Build Criminal Empire & Crush Your Rivals To Become The Toughest Mob Boss In Crime City [Android Game]

Build-Criminal-Empire-&-Crush-Your-Rivals-To-Become-The-Toughest-Mob-Boss-In-Crime-City-[Android-Game]-()Through Crime City, you will join on powerful gangs capable of destroying an entire city. Here, you should not have mercy on anyone - your goal is to kill, steal and destroy everything and everyone who crosses on your way. For those who enjoy games of strategy and management with wide violence, Crime City is a good choice. With it, you will find many obstacles to overcome in the midst of increasingly complex missions. One advantage is that the game always follows in career mode. With this, you can create your character and maintain it’s efforts to move increasingly in the game. The City Crime has simple controls and precise, as well as music and sounds that put the player into the scenario. The interface is very playful, even with a theme full of violence. The gameplay is a bit stuck due to waiting times for some actions which can take 5 minutes or more depending on your hardware and so can make gamers bored. Although you will always get something to do while waiting. After all, Crime City is an enjoyable games for Matures.

Apple Registers Patent For New Technology Of 3D Cameras For The iPhone

Apple-Registers-Patent-For-New-Technology-Of-3D-Cameras-For-The-iPhoneOne element that has yet to be fully developed in cameras and phones is 3D images (Three Dimensional View, perfect combination of depth with height and width). 3D movies like Avatar has made this technology very popular and since then most of the famous movies have been released in 3D. A spark of 3D technology was seen on cell phones like HTC Evo 3D although it had a poor performance for the imaging of this style. Now Apple seems to be interested in joining in this race registering a patent for its new technology in 3D camera for iOS.

Traffic Shaping : Better Understand The Technique & Learn What You Can Do To Prevent It


The number of total Internet user is rapidly increasing these days as the Internet has become probably the biggest source of all types of information, entertainment and news. Most of the Internet users aren’t quite curious about their ISP and how they are treating him. The maximum number of average Internet users do not realize (or even do not care) whether their Internet service provider is actually giving them what they have paid for. Only a small portion of them who make large downloads should have already noticed that at certain times or for certain functions, Internet gets much slower than average. Most of the total network transfers are done by them. We can assume that 10-15% of Internet user cover up almost 80-85% of data traffic while only 15-20% (more or less) bandwidth is used by the rest 85-90% user. Thinking about it, the Internet Service Providers (ISP) began a few ways to re-shape it by limiting the bandwidth for certain protocols that used to transfer large files over the network. These are the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) protocols used widely by many people such as Torrents, eMule or Ares Galaxy. Some providers also limit the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), another type of protocol used to make file transfers between servers.

[Giveaway] Easily Hide And Protect Important Files/Folders In Windows Using IObit Protected Folder

Giveaway-Easily-Hide-And-Protect-Important-Files-Folders-In-Windows-Using-IObit-Protected-Folder.0Those who share computer with others or use a public PC, are always leaving their personal information or sensitive files at a risk of getting exposed, changed or deleted by others. Not only for cyber attacks, but the bad guys or even because of careless usage of other users on that PC you may loose your important documents, photos and music. Also you might don’t want to share everything with them (Let’s say, your family pictures of personal information). Protected Folder is a brilliant tool application that can protects any types of content from others in a second. The tools makes sure that all your data on HD is completely safe and wouldn’t let anyone to access to it without the password you used. Protected Folder is a paid tool (Trial ware) comes from a trusted developer called IObit, the same developer of our previously shared Advanced System Care and IObit Uninstaller. More to read.

A Mad Rush Filled With Explosions & Violence With Road Warrior Games For Android & iOS [Games]

A-Mad-Rush-Filled-With-Explosions-&-Violence-With-Road-Warrior-Games-For-Android-&-iOS-[Games]If you like speed and is a fan of violent games, the Road Warrior: Top Free Racing is a good choice to entertain you. In this game, you have dozens of cars available loaded with powerful and heavy weaponry on your Android or iPhone. In this race, anything goes to the winner. The Road Warrior is one of those games where you have to throw away all moral thoughts and destroy everything comes to your path. What draws the most attention in the Road Warrior is the high quality graphics. The game features well organized images with stunning detail, which makes the pictures more pleasing to the eye. All this combines perfectly with the sounds of the game and the announcer shout encouragement whenever you blow your own car in an accident or fire to destroy a competitor. More to read.

Play FLV, WMV And Other Well-Known Video Files Without Conversion In Android With RockPlayer

Play-FLV,-WMV-And-Other-Well-Known-Video-Files-Without-Conversion-In-Android-With-RockPlayerAlthough being extremely popular, 3GP and MP4 formats are not the most common video as WMV, MPG, FLV, RMVB and a number of other extensions whose are much easier to find. To watch these video files on your Android phone, would usually need a video converter on your computer and much time spent changing files. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. The Rock Player supports playback of all major video formats - including some not so common as MKV and TS - thanks to the FFmpeg decoder.

[Giveaway-EaseUS CleanGenius 3] Delete System Cache, Uninstall Apps & Find Duplicate/Junk Files To Get Free Space In Mac

Delete System Cache, Uninstall App Completely & Perform A Deep Search For Junk Files To Get Free Space In MacWant a tool to perform a heavy cleaning through the system files on your Mac? Some applications, such as our previously shared Mac System Tweaking software iBoostUp has this type of procedure, but they can be complicated to use or will not go deep enough to clean up all junks left in system. If you are looking for a heavy-weight cleaning tool for the Mac, EaseUS CleanGenius is an free alternative that should definitely be considered as one of the best. While iBoostUp lacks some categories of cleanliness, EaseUS CleanGenius is rather a simple and complete tool. It is simple to use and clean more deeply into the disk, such as deleting files from the trash folder and downloads, something that does iBoostUp. Another advantage is safety, since it asks for the administration password to make the cleaning operations, preventing someone else accidentally delete your data. More to read.

Hide Other Icon On Mac Menu Bar To Make It More Comfortable In Small Screen Via AccessMenuBarApps [Mac]

Hide-Other-Icon-On-Mac-Menu-Bar-To-Make-It-More-Comfortable-In-Small-Screen-Via-AccessMenuBarAppsAccessMenuBarApps is a small utility tool that solves a major problem in small-screen Macs: the lack of space for icons in the menu bar. This little program is able to hide the menus of other applications, so you can occupy almost the entire length of the screen with the shortcuts of your favorite programs. The expanded state can be reversed with a simple keyboard command or mouse click. AccessMenuBarApps is one of those applications that make us wonder why Apple has not integrated this feature into Mac OS X. It helps you organize your desktop and reduces visual clutter. In addition, the keyboard shortcut and mouse gestures provide a user experience smooth and natural. Nor had any problems with bugs or unexpected behavior during our tests.

uSketch Is A Free Tool To Give Illustrations Effect On You Images [Mac]

uSketch-Is-A-Free-Tool-To-Give-Illustrations-Effect-On-You-Images-[Mac]uSketch is an application for Mac that lets you turn photos into illustrations with artificial filters that simulate various types of stroke. You need to add a photo into the software so that it contains the creation options. Various effects, showing different paths, some with more color and others totally in black and white. The program interface looks like a canvas, with some tools that can be used to improve the illustration created. You need to choose the correct filter (there are 12 in all) and then apply some image effects from here. You can add a photo from your hard drive or take a picture with the camera at the time without leaving the application. Once completed, send the final result to Facebook and share your work with friends.

Translate Text Or Speech Among 75 Language & Find Word Definition With Babylon2Go Translation For Android


Babylon2Go Translation is an easy to use translator program for smartphones running with Android OS. In addition, the software includes support for 75 different languages, ranging from standard options such as Portuguese, French and even languages ​​spoken in parts of the world unknown. Babylon2Go Translation is an interesting tool for those who depend on the translation of terms and language consistently. But the greatest advantage of the application is it fetches data from various online translators and this process simply dispense with the use of an internet connection, since the functions performed are exactly the same.

Control Volume Setting Of Your Android & Create Volume Profile Efficiently With Audio Control Lite

Control-Volume-Setting-Of-Your-Android-&-Create-Volume-Profile-Efficiently-With-Audio-Control-LiteAudio Control Lite is a powerful volume control application for Android devices. Through this application, you can adjust the system sounds, ringtones, alerts, and run media to call on speakerphone. The great advantage of this program is that it allows you to create various volume profiles. So, you can create pre-standardized definitions in a click to activate any of them. With just two taps on the screen, you can completely change the sound settings of the device. The customizable widgets are another attraction of this program. Changing the color of the bars, you can combine the look of the gadget with the software. More to read.

Analyze Files Directory, Get Pie/Ring-Chart & Check Top 50 Files By Size/Date With JDiskReport For Windows & Mac

Analyze-Files-Directory,-Get-PieRing-Chart-&-Check-Top-50-Files-By-SizeDate-With-JDiskReport-For-Windows-&-Mac-()With the large volume of files available on the Internet for download and the rapidly increasing big-sized games, it is getting really common to get warnings of low disk space. The problem is that we do not know why or how we have exhausted the space, since we control very little of our own activities on PC. For you to take complete control of your hard drive and find out exactly which files and folders are taking up more space, you need to have a file checkup tool. JDiskReport is such a freeware software that will allow you to analyze hard disc files and show tree view, pie chart as well as top 50 files by size/date for Windows and Mac. Although JDiskReport is not as featured or quicker as our previously shared FilePro, OverDisk or SpaceSniffer, yet it can be alternative to those. Check the available disk space and size of files is a task that Windows simply does not. The highlight of JDiskReport is its ease of use. You can easily browse through the directories of your hard drives and see what information you want, simply by pointing and clicking. More to read.

Capture Interesting Moments, Share Them Online & Rate Using Jotly For Android & iOS

Capture Interesting Moments, Share Them Online & Rate Using Jotly For Android & iOSJotly is a social network for sharing photos in which you can send any image on any subject and works on Android and iOS. Soon, your work will be rated by other members of the service, which will give a grade between A and F. Likewise, you can review the images of your friends and all people who send photos. Observe all objects and situations that happen around him: his life and the things around you can be more interesting than you think. With the help of Jotly, you can become a Top Jotter, showing all your skill in time to take pictures fascinating.

Create Upto 20 Different Workspaces & Organize Opened Programs With Dexpot For Windows


If you are a power computer user or a programmer or designer, then you must be tired of having too many programs or windows opened at the same time and even get confused with so many elements, shortcuts on the desktop. Really, it’s a messy place, the Desktop of Windows OS. That’s why most Windows user really miss something like Mac’s App Launcher or Ubuntu’s 3D Desktop Utility feature in Windows. Today we are sharing a real easy and free solution of this problem Dexpot is a Workspaces Manager for Windows (which can also be called as multiple desktop manager) which is distinguished by size, utility and speed. Dexpot allows you to create up to 20 different workspaces (although you should keep it as low as possible to ensure better performance) and let’s you manage all opened programs and windows easily. It’s similar like our previously featured Multi-Tabber, it’s more likely a Windows’ version of Android homescreen. More to read.

Download Videos From 300+ Online Source (Including YouTube, MetaCafe), Convert Videos & Play Video/Audio File With FVD Suite

Download-Videos-From-300 -Online-Source-(Including-YouTube,-MetaCafe),-Convert-Videos-&-Play-VideoAudio-File-With-FVD-1-SuiteFVD Suite is a multifunctional tool that can download videos directly from YouTube, MetaCafe and other 300+ online video sharing sites, download virtually from any other site that uses streaming and perform conversions between various formats as well as works as a search engine for videos and Flash games (With Browser Toolbar). The interface of FVD Suite is real simple and user-friendly as all functions are accessed through different tabs located on a single interface, making it much easier to use. The toolbar that installed automatically in the browser (unless deactivated during installation) let’s you capture video from your Internet Browser. FVD Suite software is a very interesting tool, because it has several different and complementary functions and also is completely free. Users who are looking for a tool that can download videos from almost any sites all over the Internet will find this program an ideal assistant with a greatly simplified interface. Moreover, it has codecs for converting between various video formats, from most common to the least used. The conversion is done quickly and the program strives to keep the original file quality as much as possible. It also comes with a handy Multimedia player that can play almost every Audio and Video formats. More to read.

Access To Windows 8 Power Options (ShutDown/Reboot Or Hibernate) From System Tray Icon With NPowerTray

Access-To-Windows-8-Power-Options-(ShutDownReboot-Or-Hibernate)-From-System-Tray-Icon-With-NPowerTray-()By replacing the traditional Start Menu with the latest Metro Powered Start Screen, the whole things regarding interaction has been changed in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Many people found it a bit confusing to get set with this new Interface, although it’s an easy one but people got confused because it’s new. Lot’s of people asking for help to adopt this Metro UI. One of the most asked thing is how to Shut Down or Reboot Windows 8. We have already shared a Video Tutorial of how To Shut Down/Restart Windows 8. Now here’s a simple and portable tool called NPowerTray to manage all options related to power like Shut Down, Hibernate, Log Off etc. from a simple system tray icon. NPowerTray is an extremely simple application but it’s real important while adjusting to Windows 8’s new UI. With it, you can Shut Down, Hibernate, Force Sleep (and others) the system from a single menu. If you're still struggling to adapt to new menus of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, NPowerTray can be a good way to help you overcome the transition from previous versions of Windows to this one.

BPMinus Beta Allows To Change Tempo, Pitch, Stereo Mix & Equalizer Of Song Without Changing Quality

BPMinus-Beta-Allows-To-Change-Tempo,-Pitch,-Stereo-Mix-&-Equalizer-Of-Song-Without-Changing-Quality-(1)BPMinus is an amazing and easy to use sound equalizer tool for Windows that allows musicians and producers (as well as simple listeners) to control the speed (Tempo), frequency (Pitch), Loop and effect equalizer of songs without changing the pitch and with minimal impact on the overall quality of the audio. BPMinus has a real attractive and modern User Interface comparing with other sound editing tools we have featured yet. It can be seen easily in the creation of the fancy menus and buttons in software. In addition, all tools are easily found and used, simply adjust the sliders at desired levels. The best feature of BPMinus is quality, it can change everything without even a snitch on the Sound Quality. The software has other tools such as pitch correction and analysis of beats per minute (BPM). Currently BPMinus is on Beta phase and full free to use. Although the developer says that it would be paid on final release, yet you can try the free Beta version for free. To change the tempo of a song without losing the tone, it used a technology called Phase Vocoder.

Customize Color & Background Of Metro Start Screen Of Windows 8 With My WCP Start Screen Customizer

Customize-Color-&-Background-Of-Metro-Start-Screen-Of-Windows-8-With-My-WCP-Start-Screen-Customizer-()From the same developer of our previously shared Windows 8 Charms Bar Customizer tool called My WCP CharmBar Customizer, My WCP Start Screen Customizer is another customizer tool to customize Color and Background of Windows 8. Although Windows 8 Consumer Preview has default option to customize Windows 8 Start Screen and Metro UI Color/Background, this tool provides advanced options to customize each element individually. My WCP Start Screen Customizer is free and portable and since it doesn’t do anything except of changing colors, it doesn’t consume any system resource once closed. All you need to do is to open it and the change the colors and finally apply those changes. You then need to log off and log on again to feel changes. You can change color of each element individually and also change maximum number of tiles on a row in Metro Start Window. More to read.

How To Customize Windows 8 Charms Bar With My WCP CharmBar Customizer

Customize-Windows-8-Charms-Bar-With-My-WCP-CharmBar-Customizer2sThe new interface of Windows 8 is a what people who tested the new OS love and as well as hate. While many loved the clean and modern metro UI, still may others don’t like it because lack of customization options. Like Charms bar is one of the biggest attraction of Windows 8 but Microsoft haven’t added enough options to customize it. However, there’s a great freeware and portable tool called My WCP CharmBar Customizer to customize Windows 8 Charms Bar easily. With this program, you can customize the CharmBar with colors and icons you want. This makes it easy to match the wallpaper of the new Start menu bar with the settings in the interface of Windows 8 Metro. My WCP CharmBar Customizer can be a great tool for those who want the most options to customize the Windows 8 interface. Although the UI of this tool isn’t that attractive or appealing, yet it organizes all of it’s options easily to find and use. More to read.

Internet Explorer Is Fine Except For One Bug [Humor]


There’s a lot’s of humorous talks around the tech world about Internet Explorer. Although it’s the default and only packed browser of most used Windows Operating System, those talks makes sense when you use IE. This is real funny only if you understand it.

Just Another Regular Day For A Gamer [Humorous Video]

It’s just another typical day of a gamer. Are like him?

Internet Explorer : The Browser You Loved To Hate [Video]

Mac Vs PC–What Will You Do If A Device Get Spoiled [Fun]


Most users prefer Laptop/Tablet or All-In-One PCs because of simplicity and ease. But are those real simple then a Desktop? Consider a case, when something of your Desktop been damaged, you will just need to took only that thing off and send it to technician or replace it. But when a single part your laptop or tablet goes wrong, you need to carry the whole thing to technician. Think about it.

SiriTV: A Parody Show Of Siri [Humorous Video]

Siri is one of the most innovating addition in iOS by Apple. I personally like the Siri Voice Dictation mode on my iPhone but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make humor out of it! Check out the following video parody of imaginary SiriTV where Siri is the remote controller alternate of the TV.

Where Is The Safest Place To Set Your Computer [Humor]


What is the safest location of your room to place your computer? Well shortly, find the blindest spot from the entry LOL. [Via – 9gag]

Internet Explorer: The Best Browser To Download Other Browsers [Humor]


Not many days ago, Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser all around the world (If I am not very wrong, they have 32% of total users at the beginning of 2011). Now it’s the third-most used browser. I wonder why still many people use this? May be because it comes packed with Windows OS. Well, check out today’s fun. Although Internet Explorer 9 is better and the next version (10) may be even better, yet it’s the true use of IE now.

38 Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) For Windows 8 To Become Powerful


Windows 8 is going to be the perfect combination of Desktop PC and Tablet PC – said by Microsoft. The final release date of Windows 8, the newest edition of Microsoft’s Windows Showcase is counting and to taste what have been changed/added/modified in this version, they have release a Consumer Preview by the end of February. After the first impression, it’s easy to say that Windows 8 is developed especially for Touch-Screen PCs, so sometimes it’s getting hard to operate Windows 8 from traditional PC. Thinking of this, Microsoft has added some new Hotkeys to make sure that normal Desktop users do also get the real everything of Windows 8. Hotkeys allow you to quickly access to different menus and tasks whose may took quite a many clicks and times instead. Hotkey is a real important thing to consider if you want to be power user. We have listed some important Hotkeys and their functions here.

View/Organize Images Effectively & Make Simple Adjustment Using XnView

View-Organize-Images-Effectively-&-Make-Simple-Adjustment-Using-XnView-()XnView is a combination of powerful picture browser and basic tools for editing images. Using this tool, you can browse and view your photos, organize them into categories, look for details on any photo and do simple adjustments to make them look better. XnView is an excellent program to view and organize multimedia files. Moreover, its compatibility is extremely large, encompassing many different file formats. It brings very diverse options for you to organize. categorize and sort your images easily. Although image editing is not a very strong point for XnView, it brings only basic adjustments. Therefore, the program is basically for those looking for a good image organizer and viewer that can replace Windows’ default photo viewer. To edit a bit more advanced, you can use any of our previously featured PixBuilder, FotoSketcher or SharpShot. But as of a image viewer tool, XnView allows to you add several binary and grey-scale effect which is almost similar to my favorite retro vintage effect. You can also cut, crop, adjust hue/brightness, remove red eye, rotate image or even perform lossless JPEG tranformation with this tool. More to read.

Sigil Is A User-Friendly EPUB Editor For eBook Readers Works On Windows, Linux & Mac

Sigil-Is-A-User-Friendly-EPUB-Editor-For-eBook-Readers-Works-On-Windows,-Linux-&-Mac-()With the overgrowing popularity of eBook readers, the future surly aims to bring much more mobility when carrying out books and notes and as well as allows you to spend less to get the same information as the electronic waiver spending on printing and distribution. For those who have recently entered to this new world and trying to find out an easy way to edit or convert books to digital formats compatible with eBook readers, Sigil might be of great help. Those who owns a eBook reader should pay attention to Sigil, which shows a good option when creating or editing EPUB files, one of the most popular formats used by these devices. Because of the user friendly interface comparing with similar types of programs the same category, Sigil allows anyone to use it easily. More to read.

Internet Users : Almost Half Teenage Users Lies About Their Age [Infographic]

Internet-Users--Almost-Half-Teenage-Users-Lies-About-Their-Age-[Infographic]There’s an age-limit for many internet service and even social media now. That’s been putted to save them but from human’s very own behavior, it’s obvious that they will try to take those boundaries. A study says that 44% of the Internet teenage user lies about their ages. So what they do after lying about their age? We brought you an infographic to show you why, how and from where teenagers lies about their age in a comparative view between boys and girls.

How To Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview And Restore Old Bootloader [Video Tutorial]


As a close release of upcoming Windows 8 final, Windows 8 Consumer Preview has already taken a huge place of these days talking. It’s been downloaded and tried out by Millions of users. Have you tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview lately? If you are a Metro UI fan, I bet Windows 8 Consumer Preview have many things to satisfy your thirst. Also, if you are eager for new things or a Windows fan, you should tried out Windows 8 Consumer Preview if you haven’t yet. Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be run on the PC which meets the minimum requirements of running Windows 7/Windows Vista. So why you are waiting? Today I am going through every steps to show you how to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview (With Windows 7) Safely, how to restore old Boot Menu (Bootloader) after installation and video of the whole process. So continue for the whole story.

Firefox 11 Rolls In With Twitter Search, Improved Performance & New Add-On Security

Firefox-8-Rolls-In-With-Twitter-Search,-Improved-Performance-&-New-Add-On-Security-(2)Just a few days ago, Mozilla Firefox rolls out of 7 and lands on the field of their latest version 8. Unlike previous two new version updates, this brings also some major changes in Firefox which is surly amazing. The new version brings new Twitter search engine integrated with other default search engines. Along with this update, Firefox also fixes some bugs regarding security threat like Add-On security. While updating, this version will ask for the user to check which Add-On’s they want to keep. Also the performance seems to be improved a lot with better CSS3 and HTML5 also Java Script engine. Besides, Firefox looks like getting more elegant with it’s interface. This update surly make a leap over Google Chrome and regarding all of this changes, we decided to go through a brief introduction about Mozilla Firefox 8 today. So join us after the break for more info.

How To Grab Your Product Key Of Windows 8 Consumer Preview For Free

How-To-Grab-Your-Product-Key-Of-Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-For-Free-(1)The most talked thing throughout the tech world of this month is Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft unleashed the close release version of their upcoming Windows 8 Final at the end of February. From that day, it has been the talk of the world. Anyone can download and try out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in their PC. All they need is a PC with minimum requirements, copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and lastly Product Key for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Which is free). This Product key is served to you for free, you just need to grab it. If you don’t know how to get the product key, let me show you.

Convert Video File To AVI, MOV, FLV, VOB & More Or For Devices Like PSP, iPhone, PS3 With Motion Man [Windows]

Convert-Video-File-To-AVI,-MOV,-FLV,-VOB-&-More-Or-For-Devices-Like-PSP,-iPhone,-PS3-With-Motion-Man-[Windows]-()Motion Man is an open-source freeware video converter for Windows supports for various formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, WMV, RM, MKV and many others as well as supports for burning audio files directly into CD. Furthermore, you can also extract only the audio from any video on your computer using Motion Man. The program lets you set various conversion parameters to control video such as codecs to be used, format and resolution of the videos and also some other aspects that controls the audio. The cool thing is the Motion Man brings a video player built into its interface which allows the user to watch the videos before starting the conversion. Motion Man is a good video conversion suite with elegant user interface. The program converts video files quickly and does lossless conversion of both video and audio quality. Although it shows some bug in importing media and some blinks in the built-in media player whose slightly decrease the quality of the program, but the problems mentioned above do not diminish in any way the final quality of the converted files. So, the Motion Man gets points for fulfilling well its main objective with fast and full-featured video conversion. More to read.

The Cost Of Technology Throughout Decades [Infographic]

sshot-1Ok, now an iPhone is real costly, isn’t it? Think again. How can it be so costly if we had to buy a DynaTAC phone at $4000 in 1983’s (Which is equal to more then $8500 in these days)! Now what? Do you still think iPhone is real costly? Technology has given us many things. You couldn’t even think of a machine like XBox 360 with billions of dollars in 1970-1980’s. Today we are showing an infographic showing a side-by-side comparison of cost of different technology product.

Gaming Of Kid’s: 90’s vs Now [Cartoon]


Obviously technology is the key thing of our today’s life. Everything we do, we mean, we follow is ruled by technology. But even a hardtype techno-fan sometimes think, does it all good? Where’s the life people enjoyed in 1900’s. Where the adventure people went through in 1600’s?

TweakNow PowerPack 2012: An All-In-One System Utility Tool To Optimize System, Clean Junk, Monitor PC & More [Featured]

TweakNow-PowerPack-2012-An-All-In-One-System-Utility-Tool-To-Optimize-System,-Clean-Junk,-Monitor-PC-&-More-[Featured]-(1)TweakNow PowerPack 2012 is an ideal program that brings together several tools to optimize a varied range of Windows features and manage System for the best performance of your PC. Most of the options to repair the Operating System comes as hidden by Windows and to modify them, you need to install programs that can perform only specific tasks. You might probably need thousands of those software (Most of them are paid) to perform only a single task, sounds like insane. So to have something like TweakNow PowerPack 2012 is very handy because it provides a lots of tools into a single interface to let you get rid of many applications or help you to stop wasting time searching for options of Windows that you do not know. TweakNow PowerPack 2012 is an All-In-One system tweaker, problem analyzer and disk cleanup tool for performing optimizations and cleanups in the system. This tool is awesome not only because of the huge amount of features, but also for working safely whenever commanded – during our test. The interface software is coped with this huge list of alternatives and it brings everything so well organized to find any specific tool with a few clicks. In addition, TweakNow PowerPack 2012 provides a brief explanation and visual demonstration of what can be done by some tools whose may seem to be complex to use. More to read.

iPhone 44G–What You Will Do With iPhone Future? [Humorous Video]

Check out a demo of what iPhone 44G will do! iPhone of 2041 will be able to dry your hair, make your food or even shoot you! Yap, it’s a funny video but what do you think? Will this be possible in future? I ain’t saying no, because I think it might. What’s your opinion?

DIY Food Warmer–Alternate To Oven! [Humor]


How To Shut Down/Restart Windows 8 PC [Video Tutorial]

How-To-Shut-Down-Restart-Windows-8-PC-[Tutorial]If you are trying out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there should be some common problems you faced like Start Menu problem, Explorer Problem, Adopting Metro UI problem and others because of the whole UI re-design in this version. Because of the replacement of traditional Start Menu with the new Metro UI environment, the way to turn off Windows 8 has been changed. Even if you have use Windows 8 Developer Preview previously, yet you will find it quite hard to find Shut Down/Restart options. So today I decided to go through a quick tutorial about how to Shut Down or Restart PC in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Although I will only show one method here, but believe me, there’s more other ways to do so. Explore the Preview version to find out which suits you most.

How To Change The Background & Interface Color Of Metro UI In Windows 8 [Video Tutorial]

How-To-Change-The-Background-&-Interface-Color-Of-Metro-UI-In-Windows-8-[Tutorial]-()Since the release of Windows 8 consumer preview back by the end of February 2012, two most discussed items around the whole tech world is how users will welcome the end of traditional Start Menu and the new Metro Start UI. The new Metro Start UI is all about visualization, the key note in Windows 8. Although there were no options to change the Metro background in Windows 8 Developer Preview on default, users can change the Background and Colors of Metro UI in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If you want to add some customization to the Windows 8, you can start editing the background of Metro Home screen (Start Screen). Sounds good? Then follow a few quick steps and let your computer with the Windows 8 even more beautiful.

How To Add “My Computer” Icon On Windows 8 Metro Start Screen [Video Tutorial]

How-To-Add-“My-Computer”-Icon-On-Windows-8-Metro-Start-Screen-[Tutorial]If you are trying out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there should be some common problems you faced like Start Menu problem, Explorer Problem, Adopting Metro UI problem and others because of the whole UI re-design in this version. Because of the replacement of traditional Start Menu with the new Metro UI environment, the way to turn off Windows 8 has been changed. Even if you have use Windows 8 Developer Preview previously, yet you will find it quite hard to navigate through Windows 8. All traditional menus like My Computer, Network, My Documents have become a bit harder to access because of the Metro UI. So if you wanted to add My Computer icon on the Metro Start UI, I am going to show you how. Remember Pin to Start Menu option on the right click context menu of Windows 7? Windows 8 also has a similar options marked as Pin to Start. Via this option, you will be able to add any files or programs or shortcuts to Windows 8 Metro Start Menu. Check out after the break.

Microsoft’s Dream Surface Parody [Humorous Video]

Turn your audio on, make it loud and then listen to the voice. Can Microsoft Surface be more humorous then this? Don’t think so.

Recycle Bin Headache–Did This Happed To You [Humor]


Edit Image With Easy To Use Paint Alternative Tool Called HeliosPaint For Windows, Mac & Linux

Edit-Image-With-Easy-To-Use-Paint-Alternative-Tool-Called-HeliosPaint-For-Windows,-Mac-&-Linux-If you were following our blog quite regularly then you must have noted that we shared a handsome number of freeware image editor and photo tools already. Although each and every one of then has different plus-point, one of the biggest downside of our previously featured PixBuilder, FotoSketcher, Fotosizer or SharpShot is they are not cross-platform. Means they do not support multiple OS. From that view, today we are featuring another photo editor tool called HeliosPaint which could be a worthy alternative to Windows’s Paint and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. HeliosPaint provides basic tools and simple effects as well as some common adjustments such as brightness, contrast and sharpness. Another plus-point of this application is it’s portable that means you need not to install it anywhere, simply run it. It has an interface similar to the Window’s default photo editor Paint – The only difference is it has much more tools then paint. You can create a new image or edit an existing one using this. The program has support for various formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF and many others. More to read.

Echofon Is A Sleek Cross-Platform Twitter Client For Windows, Mac, iOS & Firefox

Echofon Is A Sleek Cross-Platform Twitter Client For Windows, Mac, iOS & FirefoxThere’s a lot of rich-featured Twitter client available for PC and Mobile device and we already featured some great Twitter client called MetroTwit, TweetDeck, Pidgin etc. Here’s a new-comer in this list called Echofon. Echofon is a cross-platformed Twitter client available for Windows, Mac, iOS and as well as a Firefox add-on too. Let’s talk about it’s Windows client today. It syncs and displays all new and unread tweets right on your desktop. You can be able to add multiple Twitter account and then switch between them quite easily. You can also manage your account, follow/unfollow/block any person, get unread massages/mentions using this. Besides it’s interface is really clean and sleek which you are surly going to enjoy.

Download YouTube Video Easily From Various Video Quality Using WonTube For Android


WonTube is the most wanted application for those who love watching movies on YouTube using their Android and want to have those in their own collection to watch videos on go or to show friends when they have no internet connection available. It is in fact an essential app for anyone who is connected to the YouTube content. The great advantage of the app is that you will only need three taps on the screen to find and download a video. The app's interface is simple and very pleasing, especially while it brings well know layout format from most Android browser. More to read.

Focus On Task Using Adobe Air Based Time Management Application Called Focus Booster

Focus-On-Task-Using-Adobe-Air-Based-Time-Management-Application-Called-Focus-Booster-Focus Booster is an application designed to mark time intervals with break support, the technology that works on almost all platform as developed with Adobe AIR, very simple and easy to handle. Focus Booster is a beautiful and simple alternative for those who need to measure the time and set fixed time for a task to be done, after all has a tool that supports editable and pauses. In addition, the program offers extra features such as the ticking of the clock, the feature  of sounding an alarm on each scheduled interval, reduce the size of the bar that marks the time and still keep it overlapped with other windows open on your desktop. Not only the variety of resources, the program exudes modernity in its look, something characteristic of applications developed with Adobe AIR. Continue to read more.

Line Runner: One Of The Most Famous iPhone Game Is Now Available For Android Too [Games]

Line-Runner-One-Of-The-Most-Famous-iPhone-Game-Is-Now-Available-For-Android-Too-[Games]When you get bored of your robotic life – work, work and work – sometimes then refreshment works like tonic. In this digital age, one of the most popular way to get relaxed is to play games with your phone. So today I am sharing a really addictive and brilliant game works on Android and iOS called Line Runner. The only goal of this simple game is to get as far as possible without killing the character. The game takes place in a side view of the platform, wherein a dummy stick runs continuously. You must control the movements of the doll so it does not involve into any collusion with any obstacle. Line Runner is a very fast and challenging game. One thing for sure, no matter how good you are with games, the application will let you down at some point. What makes this intense challenge is the inconstancy of appearance of the platforms. There are rare moments when the scenario follows a pattern, so that the player has no way to stay in the game. Line Runner is one of the most famous game for iPhone and recently it successfully released it’s Android version too. More to read.

Create Personal Or Official Tasks List & Sync Then With Cloud Via Tasks N Todos – ToDo List Mgr [Android]

Create-Personal-Or-Official-Tasks-List-&-Sync-Then-With-Cloud-Via-Tasks-N-Todos-–-ToDo-List-Mgr-[Android]For those who live full of tasks on a daily basis, Tasks N Todos – ToDo List Mgr is an Android application that can help. With it, you can create lists for personal as well as official work and then make sure that you are not going forget about these. With it's very simple interface, creating separate lists for business and personal matters became real easy which is a big advantage and saves a good amount of time. Another plus point is the app does not require any details when creating tasks, but also allows you to leave each item fairly complete with annotations and additional data for the length of the tasks. Another thing to note about Tasks N Todos is it also features synchronization task with your Google account, always leaving copies of the tasks on the network. So even if your phone is lost or stolen, you can still have the list of work available. After all, the app provides widgets for easy viewing of lists without forcing you to open the application.

Fix Internet Connectivity Problems & Repair Internet Explorer Via Complete Internet Repair For Windows

Fix-Internet-Connectivity-Problems-&-Repair-Internet-Explorer-Via-Complete-Internet-Repair-For-Windows-(1)Internet is the biggest source for any kinds of information and knowledge these days. Currently, we rely on the internet to solve the most diverse subjects. When the connection is not made, either because of your computer problem or due to problems in the service provider, chaos ensues, and takes patience to solve what went wrong. Complete Internet Repair is a simple program for Windows that will help you to solve connectivity problems on your computer. With it, just select the option that needs to be resolved and click GO to get it to work, keeping all the access information when you need it. In addition to storing reports of the tasks performed (So that you can revert changes in case something goes wrong), it still works quickly, solving the most common connection problems. More to read.

InstaMusic Is A Zune Inspired Metro-Like Free Music Player For Android

InstaMusic Is A Zune Inspired Metro-Like Free Music Player For Android

If you are looking for a new music player with a different look for your Android device, then InstaMusic can be a good choice. Nothing of this music player resembles the common players, but easy and interactive interface of this music player makes sure that you will not have to hassle with this new interface while trying this app. The style and layout of InstaMusic is very similar to the Zune or Metro standard and also allows you to customize the transparency of interface and animations and others.

Speed Up Download Speed With Resume Supported & Full Featured Free Download Manager Orbit Downloader

Speed-Up-Download-Speed-With-Resume-Supported-&-Full-Featured-Free-Download-Manager-Orbit-Downloader-[Featured]Orbit Downloader is a totally free great download manager for Windows. Orbit Downloader stands out from other software of it’s kind by offering a comprehensive user experience with easy to understand menu features. All functions can be accessed simply, and any user can use this downloader easily without harassment. In addition to accelerating the download speed of files, the program acts as an efficient way to keep your computer updated. It also have the functions to manage media through the versatile integrated system of tags. In simple words, Orbit Downloader is a brilliant free download manager with download accelerator and browser integration to download videos from online source. More to read.

Edit, Extract, Manage Security & Transform PDF Files From Right Click Context Menu For Windows

Edit,-Extract,-Manage-Security-&-Transform-PDF-Files-From-Right-Click-Context-Menu-For-Windows-(6)Quick PDF Tools is a great tool to manage and edit PDFs for Windows. It is an AIO PDF utility software that allows you to maintain your PDF files right from right click context menu. This is not an application, rather then it’s a well-organized form of various commands to allow you to deal with almost all needs of your PDF solution. You can Merge two or more PDF file into one, extract PDF as Image file or TXT file, encrypt PDF file with password to control access even convert the PDF into different types all with this simple tool. The usefulness of it is undeniable, though it may be a basic program that does not require any knowledge about what is a PDF file to use this Quick PDF Tools. Therefore, users who are looking for convenience and security can be happy with Quick PDF Tools. In addition of being fast, the program has no complicated interface - once all actions are done via the context menu of your right mouse button . For reasons like these, programs such as Quick PDF Tools are so popular, do not require specific knowledge and still perform well the tasks which they propose! More to read.

Lion Secret Allows To Change Advanced Mac Settings Without Accessing Terminal Command

Lion-Secret-Allows-To-Change-Advanced-Mac-Settings-Without-Accessing-Terminal-Command-()If you are curious and always likes to play around with all settings on the Mac but are really not wanted to open the Terminal and do something wrong and damage your system, then Lion Secrets is a great application for you! It’s main advantage is to be completely harmless and easy to move, and you can change and undo changes at any time. Want to brave all the secrets of his Lion and stir in the settings that you would not normally have access? The Lion Secrets is a simple application that makes it possible. It allows you to change various details inside your Mac without having to open the Terminal.

Trim & Edit AVI, MPEG, FLV etc. Files Fast Lossless Via Free Video Dub

Trim-&-Edit-AVI,-MPEG,-FLV-etc.-Files-Fast-Lossless-Via-Free-Video-Dub-8Free Video Dub is a program that allows you to trim (split) different video formats without losing quality and easily. Free Video Dub performs quick editing action without re-encoding the video file so it gives lossless video output real fast. It doesn’t requires any third-party codecs to run and supports wide range of video types including MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4 AVI, MOV, MP4 (MPEG 4), M4V, MPG, FLV, DivX and XviD formats. It presents easy and clear User Interface so you can get set with your video file quite easily. Free Video Dub arranges all it’s function in a smart layout and you will find the tools just by the bottom of the window. Free Video Dub is a freeware video editor tools for Windows and works perfectly even with low system resource. More to read.

Access To All Open Tabs Quickly From Sidebar & Use Ctrl+Tab To Switch Tabs In Firefox Via Side Tabs [Add-On]

Access-To-All-Open-Tabs-Quickly-From-Sidebar-&-Use-Ctrl Tab-To-Switch-Tabs-In-Firefox-Via-Side-Tabs-[Add-On]Side Tabs is an add-on for Firefox that changes the position of tabs open in your browser from the top bar to the side. Unlike the traditional format (While tabs positioned at the top of the screen), with this extension they become vertical and displayed on left side of the application. Side Tabs stands out for proposing a different way of displaying the tabs open, however, it fails in a big point. Side Tabs hides the overlaid portion of your browser and thus your browser window becomes really small. But it gives you more usability if you work with many tabs at once as it makes it easier to access them frequently from the sidebar. Thus it’s effective to boost your speed. More to read.

Combine Images, Make Editing & More With Full-Featured Free Image Editor Tool Called PhotoScape

Combine-Images,-Make-Editing-&-More-With-Full-Featured-Free-Image-Editor-Tool-Called-PhotoScape-We have already shared a handsome amount of free Photo editing tool for Windows but frankly to say, none of them will meet your professional photo editing need by any mean. From that scenario, PhotoScape is rather a versatile program for you to work with images of various shapes, including the functions of various graphics software in a single file. PhotoScape is far more advanced photo editor tool from any other we have shared yet. You will be able to find almost all your need to reshape a photo or create a illustrator using PhotoScape for free. For those who do not have expertise in image editing but need to make several modifications to any file, PhotoScape is a great choice. Besides being a light-weight compared to other full-featured editors, it has intuitive interface with buttons that show exactly what each thing serves. You will find all your needed tools organized in category divided by tabs, facilitating the process of choosing that action you need to apply. To make things even better, the program has also GIF image editor for sharing any file in different frames for you to build the best internet meme. More to read.

An Update Is Available For Your System [Humor]

As a Windows user, update is really a boring and baseless thing for me and most of the time I keep the automatic update feature disabled. I just check for updates for once maximum in two months and I am quite sure the case is almost same with other Windows user. But how about Linux and Mac user? This funny image shows you a rather practical info about how updates are taken by different Operating System user. Although it’s from a funny point of view, but still most of the time it’s true.


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