view thumbnail images of each film, with name and duration. This list can also be edited for you to give a new name to your movies. More to read.

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark: Perform Complete Benchmark Of Android Browser’s Ability & Performance

Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(11)Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is a program for performing benchmarks that do not work by measuring the performance of processing equipment, but rather the speed of web browsing. When you buy a smartphone or tablet, the idea is to rely not only on different applications, but also good experience of using the world wide web.And that's what Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark seeks to measure. Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is one of the most comprehensive options for achieving this kind of benchmark. The program includes several tools to test and evaluate various guidelines, taking into account every detail in time to surf the internet. Although many options to show the Vellamo Mobile Web benchmark tests apply a relatively rapid, taking less than five minutes to perform a complete benchmark. More to read.

Windows Phone 8 Will Have Real Multitasking Technology To Run Multiple Application Simultaneously

Windows-Phone-8-Will-Have-Real-Multitasking-Technology-To-Run-Multiple-Application-Simultaneously-(2)If you have a smartphone, must have realized that you can access multiple applications at the same time (not sharing the screen, but leaving several of them in the background). This is called multithreading (or multitasking), but not all operating systems offer a real support to the multithreading technology. Is the case of iOS, which freezes the status of applications in the background, causing them to actually stop from execution. But Microsoft has revealed that Windows Phone 8 will not have that same system, it will work with a real multitasking technology. One of the greatest examples of this feature is Skype, which can be used to make and receive calls without the need of closing a running application. While the connection is performed, the other software will continue running as well.

Tap Blox: Classic Puzzle Game To Fill Blocks Now On Android With Three Matchs [Android Game]

Tap-Blox-Classic-Puzzle-Game-To-Fill-Blocks-Now-On-Android-With-Three-Matchs-[Android-Game]-(2)Tap Blox is a traditional game of exploding colored pebbles that challenges your visual thinking. Unlike titles in style Diamond Mine, here, you can not move from place any of the items.Thus, you need to quickly look up groups of three or more adjacent elements of the same color. On Tap Blox, you have fun in a classic game of exploding colored pebbles that puts you to fight against time. Each point you make earns extra time to your clock, however, discounts any error precious seconds. The gameplay follows the "tap jewel" of many other similar titles, as you should play in groups of rocks to explode them, but it is impossible to move items around. Despite the uncompromising theme, Tap Blox requires a lot of concentration and quick reflexes if you want to do well.

Microsoft Announces The New Voice Recognition System For Windows Phone

Microsoft-Announces-The-New-Voice-Recognition-System-For-Windows-Phone-8Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit at San Francisco yesterday (Wednesday, 20th June) only lasted 2 hours approximately but it had so much media resource. One that drew the most media attention was related to the latest voice recognition technology of Windows Phone. Starting from now, developers can have access to a new development kit to integrate the voice system to their apps. Although such use has only become famous with Siri of iPhone, from the earliest versions of Windows Phone voice recognition system is presented. Now, with technology of Audible, Microsoft plans to create a totally new featured technology, capable of interacting with consumers in ways never seen before. Easily, partnership with Audible should ensure more features for the voice control system.

Microsoft Uses NFC To Create Wallet Hub Which Aims To Make Windows Phone As A Payment Method

Microsoft-Uses-NFC-To-Create-Wallet-Hub-Which-Aims-To-Make-Windows-Phone-As-A-Payment-Method-(9)If the NFC (Near Field Communication) drew everyone's attention during the conference from Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 (20th June), much of the surprise is on a specific resource presented: the Wallet. As the name suggests, this is a virtual wallet that you concentrate all your finances without having to carry cash, credit cards and debit cards or something. Your cell phone is the only currency you need to use. That means more than just centralizing this information, you can use your smartphone to pay bills, conduct financial transactions and even order a pizza. Thanks to NFC, just one specific equipment for which the payment methods we use today become a thing of the past. If you are already familiar with Google Wallet or similar other tools, this feature will change you vision about mobile currency completely.

Microsoft Announces NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology In Windows Phone 8

Microsoft-Announces-NFC-(Near-Field-Communication)-Technology-In-Windows-Phone-8-1This is undoubtedly the week of Microsoft. After surprising the world with the Surface, the company decided to show some of the features of Windows Phone 8, the new version of its operating system for mobile devices on the Microsoft Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco. And of all the new ideas presented, the most impressive was that the devices will support the so-called Near Field Communication (NFC). But what is this? As its name suggests, this is one of the latest technology of communication devices via a simple approach. In summary, it is as if you could send data from one smartphone to another only touching them. Although it may seem somewhat futuristic, Microsoft shows it's real and it will be on our hands soon.

Windows Phone 8 Includes Support For DirectX & Havok With Simplified App Porting Feature

Windows-8-Phone-Includes-Support-For-DirectX-With-Simplified-App-Porting-Feature-(8)If you're looking for a new smartphone or tablet to enjoy the next generation gaming experience, can now look to Windows Phone 8 as one of the most featured competitor. As presented by Microsoft in the early afternoon of Wednesday (20th June), the new version of its operating system has native support for DirectX, which makes it perfect platform for game development. This means that the studios will have much more freedom to work on building their projects, giving a much more beautiful and realistic technology. Moreover, this also makes it easier to port apps between iOS and Android and can easily ported to Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft Confirms: Existing Devices With WP7 Will Not Be Upgraded To The Latest Windows Phone 8

Microsoft-Confirms-Existing-Devices-With-WP7-Will-Not-Be-Upgraded-To-The-Latest-Windows-Phone-8-2During the press event held yesterday (Wednesday, 2th June), Microsoft announced that soon the smartphones will start to hit the market with the new operating system Windows Phone 8. Many new features were revealed for appliances, including support for multicore processors and also the NFC. But there are bad news also for the current Windows Phone users. Those who already have smartphones with the Windows Phone 7 OS will not receive updates. Microsoft has mentioned that there are many reasons of not to upgrade old appliances because they do not have sufficient hardware compatible with the new features. But there’s a good news too for them, after Mango update (7.5), Windows Phone 7 users will receive yet another upgrade as Windows Phone 7.8.

Windows Phone 8 Will Be Manufactured By Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei With Qualcomm Processor

Windows-Phone-8-Will-Be-Manufactured-By-Nokia,-HTC,-Samsung,-Huawei-With-Qualcomm-Processor-3Smartphones with Windows Phone 8 should reach the U.S. market around September or October this year. And Microsoft has already announced who are the feature manufacturers of phones that will have Windows Phone 8. Besides the already expected Nokia, Huawei, HTC and Samsung (one of today's technology giants) will also have Windows smartphones. Other partners may be advertised in the future, but the first list already excludes some names that were in the past conferences, such as ZTE. And it's not just the operating system of these companies devices have in common, because they will all be equipped with processors from Qualcomm - probably the chosen model is the Snapdragon S4.

Windows Phone 8 Will Come Integrated With Full Featured Internet Explorer 10

Windows-Phone-8-Will-Come-Integrated-With-Full-Featured-Internet-Explorer-10-1On Wednesday (20th June), Microsoft announced all the new features of Windows Phone 8, the operating system which will be the next generation of cellular partners of the company. One of the big news is the Internet Explorer 10, which will come integrated on Windows Phone 8. The best part is that it uses the same techniques seen in the Windows 8 to handle the HTML codes, ensuring the best quality when viewing your favorite sites on the handset screen. During the demonstration, even animations heavy canvas seemed to behave in smoothly.

Windows Phone 8 Homescreen Gets New Personalizing Option To Resize Tiles

Windows-Phone-8-Homescreen-Gets-New-Personalizing-Option-To-Resize-Tiles-3When Joe Belfiore (Manager of Windows Phone Program) took the stage of Microsoft Windows Phone Summit at San Francisco and said that the new home screen of Windows Phone 8 would be the "sexiest thing" the new operating system, few imagined that it would be based on personalization, but it is. From the next generation, the operating system interface will allow users to change the tiles size, based on your usage. For this, it will suffice to access the customization mode and then select the song of the "tile" to make it larger or smaller. There are three different sizes available in Windows Phone 8: small, medium (default) and Double Wide, which occupies a larger space on the screen of the smartphone and highlights applications or functions that the consumer considers most important.

Wondershare PowerCam: Snap Creative Photos With Effects, Color Filters, Tilt-Shift Effect & More [Android & iPhone]

Wondershare-PowerCam-Snap-Creative-Photos-With-Effects,-Color-Filters,-Tilt-Shift-Effect-&-More-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Wondershare PowerCam is an application to shoot creatively amazing photos using your Android or iPhone’s camera. The program provides tools for editing and color filters for you to create very interesting images. Wondershare PowerCam is another app for lovers of photography, but that can divide opinions.First come the legal aspects of the program. It offers a wide range of possibilities. It’s color filters are very beautiful, with excellent image quality and color variation. Also, you can save your pictures in high definition without losing all the camera phone offers. Moreover, creating panoramic photos tool is easy to use, with good results. On the other hand, Wondershare PowerCam provides a pretty common interface easily matched Camera Zoom FX for Android. The editing tools are scattered and do not follow a logical sequence. The color filters, which are the highlight of the photos can not be applied after the photo and there is a preview of how the image will be.

EyeEm: Instagram Alternate Tool To Capture And Edit Images With Beautiful Interface [Android & iPhone]

EyeEm-Instagram-Alternate-Tool-To-Capture-And-Edit-Images-With-Beautiful-Interface-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4)EyeEm an application which is made as to who wants to enjoy images filled with effects that resemble older machines or simply change the colors, making them more vivid or less hot. The app is simple to use and does not require much experience, just a few taps on the screen so the picture is ready. EyeEm is a simple application, but it calls attention to the quality it has. As a free application, he certainly deserves to be very intuitive, have a modern interface and does not confuse even those who do not have experience with photo apps. A variety of filters, although not very large, it is weak and allows you to create various types of image quality. The possibility of having the very EyeEm a social network and interact with friends who also have joined in it is another attraction, however, only becomes interesting if you have several friends with EyeEm installed. More to read.

UCam Ultra Camera: A Full-Featured Camera Alternative Tool To Snap High Quality Picture [Android]

UCam-Ultra-Camera-A-Full-Featured-Camera-Alternative-Tool-To-Snap-High-Quality-Picture-[Android]-(3)UCam Ultra Camera is a camera manager application that lets you use all the hardware features of your device. Thus, it is possible to improve the quality of images and apply special effects. UCam Ultra Camera is a camera app for Android with which you can squeeze all the possibilities of your gadget to take perfect pictures. The application organizes options in toolbars that are at the top and bottom of the screen, where you select basic configuration parameters, like brightness adjustment, white balance, saturation, etc.. Some extra options - not found in standard camera Android - as the anti-vibrate (anti-vibration) and split-line is very handy for the more experienced photographers. The large amount of effects, decorative objects, frames, textures and fonts is a great advantage of the program. All available options are varied and of excellent quality, enabling professionals to make edits or just a few jokes. Still, the extra resources can be downloaded separately. That way you do not occupy unnecessary space on your gadget with a giant collection of accessories that do not use.

Make A Window Transparent/On Top, Manage Startup Programs, Services & More With AnVir Task Manager Free

Make-A-Window-TransparentOn-Top,-Manage-Startup-Programs,-Services-&-More-With-AnVir-Task-Manager-Free-()AnVir Task Manager Free is a free program for managing Windows startup, services and process. The program includes tools that give you the power to control the programs running on your system. To do so, this utility provides detailed information of each process and applications running automatically on Windows startup, running processes, running/stopped service including hidden programs. AnVir Task Manager free is a good replacement tool of Windows’ default Task Manager. This tool has more features and is more powerful then the Windows’. The program definitely takes good care of your PC, allowing you to see everything that is happening all the time. It’s always looking for threats (and potential threats), not allowing malicious programs affect your PC. The use of it is very easy, the program be divided into several tabs on the screen. Several options appear when you click on any program / process / service that is listed. It may be more complicated for laymen, but nothing a bit of use does not create a true custom. After all, it is an extremely complete alternative to the process manager that comes with Windows. It's a great program to leave with your Anti-Virus, since protection is never enough.

Going Nuts: Embark On A Breathtaking Journey Through The Forrest With Your Squirrel [Android Game]

Going-Nuts-Embark-On-A-Breathtaking-Journey-Through-The-Forrest-With-Your-Squirrel-[Android-Game]-(2)Going Nuts in a game you have a lot of fun and full of challenges to overcome: here, your mission is to take the squirrel to get as far through the forest. For this, the animal will start a flight and you only need to control the direction, selecting the side of the screen that indicate the path to be taken. Going Nuts is a simple game to understand, but that will surely hold you for a long time. What attracts him is the difficulty level, which is not so high, but as the game presents constant challenges, this ends up being a great advantage in the game. The images of the game were all done in 3D, which lets Going Nuts and even better, even if some edges are not so perfect, like the GUI a lot. The picture quality is great, even on devices with large screens. The controls are simple and have very good answers. This is another plus point of Going Nuts, because you will hardly miss opportunities by problems in command.

Google Registers Patent For Project Glass [News]

Google-Registers-Patent-For-Project-Glass-[News]Even after presented on an American TV, the Project Glass of the search giant Google still remains a mystery. However, with the disclosure record of a patent may be prototypes of the device, it is possible to have an idea of ​​how Google's glasses should work. The file specifies a kind of touchpad moves sideways for the basic functions of the device.According to the image, we can see the controls to scroll pages, emails and forward and backward a few others.

Watch The Full “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” In Windows Command Prompt At ASCII Art [Tips]

Watch-The-Full-“Star-Wars-Episode-IV-A-New-Hope”-In-Windows-Command-Prompt-At-ASCII-Art-[Tips]It was in 1977 when George Lucas began a saga of the most profitable movie series in the history of cinema. Of course we are talking about Star Wars, which began with "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope". And if you're a fan of the series, you can enjoy the whole movie right on the Command Prompt of Windows in ASCII Art. For this you need to enable Telnet in your Operating System. If you are not familiar with Telnet – it is network protocol that provides a “Bidirectional Interactive Text-Ordinated Commination” facility through a virtual terminal connection in LAN or Internet (Wikipedia). Windows XP users have it enabled by default but in later versions, you need to enable it first. We are explaining the whole process step-by-step after the fold.

Nextcall: Tracks Your Activity Throughout Contacts & Schedule Call Reminders [Android]

Nextcall-Tracks-Your-Activity-Throughout-Contacts-&-Schedule-Call-Reminders-[Android]-(1)Nextcall is done as an app for those who make many professional connections and has many friends and must remember to make contact with everyone from time to time. With it, you will receive reminders whenever you want, which makes it easier to maintain friendships or professional relationships. Nextcall is the perfect application for anyone who wants to maintain close relationships, whether professional or personal. It is very easy to use and ensures you do not ever forget the most important links. The same app is very handy for the busiest. The look of the app is very modern and clean, which makes the application more enjoyable to use. It has options to do all the work without complications and does not require complex configurations of those uses. Thus, the Nextcall becomes a good alternative even for those who do not have much skill with Android. More to read.

WinMend Auto Shutdown: Schedule Automatic Shutdown/Log Off Etc. Based On Specific Parameters [Windows]

WinMend-Auto-Shutdown-Schedule-Automatic-ShutdownLog-Off-EtcWinMend Auto Shutdown is an application used to schedule automatic shutdown (or any other power options) of the computer. With it, you can set the scheduled time that you want to switch off your computer, which can be very useful if you accidentally sleep or need to leave your system on for some time after leaving home, for example. WinMend Auto Shutdown is a good application to automate shutting down the computer. It can be useful in various situations and to increase it’s own advantages, it has support for other tasks (hibernate, sleep, and switch the user). The program works in the background and hardly consumes some computer resources. The settings are very simple, which makes it easier to use. During the test by ABC Trick Lab the application worked properly, fulfilling the function indicated. It had no errors, crashes or any kind of conflict with the operating system. It has almost all features offered by our previously shared Chameleon Shutdown except for one, it don’t have the option to shut down (or perform other action) based on CPU Usage or closure of a specific program. But yet, this tool provides almost everything an usual person needs. More to read.

FotoRus: Create GIF Animations With Your Photos And Put Different Ready Fun Effect [iPhone]

FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(1)FotoRus allows you to capture images, photos or videos, using color filters and effects that can be applied as soon as the recordings are made.You can change the appearance of files by inserting frames, leaving them with an old style or placing drawings to decorate the scene depicted. The various tools offered by FotoRus make this application a complete image editor, for those who just want to implement rapid changes to photographs and videos. All these functions run correctly and quickly, causing the appearance of items to be changed without delay. FotoRus screens are well organized and functions are presented in a clear and well divided.Thus, there is no difficulty in understanding how the application works. The variety of effects to apply to photographs is quite large. There are dozens of frames, designs and color filters provided by the application: all different from each other and having an outcome that the miniature that exemplifies each.

Bad Nerd: Take Revenge Of All Bullies Who Took Advantage Of You At School [Android Game]

Bad-Nerd-Take-Revenge-Of-All-Bullies-Who-Took-Advantage-Of-You-At-School-[Android-Game]-(2)Bad Nerd is an action-based RPG game that puts you in the role of a young nerd who launches into an incredible undertaking. In Bad Nerd, you help a young nerd who wants revenge on all people at school who messed with him using your Android. To do this, you embark on an adventure with RPG features full of fighting and overcoming. The gameplay of the title is agitated but reasonably accurate, thanks to a touch control scheme which only contains a fixed button for the shares and a digital D-pad that automatically adapts to the position of your finger. The RPG features enable you to develop various attributes of your character, you gain experience during battles and also acquires various weapons, armor and items to help you defend yourself and develop the plot. The visuals are great fun title, bringing in modeling exaggerated cartoon style animations and opaque colors. Children seem to be made of cloth, since the movements are completely unrealistic and very funny. During the fights, the zig zag that the character does to defend itself more like a crazy dance than a fighting technique.

4Sync: Official Mobile Client For 4Shared To Upload Files & Manager Your Account [Android & iPhone]

4Sync-Official-Mobile-Client-For-4Shared-To-Upload-Files-&-Manager-Your-Account-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)4Sync is a program whose function is to synchronize the files on your computer with an account of 15 GB of available space on 4Shared.With it, you not only sends the clouds as many items as you wish, but you can also share them with your friends fairly easily. 4Sync is the official application 4Shared known service that allows you to manage and synchronize your account through your Android and iPhone. To use the app, just log in (or create one) and press the "menu" button to view options. The application interface is pretty intuitive, although it is somewhat strange that you can only access the options via the "menu" button on your Android. Anyway, the elements are large, intuitive and easy to view, which is perfect for gadgets with small screens. All files you download are stored in a folder called "4SHARED.COM" and unfortunately, there is an option available that allows to change this directory. However, your items are not automatically synchronized to your device, and only the files that you select are downloaded - avoiding runs out of memory on your smartphone. More to read.

Motorola Works On A Screen That Can Bring Louder & Smoother Sound [Patent]

Motorola-Works-On-A-Screen-That-Can-Bring-Louder-&-Smoother-Sound-[Patent]A patent published in the United States Patent & Trademark Office reveals that Motorola plans to create a floating lens displays for portable devices, which would also serve as a speaker sounds. With this, the gadget could play louder and less resonant, without having to devote more space to their structures (since the lens that functions as emitting sounds would be integrated into the device screen). This patent discloses the company's plans for their electronics to reproduce sounds louder and with less resonance, without any increase in power consumption.

Multiwall: Advanced Wallpaper Tool To Manage Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Support Like Windows 8 [Windows]

Multiwall-Advanced-Wallpaper-Tool-To-Manage-Multi-Monitor-Wallpaper-Support-Like-Windows-8-[Windows]-(3)Multiwall is a program that allows you to customize the wallpaper of those who use more than one monitor to the same computer. With this application, you can put different images or even set for a monitor is the continuation of the other figure. Unlike Windows 8, which already has this function to customize each monitor with a different look or expand the same figure of all screens, Windows 7 has this feature and, by default, puts the same wallpaper that you set in all monitors. But with multiwall, now you can adjust all that. More than just insert the pictures, this application has some editing functions for you to have autonomy over the image that will appear on your desktop. Starting with the resizing and positioning, multiwall allows you to put the wallpaper as you like without hassle. You can drag the image from one side to another to find the best place. If you want to rotate it, there is an area with few options in this regard. In addition, a number of pre-settings for you to resize the figure, such as maintaining the stretch ratios, only expand, among others.

3D Converter: Convert Any Images From 2D To 3D Using Only Fingers [iPhone]

3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(1)3D Converter is an application that will transform in a few seconds, any photo taken by you in a 3D image. All you need is to define the areas of the image that should gain depth by sliding your finger over the screen. 3D Converter is an application that can guarantee good results, even for users without any knowledge of image editing, because their tools are very simple to use. The system of "brush" greatly facilitates the selection of parts of the image, however, at times, by sliding your finger across the screen, the image ends up being dragged, which can be quite uncomfortable. The various configuration options are the highlight of the app, making it useful also for those who already have more experience with 3D Converter, giving the possibility to create new effects, depending on the type of image used. The system used by the application is 3D anaglyph, one that is divided into two colors, requiring glasses with one red lens and one blue to that effect is displayed. Thus it is easy to visualize its creation since this kind of glasses can be done with clear acetate sheets.

Future iPhone May Have Camera With Removable Lenses: Patent Rolls Out With Rear Panel Equipment Replace

Future-iPhone-May-Have-Camera-With-Removable-Lenses-Patent-Rolls-Out-With-Rear-Panel-Equipment-ReplaceThe cameras on smartphones are becoming more professional: the Nokia PureView is the perfect example of this situation, with its 41 MP resolution. But Apple may soon enter the fray, at least according to a recently published patent.  The newly published document talks of turning the photographic equipment and a device like the iPhone on a professional camera, you could even change the lens of the device to get perfect portraits. And neither would be so hard to change lens: just remove the back panel, which would be removable, and make the change. This still would allow other customizations digital camera system, which could be disposed of as the person wanted - freedoms that Apple does not usually give their consumers.

Microsoft Records Patent Of Sensor That Monitors Eye Movements For Optimized Content Delivery [Patent]

Microsoft-Records-Patent-Of-Sensor-That-Monitors-Eye-Movements-For-Optimized-Content-Delivery-[Patent]A very interesting and promising patent was approved on Thursday (15th June) by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. It is a concept from Microsoft on a technology that recognizes and tracks the viewer's gaze, formed from sensors in the future could improve the transmission of content from a screen for anyone looking at it from any angle. Despite the confusing design shown below, the operation is relatively simple with a 3D camera, sensors follow the iris and pupil and detect exactly where your gaze is directed, even if you are in constant motion. This technology will track movement of Iris and Pupil to provide more optimized content.

Header Soccer: Control Your Player Using Your Device Sensor & Hit Goal To Win [Android Game]

Header-Soccer-Control-Your-Player-Using-Your-Device-Sensor-&-Hit-Goal-To-Win-[Android-Game]-(1)Header Soccer is a different types of football game. Instead of kicking penalties and fouls or defend all of them playing the goalie, you're driving near the entrance to the area, and its role to defend the team, nodding as many balls as you can. Header Soccer is a great game, but is rather little impressed. The way of playing this game is nothing intuitive at first glance, the player gets a bit lost as to what to do. The number of stages is small and the theme Christmas does not seem much point. Furthermore, the chart had flaws app at all times in the HTC Sensation. An entire phase has been completed without the background image to be displayed, with only a black screen and the soccer balls being thrown. For this set of reasons, the entertainment provided by Header Soccer does not compensate for their problems.

Holo Launcher: Bring ICS Like Interface With Tabbed Drawer, Icon And More [Android]

Holo-Launcher-Bring-ICS-Like-Interface-With-Tabbed-Drawer,-Icon-And-More-[Android]-(2)Holo Launcher is a good alternative for those who like the look of the latest version of Android but has no way to upgrade the operating system. The Ice Cream Sandwich is available for a few devices so far, mainly because of their hardware configurations. Android 4.0 is the version that received more changes until then. With it, the devices do not need physical buttons and gain even more customization possibilities. Holo Launcher brings a taste of what you can find. Who still can not upgrade their Android to version 4.0 in Holo Launcher has an excellent alternative. Even without being able to enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich features in this interface will make your device with a very beautiful and true to the original. Like any interface for Android, it has the downside of ignoring your customization at installation time - ie, forget your widgets and shortcuts on the homescreen, because they are not transferred to Holo Launcher. However, it needs to install the app and test this new interface to get a taste of Android 4.0. The dock at the bottom of the screen is the highlight, with the possibility of creating up to three different screens and customize the shortcuts that will be there. More to read.

One Single Life: Survive Incredible Jumps With Only One Life [iPhone Game]

One-Single-Life-Survive-Incredible-Jumps-With-Only-One-Life-[iPhone-Game]-(6)Experience of One Single Life is pretty close to what happens in real life: here, if you die, no chance of returning. The whole game just gives you a chance and the challenge is not easy. To survive the adventure you need to jump between a building and another, at times more frightening. The One Single Life is a very complete game and that does not lack in any way. Besides having a very attractive, it has very precise control, which is essential for this kind of joke. What really draws attention to the game is the audio system: a surrounding track, sounds of steps and beats the heart of the character make the games the adrenaline is high, especially in the later stages. The level of difficulty of One Single Life is great, as the first steps are easy to be overcome, but the last are more difficult.

Phonedeck: Monitor Your Call/SMS From Mobile Or Remotely Access To Detailed Insight From Anywhere [Android]

Phonedeck Monitor Your CallSMS From Mobile Or Remotely Access To Detailed Insight From Anywhere [Android] (1)With Phonedeck, it is now much simpler to monitor activities of your Android gadget, no matter where in the world you are. The service is very simple to use and can ensure that you have an eye over all calls, messages and contacts from any Android device connected to your account. Phonedeck is an amazing application that certainly of downloading. It calls even more attention for being completely free and simple to use. It is ideal for those who want more control over the consumption of their plans or who need to keep control over the spending of corporative apparatus. So, you have a background insight in real-time calls and messages made and received on the phone, and may even access the content of the messages. One downside of Phonedeck is that the application does not show information on the packet data. Also the system of monitoring Sent SMS didn’t work during our test. But even with those minor problems, the Phonedeck is still an application that worth of mention. It brings a visually beautiful and easy to understand UI. More to read.

ActionShot: Capture Movement Of People Or Animal In Styling GIF Animation [iPhone]

ActionShot-Capture-Movement-Of-People-Or-Animal-In-Styling-GIF-Animation-[iPhone]-(1)ActionShot allows you to take pictures of people, objects or animals in motion, without wasting a single second of action, automatically recording frames that form an animated GIF in the style. The home screen of ActionShot presents a well organized, with buttons visible and well marked. Thus, the use of superphosphate application becomes. The operation of the program is also very good, showing no failures or even crashes during the recordings, which are made quickly, so you press the function responsible for starting the capture. Captured images are presented with an acceptable quality, although not an example of high resolution. The fact that the application allows you to customize the recording by choosing the speed and number of frames, and he respected to the letter changes, makes you more control over the outcome.

Panorama: Easily Create Panoramic Images & Share Them Online [iPhone]

Panorama-Easily-Create-Panoramic-Images-&-Share-Them-Online-[iPhone]-(4)Panorama is an application that allows you to create panoramic images with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPhone. All you need is your gadget count with an integrated camera and hard work is all done by the app. Create panoramic images is easy: just make the first photo. Then, Panorama creates a sort of mask from the previous capture and apply the shadow image on the left side of the display. Panorama is an essential application for anyone who enjoys photography or like to have different images of travel, tours, and even events. The app is designed for less experienced users, since it does not allow any control or editing of materials created with it. Meanwhile, make the photos can be a little tricky: When using the Panorama impression is that it resizes the images before forming the mask, making the job fit the images become very difficult and sometimes results unsatisfying. Still, it's worth downloading the Panorama, because, besides being totally free, it can create images that are very different at different times.

Instant Camera: Spice Up Your Images Instantly With 72 Effects & Filters [Android]

sshot-1Instant Camera is a camera for Android with which you can take pictures and instantly apply effects. There are 72 options for you to change the color and tone of the photos and also you can control the intensity of the filter in real time through a bar that is at the bottom of the interface. After capturing the image, you can share it with your friends directly from the app or save it on the memory card of your gadget. Unfortunately, you can not edit files that are already on your machine. Instant Camera is a camera app for Android with which you can take pictures and apply a wide range of stunning effects. The most interesting is that you can see the result in real time and even can adjust the intensity of the filter. More to read.

iHandy Level Free: Level Alignment & Measure Angels For Better Decoration [iPhone]

iHandy-Level-Free-Level-Alignment-&-Measure-Angels-For-Better-Decoration-[iPhone]-(1)iHandy Level Free is an iPhone application that serves as a virtual plumb. For those unaware, bobs are small instruments that help to smooth any surface. They are useful for various times: leveling the construction of wall works, assist in placement of frames etc. If you do not want to buy one of these instruments, do not worry. With the iPhone you can achieve a similar effect in a satisfactory way for ordinary users. Lightweight and totally free, Free Level can be very handy in various everyday situations. Applications that facilitate day-to-day are a major focus of development for the iPhone. The iHandy Level Free is a good example. The program is a kind of virtual and upright helps level any wall, table or mobile home with a high degree of accuracy. Moreover, it is lightweight and totally free to rotate. By making use of the accelerometer of the device, the application sees minimal degrees of rotation and indicates a leveling of the desired object. The only downside is the need to level the iPhone itself before using it as a prop, which in many cases does not make your measurements 100% faithful.

StoneWars Arcade: Fight & Blow Up The Enemies In Ancient Stone Age Theme [Android Game]

StoneWars-Arcade-Fight-&-Blow-Up-The-Enemies-In-Ancient-Stone-Age-Theme-[Android-Game]-()In StoneWars Arcade, its great mission is to aim and detonate general, are stones that are hindering its passage or the enemies who want to destroy you. Whatever the target, and you have to calculate the speed and angle of the shot, so you can hit hard. The way to play the Arcade StoneWars is very simple and is made even easier thanks to the customizations that are permitted by the application. The three commands offered by the game - walk, jump and shoot - can be changed so that they are prepared for you to play the way that suits you. During the games, the controls carried out are presented accurately by StoneWars Arcade, because all sent by the player movements are displayed instantly. The only function that presented a bit of delay was the adjustment of the power of the shots, because the bar is filled too quickly, making the determination.

ViPad: An Stunning Free App Launcher For Windows To Launch Application, Folder & Bookmarks [Windows]

ViPad-An-Stunning-Free-App-Launcher-For-Windows-To-Launch-Application,-Folder-&-Bookmarks-[Windows]-()ViPad is an application launcher with the look of Aero scheme as in Windows 7 and Vista. With it, you can gather all the program shortcuts, folders, and even links to your favorite sites in one window customizable and works with a system of tabs - something like what happens in browsers. We can ensure that the ViPad is one of the most stylish and practical launch today. The program has an uncomplicated and functionality, although it is in English, a very intuitive configuration. With few clicks, you have a window transparent and organized on your desktop. The system of flaps is largely responsible for it. The possibility of separating the shortcut icons segment allows you to streamline your routine in front of the PC and also eliminates the mess we have just accumulated over time by adding shortcuts on the desktop. The visual effect promoted by ViPad helps build a modern and attractive for Windows. Moreover, during our analysis, we recognize no drop in performance of the computer or reproduction of other programs due to running this software. Thus, machines with more limited hardware can run it without major problems. Undoubtedly, it is worth to test it on your PC - you may be surprised at the features offered by ViPad. Thus, you can create multiple screens with different icons to better organize their shortcuts, formerly polluted your desktop, and let fall the look of your PC more stylish.