Wondershare vDownloader: Download Videos From YouTube, Dailymotion & 30+ Other Sites In Full HD (1080p) [Windows]

Wondershare-vDownloader-Download-Videos-From-YouTube,-Dailymotion-&-30 -Other-Sites-In-Full-HD-(1080p)-[Windows]-(Thumb)Wondershare vDownloader is a program which allows you to download from online video sharing sites like YouTube, Hulu Viemo etc. in 1080p full HD. This is one of the most powerful online video downloader tool with unique video integration method. Wondershare vDownloader adds a small Download button above the streaming video. Online video sharing sites are now getting massively popular. Because of being easy and faster way to share, many people are now using those online platforms to share their videos. But often you will need to download videos and save them on your hard disc for offline access. While most of the video sharing platform doesn’t allow downloading video directly, a third-party tool can help you with this occasion. We have previously featured some tools like FVD Suite, NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader etc. Today we are going to share another new yet powerful tool called Wondershare vDownloader. The advantages of using Wondershare vDownloader is a lot as it provides powerful productivity with simple UI. The application is simple and easy to use, especially because it has a well organized interface. Additionally, it has a built-in media player to play downloaded video in full screen. The download process is very fast and convenient. More to read.

Bird Blast: A Classic Bubble Puzzle Games To Match Same Colored Birds [Android Game]

Bird-Blast-A-Classic-Bubble-Puzzle-Games-To-Match-Same-Colored-Birds-[Android-Game]-(Thumb)Bird Blast is a nice game for Android game that needs an extra bit of attention and gaming skill to play. Here, you have to join the birds of the same color to eliminate them from the panel. Gambling has no complex controls and everything you need to do is touch the screen indicating the direction in which the bird will be released in time. Bird Blast is a game that worth of trying out: it is simple to play, does not have complex controls, but at the same time, has a great level of difficulty. The game greatly increases the speed over the steps and this leaves the Bird Blast quite challenging even for experienced players. The look of the application is another plus point. The images are of quality and have wing shapes and textures Bird leaving the Blast even better. The responses of the controls are also good physical simulation and does not leave much to be desired, although the reaction of birds to collide against other causes the game becomes more difficult: the animals will not always stop at the desired location.

Hardwipe Is A Free Tool To Completely Delete & Clean Files, Folders or Drives From HDD Or Portable Devices

Hardwipe-Is-A-Free-Tool-To-Completely-Delete-&-Clean-Files,-Folders-or-Drives-From-HDD-For-Portable-Devices-(1)[1]Many of the computer users keep their personal sensitive data to their PC. Sometimes we need to delete them for many reasons. I hope all of you know that deleting a file from storage doesn’t means you have removed it’s evidence completely. Let me first tell you how Windows’s default delete system works. Every storage device like HDD, Pen-Drive etc. have various sectors where they keep data. When you delete a file, your system mark the sectors where you were keeping that files as free. So when you storage new data that sectors will get re-written. Technically deleting something isn’t thus really deleting then rather it should be called hide them or something. So when you really need to wipe out something completely, you have to use any File Shredder tool. Previously we have shared a great tool for this purpose called CCleaner. Today we are bringing another good and new tool called Hardwipe for you. It have speed control, context menu integration, option to shutdown computer after finishing deletion etc.

Jump Desktop Free: Remotely Access & Control Your Windows/MAC PC From Anywhere Using Android or iPhone

Jump Desktop Free Remotely Access & Control Your WindowsMAC PC From Anywhere Using Android or iPhone (7)Jump Desktop is a tool for remote access to Windows or Mac computer via an Android device or iPhone. With it, you can access and control your computer at home or office directly from your laptop, allowing you to interact with your desktop, the screen of the gadget. The application uses your Gmail account to store the connection parameters, which ensures that the sync is done easily. The Jump Desktop may be the ideal solution for those who need to access your files on a remote computer using a portable gadget. Installation is very simple, enabling even the most inexperienced to do the setup without major difficulties. The fact that the App use your Gmail account is very helpful, allowing you to make the connection without having to remember yet another login and password for this specific application, and without the need to register for third-party site. The quality of the displayed image is very good, almost identical to that shown on the monitor on the PC being controlled.

Share & Download Files Over P2P Connection And Join Chat rooms With Ares Galaxy [Review & Guide]

Share-&-Download-Files-Over-P2P-Connection-And-Join-Chat-rooms-With-Ares-Galaxy-[Review-&-Guide][2]Ares Galaxy is a file sharing system that works over decentralized network AKA Peer to Peer (P2P) network. This system allows users to share anything from their digital file such as images, archives audio, video, documents, software etc. And apart from this, you can also join on ready chatroom or create a new one and make your community open. With Ares Galaxy, you can share your files with your family, friend or even with the whole world. Ares provides file searching and downloading from tons to enrich your digital life. You can stream audio and video file while downloading. You can have common BitTorrent features like pause/resume/stop with Ares. You can also limit your bandwidth and maximum simulated uploading and download items. Ares also have partnership with Shoutcast so you can listen online radio right from it. Complete review and how to guide awaits after the break.

Greenshot Is A Real Light-Weight Yet Powerful Screenshot Taker With Built-In Editor


Images embarked on a visual display unit are referred to as screenshots. whereas reading tech-reviews on websites, together with this one, you'll notice various screenshots that function references to what the reviewer is writing regarding. These pictures greatly facilitate justify an explicit interface feature or guide the reader in knowing where to click in an application. The simplest way to take screenshots is thru the “PrintScreen” key located on your keyboard. This key takes a snapshot of your visual display unit and copies it to the clipboard. you'll then paste this copied image into any software like Paint and reserve it. Alternatively you'll install one among several out there screenshot applications that permits you to take, save, and use screenshots in a very much more convenient manner than the PrintScreen technique. one among the foremost user-friendly of those applications is “Greenshot”.

Google Translate: Translate One Language To Another With Voice Recognition & Hear Aloud Feature [Android & iPhone]

Google Translate Translate One Language To Another With Voice Recognition & Hear Aloud Feature [Android & iPhone] (4)Google Translate is the official translation of the application of Google available for Android and iPhone. With it, you can translate phrases in 64 different languages, if only to have Internet access, either through Wi-Fi or 3G. The app is pretty light to be downloaded and very simple to use: its interface is intuitive. So you'll never be in doubt when reading texts in different languages ​​or even when visiting other countries. Overall, the application has a unique voice recognition, you can pronounce any word into the microphone close to your gadget for the system to automatically recognize. And if you have any doubt about the pronunciation of certain words, Google Translate can also help you: simply request a demonstration of how words should be said, to hear all the words pronounced correctly. Google Translate Mobile Client allows you to translate text phrases among 64 languages and voice phrases among 17 language. It also allows to hear translated phrases in 24 languages. Google Translate is fully compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone, you just have installed iOS 3.0 or higher and Android 1.5 or later. More to read.

CheckDiskGUI Works As A Graphical Interface For Windows’ chkdsk Tool To Check & Fix Bad Sector

CheckDiskGUI-Works-As-A-Graphical-Interface-For-Windows’-chkdsk-Tool-To-Check-&-Fix-Bad-Sector-3After a long time of using a hard disk, many problems might occur. The constant access to data as well as storing and deleting files may create Bad Sectors which are just simple wasted/unusable sectors of HD. Any data stored in that Bad Sector will become completely unrecoverable and also you will not be able to store anything there. One way to verify the status of the disc and try to fix problems with bad sector is by using the chkdsk command in Windows. CheckDiskGUI was created only to make a better way to use that chkdsk utility. It is nothing more than a GUI tool to the disk checking feature offered from the early versions of Microsoft operating system. CheckDiskGUI is very handy when verifying the disk and solving the problems of Bad Sector. CheckDiskGUI is a GUI tool for using the analysis feature of disk integrity offered by Windows. It makes the use of chkdsk much simpler, without the user having to open the command prompt to type long and cumbersome. The application takes up little space and consumes relatively low system resource while using. Also, this is a portable tool so just need to double-click on it to run. One interesting feature of CheckDiskGUI is allows checking multiple disks at the same time, an option unavailable in chkdsk through the Windows command line.

Where's My Water? Free: A Real Addicting Game Of Strategy & Reaction [Android & iPhone Game]

Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (1)When playing Where's My Water? Free, You'll have fun with the simplicity of the game and at the same time, the intensity of the challenges. Even with a playful theme, the game must be successful in adults, since the games are anything but simple to resolve. The best of Where's My Water?, is that it doesn’t get boring even for a minute. The game always ends up innovating and bringing new products at every step. Therefore, you may find yourself addicted to gambling, playing the game without wanting to stop. What makes gambling even lighter is the accuracy of controls and entertaining sounds during matches. The Where's My Water? is a game that will not leave you bored: here, your mission is to bring water to an alligator, you need to bathe. For this you need to dig, carrying water to the pipes.Halfway there, rubber duckies also expect to receive water, the more ducks are wet, the more points you earn. It is available for both Android and iPhone with Paid and limited free version. More to read.

Best Wallpapers HD: Download Thousands Of Free Wallpaper Based On Category Easily [Android]

Best Wallpapers HD Download Thousands Of Free Wallpaper Based On Category Easily [Android] (1)If you want a little help to customize your Android device, you can enjoy the Best HD Wallpapers. The application is very easy to use and has thousands of high quality images that will leave your smartphone or tablet even more beautiful. What draws the most attention at the Best Wallpapers HD is the image quality and huge variety of options for those who want to customize a gadget with Android. The application brings images of landscapes, cars, beaches, animals, flowers, games, and drawings and special topics such as love, sports and pets. The feature of finding photos by category is a plus, since it helps you get to the type of photography you prefer. The search for words is also a great alternative. The controls are intuitive for any action and very well explained both by the icons, as the description. However, for those accustomed to fast apps, the Best Wallpapers HD may disappoint: the application takes too long to load images, it is time to view the options available, how much time to open a photo.

StarPagg Lite: Destroy Enemy Air-Craft With 8 Different Spaceship In 3D Mode [Android & iPhone Game]

StarPagg Lite Destroy Enemy Air-Craft With 8 Different Spaceship In 3D Mode [Android & iPhone Game] (3)StarPagg Lite is a space combat simulator that puts you in an extensive 3D world to fight against hundreds of enemies flying everywhere in Android and iPhone. With a machine gun ray lasers and a dozen powerful missiles, your goal is to explode all opponents as you follow the story of an incredible campaign. If you like games and simulation of spacecraft, then StarPagga Lite fits perfectly in what you seek.The title puts you to fly a fighter in a thick interstellar 3D environment full of dangers and many interesting possibilities. The gameplay is very correct, with accurate and responsive controls. The accelerometer responds smoothly and gradually, keeping the ship on course without having to "fight" with the gadget. In turn, the fixed interface buttons, used to shoot lasers or missiles, not hinder the view of the action. The whole chart is one of the biggest highlights of the work with three-dimensional images sharp and satisfying textures that do not weigh on the unit. Even with large maps and many objects in the scene, the game's performance is spectacular.

Cosmos: Support.Com’s Official App Arrives Featuring All In One Android System Optimization

Cosmos Support.Com’s Official App Arrives Featuring All In One Android System Optimization (2)With Cosmos, you can improve many aspects of your Android device with a few taps on the screen. Here, in a few seconds you can optimize energy consumption, clean files that are no longer used and take up space in memory and still guarantee the privacy, deny access to the personal files of apps. Cosmos is a great alternative for those looking for opportunities to let your Android faster, while saving energy. The application has a modern interface and simple, which makes it very easy to use system. Even for those who do not master the device's operating system. Only three functions, but they are enough for most people and especially for those not seeking full tools of configuration options. Still, the Cosmos is fairly complete and stands out for its agility in performing actions that are proposed.

WiNToBootic: Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows]

WiNToBootic Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows] (2)If you often try out new versions of Windows, then WiNToBootic can be an excellent program to have saved on your hard disk. This free program has the sole function of creating boot disks using ISO images. WiNToBootic is a very simple program to use, lightweight and beautiful. Only these qualities are enough to recommend it a test. However, during our test, the application was extremely quick and functional. The conversion of ISO images has been carried out within a few minutes and the program could work also with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. All information is shown clearly on the screen of the software, and you do not need to scour hidden menus or options to accomplish a simple task. WiNToBootic has many other notable features too including that it is a portable software so you can carry it to anywhere you want. Anyway, if you need a free program for creating working and functional bootable flash drives, then the WiNToBootic can the perfect choice. However, unlike other alternatives, WiNToBootic does not accept DVDs or CDs as storage media. The program is specifically designed to work with USB drives. More to read.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory–Get Involved In 3D Air Fighting With Online Multiplayer Support [Android Game]

Sky Gamblers Rise of Glory–Get Involved In 3D Air Fighting With Online Multiplayer Support [Android Game] (1)With Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory you get an amazing flight simulator for fun without limits. Its mission is in a war that happens in the air. You must protect the plane from his companions and destroy enemies. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory is a game that certainly deserves mention: if you are looking for a free game with a visually breathtaking, here you have no reason to be disappointed. With 3D graphics, the game is full of details, both in the shadows, contours and textures, as in the animations. Smoke, fire and destruction of aircraft transform the Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory in an amazing game. The sounds of gunfire and jet engine complete the sense of immersion in gaming. Thus, the Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory becomes a great option for those already accustomed to large titers of flight simulation games. The soundtrack is also amazing and makes the games more intense. The controls are very good responsive, but not all are very practical. For those who can not adapt to controls using the accelerometer the news is not good: the direction the plane is given to the movements of the device itself. More to read.

John's Background Switcher: Periodically Change Desktop Wallpaper From Various Online Source [Windows]

John's Background Switcher Periodically Change Desktop Wallpaper From Various Online Source [Windows] (3)John's Background Switcher is a simple tool used to change the wallpaper of your desktop from time to time using different renowned online source. This type of application is interesting for users who have lots of pictures considered Favorite and want to put them all on the desktop. Thus, the Desktop can constantly get a new look with custom images and amazing. The difference is that using the application you can add weekly best images from Flickr, Picasa and others along with photos saved on your computer. You can set timer to change images. This time can vary from a few hours to several days, everything will depend on the configuration that you do. After running the program, an icon appears in the bar of your PC system. Right-click on it and choose "Settings". This will cause the window and configuration options of the program is opened.

Lil’ Kingdom: Build Your Kingdom In A Beautiful Castle Filled With Underground Scenery [Android & iPhone Game]

Lil’ Kingdom Build Your Kingdom In A Beautiful Castle Filled With Underground Scenery [Android & iPhone Game] (1)Lil’ Kingdom is a game management for Android and iPhone with completely different visual style of games. Your goal here is to make the kingdom grow and develop in the basement of the castle. At first glance, we can say that Lil 'Kingdom is a game that will win the small child with a visually beautiful. But before you start talking about the game itself, we must address some key aspects. The app takes a long time to load, mainly because it insists on showing ads before you can proceed. Each time the game was closed, waiting for a new Lil Kingdom can open again, which was rather disappointing. Leaving for the technical aspects, the game has excellent graphics. The images are in high definition, with many colors and designs rich in detail. The characters are varied and beautiful scenery - especially the castle. The game's soundtrack is very beautiful, a beautiful medieval theme, which blends well with the theme Lil Kingdom. However, it is very low compared to sound effects, which are not as interesting. They are varied, but some effects are too strong - as the door opening - which clashes with the very soundtrack.

App 2 SD: Automatically Notify When An App Can Be Moved To SD Card With Batch Move Support [Android]

App-2-SD-Automatically-Notify-When-An-App-Can-Be-Moved-To-SD-Card-With-Batch-Move-Support-[Android]-thumbFrom the Android 2.2 (Froyo), users are allowed to move applications to SD card without having root access. Typically, smartphones come with a small internal memory and an SD generous. However, the rapid accumulation of installed items could leave you out of space. App 2 SD is a simple and functional. All apps that you install the unit can be sent to the SD card when you access the application settings of the operating system. However, it is common that users forget to perform this action, occupying space in internal memory unnecessarily. At first glance, App 2 SD may seem too simple an application. However, it can be very useful for users of Android from version 2.2. It facilitates the deployment of apps to memory card, mainly because of its notification option. That is, every new application installed, App 2 SD warns the user that it can be stored in external memory, leaving the unit organized and saves space. Moreover, it has an ignore list so that you select some applications that should not appear in the list of App 2 SD.

Man In Black 3: Official Mobile Game Of MIB 3 To Have Incredible Adventure [Android & iPhone Game]

Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]If you're a fan of Men In Black franchise, will fall in love with gaming in the Men In Black 3. The official movie game brings to the screen of their Android all the adventures of an agent's MIB and you will go through a full training until you reach the stage of special agent. If it depends on the Men In Black 3, you will never feel bored: here, the game can hold you for hours and hours. The plot was well developed based on the narrative of the Men In Black franchise, making it exciting game. There are no negative points to be highlighted in the app, except for the package download additional 77MB, which can take a long time if your connection is slow. If you rely on a fast connection, it may be brief: in tests conducted by ABC Trick Lab, we need not to wait for more than 4 minutes to start the game. The look of the game is incredible, making the most demanding players lose your breath and it makes it worth every second waiting for a download add-on pack. The illustrations are full of details, shadows and textures that leave the Men In Black 3 with impeccable graphics.

[Giveaway] Easily Backup Blu-Ray Disc In Two Steps Using WinX Blu-ray Decrypter For Windows

[Giveaway]-Easily-Backup-Blu-Ray-Disc-In-Two-Steps-Using-WinX-Blu-ray-Decrypter-For-Windows-3The distribution of digital files is now gaining more and more popularity everyday not only because it allows you to watch movies on any device and is low in cost, but also for the convenience it provides. It is much easier play a movie directly from your PC rather than finding and playing it from your movie collection disc because it provides much faster playback and also keeps your videos safe. WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is a tool that allows you to completely backup Blu-ray disc on your PC to let you play it’s content without inserting the disc. The entire structure and quality of presentation of that Blu-ray disc are retained, including the ability to watch the video in 1080p resolution. More to read.

Track Real Time Data Transfer Rate From Taskbar And Maintain Traffic With NetSpeedMonitor

Track Real Time Data Transfer Rate From Taskbar And Maintain Traffic With NetSpeedMonitor (9)NetSpeedMonitor is a real-time connection monitor software for Windows. Unlike our yesterday's featured NetTraffic, this application is much more professional by the look and the process. With NetSpeedMonitor, you will be constantly informed of current upload and download speeds and can also view other usage information like daily/monthly network traffic of your computer. NetSpeedMonitor tiny yet powerful traffic monitoring software. It’s tracking system is simple and effective, so you will rarely have problems with it while customizing the settings. NetSpeedMonitor has an amazing interface, easy-to-configure setting and powerful and accurate data monitoring software for Windows. More to read.

Create Windows 8 Like Application Launcher-Bar On Windows 7, XP & Vista Via Stardock Tiles

Create-Windows-8-Like-Application-Launcher-Bar-On-Windows-7,-XP-&-Vista-Via-Stardock-Tiles-(31)Application Bar on the right side of Windows 8 (On demand) meets a long time desire of windows fan for a application launcher. Many users were trying to make a note to Microsoft about the Mac’s launcher and this results to a App bar on Windows 8. But if you are a Windows 7/XP/Vista user and don’t want to switch to Windows 8 (As on Developer Preview – Not recommended for professional use) and want a useful similar dock to access your favorite application easily on Windows 7, we are bringing Stardock Tiles then. It is a simple tool to let you manage and switch between active application (like taskbar) as well as easy drag n drop shortcut creator for Application Launcher. More to read.

1Weather Is An Android Weather App With Brilliantly Clean & Amazing UI

1Weather Is An Android Weather App With Brilliantly Clean & Amazing UI If you like having the weather forecast always at hand but getting bored of this because almost all weather apps or widget for Android looks just like same, can try out 1Weather. The app is simple to configure and provides information you need about the weather in your area. Whoever gives a look over 1Weather, it will not disappoint. The layout is clean and has beautiful icons, which can give a special touch on your phone. The bottom with wood texture blends perfectly with the icons well designed, with well defined contours and bright colors. More to read.

Scan Hard Disk And Show File/Folder Space Usage Info In Circular Graph Using DiskScanner For Mac

Scan Hard Disk And Show FileFolder Space Usage Info In Circular Graph Using DiskScanner For MacHave you ever tried to free up massive amount of data from your Mac? It will be really hard to find out the perfect target to clean to free your Hard Disc. Do you know which folders are taking up more storage space on your computer? After some time of use, it is common for all user that the HD looking like too small and need to clean it up, but where to start? If you are a Windows user then you can check HD diagnose and biggest file finder tool called Overdisk. If you are a Mac user then today we are bringing a nice one for you called DiskScanner. DiskScanner is an extremely useful application if want to free up your HD a huge bit. It works simply, but has a very important role in time to get organized to delete computer files. It’s main advantage is the easy interface with which it is possible to read and interpret the space used. DiskScanner shows the distribution of space which is really a good way to find the target file which is using significantly large space. The only problem is the lack of more settings. You can map drives or even entire folders, but you can not configure the application to filters by file types, for example. More to read.

RK Launcher Is A Full Featured Mac OS X App Dock Like Windows Taskbar Alternate Software


One of the most exciting enhancement of Mac OS X is surly the powerful application launcher (app dock). This feature is missing in Windows (if you see Taskbar as app launcher, then I will be wrong) and developers have provided a lot of third-party tool to bring an application launcher in Windows. We already shared some of those launcher e.g. Rotating SliderDock, Gizmo Customizable Toolbar and so more. Although they were all unique in action and brilliant to use, but they aren’t an application dock. rather I would like to use the word Application Launcher. Today I am sharing a tool RK Launcher called that can be perfect replacement of Windows Taskbar and works as application dock and launcher. RK Launcher is a Windows application that will store shortcuts and leave your opened item in a Mac OS X style dock. RK Launcher is a simple tool and capable of giving a whole new look to your desktop. One of the great appeals of the Mac is its visual quality and with this new bar will be possible to have a little of Mac in Windows too. It is a portable and tiny app so it’s simple to set up and should not cause major problems in your usage as it consumes really little system resource.

Count Opened Tabs In Chrome & Preview Tabs Thumbnail With One Click To Navigate Easily Via Tab Expose [Chrome]

Count-Opened-Tabs-In-Chrome-&-Preview-Tabs-Thumbnail-With-One-Click-To-Navigate-Easily-Via-Tab-Expose-[Chrome]Tab Expose is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to manage and navigate through the tabs quickly. It is a great tool for those who hold many tabs opened at the same time in the browser. The program displays small thumbnails that are open, helping you quickly find the one you want. Who usually keep many tabs open in Chrome will really enjoy Tab Expose. This is because the more tabs are open in the browser, the harder it is to identify and navigate through them. Tab Expose can resolve this situation by showing small thumbnails of the pages that are open either on a new window or a pop-up window. The program is fast and there is almost no delay in opening a page when you click a thumbnail. This extension only works on Google Chrome but if you looking for a similar one for Mozilla Firefox, then you might like to look into Access To All Open Tabs Quickly From Sidebar via Side Tabs.

Check Registry Entries & Temp Files Of Installed Programs And Uninstall Software With Cleanup Service Via Install Monitor

Check-Registry-Entries-&-Temp-Files-Of-Installed-Programs-And-Uninstall-Software-With-Cleanup-Service-Via-Install-Monitor-3Even after uninstalling, many programs leave behind lot’s of configuration files or libraries and registry data they used. Over time, after installing and removing so many applications, the space occupied by this junks begins to get hold of a large part of HD. Those files are no use to your system rather then creating obstacles in system performance. You can manually delete this useless content, but this is not an easy task. That's why there are applications like Install Monitor only to uninstall other applications. With it, you can easily uninstall an application with it’s own uninstaller and the delete the files left behind faster and more efficiently. Although not yet very famous on the internet, Install Monitor for Windows showed really great use during our test. It is easy to use, effective and most importantly it’s free. In addition to save space on disk, the program does not interfere with anything in the operating system performance. More to read.

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up: Optimize Power Management & Performance To Save Battery [Android]

Bitdefender-Power-Tune-Up-Optimize-Power-Management-&-Save-Battery-[Android]-2Tired of seeing your smartphone runs out of battery when you need it? Can not stand the slowness caused by too much useless information accumulated over time? So say goodbye to the days of suffering and see your phone back to being as good as when he left the box. We have previously shared some tips to make Android’s battery last long. We have also featured some tool to boost Android’s battery. Today we are featuring another great tool to make Android’s battery to consume less power called Power Tune-Up from Bitdefender. At a time when smartphones consume more energy, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is a great choice for those who want to get the most out of your cell phone. Eliminating junk files that accumulate with continued use, the application really is a great way to get your phone like new. Managing everything that consumes energy and takes up space unnecessarily, the application provides a streamlined interface that makes everything just a touch away. Even those who are not accustomed to doing these cleaning devices will easily adapt to the style presented.

Complete Guide To Manage A Partition, Create A New One Or Extending A Partition Using Aomei Partition Assistant


The most important part of a Computer is the Hard Drive. Well, I am not talking about resources but I am talking about importance to you only. Hard Drive is the place where you store years of your work, if they are lost – you are lost too. So changing anything in this Hard Drive is a risky business and you should not do anything except you have the clear idea of what you are doing and also have the best and perfect tool to perform an action. Aomei Partition Assistant is one of the most powerful partition manager tool I have ever used. It allows you to create and manage partitions easily because it will let you know what it do before doing so you don’t have to do anything without knowing what the end result of the operation. It can manage all partition (except for the System Reserved partition) that means you will be able to Resize/Move a partition, Merge it or Allocate Free Space, make a duplicate of that partition by performing a copy disk quickly or completely duplicate that partition using Sector-By-Sector disk copy (leaving not a single byte behind). You can also create/delete/format a partition, change drive letter, hide a partition or even convert a logical drive to a primary partition and more. Check after the fold.

Save Battery With Profile Management & Check Device Information Without Unlocking Via Battery Booster [Android]

Save-Battery-With-Profile-Management-&-Check-Device-Information-Without-Unlocking-Via-Battery-Booster-[Android]-6One of the most commonly occurred incident that happens with those powerful Smartphone is try are running out of power. Isn’t it really irritating to loose battery power in the midst of any important work or vacation? Previously we have shared some Simple Tips To Make Sure That Your Android’s Battery Is Going To Last Long and Android applications like One-Touch Battery Saver, BatteryXL etc. Now I am bringing an Android application to maximize battery backup time. Battery Booster is a very complete application that helps you save battery life and also puts information about your gadget in the notification bar of your Android. So, you can manage longer of use and do not even have to unlock the gadget to check all information. Battery Booster is an essential app for anyone looking to save battery life without wasting so many time to be managing connections and screen brightness manually. Moreover, it also brings icons are at the top of the screen and help you to check data on the device even when the screen is locked. More to read.

Take Photo Then Get It Printed & Delivered It Directly Via Dotti Disposable Camera For Android & iOS

Take Photo Then Get It Printed & Delivered It Directly Via Dotti Disposable Camera For Android & iOSDotti Disposable Camera is the latest application from Sincerely Inc.’s developer team which is already a name that has created its mark among smartphone users with some wonderful apps like Postagram Postcards and Holiday Cards for Android and iOS. The base concept behind those previous two apps is simple, just personalize a postcard on your smartphone (with a photograph, style and message of your choice), print and sent it directly where you want it to be by postal code. Now the latest app, Dotti Disposable Camera converts your device into a classic disposable camera, complete with sound effects and animations, and allows you to fill its camera roll with almost 12 captured photos. While filling the roll with snaps, you'll be able to place its delivery order to an address as you like to get it. Every photo gets printed on 6x4 in. full quality fine paper and therefore the entire compilation gets delivered in an exceedingly solidly designed envelope to stay your snaps protected. Relying upon the target location, cargo charges and delivery time could vary.

Monitor Your Internet Usage: 7 Best Free Tool To Monitor Your Data/Internet Usage On Android

Monitor Your Internet Usage 7 Best Free Tool To Monitor Your DataInternet Usage On Android (16)

You've probably come across someone complaining that the account of the cell reached exorbitant levels. In most cases, the major killer of enhancement value that is greater consumption of the data packet in the established contract. Also you may want to monitor how much data you are using to plan for your future internet package. Like if you are holding a 20GB package but not using more than 5GB, then why waste money for that 15GB extended service? Also, it is not rare for internet service providers to do illegal traffic shaping to limit your internet usage. We have discussed about that matter here. So to keep an eye over your current service provider, a network monitor tool is needed. To avoid that you go through this, Android has a long list of applications that monitor the flow of data between the carrier and your smartphone or tablet. In this article, we have selected 7 best free programs to monitor and control consumption of 3G service or internet usage on your Android.

Daroon Player: A Full-Featured Complete Multimedia Player With Direct Streaming Support [Android]

Daroon Player A Full-Featured Complete Multimedia Player With Direct Streaming Support [Android] (3)Daroon Player is a multimedia player that came on the Market to meet diverse needs of those who want to listen to music or watch videos on an Android device. The application has several options that cater to those who want total control over the content. Daroon Player is a simple to use and that certainly deserves mention among the hundreds of players available on Google Play. It has several very useful tools for any type of file, can be considered even as an essential application. Because it is free and does not rely on advertisements that disturb the view, Daroon Player wins even more points in its favor. The look of the application is one of the advantages of Daroon Player and it's not hard to see the commitment of developers to deliver an application with beautiful icons and intuitive, and various tools.

SecurityKISS Tunnel Provides Blazing Fast Free VPN Service With 300 MB Free Daily Bandwidth [Windows & Mac]

SecurityKISS-Tunnel-Provides-Blazing-Fast-Free-VPN-Service-With-300-MB-Free-Daily-Bandwidth-[Windows-&-Mac]-3While browsing through the internet, sometimes you need to hide your identity to protect your privacy. Although it sounds like you are going to do something illegal by hiding yourself, but believe me, it is a good idea to become anonymous on the big web because there are tons of threat out there to attack you. Also I believe that privacy isn’t stealing and protecting myself isn’t illegal. To protect yourself from online threat, we previously shared some free VPN tool called Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost VPN, TunnelBear and UltraSurf. SecurityKISS Tunnel is another free VPN program that serves to protect the information you sent from your computer. With it, you connect your computer to the Internet through a secure tunnel to exchange information allowing you to navigate in a completely anonymous manner. In addition, it also allows you to access restricted content by region, whether by government or blocked by the site owner. SecurityKISS Tunnel has standalone desktop version for Windows and Mac. More to read.

Babylonian Twins Platformer: Amazing Free Adventure & Mystic Game Of 500 B.C. [Android & iPhone Game]

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (3)Babylonian Twins Platformer is a great history-based game for Android and iPhone. The game features antique history of royal fighting from Babylon of 500 B.C. where two prince fought to retain what was their. The first emphasis is on account of its appearance, that impresses immediately upon opening the app. The images are in high definition, with excellent viewing even for devices with smaller screen. The characters and environments are well designed, rich in detail. In addition, each phase has a different map, with paths to go. On-screen buttons do not disturb the visual, but some balloons guidance may confuse you. Moreover, these tutorials have small positive and negative points. They appear at some points of the scene, but at the same time it can be useful, are much simplified. In some parts of the game, you can not properly understand what needs to be done to advance. The soundtrack of Babylonian Twins Platformer is pretty cool, combining well with the style and time history of the app. You'll still enjoy the sound effects, which do not lose anything for a good, classic platform game.

Dr Rocket: Show Your Speed & Quick Responses Skills In A Puzzle Game [Android Game]

Dr Rocket Show Your Speed & Quick Responses Skills In A Puzzle Game [Android Game] (1)Dr Rocket is a Free game couple who wants an adventure in this fun fast and full of challenges.Here, you will lead a scientist who is released into the air and need to climb as high as you can to get parts for their inventions. You can choose the character is controlled by touching the screen or just moving your gadget to the side. The proposal of Dr Free Rocket is great and the game has many strengths that make it worth the download. The game is fast and demands player's attention. The controls are simple and have great answers, except for the control is performed with the accelerometer of the device. In this case, Dr Free Rocket leaves something to be desired and just showing a little late responses, which affect the player in a few moments.

Custom Wallpaper Slideshow: Create Custom Wallpaper Group & Change Wallpaper Automatically [Android]

Custom Wallpaper Slideshow Create Custom Wallpaper Group & Change Wallpaper Automatically [Android] (3)Custom Wallpaper Slideshow is an application that can automatically modify the images that appear on your homescreen. He works as an animated wallpaper, changing the images randomly from a folder of photos you can create for yourself. Custom Wallpaper Slideshow is a new option for animated wallpaper with a very interesting function and created especially for the undecided. Through this application, photographs of your file in Android may appear random, periodic changes. The first compliment from Custom Wallpaper Slideshow is up to the number of configuration options it offers. You can select specific folders - and even subfolders - with various functions.And even the fact of not being able to choose more than one folder in the media gallery of Android does not take away the fun of the app.

XPlay Music Player: A Full Featured Music Player With Nice Interface And Quality Playback [Android]

XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2The native music player of Android is not a great or enjoyable one because of its limitations and visually unattractive. For this reason, we are always looking for a good replacement, which can turn the device into a real MP3 player. XPlay music player is another brillant alternative music player for Android. Its highlight is the look clean and neat that it presents. Also, there's even a nice lock screen, the player to manage even with the display locked. XPlay music player app is a great tool to hear your music. It has a beautiful interface and has features that can win many readers. The first aspect to be analyzed is, without doubt, his look. Despite an array of elements common to most music applications (with buttons at the bottom and display the album cover just above), XPlay music player stands out for its beauty, with shades of gray and orange that blend very well. He even brings a new display of volume. Moreover, it can hide the notification bar and brings Android all major management buttons on your main screen. You can access the random manner, repeating songs and playlists and even view the quality of the file that is playing.

How To Get Windows 7 Like Start Menu, Task Manager & Windows Explorer In Windows 8

How To Get Windows 7 Like Start Menu, Task Manager & Windows Explorer In Windows 8 (31

The most important and major change in Windows 8 is undoubtedly the radical UI change. Windows 8 has been exceptional among other Windows  versions in the field of User Interface. The new metro start menu, the ribbon explorer, the task manager…..all are brilliantly different from other Windows. I like the task manager and the ribbon menu in Windows Explorer but I really feet it uncomfortable to use the current metro start menu. If you want to change them back like Windows 8, then here’s a simple tips for you. Let’s follow for more info.

Defraggler: Analyze Your HD To Defragment, Check Health/Status & Re-Organize With Boot-Time Defragmentation [Windows]

Defraggler-Analyze-Your-HD-To-Defragment-Check-Health-Status-&-Re-Organize-With-Boot-Time-Defragmentation-[Windows]-5Comes from the same developer (Piriform) of the most famous Junk Cleaning Tool CCleaner and File Recovery Tool Recuva, Defraggler is a brilliant and freeware defragmenter tool for Windows. Unlike other similar tool we have featured previously, it looks more like professional and it has the ability to completely replace Windows’ default defragmenter tool. Coming from a reliable developer, this tool is safe to use and risk-free. After our test, we concluded with the fact that Defraggler is undoubtedly one of the best alternate defragmenters available in the market. Besides being totally free, the program takes up very little space on the system with a fast and full-effective operations. But the real highlight of the program is the feature to defragment a specific file or folder only which ensures faster time to clean the fragmentation. It all adds up making Defraggler one of the best options available in the market. More to read.

FlipSocial Beta: Unofficial Client To Browse Facebook & RSS Feeds In Magazine Style [Android]


FlipSocial Beta completely changes the way you browse your Facebook on Android. Instead of the traditional interface, everything is organized like a magazine page. That way you can flip through the pages and check the latest updates from your colleagues. FlipSocial Beta is a new way to view the content of your Facebook and see the latest updates from your friends. The program has a different appearance, which mimics the format of a magazine. The app's interface is very beautiful and well organized. The way to display all the elements was modified to mimic the layout of a magazine. Thus, the images always appear occupying enough space on the screen, while the texts are small and brief. Despite the changes, you still have access to all common functions of social networking, how to publish comments or tanning pages. However, some features have not been integrated into the interface, such as videos, that redirect you to YouTube.

Bullet Time HD: Destroy The Mutants In An Intense Free Action Game With Amazing Graphics & Multiplayer Mode [iPhone Game]

Bullet-Time-HD-Destroy-The-Mutants-In-An-Intense-Free-Action-Game-With-Amazing-Graphics-[iPhone-Game]-(4)A devastated world, without inhabitants and infested with mutants. Everything on Earth is destroyed and the joke here is for survival. If you're looking a game filled with adventure, violence and breathtaking graphics, just found the perfect application to play on iPhone and it is totally free. Bullet Time HD is an intense game that allows gambling extends for hours. The game takes all the best that the gadget can offer. In the iPad, the adventure is even better, since the large screen enhances the game's graphics, which were very well done. Details on all corners and interactive items provide a full set of possibilities. The artificial intelligence of the Bullet Time HD also deserves mention: the mutants attack from all sides and do not expect you to get close to begin the battle. In addition, you will not escape the monsters. No matter how you run, if you catch a glimpse of them, all are chasing your soldier in the scene. Another advantage of Bullet Time HD is that the game lets you use points to buy new items and improve gambling. In addition, the game still allows you to compete matches with people from anywhere in the world integrating adventure and Game Center.

FAT32 Format: Format Devices With FAT32 File System & More Than 32GB Capacity [Windows]

FAT32 Format Format Devices With FAT32 File System & More Than 32GB Capacity [Windows]jpg (2)FAT32 Format is a good option for those who need to format devices that use the FAT32 file system to manage and organized data and suffers from the limitations of Windows, which only lets you format FAT32 devices that have up to 32GB capacity. The program has the advantage that occupies little space, and does not require any installation, which allows to make it a great alternate when trying to format compatible devices. FAT32 file system is responsible for managing and organizing access to data and files on hard drives and other external media. The system was developed for Windows 95, and even newer versions of Windows have support for this technology, even though NTFS has already become standard on newer hard drives. Although most of the hard drives on the market now use a new standard for organizing files, there are still some devices, especially USB flash drives that use FAT32. The problem of managing these devices comes the inability to format any unit with more than 32GB of capacity for the FAT32 file system. More to read.

Hambo: Help A Nice Pig To Destroy Their Enemies In An Amazing Strategic Free Arcade Game [Android]

Hambo Help A Nice Pig To Destroy Their Enemies In An Amazing Strategic Free Arcade Game [Android] (1)Hambo is a very funny arcade game for Android that will not leave you bored for a second. The game is simple to understand but requires full attention of the player. What draws the most attention is that it is completely free and has more than 200 steps for you to enjoy. If you want a game that requires good strategies and is unlike anything you've ever seen, the Hambo is a great alternative. The application brings an intense gaming, which requires strategies and speed. With it, you need to kill all pigs that are on the scene and take care not to kill your hero. The game has a pretty funny visual playfulness. The theme also gives different strengths to the Hambo: a pig armed to the teeth is not a common sight, even in games.

Get 2 GB Free Cloud Storage With Mobile Client Support Via YuuWaa [Android & iPhone]

Get-2-GB-Free-Cloud-Storage-With-Mobile-Client-Support-Via-YuuWaa-[Android-&-iPhone]-6YuuWaa is an online cloud service provider that provides 2 GB of online storage for free. Just like famous Cloud Service Dropbox, YuuWaa supports different platform including mobile. With YuuWaa, you do not need worry about having space in your gadget or memory card. Here, just rely on internet access and you have free 2GB cloud storage to store photos, videos and any other files you need. YuuWaa is a very useful and easy to use application as for those who want to save space in their mobile device. Their tools are easy to understand and the app is simple. The ability to create folders via the app itself also makes it much easier to organize files. Another good point and that is a differential in relation to other apps is a tool that allows you to create and send photos and videos automatically to the cloud. So, if you do not want to waste time sending files, then can save it directly into your account YuuWaa. Another advantage is the YuuWaa he has a search tool. So it is even easier to find specific files. So even if you miss with the folders created, will not have trouble finding the files you need.

Check Cluster Info, Raw Data, MFT Zone & Other Advanced Hidden Hard Disc Information Via Disk Investigator

Check-Cluster-Info,-Raw-Data,-MFT-Zone-&-Other-Advanced-Hidden-Hard-Disc-Information-Via-Disk-Investigator-()Disk Investigator is a tiny program that provides allocation information of data stored (or was stored) on your computer hard drive. The tool also features a search engine that can assist in the search for lost data. Disk Investigator is a real powerful hard disc tool that allows you to view cluster info and raw data from your HD as well as check clusters with bad sector. The application is useful to navigate through you hard drive sector-wise while you will see the raw data as Hexadecimal, Decimal or Text format. You will be able to find identical file information as well as deleted files statistics. If you have securely deleted a file via any file shredder, you can check what’s left of that shredded file . Disk Investigator also gives you a total insight of your storage including total logical sectors, MFT zone clusters, cluster size, MFT start cluster and more. Moreover, it has a powerful built-in file explorer that allows you to check hash values of different format. This program completely features the function of displaying data allocation and directory on the hard drive of your computer. If you want to know what is (was) stored and meta information about it, then this program may be a good choice for you.

Soundtracker Radio Brings Geo-Based Music Discovery & Stream Service To Android, iPhone & Windows Phone

Soundtracker Radio Brings Geo-Based Music Discovery & Stream Service To Android, iPhone & Windows PhoneSoundtracker Radio is an interactive on-line music discovery, distribution and sharing service that includes no but eleven million quality songs for your mobile. It allows you managing and taking note of your favorite tracks as well as you'll be able to use this service to explore music shared by your Facebook or Twitter friends and from users next to you. Soundtracker have it’s own official client for almost all mobile platform covering Android, iOS, WP, Symbian and bada. By using the Soundtracker Radio app, you will get an opportunity to search, enter, and share your favorite music stations from anywhere around the world. It conjointly allows you to find the taste of music of different users, make friends, chat with them and give your opinion on their tracks. The app also supports a handy homescreen widget that allows you to switch tracks, and share them together with your friends right from the homescreen (Android). This powered music application will surly appeal any music fan.

Create Hash Values For Files Or Encrypt/Decrypt Text With Base64 or AES Encoding Using inCrypto

Create-Hash-Values-For-Files-Or-EncryptDecrypt-Text-With-Base64-or-AES-Encoding-Using-inCrypto-(4)inCrypto is a small portable tools which intends to make your important documents safe and encrypt for Windows. inCrypto is designed to encrypt and encode text messages and values ​​also generate hash for miscellaneous files. It allows Base64 encoding and AES encryption. inCrypto also offers the option to generate hash values ​​for any file type. Hash is like the identity of the file. Through it, you can compare two or more files for modifications. Any changes made ​​within it – even a single character will completely dispose the whole file or show a different other file. This is essential in detecting improper or even corrupt information during data transmission. Base64 is the encoding method used to transfer data via the Internet, which serves only to text. AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the standard method used the United States. It works with 128-bit rate and requires a security key for file protection. Only those who have is that this password will have access to the content. More to read

Create Application Group & Launch Them In One Click Or Toggle Them From Taskbar Via Windows 7 App Launcher

Create-Application-Group-&-Launch-Them-In-One-Click-Or-Toggle-Them-From-Taskbar-Via-Windows-7-App-LauncherIf you are a power Windows user and use your PC for lots of purpose then you will surly need to use some applications each time. Launching a list of application every time you boot your PC may seem to be quite boring. Launching all those application with single click can be somehow a good solution for this. If you are familiar with Batch-File (.bat) and have some knowledge about Windows system, then you can perhaps be able to create a list of preferred application and batch open them from that .bat file. That could be a bad idea for regular users as it’s a bit hard. Now there’s an application called Windows 7 App Launcher which allows you to create application group as well as manage them with profile and batch open them from one click when needed. Windows 7 App Launcher is a simple batch launcher tool by which you can add some applications, files and open them at once. You can create multiple profile to use launcher with different need. More to read.

SoundHound: Find Out Any Song From A Huge Database Using Any Information Easily [Android & iPhone]

SoundHound Find Out Any Song From A Huge Database Using Any Information Easily  [Android & iPhone] (1)SoundHound is an indispensable application for music fans who enjoy discovering new tracks anywhere they are. Whether through radio, internal sound system or even a ballad, the program works efficiently in identifying the track and artist playing. The program is distinguished by the amount of information available, such as letters, biographies and complete information about all disks where you can find a track - all without charge. For music fans, the SoundHound is a truly portable library indispensable. SoundHound an application is made for those times when one starts to play new music interesting and there is no method to find the track name or artist for Android and iPhone. Instead of despair or have the willingness to wait for someone to say the song name, simply access the program to find this information in an instant. The application works like a portable library with real musical information, being able to identify songs after a few seconds. Of course, for this to happen efficiently it is necessary that the music is played at a volume loud enough so that the iPhone is able to capture it correctly.

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter: Enjoy Challenging Bike Riding In Snowy World With Realistic Physics [Android Game]

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Enjoy Challenging Bike Riding In Snowy World With Realistic Physics [Android Game] (5)If you have played Trial Xtreme or Trial Xtreme 2, Trial Xtreme 2 Winter comes to raise the level of entertainment to higher levels. The game could greatly improve the mechanics of the game with more realistic challenges and enhanced gameplay. The big difference with the first version of the camera is approximate. Now you see the bike, obstacles and maneuvers much more closely, which improves the experience with the game. Another benefit of the new Trial Xtreme 2 Winter is the addition of the button that makes the bike jump, something fundamental to get out of some scrapes that provide obstacles along the way. The graphics have had a significant improvement, but still not something that impresses or fills the eye. Something really cool to see is the way the pilot drops the bike. It's amazing how he hits on the obstacles, slips and falls - all made with great realism. It may seem a bit morbid, but it's fun. The fun continues with the keyword of this game. The maneuvers are sensational and require player skill - something achieved after a few games. More to read

Six-Guns: An Amazing Western Game Full Of Adventure With Stunning Details & Graphics [Android & iPhone Game]

3G Watchdog; Monitor Internet Usage With Application Based Usage Details [Android] (9)Six-Guns is an western adventure and action based game with incredibly brilliant graphics and visual details for Android and iPhone. The virtual world constructed by Gameloft brings a huge number of details to be appreciated, especially in cities and buildings. It's almost impossible not to make a comparison with Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360 and PS3), which also uses the Wild West as the background. The only problem is when you are traveling from one place to another. The simple, repetitive textures, united to the lack of details and objects in certain places, just a bit tired. Still, the graphics and details of Six-Guns impress. The sound is neat. The music player can acclimatize to the desert climate of the American West. When the adventure begins, the beats are the emotion needed until the last shot is fired. Many enemies drop phrases challenge during the persecutions, increasing the tension during the adventure. A variety of items to purchase upgrades and extends the fun. The only problem is that over time they begin to be expensive - and it ends up forcing players to replay the missions in search of more coins to buy upgrades or purchasing items with real money. The game also does not stop to remind you that the shop is full of items ready for purchase.

3G Watchdog; Monitor Internet Usage With Application Based Usage Details [Android]

3G Watchdog; Monitor Internet Usage With Application Based Usage Details [Android] (1)A good data plan is essential for anyone who owns a smartphone. You will not find a working Wi-Fi connection all time you want to access to internet and also without internet, you are not even using a single percent of features offered by your smartphone. However, plans for 3G data, GPRS and EDGE are still very expensive. Therefore, everyone doesn’t have unlimited plans, contracts with limited data traffic. And once exceeded this limit, the cost can be very high. To keep track of how much you can still use your data plan was developed 3G Watchdog, an application that manages the connections 3G, EDGE and GPRS. A simple and does not extrapolate to the limit and end up paying very high bills.

Apply Drawing Or Retro Sketch Effect Of Various Styles Easily With FotoSketcher For Windows

Apply-Drawing-Or-Retro-Sketch-Effect-Of-Various-Styles-Easily-With-FotoSketcher-For-WindowsTwo days ago, we shared a beautiful and easy photo editor named SharpShot. It was a complete photo editor. But if you want to have a artistic or retro like sketch effect on your image, today we are bringing a new application called FotoSketcher for you. FotoSketcher is an excellent application works on Windows for those who like to play and manipulate images. The main goal of this application is turning photos into drawings and it does this options amazingly and extremely easily. All you need to do is to select one of the pre-added effect and apply it. To make it even more easy, effects apply process is fully automatic, the program takes care to apply it for you. More to read.

How To Allow Someone Else To Access Your Gmail To Check Emails Without Letting Him Changing Settings

gmailOne of the most interesting features of Gmail is the ability of allowing other people to read your messages, but do not have access to your personal settings and password you use. This is especially useful in workplaces where many employees can respond to and read messages without relying on the approval of a single team member. In this tutorial, we will teach you the steps needed to let access to your Gmail account without allowing to edit personal settings and showing password to someone you know. Remember that all the steps described here can be undone at any time, allowing the immediate abrogation of the rights granted in case something unforeseen happens. This is an useful feature for a small office or a group of workers where people may need to share emails among them. Although this is a great opportunity, but will not be able to use this feature in Gmail for Domain or Google App Account. Check after the fold.

Best Android Antivirus: Keep Your Android Gadget Safe With Our List Of 9 Best Free Android Security Tool

Best Android Antivirus Keep Your Android Gadget Safe With Our List Of 9 Best Free Android Security Tool (1)

If Windows has been the most popular operating system among computers and laptops, Android grows overwhelming and is increasingly consolidating its market leadership in mobile smartphones. The problem is that all this success also attracts the attention of malicious people, who create devices to steal information and perform many different types of digital crime. So if the computers use antivirus to defend our machines, phones and tablets that is no different. It is great to to know that there are already several programs that work in this direction - some even come with brand names behind its development. Check out our favorite list of good programs that can defend your Android device against malware and other threats. As usual, we have listed only free Antivirus/Anti-Malware tool for Android that should be able to keep you safe. Although from some recent survey and tests, many geeks are now saying that Android Antivirus is almost useless as they cannot detect most of the suspicious threats. But if you ask me, I will suggest you to be safe rather then being sorry as even if those antiviruses are able to catch a single threat, it can save some times for your. So check out our list of best Android Antivirus.

Android System Info: Easily Check System Information, Running Tasks, Task Manager Etc. [Android]

sshot-1Android System Info is an amazing system utility application for Android that brings together a lot of information about your phone running on Android system. The application states from simple curiosity - as battery charge level, using the internal memory and SD card, RAM usage, etc. as well as some quite technical data from different areas of the system too. It is a essentially informative program but you can still perform a few functions related to tasks and applications. It is also possible to complete tasks and manage applications from the System Info. It is an useful application of exploration of your device, with a few functions that can be run from itself. Using Android System Info is real easy and simple. It has five tabs on it’s home window from where you can easily navigate to particular information. But other areas of the application with system information and logs, are extremely technical and require advanced knowledge about the system. The application tells many things, but it is the user who needs to interpret everything. For those not content with superficial information, Android System Info is a good one. More to read.

Videolicious: Automatically Create Amazing Video From Raw Clip & Image In 3 Simple Steps [iPhone]

Videolicious Automatically Create Amazing Video From Raw Clip & Image In 3 Simple Steps [iPhone] (2)If you are seeking a way to create very different videos without working hard using your iPhone, Videolicious may be a good one for your. It is a really easy to use video creator tool for iPhone. Even users who do not have any intimacy with iOS can use it with ease, since you simply choose the material you wish to use the rest of the work is done by the app. However, for those who typically use more complex tools for video editing, Videolicious may not be suitable as the app does not allow editing of any content and all process is done automatically. Videolicious came to make life easier for those who like to edit videos, but has no time or patience to use more complex editing software. With this app, it’s very simple to create any movie, whether to capture or to share moments with friends and family. The application features 25 styles of composition on video for you to create your own stuff the way that suits you. The complete process can be done in three simple clicks. More to read.

Action Movie FX: Easily Create Brilliant Video Effect Using Hollywood Style FX [iPhone]

Action Movie FX Easily Create Brilliant Video Effect Using Hollywood Style FX [iPhone] (1)Action Movie FX is a perfect app for anyone looking to have fun doing amazing action movies, without spending anything. The Action Movie FX application is a very well developed and it is one of the best free video app for iPhone I have ever used. With it, you can create effects of various types, all full of violence and high quality. The app is not difficult to use and provides incredible results, similar to those seen on TV. Even if you want to buy the expansion packs of the Action Movie FX, the value definitely worth it. They are $ 0.99 for each two effects, a very low price for all that Action Movie FX offers. However, app would be better if there were more alternative effects. If you seek a way to have fun and create incredible videos without having any work, the Action Movie FX is the best alternative! With it, you need not understand anything video editing, let alone be good at creating special effects, to be able to make incredible shots.