MacX DVD Ripper Pro For Free: Convert & Rip Complete DVD Or ISO File To Different Formats [Windows,Mac/Giveaway]

MacX-DVD-Ripper-Pro-Convert-&-Rip-Complete-DVD-Or-ISO-File-To-Different-Formats-[Windows,MacGiveaway]-(thumb)MacX DVD Ripper Pro For Windows and Mac is a program that convert and rips DVDs to your computer for different devices and with different formats. Originally made for the Mac, this application has been fully adapted for the Windows Operating System. MacX DVD Ripper Pro For Windows is a powerful application for extraction and conversion, perfect for all types of users. It is very easy to use and has the advantage of using ISO image file instead of original physical media. Output formats are quite complete, since it has output supports for almost all popular video formats as well as has pre-configured custom set for different mobile devices like Android, iPhone, PSP etc. Despite having an option for those who want to choose the default language audio and subtitle, the program no longer has settings for this. More to read.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro: Optimize System Performance & Detect Malicious Files Used Cloud Technology [Windows/Giveaway]

Anvi-Smart-Defender-Pro-Optimize-System-Performance-&-Detect-Malicious-Files-Used-Cloud-Technology-[WindowsGiveaway]-(1)From the same developer of our previously featured Cloud System Booster, Anvi Smart Defender Pro is yet another powerful cloud based paid (Free version available too) system software for Windows. Anvi Smart Defender Pro is a complete and useful tool for privacy protection and system optimization. It is not a replacement tool for the antivirus you already have installed on your computer, rather it works as a complementary tool so you can use both applications without incompatibility problems between them. Anvi Smart Defender comes as a pleasant surprise in the competitive world of applications focused on protecting and improving the use of system resources. The first highlight of this too is the interface, it’s modern, intelligent and well organized, following a certain standard from which is almost common in this types of app. Furthermore, the amount of resources also draws attention, opening up many features both for those who want a safer PC and for those who want to remove the junk files that prevent the computer from functioning properly. More to read.

UltraSurf: Simple, Free Yet Fast & Powerful Tool To Access Blocked Sites & Browse Securely [Windows]

UltraSurf-Simple,-Free-Yet-Fast-&-Powerful-Tool-To-Access-Blocked-Sites-&-Browse-Securely-[Windows]Some companies, schools and universities have a lock on their internet server to prevent staff and students from accessing to certain sites, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and in some cases, blogs too. Again, there are some Country-Level restriction in many sites which may happen either because the owner of the site allows only visitors from certain country to visit the site or because the site is banned by the country government. But what if you are badly needing the contents from those? With the growing importance of blogs, for example, you often find information in blogs which can highly influence your life or help in your job or study. Despite the good intentions of the lock (or whoever put it), it can make things worst sometime. In cases like this, what do you do? Simple: fool your ISP and navigate through the obstacle. There are many softwares available in the market to do so. There are IP Switchers (not really recommended), VPNs and many other ways to bypass this system. We previously reviews few of them including Hotspot Shield and SecurityKISS Tunnel. Today we will be looking to another free yet fast and secure alternative called UltraSurf. More to read.

MapQuest: Google Maps Alternative With GPS Navigation And More [Android & iPhone]

MapQuest-Google-Maps-Alternative-With-GPS-Navigation-And-More-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Those who seek an application similar to Google Maps can find an alternation in MapQuest. The service provided maps and routes as an application for iPhone and Android, with navigation using the GPS device. The idea is very good, but MapQuest still does not work in many countries. Despite a cool interface, clicking on the icons to find the shops on the map, the application is very limited. For now, he has no information about the Brazilian cities, therefore, does not show any results for the search for establishments. Furthermore, no readily addresses, since it is only able to understand addresses in English. Thus, every time it stores a route search, inserts unnecessary characters and numbers, making it impossible to locate the place. Another detail is that MapQuest restarts and crashes often. For these reasons, it is not yet time to replace Google Maps by this, yet you should keep an eye over it for future updates.

Slices for Twitter: Latest Twitter Client From OneLouder Makes Twitter Like Never Before [Android]

Slices-for-Twitter-Latest-Twitter-Client-From-OneLouder-Makes-Twitter-Like-Never-Before-[Android]-(1)As the name suggests, the Slices for Twitter is an application that helps you to stay always connected on Twitter. Here, you get a much more modern and minimalist to access your account, make posts, check posts from people you follow and interact with their friends. While there are many options of apps to access Twitter on devices with Android, Twitter Slices is certainly noteworthy: it has a very modern look and nice, and is quite intuitive and practical to use. The idea of maintaining two bars for different needs leaves Slices for Twitter-style navigation application that resembles the official Facebook for Android. This helps to find more speed with the most commonly used tools, but without neglecting the possibilities fuller, as the trending topics. The layout of Slices for Twitter is very beautiful, which ensures that it is pleasant to use. The choice of colors was done properly and, moreover, the Slices for Twitter account with fine lines and simple sources, leaving the app with an even better. More to read.

RealPlayer For Android Leaves Beta: A Complete Multimedia Player With Stunning UI & Powerful Media Engine [Android]

RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(1)RealPlayer, one of the top listed desktop multimedia player was available for Android as beta release. And recently RealPlayer has left beta and comes as final release on Google Play Store to add new dimension on Android multimedia experience. The quality of RealPlayer is well renewed and already pretty popular among desktop user and with the final release of Android version, it proves it’s aim to bring the same on the smartphone as well. With it’s stunning and well-polished UI and powerful media engine, Android user can now hope for RealPlayer becoming and exceptional media player. RealPlayer for Android is an excellent option for those who want an application to play and manage media files. Its main feature is to bring together in one place videos, photos and music in a super organized. For still in its first final version, we can expect many more of RealPlayer, it’s now pretty stable with almost no lag at Despite some loose ends, RealPlayer stands out by allowing the playback of many video formats, including the famous RMVB, although this is only possible in the premium version. In the paid version you can also find a more interesting package of widgets, an equalization system and a metadata editor.

CPU-Z: Find Out Details Information About Different Hardware Component With Real-Time Usage Info [Windows]

CPU-Z-Find-Out-Details-Information-About-Different-Hardware-Component-With-Real-Time-Usage-Info-[Windows]-(1)CPU-Z is a software designed for users looking for details about the operation and capacity of every hardware component installed on his computer. As of being a portable tool, this application doesn’t need of installation. The program has always been one of the favorite benchmarking tool used by PC enthusiasts who like to compare their hardware. CPU-Z is a good program that helps users to find hardware fault, configuration errors and is very useful for various comparisons. Widely used among users of the forum, the program is a success as it needs no installation and has fairly good accuracy. The application does not uses spectacular resources, and also please those who seek for monitor temperatures, fan speeds, and details of the hard disk. However, stresses that, as the program does not have this purpose, it meets expectations and is recommended for every user who are looking to find their hardware problem, check out configuration details, resource usage or even only to compare their components. If you want to check out more related tools then make sure to view RAMMon and SpeedFan, More to read.

QuickPic: One Of The Best Alternative Media Gallery To View & Manage Images/Videos [Android]

QuickPic-One-Of-The-Best-Alternative-Media-Gallery-To-View-&-Manage-ImagesVideos-[Android]-(1)One of the most usual complains about Android OS is it’s stock gallery app isn’t well-polished and lacks usability. I admit, if you have quite a lot images in your device that it would be a mess to use stock Android gallery app to view or manage them. So an alternative app could be of great use. While there are many options available on the Google Play Store, a very few of them are good enough to makeover this situation. And in those few quality gallery apps list, QuickPic deserves top position easily. QuickPic is the most popular and fastest image viewer tool for Android available till now and it surly going to make you amazed by it’s quality, speed and productivity. Its interface is divided into small squares all folders containing media files. By clicking on each one of them, you can view all images in a slideshow, setting the time interval enters each photo and activating the random manner in the application settings. Being fast to use and with intuitive interface, QuickPic is ideal to view and manage media files. It is a good alternative with excellent organizational ability to delete, copy or move photos and videos. It's a shame he does not have a way to display all files by date and not presented in folders on the memory card.

Immersive Explorer: An Intensively Well Designed File Manager Inspired By Windows 8 UI [Windows7/8]

Immersive-Explorer-An-Intensively-Well-Designed-File-Manager-Inspired-By-Windows-8-UI-[Windows78]-(0)With the announcement and the launch of test versions of Windows 8, the Metro interface is gaining more space each day. And so, at this moment, developers are thinking to adopt and create something depending on that Metro UI. The number of Metro adapted software are increasing daily and here comes an impressive File Explorer with Metro inspired interface. We are talking about Immersive Explorer, an amazing and elegant Windows Explorer replacement tool. It’s currently under heavy development and on Alpha stage (on the time of this review). However, you can now try the application on your Windows 7 or 8 and check how the tool is running. This tool is completely different then any other tool we have tried so far. After all, it took the Metro UI to let to explore through all your files and folders. If you are a fan of Microsoft’s new Metro UI, then surly you will like to adopt Metro UI in everywhere, even on File Explorer. Immersive Explorer can be a great tool for this in future bringing the lightness of the Metro UI as a File Manager. More to read.

Final Freeway: OutRun Like Racing Game With Brilliant Gameplay [Android Game]

Final-Freeway-OutRun-Like-Racing-Game-With-Brilliant-Gameplay-[Android-Game]-(1)Final Freeway is a racing game that will take your Android device for a trip to the past. Final Freeway is a good thing, especially for the older and very tanned playing OutRun success in arcades throughout the world. The game has a very similar car, and scenarios very similar to the old success. Despite having graphics in two dimensions, the features of Final Freeway are very good.Everything is well designed and is in great resolution. Moreover, there is a good variety of elements in the scenarios, as many cars and buildings. The good thing is that even with this quirk, the game also features a frame rate per second excellent, something that makes the games very fast and fluent. The songs are good game and very busy, something that combines with a racing game. The tracks have a good selection, though this does not influence much in gameplay because the game is in that style where you make the curves practically "force". Here, the same difficulty is overcoming the large amount of vehicles on the track, while it overcomes long uphill and downhill curves.

UberSocial for Twitter: Experience Unique Twitter Experience On Your Smartphone [Android & iPhone]

UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)After many changes, developers of UberSocial for Twitter decided to give the application a whole new re-design and insert new features in the application. For this, a new look and a new name came out for Android and iPhone! UberSocial Twitter is for a client who does not have anything very special. Compared to its predecessor - Twidroyd, which service has been stopped and shall receive no further updates - it has a greater number of options, but was down streamed by an unattractive interface. UberSocial for Twitter has so many elements in their visual, you just sinned by excess. The interface was polluted and banner advertising on the bottom gets even worse. Moreover, the text font is too small, which can make life difficult for those who have devices with smaller screens. On the positive side, UberSocial for Twitter is very flexible, allowing you to have more than one account and select the service to shorten URLs and post pictures. Moreover, it is compatible with Facebook, posting a message on your Wall discreetly, without a great advertisement.

Longevity Battery Saver (Beta): Improve Battery Life By Finding Out Which App Is Draining Power [Android]

Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(1)Who uses Android is already used to carry the battery charger for wherever you go. The device has many features that are difficult to maintain the load for a long time, internet, games and use the digital camera. There are a good number of applications to conserve battery power of Android, but none are as beautiful as Longevity Battery Saver. It is clear that those seeking this type of service does not prioritize the beauty of the app, but in this case, it is remarkable and makes up the life of the other party. Longevity Battery Saver has many visuals that make the application easy to understand, even with an interface entirely in English. He shows graphics that make the information organized and help you understand what is consuming too much battery on your Android. Despite offering an option to optimize the use of the battery, Battery Saver Longevity applications that are only open in the background - something that usually has little effect on battery consumption.

Apple’s New Patent Application Comes With Illuminated Touchscreen Panel Lit

Apple’s-New-Patent-Application-Comes-With-Illuminated-Touchscreen-Panel-Lit-(1)In last Thursday (15th August, 2012) ,Apple filed a patent application for a new type of touchscreen panel that responds to touch illuminated with different pressure levels. The new technology, called as "Illuminated Touchpad" was sent for analysis by the company in April this year, but only became public this week. According to the Apple, the technology can increase the intensity of responses that a person has to deal with any device using his fingers. The resource description also indicates that it can be used simply to illuminate the screen of a device that is not currently in use. "One aspect relates to devices capable of illuminating the touch sensitive surface of the touch pad", describes the company. "Not just in backlighting so that the user knows where the touch pad is located in low light conditions, but also to give other feedback related to how the touch pad is being used" added more.

Simulator Recreates The Last 14 Billion Years Of Universe Using 1024 Core Supercomputer [Video]

While some scientists wanted to create a life simulation to predict the future, others uses a similar technology to create digital impression of model the whole universe to look back and figure out what happened to the universe in the last billion years. Thanks to a 1024-core supercomputer, a group of researchers decided to recreate the whole process of development of the cosmos, ranging from the Big Bang to the present moment in which we live. The bold initiative arose from a partnership of the Center for Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian with the Institute for Theoretical Studies of Heidelberg, which has shaped thousands of stars and galaxies to get a result very close to reality. For this, they used a program called Arepo, which allowed the creation of the elements you see in the video above.

DNA To Store Data In Future? Scientists Were Able To Convert A Book Into A Strand Of Genetic Code [Scientist]

DNA-To-Store-Data-In-Future-Scientists-Were-Able-To-Convert-A-Book-Into-A-Strand-Of-Genetic-Code-[Scientist]Memory cards, USB sticks and external hard drives are capable of storing a large amount of data in a relatively small space, right? But are we contented yet? While Nano technology is making it’s way to everywhere, we are yet looking for more convenient solution. But nothing compares with the new discovery by scientists at Harvard University, studying a way to use DNA (yes, the DNA which stores the genetic code of any living thing) to store files. The team was able to convert a book of 53,000 words, 11 images and an application in JavaScript in a chain of molecules of that substance. The data were stored as pairs of nucleotides (which you might be familiar with if you have studied biology), which receive the information in the form of binary code and are assembled in a DNA chain. To read it all back, just use a DNA sequencing technology - something available only in laboratories, for now. More to read.

Pinterest: The Official Mobile Application For The Currently Trending Network Pinterest Is Available [Android & iPhone]

Pinterest-The-Official-Mobile-Application-For-The-Currently-Trending-Network-Pinterest-Is-Available-[Android-&-iPhone]-(0)If you're a fan of Pinterest, should already be waiting for the release of the mobile network. Now you can check updates from friends, and post pins and enjoy pictures posted by your friends, all directly from the screen of your smartphone or tablet running by Android or iOS. For those who had high expectations about the application's official Pinterest, it certainly will not disappoint. With it, you have a fluid and intuitive navigation. It will not be hard for you to find all the functions and tools of Pinterest, especially if you are already familiar with the network. If you want to start using the application Pinterest, is best left for a computer first: during the tests by ABC Trick, we simply can not complete a new registration to the middle of the app. Then, after you're already on the network, leave to use the application. The look fits very clean and minimalist with Pinterest's own identity: he remembers the site, but at the same time can adapt the tools for them to suit the mobile environment. More to read.

[Giveaway] WinX DVD to iPad Ripper for Mac And WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper For Windows

[Giveaway]-WinX-DVD-to-iPad-Ripper-for-Mac-And-WinX-Bluray-DVD-iPad-Ripper-For-WindowsDigiarty, one of the leading multimedia converter software developer, has recently arranged a Back To School giveaway offer with two of their excellent tool WinX DVD to iPad Ripper for Mac And WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper For Windows. This giveaway will last till August 31, 2012 and everybody who wants can get a free license of any of those product (or even both of them). To get your license code, all you will need to do is just to visit the link provide by the end of this page and then click on Get License Code and you are will be given your license code instantly! Yes, no sharing, no contest or no survey at all. The only downside of this giveaway is the license you receive can only be used on current version and they will not support future upgrades. Nevertheless, you can now enjoy unlimited fun on your iPad as all your favorite DVD/Blu-ray movie is only one click away to get ripped and converted.

Instagram 3.0 Introduces Interactive Photo Map & More: Now Available For Both Android And iOS

ImageLaunched last Thursday (16th August) for both Android and iPhone, the version 3.0 for Instagram marks the debut of a new way to view photos through the system. From now on, the images taken through the application can be displayed in a map indicating where each one of them was captured. According to the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, the goal of the update is to allow fast access to both new content as well as to the oldest. "Things live for a couple hours and then they float off into the ether." he told to The Verge. To prevent this, they developed a new interface that makes it easy to access all the photographs taken by users of Instagram.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Update Available For Sony Xperia P

xperia-p-silver-486x489Who owns the Sony Xperia P smartphone can now update the device to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Among the benefits brought by the new version of Android operating system are resizing widgets, a new file manager and new set of applications such as Calendar and Gmail, among others. To check what more you will get by upgrading, please visit Ice Cream Sandwich features. Sony also did a remodel on their own software for Android, offering new looks for Music applications (now called as the Walkman), Movies and Gallery. They said the update will be available for selected markets today, growing to other locations where the company operates within the next few weeks.

VEVO: Turn Your Smartphone To An Online Video Player That Brings The Hottest Clips [Android & iPhone]

VEVO-Turn-Your-Smartphone-To-An-Online-Video-Player-That-Brings-The-Hottest-Clips-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)VEVO is a service of music videos and entertainment that was recently updated with new language support. In it you find content from Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Abu Dhabi Media, EMI, Disney Music Group and many other famous American record labels. In VEVO, you see a sort of "YouTube" totally dedicated to the dissemination of music videos from Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and other famous American record labels. The application also provides a ranking of the most sought after artists and a global map that indicates the position of the bands. The clean interface calls attention to the organization and strong visual appeal that uses short texts and large pictures that show the artists or the best piece of video. The player offers three quality levels (Low, Medium and High), which adapt according to your connection speed, avoiding crashes.

Kill The Swak Lite: Blow Up Enemies & Avoid The Bombs In A Maddening Game [Android Game]

Kill-The-Swak-Lite-Blow-Up-Enemies-&-Avoid-The-Bombs-In-A-Maddening-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)In Kill the Swak Lite, your goal is clear and unique: the end Swaks, a race of monsters that threatens his own group, the Boozoul. To do this, simply touch the screen to blow them up as they appear.  Kill the Swak Lite is a game well done for Android that has good technical aspects, from graphics to gameplay - but it is hampered because it is a Lite version that does not provide sufficient resources to convince the player to buy it. But you can see the positives: the gameplay, despite being extremely similar to Fruit Ninja is well developed and able to entertain anyone for quite some time - and it will take several attempts so you can get 60/2 without losing since the difficulty is challenging.

Project Glass–Good Or Bad? : 5 Reasons To Fear The Google Glass [Opinion]


Back in June, 2012 when Google registered patent for Google Glass, the whole world gets real curious about what Google is going to do with this technology. Few electronic devices called so much attention from the press and consumers as the Google Glass does. The features Google promising with their new “Augmented Reality” technology can be truly revolutionary. And it draws the attention of other companies, which also decided to create their versions of the device. But is all that is promised by Google Glass will be beneficial? Every good thing has a dark side in it and so does Google Glass. You have to think that it also poses problems for consumers and this can be quite harmful. Have you ever stopped to think about what are the risks? Then check out this article where we collected, analyzed and verified opinions of those who think Google Glass can be a security threat.

MacX HD Video Converter Pro: Powerful Video Conversion Tool With Trimming Support [Giveaway/Windows]

MacX-HD-Video-Converter-Pro-Powerful-Video-Conversion-Tool-With-Trimming-Support-[GiveawayWindows]-(thumb)To carry on your favorite videos, movies with all your electronic devices, a Video Converter is a must have tool. And for this, we have previously featured many tools like Freemake Video Converter, Panther, Motion Man and more. Today we are going to feature another great tool called MacX HD Video Converter Pro which is available for both Windows and Mac. This tool includes everything like other traditional video converter and to stand beyond others it has some unique features like trimming video directly from the app window and powerful auto rename converted videos. MacX HD Video Converter Pro is able to convert most popular video formats including MKV, M2TS, MTS, AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, RM, RMVB, WebM, Google TV and many others. This app has pre-added device specific configuration for some devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox, Zune, Android devices, PDA, Blackberry/Nokia phones, DVD files and more. Follow to learn more.

Technology From Disney Research Allows Textures To Feel Anything By Touching Screen [News]

You can clearly differentiate the texture of an orange and a peach just passing the fingers over them, right? But what if you could be able to differentiate the same textures tapping your fingers on the screen of a smartphone or tablet? Isn’t that a genius idea which may create a whole new era in our daily entertainment and research work? It is an idea of ​​researchers from Disney Research in the United States. During the event, SIGGRAPH 2012, they unveiled a new technology which is well still under development. This technology may be able to make this hypothesis a reality.

Pictorama: Become A Photographer And Earn Money With Your Photos [iPhone]

Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(1)Pictorama is an application for those who are passionate about pictures and want to earn money with it. The method is simple: you shoot, send the image to the assessment and, if accepted, it goes to a database. Pictorama has a simple interface, well made and flashy. Vibrant colors, lines and different textures and drawn the attention and arrest the person. The "theme" of the app is also very appealing because it is not always possible to make money using only your cell phone. The system to take pictures and send them for evaluation is simple and fast, resulting in a practical and efficient. Also, go through a "proof" before you start selling guarantees results with a minimum of quality, ensuring the reliability of stock photos. The tutorial is also very useful tips, so that the person will not be taking pictures for nothing - and then seeing all of them being rejected. Thus, there are time savings and new recruit really understand the pattern of the application.

BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App: Official Torrent Client From BitTorrent Inc. Arrived For Android

BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(1)BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App is the mobile version of the famous torrent manager BitTorrent. With the help of the tool, you can now download any content on the Internet without a computer. If you use your Android gadget for everything and are tired of relying on a PC to download content via torrent, BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App can help. The application provides a simplified version of the famous manager available on Windows. However, you have access to more resources, such as controlling the transfer fees and configuration of network ports. The clean interface is one of the biggest highlights of the tool, since the split into tabs leaves no doubt about the contents of the file lists. Clicking on an item, you will find options to pause, restart, and view the files on torrent. At the time of starting a new download, the option to choose the destination directory is very practical and adds a lot of points to the app.

Seesmic Ping: Post And Share On Various Social Networks At Once [Android & iPhone]

Seesmic-Ping-Post-And-Share-On-Various-Social-Networks-At-Once-[Android-&-iPhone]-(6)Seesmic Ping is an application made ​​as for those who live on social networks stuck and want to make posts on them all at once from Android or iPhone.  Simply create an account in the application, including your name, email address and password. Then add the accounts you want, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. Undoubtedly, the Seesmic Ping is an interesting option for those who use various social networks and want to keep constantly updated on all posts, using just one application. The practicality of the app is what draws the most attention. Registration at the beginning of the use is unnecessary in most cases, but becomes a good option for those who divide the gadget with others. So, to log into their accounts, you do not need to enter username and password for each account centralizing everything in Seesmic Ping.

SuperBikers Free: Arcade Motorcycle Racing Game With Lively Music & Insane Drift [Android Game]

SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(2)If you like racing games that mix with drifts insane motorcycle at high speed, SuperBikers Free will keep you glued to your Android. The title puts the riders to race on dirt tracks quite extensive where the goal is always first. SuperBikers Free is an arcade racing title in which you pilot a motorcycle of high cylinder capacity at full speed for scenarios full of curves. To win, you must come in first place and also get rid of the other participants. The simplistic mechanical control should appeal to those seeking a carefree pastime, there's no need to worry about any button or command advanced. However, the physics engine the game ends up damaging enough to drive. The motorcycle moves somewhat awkwardly down the runway, as if the ground was soapy. Any subtle change in direction requires you to tilt the gadget significantly, resulting in a gambling unrealistic and complicated. Yesterday Shipping [Hilarious Video]

Today’s Music Listening & Sharing Habits Of Social Media Users [Infographic]

Today’s-Music-Listening-&-Sharing-Habits-Of-Social-Media-Users-[Infographic]-(1)Music is perhaps the most popular source of entertainment since birth. With the innovation of digital media, listening to music has become easier then ever. We can now have our music player connected to the world database from anywhere. No wonder, SNS is also one of the big influence in your music choice these days. So, when do you usually listen to music? Well, I don’t like to listen while I am working but I like listening to my playlist while walking, sitting in a traffic jam, boringly waiting for someone and yes, while doing my homework too! Do you listen to music while you are sleeping? I don’t really. So check out our today’s infographic to find out more about today’s music lovers, when they listen music usually, from where they get their favorite tracks etc.

Feed Reader: 10 Best Free And Amazing Feed/News Reader Tool For Android


Knowing what is happening around the world is quite easy these days thanks to the internet. As the time grows, more and more websites are coming with each a good point to follow. So now it’s getting a bit harder to track them all every time and that’s when feeds come handy. Feed are more likely a “Digest” of a blog or website which can be read by a feed reader or get directly into mail box. Now you can see your news on the phone or tablet inside the bus while going to work or even while waiting for a query. In order to make your life more simple, there are lots of brilliant feed reader available out there to let you choose one for yourself. We have today selected 10 best feed reader tool for Android so that you can get what’s best for you. So, check out this full list of applications for Android that makes feed reading more intuitive and attractive.

Toolwiz Pretty Photo: Add Effects/Filters And Make Simple Adjustment On Your Images Easily [Windows]

Toolwiz-Pretty-Photo-Add-EffectsFilters-And-Make-Simple-Adjustment-On-Your-Images-Easily-[Windows]-(1)Toolwiz Pretty Photo is a free photo editor tool with which you can modify your photos, giving them a more stylish look with a few clicks. This program has more than 30 styles of filters of professional editing and allows you to use brushes, paint tool, adjust color/hue and more. This means that in a few seconds and with almost no professional knowledge, you can completely give a stunning makeover on your images. Toolwiz Pretty Photo also provides the basic tools of any image editor, including rotate, crop, resize, apply new layers, add objects, among many other features. We previously shared some other pretty cool image editor tool like PixBuilder, PhotoScape or SharpShot. Now, Toolwiz Pretty Photo is an interesting alternative for those who want to make simple changes in their photographs. The program has a clean interface (without commercials or a lot of toolbars) and well organized, with its buttons and menus for easy access. Thus, the functionality is quite easy and can be quickly assimilated by anyone, even for those who have no experience with this type of application. The variety of features and filters offered by Toolwiz Pretty Photo is another of it’s plus point, ensuring that you have dozens of options to change the appearance of images. In addition, the software had a low consumption of computer resources, which means it can run on machines with limited hardware without causing slow or crash. More to read.

doubleTwist Player: One Of The Best Android Music Player With iTunes Sync Feature [Android]

doubleTwist-Player-One-Of-The-Best-Android-Music-Player-With-iTunes-Sync-Feature-[Android]-(2)doubleTwist Player is an application that allows synchronization of playlists, podcasts and videos with Apple's iTunes. If you use iTunes frequently, but carry on an Android device, then now doubleTwist can solve some problems of yours. doubleTwist Player is surely one of the best options among the most complete players in the Google Play Store. It is simple to use, provides practical tools and is very useful for those who like the way to manage music on Apple software, but does not have a gadget from Apple. The GUI application is very modern and pleasant, making all the menus are fairly intuitive. With the tool for podcasting, the app was even more complete and useful. The search system greatly facilitates the job of finding the content you want. The variety of categories that it offers is also a positive point, after all, you can listen to podcasts about business, jokes, politics, sports and music, among others. More to read.

SumNote: Create Note And Save Them On Cloud With Cross-Platform Support [Android & iPhone]

SumNote Create Note And Save Them On Cloud With Cross-Platform Support [Android & iPhone] (1)SomNote notes is a service that works using the cloud technology and it will not let you forget anything - no matter where you are. The interface of SomNote is very intuitive and well organized. The main screen displays all available folders and the last notes. When creating a new note or attach a file, everything is simple and fast. If you've used an application of its kind, will not have any problem with SomNote. The synchronization feature works properly, which allows you to make notes directly on the site of service data and synchronize with various mobile devices that have the app installed, is a gadget with Android or iOS. Still, the feature is password protection through shows a great choice to protect sensitive data. The SomNote, however, in some options single piece. There is, for example, an alert tool, something that warn you when something is important. Also you can customize your notes by choosing the font or font size.

Voodoo Friends: Pin Voodoo Dolls And Lead Them To The End In A Classic Puzzle Game [iPhone Game]

Voodoo-Friends-Pin-Voodoo-Dolls-And-Lead-Them-To-The-End-In-A-Classic-Puzzle-Game-[iPhone-Game]-(5)Voodoo Friends is an action puzzle style point and click you control voodoo dolls. That is, you need to point out places on the map to make the characters move. Your goal is to get to the door, but for that to happen, you will have to face several obstacles. Voodoo Friends is a game that could repeat the formula of the games of the genre of point and click, but the game can go far beyond the traditional. With co-op characters, the gameplay is fun, challenging and will make you wrap your head to solve puzzles. The graphics are sensational. The game is very well designed, with charismatic characters. The only downside is the scenario that, despite being very well produced, does not vary much visually, which can end up spending the feeling that the game is in the same phase. Unlike most online games, Voodoo Friends does not rely on advertising and the various elements around the main screen of the game that pollute the landscape. The entire look of the window is clean and well wrapped only with elements of the game. More to read.

Ghost Town: Why Commentators Say Google+ Is A Ghost Town? [Infographic]

sshot-5Google+, the social sharing site from Google, have ‘officially’ exceeds 150m users sometimes back. But whether you like it or not, it is not yet becoming popular among normal people like they use Facebook or Twitter. A recent study by Umfp says that Google+ now have 2nd most users among the four biggest social community site (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked-In) but the user interaction on Google+ is horrible considering other. It shows that every 100m user on Twitter are likely to share total 197.3 stories where in Google+, the number is only 6.0. So, why they call Google+ Ghost Town? Let’s check it out from our today’s infographic.

iPad Mini: Where Did The Rumor Came From [Comic]


SwiftKey 3 Free: Speed ​​Up Your Typing With (Probably) The Best Keyboard App [Android]

SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(2)SwiftKey 3 Free is an excellent alternative keyboard application for your Android device. It offers an alternative to standard keyboard models that come with the stock ROM and may as well show a way to speed up your typing process, choosing the settings that are more within way of handling. The program will help you with word prediction, automatic corrections in the text and other features related to the writing on the unit. This is a test version of the application and use is limited to one month's free. A keyboard is something that depends heavily on the personal taste of each. The SwiftKey 3 Free is a good alternative for those who like to test different models or is not satisfied with those for which the device is supported. The layout brings familiarity with some of the traditional, leaving simpler use. The suggestions of words appear at the top of the screen and are a source of great size, for optimum viewing. If you use it in the "fast", and word auto-correction adopted are well chosen, avoiding the inconvenience of the phrase does not come out even close to expected (remember that the application avoids profanity). If you want to try a different keyboard and it has support for several different configurations, it is worth checking the SwiftKey 3 Free.

SmillaEnlarger: Easily Reduce Blur & Enlarge Smaller Images Without Losing Quality [Windows]

SmillaEnlarger-Easily-Reduce-Blur-&-Enlarge-Smaller-Images-Without-Losing-Quality-[Windows]-(3)SmillaEnlarger is a very simple and easy to use application to have a little bit better quality while enlarging small images. The interface is not the most intuitive, but can condense very necessary attributes for the smoothing of the enlarged image. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative for non-vectorized images that suffer from distortion caused by the constant resizing, filtering and refiltering. With SmillaEnlarger the photos will not remain exactly as they were before (any types of change), but you can reach a good level of quality for any future use of that the. So if you're not so concerned with image noise and some colors being slightly emphasized, SmillaEnlarger can meet your needs. It's not rare case to find an image that would serve us well if it were a little larger, is not it? When we increase an image size, the pixels that compose suffer severe distortions if we try to resize real large. However, there are those moments in which the photo does not have certain size, all work will be compromised. Therefore, a good way to avoid such inconvenience is to use a for it. In such cases, SmillaEnlarger is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to increase or decrease the images without losing quality. Simply select a photo in the program and get a better enlarged one. More to read.

Defragmentation: What Is Fragmentation Of Files And What Does A Defragmenter Do? [Analysis]


You have probably seen or heard many comments or thoughts regarding how important it is to perform a periodic defragmentation on your PC. However, most of.them have never explained why to perform a defragmentation every now and then. They only say, do it! As in ABC Trick, we always like to make you to better understand the computer world, so today we are going to explain a little about defragmentation and the real reason of why you should care about it. Before we go through the whole discussion, let me sum up everything for you. What defragmentation does is to rearrange files on your hard disc and gather them in one place to have better reading speed by the system. This is one of the most important point to dig into while trying to speed up your system. Detailed discussion after the break.

GO Keyboard: Alternate Keyboard App With Custom Themes, Swype Support & More [Android]

GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(3)Who uses smartphones usually have trouble typing on small screen devices. The standard keyboard system has greatly improved from version 2.1 of Android, but some users still suffer from small buttons and the lack of advanced features like Swype (which lets you enter words just by sliding your finger across the screen) or SwiftKey 3 (Paid – but the most accurate) and themes for personalization. But now, with the GO Keyboard, you can forget that reality. GO Keyboard is a great replacement for the standard keyboard Android. The word prediction system works very well, although sometimes it recognizes words in Portuguese from Portugal and change what you are writing. It's rare but it happens. The button language change makes it much easier to type, because the system uses prediction for foreign words in the same way in English. This can also prevent spelling errors in many cases.

Optical Illusion: See The World Moving In Waves [Video]

Optical-Illusion-See-The-World-Moving-In-Waves-[Video]You may have seen countless examples like this, with images that create different types of optical illusion. Some of them move while you fix their gaze on the drawings, others create a kind of phantom when you look away. There are even those who deceive your brain and make you believe you are seeing different colors. However, the animation of the video above, created by designer named Hjalmar Snoep, making sure that you have the impression that the objects are moving after they look away. Just you get closer to the computer screen and stare for 60 seconds for the small cross that appears red in the center of the image. You will get a ghost circle image appear on the screen!

8 Generous Things That Are Tiny Comparing With Apple [Infographic]

8-Generous-Things-That-Are-Tiny-Comparing-With-Apple-InfographicThe tech giant Apple does also hold a big deal on economic sector and as of the year of 2011, Apple can easily be titled as “World's Most Valuable Company”. Recently Apple’s Market cap crossed the line of $370 Billion that proves Apple is more valuable then many other famous Global companies entirely. Just for instance, Global mobile phone’s revenues of 2010 was $172 Billon which is less then half of Apple’s. We are not such big deal person and I even count that more properly I guess so it’s harder to compare those. But there’s a infographic by which can give you a comprehensive look over Apple’s $370 Billon cap comparing with some other (8) enormous things. Let’s have a look.

Internet Evolution: We Are Getting Agog [Fun]


1 Gigabyte per second. It’s a download speed now. But can you image 1 Kilobyte per second speed back in 1990’s? That’s what happened to us.

How To Block Calls/SMSs From Any Contact Or Number Easily For Free Using Your Android Device [Tutorial]


Talking about mobile privacy is one of the biggest concern about today’s life. When mobile communication service was first introduced, people were excited and surprised with the power of technology. Mobile Communication has come a long way since then and now it has became an integral part of our regular life. This technology has eased our lifestyle so much that we don’t need more than a single moment to get in touch of our friends living on the furthest corner of the world. But no boon comes purely. Sometimes we got fed up with so much unwanted call on our cell phone. To get rid of this problem, many mobile service provider now offering call blocking service for specific number(s) for a fixed monthly allowance. Although it’s an expensive service, many people still using this to get rid of some nonsense callers. Now imagine a similar service free of cost. If you have followed our blog regularly, you then must’ve seen Block Unwanted Calls And Spam SMS & Backup Contacts Online Using Call Blocker back in April. This tool allows to you block calls or SMSs from pre-specified number(s) for free. This is the idea of Call Blocker, an application for Android that helps to enhance your phone, giving you even more privacy. For this, it offers Blacklist, you can add numbers in this list to make calls or messages blocked. The app also allows you to forward calls or respond to text messages automatically. Seems interesting? Follow to check the complete tutorial about how to block call from a number for free.

Will Windows 8’s Radical Changes Make Windows 7 The Next XP Causing 8’s Failure? [Discussion]


More then ten years back, Microsoft released Windows XP Operating System that came to resolve the errors they've committed in Windows 2000 or other earlier versions. I liked Windows XP and just like others users, I have used it for long time even after release of Windows Vista. Actually, Windows XP was the only system for most of the people. It won a huge number of fans who were so addicted to this system that they didn't care about Vista, which may be a reason of the massive flop of Windows Vista. Even many of those XP users are still prefer older system more then Windows 7. This old legend is known to everyone. Now, the legend is on the verge of being repeated. Through the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft persuaded many consumers to abandon XP. However, they are now about to launch a new operating system - which may well resemble the steps they took with Vista. Will Windows 7 will be the new XP? Will it stand up to diminish shine of Windows 8? Let us discuss here.

PhotoBox: Batch Share Photos In Facebook And Browse/Manage Them [Android & iPhone]

sshot-1PhotoBox is an image manager developed especially to facilitate the lives of people and very often use the photo sharing service offered by Facebook. With this application, you can view all the photos that have a relationship with you.  That is in addition of allowing you to administrate the photographs posted by you, the application also makes it possible to manage the images posted by your friends in which you are scheduled. The program allows you to insert filters and effects in the images as you capture them and a little before posting them. The application also offers the option of editing the tags related to photographs already published. That is, if you've been tagged in a photo, but I would like to remove the tag, just use the PhotoBox to undo this action.

Powerful Switchman: Easily Create HTC Sense Like Customizable Switch Widget For Various Functions [Android]

Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(1)Powerful Switchman is a very interesting widget to your phone screen. With it you can add up to eight buttons with quick controls such as volume and screen illumination. Powerful Switchman is one of the best widgets that exist in Google switchers Play. It is beautiful, very customizable and comes with great options for buttons. The customization window is intuitive and easy to modify the colors and designs of the widget. Who likes simplicity and discrete widgets need to test this, which has up to transparency, to ensure it will not hinder the view of the wallpaper, for example. One of the strengths is being able to exchange even the color of the marker that indicates the state of the switcher. Despite being the most beautiful and customizable, it loses some usability. For example, the control screen brightness has previously established some adjustments and switches between them, but most indicated that it would provide a slider for the user to choose exactly the point of illumination. The same happens with the ring volume and applications. More to read.

DicePlayer: A Faster And Full-Featured Multimedia Player With HD (720p) Playback Support [Android]

DicePlayer-A-Faster-And-Full-Featured-Multimedia-Player-With-HD-(720p)-Playback-Support-[Android]-3DicePlayer is a full-featured video player that lets you play wide range of multimedia content formats on your Android. It supports lots of media formats including popular video formats like AVI and MKV. Additionally, in powerful devices such as Galaxy S/SII, HTC Sensation, Nexus S etc., you will be able to watch movies in 720p HD. DicePlayer is a video player with many features that aims to change the way you watch videos and movies on your smartphone. The application supports high-definition files, subtitles, multiple screen layouts, gestures and more. Although the application interface isn’t that appealing but it completely focused on usability and faster performance which makes to worth of trying. This can deprive people comparing with other players more that have brilliant UI, but also has its advantages.

Grim Joggers Freestyle: Enjoy Jogging On A Fearsome Jungle Full With Dangers [Android & iPhone Game]

Grim-Joggers-Freestyle-Enjoy-Jogging-On-A-Fearsome-Jungle-Full-With-Dangers-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(21)Grim Joggers Freestyle you control a long line of athletes in a range of particularly tragic Parkour.Aqui you need to run and jump with their inconsequential players through scenarios filled with hazards - thorns, pits, pumps, and possibly even a bear polar. The goal is to keep at least one of them needs to stay alive. Few things could be more stupid than to practice running in a jungle full of chasms and wild animals. Except perhaps for the case where the forest still bring bombs and (inexplicably) a real polar bear. Thus, it is quite natural that Grim Joggers Freestyle for Android and iPhone start with a contract: "If you take responsibility for the lives of these men and for what could happen to them, sign on the dotted line." In fact, it is only the beginning of an adventure that is completely nonsense. Here is the basic operation, simple and potentially suicidal, under his command, 15 "Joggers" come out running and jumping through that forest. The goal could not be simpler, and also difficult to achieve, at least one of them needs to stay alive. In fact, only the first in line is controlled by you, since the other is always limited to imitate him.

Analysis: Will Windows 8 Bring The Best Ever Multimedia Experience? [Discussion]


As mentioned by Microsoft, Windows 8 is going to released by October 2012. The whole tech world is looking to that day eagerly waiting to know what’s going to be next. Windows 8 brings up radical change to Windows OS shelves and now it’s up to the user to decide whether Microsoft is successful or it’s going to be Vista time again. While we can't really tell what’s going to happen next, but as I believe if Windows 8 proves to be of success for Microsoft then there will be the two major things behind the success. One is the Metro UI (although many people hate it on first impression) which brings complete makeover since the last version. And the other is improved performance in gaming and powerful multimedia experience. The focus of the new Windows OS is to provide an enhanced entertainment experience. Thus, Microsoft has invested a lot time to enhance performance, usability and practicality. This means that the system should be a lot more handy comes with built-in codecs, improved support for hardware and new developments that will ensure success in everyday life.

How To Individually Change Proxy Server For Different Internet Browser & How To Get Free Proxy [Video]


Nowadays Internet is an integral part of everyday life for most people as it is now the biggest source of data and information for everyone and from anywhere. Thousands of individuals accessing to a lots of web pages every day for different personal or official reason or to exchange messages with friends and family. However, you do not always have complete freedom to surf over the infinite land of WEB. In some universities, schools and businesses, access to the internet tends to be slightly narrower. In addition, there are many countries with strong censorship of content, allowing only certain types of pages can be viewed by its residents. There are also situations in which some sites do not offer their content to users from certain countries (e.g. Hulu, Greencine only available for USA). In such cases, if you want to have blocked access to the material, you need to use a proxy (or you can buy a VPN service). Proxy can also be used even in business environment to increase internet safety. Also, some people use it for privacy - to make anonymous requests. Although there are many programs (Paid-mostly) to proxify your computer, you can also configure it in your browser individually. We are today going to show you how to change proxy manually in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and at last, Apple Safari. Here we used Windows 7 OS but the procedure remains almost same as in Mac OS and Linux OS too. Follow after the break.