Stoffi Music Player: Alternative Music Player With Simple & Elegant UI And Windows Explorer Style Browser [Windows]

Stoffi-Music-Player-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Simple-&-Elegant-UI-And-Windows-Explorer-Style-Browser-[Windows]-()Stoffi Music Player is an alternative program for playing music on your computer. All lovers of music know the importance of a good audio player on your computer. So if you like to try new alternatives that fit more appropriately with your personal style and taste, will like to know this application. Stoffi Music Player is an alternative music player featuring Windows Explorer style browser with clean aero interface. It is clean and organized and, somehow, could be considered as somewhat minimalist. The fact that the commands are in the form of button (or at least the most used) makes it easy to use, which makes it simple to use even for beginners. The interface may seem like adopted from or inspired by Windows Media Player, including as regards the organization of functions on the screen. The playback quality and sound is good, but remember that this is also influenced by the music file you are playing. The program works properly without errors, problems or crash, although it seems to conserve a bit more memory then the native music player – yet brilliant. It also has a built-in equalizer to let you optimize your settings. But after all the features, what draws the most attentions is the powerful Windows Explorer style browser and full aero interface. More to read.

Freemake Video Converter: AIO Tool To Edit & Convert Videos, Rip DVD, Create Photo Slideshow Or Download Online Videos [Windows]

Freemake-Video-Converter-AIO-Tool-To-Edit-&-Convert-Videos,-Rip-DVD,-Create-Photo-Slideshow-Or-Download-Online-Videos-[Windows]-()We have previously share some other great free video converter tool to enhance your multimedia experience, but very few of them can really compete with Freemake Video Converter. From the same developer of our previously featured Freemake Video Downloader, this is a professional looking tool with beautiful and well-organized design and have support for a wide range of formats. Both the conversion speed and the output quality is brilliant comparing with other similar tools. Freemake Video Converter is the ideal solution for those who are seeking all of beauty, efficiency and simplicity in a single program. Freemake Video Converter converts your videos to different other formats - AVI, MP4 and WMV (three formats compatible with any desktop player), 3GP for mobile devices, create DVD discs to run on conventional DVD-Player or just extract the audio for MP3 Players. Freemake Video Converter comes as a very strong competitor to the famous paid converters, with the advantage of bringing efficiency, great compatibility with the most varied formats and addition feature to join videos, options for each type of conversion and nice design in a single program. The interface of Freemake Video Converter is real handy, with all the functions easily accessible. This makes Freemake Video Converter ideal for all kinds of people. More to read.

Freemake Audio Converter: Batch Convert Audio Files With Customizable Settings Or Extract Audio From Videos Easily [Windows]

Freemake-Audio-Converter-Batch-Convert-Audio-Files-With-Customizable-Settings-Or-Extract-Audio-From-Videos-Easily-[Windows]-()Freemake Audio Converter is an amazing tool to simply convert audio files from one format to other for multi-device support or only to change the quality and size by changing codec/bitrate etc. The application supports various formats (both audio and video) like MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OGG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, DVD, among many others as input. In addition, the program also lets you extract audio track from a video, and it is also possible to merge sound files too. Freemake Audio Converter, other then it’s powerful conversion feature, also deserves mention for it’s beautiful and easy to use interface. Even if you've never used a similar program, you will not find it difficult to operate it. Furthermore, the functions are grouped in menus so there’s nothing you need a help with. Another big plus point is the flexibility it offers. You can either use any built-in configuration or create your own presents to customize output file just like you need. The conversion is very fast even when you add a lot of files (only a few minutes to complete). In addition, the program worked properly since it converts files quickly and without conflicting with the operating system or cause crashes. More to read.

Evernote Food: Capture, Share Your Favorite Foods & Find Out What Other’s Like [Android & iPhone]

Evernote-Food-Capture,-Share-Your-Favorite-Foods-&-Find-Out-What-Other-s-Like-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)Evernote Food is an application made for Android and iPhone for those who enjoy discovering new places and try different dishes. Here, you get a little help to remember the places that already and know what foods you like best. Evernote Food is a very useful application, especially for those who want to have memories of places he knows and wants back in the restaurants that were good choices in the past. The app is simple to use and has a very intuitive interface, and bring a very modern look. The way the pictures are organized is one of the strengths of the application and ensures that you check out a preview of the images when you open the app. The ability to schedule a geolocation on each post is also a plus. More to read.

Mindomo: Create Mind Maps And Organize Your Projects In An Easy Way [Android & iPad]

Mindomo-Create-Mind-Maps-And-Organize-Your-Projects-In-An-Easy-Way-[Android-&-iPad]-(5)Mindomo is an online application for creating mind maps and share them with a team that is participating in a joint project, for example from Android or iPhone. This form of representation of ideas is very effective to show the general planning on a limited basis, assisting in the time to reach goals and accomplish tasks more effectively. Mindomo is a great tool for anyone who uses mental maps. A major advantage is that you have to use the program compatibility in both the Internet and on your mobile, including synchronization of projects. With this, you are not limited to a computer or device to access content created. Another interesting aspect is the amount of customization allowed, since you can add many different elements, in addition to completely customize the layout and the background of a model created. As the idea of ​​a mind map is to be primarily visual, it can greatly help in the absorption of the idea by all employees. The ability to share the project's mental map is also useful because it is essentially a tool for brainstorming and planning, in order to promote improvements in its processes and products.The program interface is friendly and also brings a lot of visual similarity with an image editor, allowing for easier use. More to read.

Extreme Skater: Race Using Your Skateboard To Go Through Radical Scenarios [Android Game]

Extreme-Skater-Race-Using-Your-Skateboard-To-Go-Through-Radical-Scenarios-[Android-Game]-(3)Extreme Skater is an action game that puts you to make radical maneuvers in various scenarios with the help of a skateboard. The protagonist has a lot of skill to make long jumps and abuse of gravity, making 360 ° turns and other movements in a short period of time. You balance the character through the accelerometer of your device and use touch gestures to jump and do other maneuvers that are acquired as you progress in the title. In total there are 78 unique stages for you to challenge your skills. Extreme Skater is a racing game that puts you on a skateboard to make risky stunts and jumps. Your goal is to complete the phases in the shortest time possible while avoiding the dangers and take all the coins you find. The gameplay of the title is very simple and fast, since the control responds dramatically. The game keeps you on track and focused on the shiny coins that are scattered in all corners of the scenarios. The phases are large and have various levels, diversifying the path. More to read.

LINE Camera: A Free Funny Image Editor Tool With Many Filters, Frames, Brushes And More [Android]

LINE-Camera-A-Free-Funny-Image-Editor-Tool-With-Many-Filters,-Frames,-Brushes-And-More-[Android]-2LINE Camera is an image editing program that lets you modify photos of your friends in a funny way, putting wigs, beards, frames and other bizarre items. This is a free and easy to use funny image editor tool for Android. UI of LINE Camera is friendly as all elements are divided into categories intuitive. The application interface is simple, accommodating all the options in tabs and categories. You can browse the list of items by sliding your finger to the right, naturally. When you select an object, simply touch the screen to make it appear, which can be positioned and resized easily. Although, it has a limitation of changing the angle of the accessories w in the programs of its kind, quite common with the same niche application. Thus, if the face of the person you want to edit isn’t on the center in the photo, the items will not fit in a realistic way. Yet, LINE camera is a great program for editing photos in a fun way. All resources have been arranged ergonomically on the interface, facilitating the use. Furthermore, the large amount of accessories and frames allows issues compatible with almost any situation. More to read.

Find Vulnerable Points (Weak Point) Of Your System & Learn How To Fix It With Windows Vulnerability Scanner

Find-Vulnerable-Points-(Weak-Point)-Of-Your-System-&-Learn-How-To-Fix-It-With-Windows-Vulnerability-Scanner-(1)Windows Vulnerability Scanner performs a scan on your Windows operating system to vulnerabilities (Weak points of a System from where someone or something can attack you and do harm to your machine) which somehow can pose risks to the user. The program is portable and small so you do not need to install it and it is also very easy to use, just one click to order it to scan your computer. Windows Vulnerability Scanner is a good alternative when it comes to accurate information about your PC as well as to keep everything safe, fast and useful.The interface of this tool is also another plus point because it has only two buttons, making it even easier to use. It is also a stable, small and do not change anything in the normal operation of other programs. While it works you can also work normally. More to read.

Draw Something Free: Guess, Draw & Challenge Your Social Friends [Android & iPhone Game]

Draw-Something-Free-Guess,-Draw-&-Play-With-Your-Social-Friends-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-2Draw Something Free is an image and action game that combines the best of the touchscreen technology of the modern devices and social networks. You can play the classic pastime with your friends on Facebook, drawing on the screen of your device and trying to guess the words related to the figures. Draw Something Free is available as both iPhone and Android game. The game offers various ways to play - you can select a friend on Facebook or send an email invitation. You can also browse an active player at random, which is perfect the first time you play, since it is not necessary to wait long to see the action happen. One of the most interesting features of Draw Something Free that is different from the original game, the matches do not happen in real time. This means that all the excitement of trying to guess the words quickly goes down. The mechanics of Free Draw Something was clearly outlined to be casual, adapting the model used by most games that are successful in shifts in social networks. This gameplay may frustrate gamers looking for a quick game. Even finding an active player, you may have to wait to start playing, and while you do your part - designing or responding - it is impossible to guarantee that the other gamer will respond promptly, and there is no time limit on matches .

Delete Invalid Registry Entries, Defragment Registry And Perform One-Click Optimization With Wise Registry Cleaner

Delete-Invalid-Registry-Entries,-Defragment-Registry-And-Perform-One-Click-Optimization-With-Wise-Registry-Cleaner-11It is just like a law of nature that after some time of use, your computer becomes slower and takes longer to perform any action. There are so many reasons behind it, one of them due to the computer registry is full of invalid entries. When the system starts a new program or runs a command, it seeks your information in the registry. The more unnecessary entries are on record, more time is spent in the initialization of any application or command.  Any user who wants to ensure the proper functioning of Computer should use a program for cleaning the registry. Wise Registry Cleaner is an excellent and completely free tool to scan for invalid registry entries and fix them to improve your computer's overall performance. In addition of clean invalid entries, the program allows you to defragment the registry and to reduce registry size to make your computer faster and more efficient. It’s interface is modern and has well designed and organized buttons to make it easy to use and interactive. The program is also a true example of security. Even if you accidentally delete a registry entry, it creates automatic backups of registry each time you do any change with the tool, so you can revert changes back. Wise Registry Cleaner also is very efficient, finding dozens of invalid entries quickly.

Facebook For iPhone: A Full-Featured Official Facebook Client For iOS Devices

Facebook-For-iPhone-A-Full-Featured-Official-Facebook-Client-For-iOS-Devices-6Facebook for iPhone is the official Facebook client for iOS devices that provides Facebook social networking on your iPhone, you're always on the news of your groups and friends pages as well as to read messages and even chat using the internal application. With it you can also upload your photos from your iPhone. Facebook for iPhone is a very well organized application , especially if you consider that it supports a social network. The home menu is extremely clean, with features separated by icons, which makes them very visual without losing the elegance of the iPhone applications. Each category accessed seeks to maintain its look and layout of functions in the same way as is done in the web service. The operation is also similar, ensuring that the user has the familiarity necessary to operate the device without any problems. However, the updates are not exactly the last displayed on the Facebook page. Once installed, you need to log into the Facebook network to use it and you must have an active user account for this. The process is very similar to that performed on the computer, simply enter your email address associated with your account and password registered. Then, the application opens directly in the updates. More to read.

CrazyKartOON Free: A Racing Game Full Of Crazy Obstacles And Amazing Tracks [Android & iPhone Game]

CrazyKartOON-Free-A-Racing-Game-Full-Of-Crazy-Obstacles-And-Amazing-Tracks-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-()CrazyKartOON is a racing game where you drive a toy car through psychedelic tracks. With fully modeled 3D environments and many obstacles, you need to concentrate to get the best times to beat opponents. CrazyKartOON is a very fun racing game that puts you in control of a toy car that runs on tracks 3D hallucinating. All circuits are full of obstacles and items that help you during the race. The gameplay of CrazyKartOON is very sharp. In difficulty level Easy, the game helps you make the curves smoothly and accurately jump ramps, allowing you to get used to the mechanics of the game smoothly and progressively. The tracks have a crazy style and are very fast. The explosions generate hits and throw your car sideways in an exaggerated way - but without the car losing momentum - and the obstacles in the middle of the curves are real challenges for the riders. CrazyKartOON is available for Android and iPhone devices for free. More to read.

Record The Audio: 6 Best Free Audio Recorder Tool Record Any Conversation Or Lecture [Android]


What means a smartphone if it doesn’t have a sound recorder? Good for Android, there’s already a built-in tool to record sound in there. But as like other native tools, this too doesn't have much feature to satisfy the users so here comes the third-party tools. Record class lectures/guidance to follow later or speech to write on or a music to search later or even an ordinary conversation can be a great outlet for those who have trouble memorizing some content when they are only spoken. The problem is that you do not always have a tape recorder. For those who have a smartphone with Android, it's no problem. There are lots of tool available in the Google Play Store to let to record anything anywhere and some of them are free of charge. We have today selected 6 of those free tools to record sound and sharing our list with you. So check out some applications for Android that can help you record and edit audio files captured by the phone itself. All tools are free, although some have paid versions as well. More to read.

System Mechanic: Powerful Tool To Cleanup System & Turbocharge Your PC [Windows/Giveaway]

System-Mechanic-Powerful-Tool-To-Cleanup-System-&-Turbocharge-Your-PC-[WindowsGiveaway]-(43)System Mechanic from iolo is a brilliant program to optimize both your operating system for better performance and to ensure extra care while you surf the internet. It aims to provide protection (including real-time), with tools against malware and anti-spyware, and alternatives to make your computer more organized. System Mechanic is a good alternative for the organization of your computer. System Mechanic has one click system scanner and repair feature with powerful junk cleaner tool. All functions available in this version worked perfectly and smoothly. Although it is true that this types of software can’t make miracles like making your PC faster like lighting, but it does what needed to optimized the system to gain better performance. Thus, once you run System Mechanic and repair all errors, you will get a much better system then before. More to read.

Capture Screenshot, Edit It & Then Export It In Various Format Using Schirmfoto For Windows

Capture-Screenshot,-Edit-It-&-Then-Export-It-In-Various-Format-Using-Schirmfoto-For-Windows-5Schirmfoto is a great screenshot taker designed to capture the window any program on your computer or capture a region or capture the whole monitor easily. It add as small camera icon on the right top of an application window so you can just click on it to snap the window and once you captured it, a window will open letting you print the screenshot, export it as HTML/PDF and more. For times when you need to make more specific cuts/regions or capture the entire desktop, the program adds an icon for easy access in the notification area that allows quick access to all its functions. Moreover, it has an image editor himself to perform cuts out or even printing catches. Schirmfoto is a good option for those who want to perform screen captures easily. Although it is not advanced or featured as a screenshot taking application, the built-in editor made this tool a good choice. Without relying on another program to edit the taken screenshot, you can edit then by using it’s built-in editor. Schirmfoto comes from the same developer of our previously shared free file recovery tool called FileWing. More to read.

Solid Explorer: One Of The Best File Manager For Android With Elegant & Easy-To-Use UI [Android]

Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (4)Solid Explorer is an application for those looking for alternatives for Android file manager. It allows you to copy, cut, paste, change the names and various other options on any file on your smartphone or tablet. And you can still do all this with very few taps on the screen. Solid Explorer is an application that has almost all tools you need. With intuitive tools and a incredibly light visual interface, it may be the first file manager tested by ABC Trick Lab that can beat Astro File Manager. Besides being very simple to use, it simulates the experience of computer use, which means that the system is intuitive even for those who have no experience with Android. The possibility to rotate the device horizontally and enable split-screen is one of the differentials of the app and create an even better way to manage files and folders on mobile devices.

Strikefleet Omega: Command The Best Troopers To Defend Humanity [Android & iPhone Game]

Strikefleet-Omega-Command-The-Best-Troopers-To-Defend-Humanity-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)In Strikefleet Omega, you will have to command the best troops in the interstellar task of defending humanity from utter destruction. Early in the campaign, it is impossible not to be interested in the beautiful graphics Strikefleet presented by Omega. Capturing the state of desolation resulting from the current human condition, the scenarios are very well done and impress by their quality. Since the control system is quite confusing at first, but with the help of the tutorial does not take long to master. While the player has some power bases, smaller ships can move by dragging your finger across the screen to plan a path to be traversed by them. At the same time, different types of ships can perform different actions (and decisive) during battles. While the fighters recognition are useful for protecting your train of minor threats, artillery ships can take down larger targets with their weapons - activated with the touch screen.

VoAudio: An Amazing Looking Tool To Find & Listen To Podcast In A Convenient Way [Android & iPhone]

VoAudio-A-Amazing-Looking-Tool-To-Find-&-Listen-To-Podcast-In-A-Convenient-Way-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)VoAudio is an application for you to add and listen to podcasts from Android and iPhone. With it, you find content that is of interest easily, in a list organized by categories. To use the program you must create an account on the service but do not worry: you simply tell your email and set a password (in the interface itself) to mount it. If you have not found an application to listen to podcasts you like, or like to try new options, it is worth taking a look at VoAudio. One of the key differentiators in the application is in the interface: it is extremely organized, and the functions are highlighted by means of a button. One advantage is that most of the material is available in high quality, and is completely free. However, the program lets you add custom material and much of what you'll find available for download is completely in English. Another interesting aspect is that after you sign up for an episode, it is automatically added to the list to download, streamlining the process for you to hear it later. The download is usually fast, but this can vary depending on the size of the podcast and the speed of your Internet connection.

App Cache Cleaner: Batch Clear App Cache To Free Up Internal Memory [Android]

App-Cache-Cleaner-Batch-Clear-App-Cache-To-Free-Up-Internal-Memory-[Android]-(1)App Cache Cleaner is a program designed to erase the cache used by other applications installed on your Android device. Many software will occupy more space as they are used often to store temporary files that can (theoretically) make these programs faster. For those who always likes to perform regular cleaning on the phone, App Cache Cleaner is a useful tool. There are several applications that consume lots of memory in its cache and have an alternative to exclude only those data is a good thing. The operation of the software is quite simple and few steps are enough to perform all the cleaning. The App Cache Cleaner detects other programs and their respective caches in a few seconds, always working very quickly. Despite its ease of use, the program suffers because it does not bring in other settings, how to erase the memory occupied by only one particular application, for example.

Diagnosis - System Information: Check Real-Time System Diagnosis Report Anywhere [Android]

Diagnosis---System-Information-Check-Real-Time-System-Diagnosis-Report-Anywhere-[Android]-(1)With the Diagnosis - System Information you will be able to constantly look at everything that happens on your Android. With it, you simply know how much battery your device or memory consuming walks.To do this, just open the app, open the settings menu, select the Enable database box and, on the main page, select Start tracking. The Diagnosis - System Information is a very useful application for those who have already mastered and Android and have advanced knowledge about the system. The app brings you essential information to improve the performance of the device, however, he does not do anything alone and you need to know how to improve the functioning of the device. The application interface is modern and easy to understand and Diagnosis - System Information that brings results even impressed by the amount of detail they provide. With this, the app stands out amid the many applications available on the Market.

Aviary Photo Editor: Complete Image Editor With Auto-Enhance Support Handling Up To 12MP Images [Android & iPhone]

Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Aviary Photo Editor is an app that caught the attention of developers and lovers of photography. Available for Android and iPhone, it brings a lot of tools that can enhance and modify your pictures without reducing the resolution of the file. Aviary Photo Editor is a really complete application. It brings some aspects that could be better exploited, but even so, it is an app that deserves attention - mainly because they reduce the image resolution. Many applications of photo is a size limit for the image. Though it is useful when sharing the file via a 3G connection, the result on the computer screen (or even to print the photo) can be disappointing. Aviary Photo Editor can handle files up to 12 MP. Another compliment to the application goes to its interface. The look is very organized and easy to use. Each item comes with image editing an icon that helps you understand the function of the tool even if you do not master the English language. You can also change the display order of the tools available, leaving those that are most used by the first and making it even more accessible. More to read.

Advanced SystemCare 6 Beta: New Version With Yet More Modernized UI [Windows]

Advanced SystemCare 6 Beta New Version With Yet More Modernized UI [Windows] (2)For a very long time, Advanced SystemCare from IObit has been one of the best system optimizer tool available on the market. This application offers lots of tools for a better system maintenance, optimization and overall performance boost. This application takes care of the operating system performance by deleting unnecessary files, temporary folders and other items that wasting space and resource of your PC. Recently, IObit has updated their stunning tool into the new version calling Advanced SystemCare 6. Along with the improvements of this edition it now got a reworked interface, resources for browsing protection, new mechanisms for monitoring the computer and acceleration technology. This updates brings up IObit’s aim to keep make product more and more effective. The biggest change we found on this latest version is the amazing bluish modern design. Apart from this, it includes all those tools presented in the previous versions. More to read.

Adaptxt Keyboard–Beta: Another Great Alternative Keyboard With Support For Over 50 Language [Android]

Adaptxt-Keyboard-Beta-Another-Great-Alternative-Keyboard-With-Support-For-Over-50-Language-[Android]-(3)One of the coolest things Android operating system is the freedom it offers to its users, allowing, for example, the use of alternative keyboards to the application's default OS. Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is one of these options, which deserves mention among the applications found on Google Play. The first positive aspect of this keyboard is its setup process, facilitated by a simple and effective tutorial. You will have access to many languages ​​and can set the priority of each use in day to day. The visual Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is uncomplicated, offering several interesting shortcuts - like the chance to share the text typed through the major social networks with just a touch screen. We've been through many other alternative keyboard app for Android, but few stood out as much as Adaptxt Keyboard – Beta did. Its main characteristic positive - and that in most apps fail - it's compatibility with the English (as well as a variety of languages). More to read.

Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2: A Widget With Clock, Weather Forecast & More [Android]

Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(1)Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is a widget for Android whose main function is to display the time. Yet it is also able to perform many other tasks, such as displaying the current phase of the moon, day, percentage of remaining battery icon for weather, temperature, system information, among other things. All this so you can configure the application starts for the first time. Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is a brilliant widget that does not occupy much space on the screen making almost essential to your portable device with Android. After all, he is able to show a lot of relevant information, like weather and percentage of battery remaining. Although you can discover all of them in other ways, either by searching online or by the system itself, the fact that just hit the eye and know them very useful. The amount of settings available in the application is interesting because it allows you to display lots of information. Although it pollutes the widget and make some of them virtually unreadable due to overlapping of icons, not just leave it enabled to get pieces of information really relevant - after all, weather and time are always helpful.

Facebook Camera: Apply Filters, Bulk Upload & Tag Images To Facebook With Official Facebook Photo Client [iPhone]

Facebook Camera Apply Filters, Bulk Upload & Tag Images To Facebook With Official Facebook Photo Client [iPhone] (1)After the chat client, now is the time of the function of sharing Facebook photos with their own application. The official social networking software that allows images to be produced and shared in the timeline with a few taps. In addition, you can perform minor edits, mark who appears in the image and apply filters to make everything more beautiful, along the lines of Instagram. All operations can be done quickly and without complication, as is the style of Facebook. Through the application, you can access the camera and take pictures of the device normally. All images are stored in the gallery of the device and, if selected, you can edit them and share them with friends. Facebook released a series of filters for those who like a touch more in the images. You can, for example, leaves them with aged appearance, increase the contrast to highlight the colors, give the impression that the photo was hit in the light of sunset or leave them in black and white. All effects are applied with a single touch, and in a few seconds, the scenes are ready to be shared.

Overkill: Enjoy A Powerful Free First-Person Shooter Game With Incredible Graphics [Android & iPhone Game]

Overkill-Enjoy-A-Powerful-Free-First-Person-Shooter-Game-With-Incredible-Graphics-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-thmbOverkill is an FPS that will leave you glued to the screen of your gadget, ready to shoot all the enemies that appear in front of you. The app brings to your Android or iPhone a hostile environment, full of enemies, and you need to be good sight to get along in the game. Overkill is an intense game, made as for those who enjoy games of first-person shooter. The application is optimized for screens tablets, so it does not matter if your gadget the display is large or small, gambling will always get quality images for you to enjoy at home. One of the advantages of the game is the amount of wave of attacks (over 100), scenarios (there are 5 in all) and even a store with a huge variety of weapons. With all this, you can go into battle armed to the teeth. The only problem is that it is very difficult to get enough points to buy heavier weapons, so if you want to advance in gambling will end up buying additional packages in Overkill.

Wondershare Fantashow: Create Amazing Video Presentation/Slideshow In Three Easy Steps [Windows/Giveaway]

Wondershare-Fantashow-Create-Amazing-Video-PresentationSlideshow-In-Three-Easy-Steps-[WindowsGiveaway]-(411)Wondershare Fantashow is an extremely easy to use program to let you produce stunning video slideshow using images, video clips and background music. While it is possible to do this with many other tool for creating slideshows, in fact there are others tool that can work better then this one, but if you are an amateur and trying to be creative only for fun – Wondershare Fantashow is a great choice for you. Thanks to Wondershare Fantashow, with it you can create creative video show in just three easy steps. By completing three simple steps, you can choose a desired template, add captions, other videos, pictures, and define the extent of the video - as well as other details and then done! Yes, it’s that easy. With Fantashow, you can wow your friends without any video editing knowledge. During our test, we found it real handy and easy tool for this purpose. More to read.

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera: Create Animated GIFs With A Few Taps [Android & iPhone]

GifBoom-Animated-GIF-Camera-Create-Animated-GIFs-With-A-Few-Taps-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)With GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera for Android and iPhone, you can create GIFs fun with any scene. It is easy to use and allows you to make animations with your friends or with scenes of everyday life. The application allows you to create an account, but everything works perfectly, even without registration. GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera is a great alternative to create GIFs quickly or for those who do not know how to use editing tools to create animated images. The system is very easy to use, this being its main attraction. With a few taps on the screen you can create a GIF pretty much anything by simply capturing the images and select the frames. Thus, the GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera becomes a great choice both for those who already have familiarity with Android, and for those who have not mastered the system completely. Although the look of the app is simple, it does not complicate matters, leaving the main tools in places of easy access. In addition, the GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera enables file sharing in social networks, so you do not have other apps for that.

Mem Reduct: Monitor Computer Resource Usage & Optimize Memory/Page File In One Click [Windows]

Mem-Reduct-Monitor-Computer-Resource-Usage-&-Optimize-Memory-Page-File-In-One-Click-[Windows]Mem Reduct is a tool that monitors the usage of physical and virtual memory of your Computer as well as page files of your Operating System and let’s you optimize memory/page file for instant boost. With it, you'll know instantly when the system resource consumption of your computer is very high so you take action before the machine begins to slow down or crash. This is a real tiny tool available as both installer and portable version. Being easy-to-use, Mem Reduct is the ideal application for those who want to keep an eye on memory consumption of the computer easily without wasting any resource. The best thing of Mem Reduct is it allows you to clean and optimize physical and virtual memory in one single click when needed. During our test, the application was very stable and effective. No unexpected error was detected. Cleaning the memory with the program is really effective, leaving the system noticeably faster to perform some simple tasks. Although the program does not allow many options to customize the settings offered, yet it’s worth of trying. More to read.

Songza: Stream & Listen To Music According To Your Mood Anytime [iPhone]

Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(1)If you enjoy music, like to have listings that match your mood of the day or prefer to give his decades as artists, can have much fun with Songza. The application brings playlists ready for you to just enjoy the music in the style you want. Songza is an application made as for those who enjoy music, enjoy meeting new bands and do not want to spend time creating playlists or download music. The ease of finding lists is one of the advantages of the app, especially the division of music by style, mood and activities. Thus, it is simpler to have songs of different styles without worrying about anything. Songza's interface is simple, but it is nevertheless to be modern. It somewhat resembles the iTunes Store itself, which greatly helps in navigation, so nobody will have trouble understanding how the system works. Best of all is that it costs nothing and Songza lets you listen in full songs from various artists, including maintaining the application in multitasking: when you lock your device or other applications open, the music will not stop ringing.

One-Click Batch Convert Video Files For Android Devices Using Android Video Converter Box [Windows]

One-Click-Batch-Convert-Video-Files-For-Android-Devices-Using-Android-Video-Converter-Box-[Windows]-3Android Video Converter Box is a specific video converter application to convert any videos to the formats supported by Android devices. With few clicks, you can convert any videos of your collection so that it runs perfectly on your Android smartphone or tablet. Android Video Converter Box is pre-compatible with a wide list of smartphone models of major brands including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Lenovo. What else caught our attention in the Android Video Converter Box were the simplicity and convenience of process. With a few steps, even people without any experience with this type of programs are able to convert videos that will definitely support on their Android device by format and resolution. Although its interface isn’t so appealing but it is very easy to use and functional bringing together all its functions on a single screen. During our review, the program has performed it’s duties well, showing a satisfactory result of the conversions. Overall, video quality was maintained. However, it is worth noting that reducing the resolution of the video, it is obvious that they lose a little of the original definition. The performance of the program also met our expectations: a 120 MB file (1280x960 pixels) took approximately 4 minutes to be converted into a video of a 15.6 MB (640x480 pixels). So if you have a smartphone powered by Android and want to watch your video collection on it, Android Video Converter Box is a good converter for you.

Record Your Sound By Talking And Then Turn It Into Music With Talkapella [iPhone]

Record-Your-Sound-By-Talking-And-Then-Turn-It-Into-Music-With-Talkapella-[iPhone]-4If you can not sing, but always dreamed of making music with your own voice voice, may have his chance with the Talkapella. The application is simple and does not bring any tools, but can help you to make music with a style very professional. Talkapella is an application that impresses with its simplicity: to get along with the app, you need not be an expert in music, or even understand everything about your gadget. A simple touch of a button transforms words in songs a lot of fun. The result, to join to be visibly produced by a machine, is quite convincing, leaving common words with a very professional appearance. The only thing that disturbs Talkapella is in excess of digital effects, leaving the sound very artificial. The application interface is beautiful: a black and a colored symbol in the middle of the screen are simple and colorful style that combines a lot with the music created by the app. The buttons are very intuitive menus, especially on the main screen, which lacks even subtitles for the functions.

Fast Facebook (Beta) Is A Beautiful Unofficial Facebook Client With ICS Based Interface [Android]

Fast-Facebook-(Beta)-Is-A-Beautiful-Unofficial-Facebook-Client-With-ICS-Based-Interface-[Android]-5Fast Facebook (Beta) is an unofficial Facebook client for Android with beautiful user interface and menus. Compared to most of the apps that offer access to social networking, it certainly stands out and is well worth the download. All functions bring icons quite clear and if you're already accustomed to using Facebook, should have no difficulty identifying the Tools menu of the images. Even if you take a while to get used to the format of navigation, the Fast Facebook (Beta) is not that difficult to understand. The minimalist interface does not leave aside the most important tools of the network, however, the app disappoints for not having basic possibilities in the use of Facebook, how to add captions to photos posted via the app. The ability to customize the background of the application gives more positive points to the application and if you do not have images that suit, do not worry, because the Fast Facebook (Beta) brings quality pictures to make the look of your profile even better, but remember that the substantive changes made here do not affect how others view your profile.

Easy Battery Saver: One Of The Best Tool To Control Power Consumption & Make Battery Last Longer [Android]

Easy-Battery-Saver-One-Of-The-Best-Tool-To-Control-Power-Consumption-&-Make-Battery-Last-Longer-[Android]-(1)If you love your Android smartphone, but are annoyed at the lack of frequent battery, can now count on Easy Battery Saver, an application that manages the processes on your smartphone for that battery consumption is reduced. You do not need to configure anything with Easy Battery Saver. Just open the Optimization tab and choose one among the five existing profiles in the app. Easy Battery Saver is an essential application for anyone who wants to save battery life. With it, you will not get in a pinch when it comes to talking on the phone. The system is very simple to configure, even in the way of customization. The graphical interface of Easy Battery Saver is very pleasant, which gives positive points to the application. Furthermore, app also shows the approximate time of use of each tool, between the main system. This is a great tool to manage your Android’s battery efficiently. More to read.

Sync Breeze Allows Two-way Sync Between Multiple Directories And Other Automatic Backup Methods [Windows]

Sync-Breeze-Allows-Two-way-Sync-Between-Multiple-Directories-And-Other-Automatic-Backup-Methods-[Windows]-()It is always a good idea to keep safe important files such as working papers, documents, personal images or personal videos and music you do not want to lose. With the evolution of cost-effective flash drives and portable hard drives, you now don’t need an expensive server to back up your files. The feature of syncing/backing up files automatically like copy/store files from one location to another automatically is a useful feature that has been lacking in Windows. So, the user needs to copy and paste files manually which can be time consuming, boring and often results in misplacing and misjudging files. Sync Breeze fixes this limitation of the Windows Operating System to allow the user to coordinate and synchronize files from specific folders to desired location fully automatically. This way is much easier to back up important files without spending hours at the computer to them manually.

Buying New Phone: 6 Best Benchmarking Tool To Run Before Deciding Which One To Select [Android]


Nowadays, when you go to buy a smartphone, you feel buying like a desktop computer. If it was just pick the one with the coolest style, now we need to keep an eye on the processor, storage capacity, graphics chipset, RAM and more. Well, after analyzing many reviews, comparing products and hearing the opinions of friends, did you made the right choice? Most of the time depending on others prove to be not useful – don’t get me wrong, of course they are trying to help you, but getting helping from yourself is the best option. So, how do you get help from yourself if you have no idea about what you are doing? Now, here comes the main importance of benchmarking. The benchmark is a word often used by fans of technology to test the performance of their hardware, whether it’s a powerful computer, a new video card or trending phone. What benchmark means is it runs a number of tests with your hardware and then rates it based on the test report. So, if you are going to buy an Android device soon, what you should do is to run benchmark tools and then decide whether it’s worth of buying or not. Now, don’t waste your time anymore as we are, for you, going to share a list of brilliant benchmarking tools for Android.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate: Powerful Video Conversion Suite With Additional Features [Windows/Giveaway]

Aimersoft-Video-Converter-Ultimate-Powerful-Video-Conversion-Suite-With-Additional-Features-[WindowsGiveaway]-(30)While there are lots of video converter tool available on the market (Free/Paid) a tool to stand over must need something unique. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate bring something unique as a video converter tool to be a good choice for you. It has a wide range of video format support with built-in configuration for lots of devices. With this tool, you will be able to pick your device and then directly convert selected files for that device without any extra settings.  It supports more then 30 most popular video formats along with other audio formats tool. Additionally, it brings a built-in video downloader to download online videos from YouTube, Google etc. and another tool to record video playback. Although the conversion speed is pretty slow comparing with other tools we have featured earlier, but yet the quality makes up for it. More to read.

Recover Deleted Images From Pen Drive Or Memory Card Effectively Using Digicam Photo Recovery Beta

Recover-Deleted-Images-From-Pen-Drive-Or-Memory-Card-Effectively-Using-Digicam-Photo-Recovery-Beta-5Digicam Photo Recovery is a very useful tool to recover deleted photos/images from pen-drive. This tools is highly effective for that moment when you discover that you (or someone else) have accidentally deleted personally important photos from your USB Stick. With this free and tiny tool (<500 KB), you can recover deleted images and save them in any directory on your computer effectively. The application works only with portable memory such as flash drives and memory cards. Nevertheless, Digicam Photo Recovery can be a good choice for those who have just lost signature of their precious memory of like. Apart from being simple and easy to use, Digicam Photo Recovery is a fast tool to recover images. We have recovered 10 images from a 1GB USB Stick in less then two minutes. Although this will vary depending on the size of removable media. The application is very light and consumes really low system resource so does not interfere with other running processes and can be easily used by any person. More to read.

Manage Instrumental Tabs, Edit Them & Search For Tabs On Internet Using Tabster

Manage-Instrumental-Tabs,-Edit-Them-&-Search-For-Tabs-On-Internet-Using-Tabster-()Learning to play music is not a simple task, especially if you have not had the opportunity to take classes or devote enough to matter. However, you can learn to play instruments like guitar and keyboard without attending classes, but it is important that you know how to read musical scores. Even the most experienced musicians usually have tabs as a reference material. But if it holds a lot of songs to play then it may well become complex and demotivating. However, you can manage tabs easily using a great software to manage Guitar Tabs called Tabster. This tools allow you to arrange tabs via labels, edit tabs, create playlists (e.g. for College Party or Wedding Party) and create new tabs as well. You can also search for tabs of famous songs online and save them. This is the goal of Tabster, a software focused on storage, retrieval and display of musical tablature. This is a real lightweight and free tool with modern and user-friendly UI with basic tools for searching and sorting content by musical instrument.

Talking Tom & Ben News: Another Great Funny App Like Talking Tom As News Reader [Android & iPhone Game]

Talking-Tom-&-Ben-News-Another-Great-Funny-App-Like-Talking-Tom-As-News-Reader-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)Talking Tom & Ben News is a very funny app for iPhone and Android and can ensure the distraction of children for hours. The ability to see their sentences by repeated application of the characters make a great choice to laugh with friends. With this, you can create your own news, involving even their friends and family. Just have a good script and creative ideas to run it. The chances of interaction, either by touching the screen, and among the characters themselves, are even more positive points to the Talking News Tom & Ben. The tool makes sharing with YouTube Talking Tom & Ben News practically perfect, and if you want to increase the fun by buying the full version of the app, the cat can fight back, increasing the fights on the set. The application simulates a bank of television daily, that can be fully controlled by you. Presenters of Talking Tom & Ben News are friendly cat Tom and Ben, a puppy that will not let Tom alone. Presenters to speak, just start talking in front of the microphone. His speech is automatically converted to text the presenters, all with voices that repeat very funny.

Loopcam, Free GIF App!: Snap Still Photos And Create Stunning GIF From Them [iPhone]

Loopcam,-Free-GIF-App!-Snap-Still-Photos-And-Create-Stunning-GIF-From-Them-[iPhone]-(1)Loopcam brings the tools necessary for those who want to create your own animations. With this application, you can develop GIFs from photographs taken at the time, with the functionality offered by the program. The way to use Loopcam is very simple, since the application's screens are well organized and functions are presented in a logical, represented by drawings that give a clear idea of ​​the activity that each one plays. Moreover, the fact that the application show a shadow of the last picture taken - so you have to be based on time to catch the next frame - makes their creations are more neat because you can rely on the last picture captured to maintain the sequence of poses. However, if you prefer, you can disable this functionality at any time. The number of frames allowed for each GIF is not infinite, but does the job, since Loopcam allows you to use up to 50 pictures in each animation. This number is enough to create files and varied, considering that these items usually have a short sequence of images, reaching a maximum average of five frames. So far in our analysis, the Loopcam just sent well in features and presented in the form with which it works. However, not everything is so beautiful as well as two features arose during testing to disrupt the apparent perfection of the application. More to read.

How To Convert Audio & Video Files Using VLC Media Player [Tutorial]

How To Convert Audio & Video Files Using VLC Media Player [Tutorial] (6)VLC Media Player is one of the most popular multimedia program available yet. It is a complete free open-source media player with cross-platform support that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and even on iPhone. Many people use this tool as primary/default multimedia player on their machine because it is free, it supports different platform, allows to run almost all popular audio and video format and can play CD/DVD and even Blue-Ray Disc. However, very few people knows about another feature of VLC that can be very useful. This software also acts as a converter that allows you to convert video/audio files from one format to another easily. Thus one single tool can power your Multimedia experience for free. If you are not familiar with Converter feature of VLC Media Player yet, then follow to read more.

AnTuTu Benchmark: Benchmark CPU Performance & Capabilities To Know How Good Your Android Is

AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(51)With AnTuTu Benchmark, you can test everything on your phone with Android and see if the performance of the device is just what you need to run heavy applications. The app is simple to use and all the tools are at the top of the screen. AnTuTu Benchmark is a good option for those who want to check how your Android is yielding. The system is simple to use, although tests are a bit slow, more than usual for this type of application. The AnTuTu Benchmark’s interface is simple to understand and does not require any specific knowledge. An advantage of the app is able to compare your phone with other gadgets around the world. To improve the application would also bring the possibility of sharing results, for you to compare the performance of your device with your friends.

Meta Widget: Create Snippet Of Your Favorite Site And Follow It From Homescreen Widget [Android]

Meta-Widget-Create-Snippet-Of-Your-Favorite-Site-And-Follow-It-From-Homescreen-Widget-[Android]-(12)Meta Widget is a tool that allows you to cut sections of sites and turn them into widgets for your home screen. The elements are updated automatically, allowing you to check important information without having to open the browser. With Meta Widget, you can turn snippets of your favorite web pages into widgets that are automatically updated on the screen of their Android. The app appears to be especially useful for checking data that changes all the time, since you do not need to open the browser to check the site. The app's interface intuitive and easy to use. The first time you open the application, are displayed various dialog boxes that explain in detail the procedure to be followed, preventing you from getting lost. Choose the elements you want to capture is simple, however you can only select short links, it is impossible to mark passages that exhibit greater variety of information. This means that you will not get the news section of the ABC Trick and put it on your screen, since it is composed of several different links.

RAMMon: View Detailed Information About Your RAM Stored In SPD [Windows]

RAMMon-View-Detailed-Information-About-Your-RAM-Stored-In-SPD-[Windows]-(2)RAMMon is an application that allows Windows users to obtain the information extracted by the number of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) presented in the RAM modules installed on their computer. Although not many people know that as well as other hardware components, RAM also has detailed information about its attributes and those attributions are encrypted on the RAM itself. RAMMon is an excellent program to get those attribution data of your RAM without having to studying the manufacturer's manual or by opening the cabinet. Additionally, information may even be more detailed than those obtained from the Internet or printed material, as it will extract all achieved information from the standard SPD. Using this program is simple, as it performs its function automatically. The results are shown in the form of a table organized and easy to interpret. Although it doesn’t do anything rather then extracting and showing device’s detailed information, this tool can be of great value to the developers and also if you are trying to fix RAM problem in your Computer. More to read.

Wondershare PowerGIF: Create & Share GIF Animations Quickly Using Your Camera [Android]

Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(1)Wondershare PowerGIF is a great way to create GIFs with your phone using photographs or video sequences. Wondershare PowerGIF with it’s features and usage, can be a real good GIF creator tool - it is very easy to create GIFs using this tool. Just take photos or record video and the program does the rest, making this perfect app for those who do not want no trouble. One of his best points is that it allow you to use several small video sequences in a single gif without editing, just save them in order. Another positive point is the feature of using videos and photos ready, and you can turn them into GIF quickly without much work.  The only bad part of Wondershare PowerGIF is the difficulty to save the file without sharing in any social network. There is no option to save the memory card, for example, you must use an external service such as Google Drive, which sends the animation to a server and you can access later. When he sends the GIF to Twitter, the service used transforms it into static image, losing the whole purpose of the application.

Meeting Room: Record All Events Of The Meetings With Your Project Team [iPhone]

Meeting-Room-Record-All-Events-Of-The-Meetings-With-Your-Project-Team-[iPhone]-(1)Meeting Room is an application for iPhone that serves to document the activities that took place in a meeting. It can be an excellent ally to mount an ATA or simply to record the discussions that were at stake in a project and the solutions that were chosen by the participant group as those to be adopted. Meeting Room is a great application for documenting meetings. It has everything you need to leave all the events recorded, as well as add notes about the subject at hand. One big advantage is also in fact be impossible to disassociate what was written of the event, ensuring the integrity of the documentation. Moreover, it allows you to share information with other participants with a few clicks, creating a history that can be viewed by all team members. Integration with the address book is also a useful function, especially for you to select the participants for documentation, for example. The interface may seem a bit confusing at first, but after creating a project and manipulating the data you already can correctly understand the mechanism of operation of the tools available. If you tend to be involved in projects, it is worth testing the Meeting Room. More to read.

WinMend File Splitter: Split Large File Into Several Smaller Ones And Join Them Again [Windows]

WinMend-File-Splitter-Split-Large-File-Into-Several-Smaller-Ones-And-Join-Them-Again-[Windows]-(2)WinMend File Splitter is a simple and effective tool to split files into several parts. With it you can choose the maximum size or number of shares that any file should be divided. Within minutes you will have a huge file cut into many pieces, thereby facilitating their storage and sharing on the Internet or recording in any media (CD or DVD), for example. WinMend File Splitter is a intuitive and very easy to use program, ideal for those who need to share files and always thought this was a complicated task. Its interface makes life easier for the user with information and well laid out buttons that makes this task even more complicated. The program is completely free, its appearance can be changed with just one click and it's light, even when performing its duties split or join files. Anyway, this software is extremely simple and efficient to the same extent. If you want to split files for sharing on the internet or write in several different disks, this program is enough. One downside is you will need this tool again to join the splited files otherwise you will not be able to open it again. More to read.

iJournal: Create Your Digital Diary To Write Down All Your Thoughts From Anywhere [iPhone]

iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(1)iJournal is an application for you to make notes on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you can either start a diary, with the activities performed in daily life, as simply write down important ideas or commitments that can not be forgotten. The entries are divided by dates, as if you were using a calendar. iJournal brings a great way for you to take notes without leaving carrying notepads, calendars or post-its. He has a very elegant interface is divided into sectors to facilitate the use of the application. Moreover, the initial screen of the program is optimized for you to find the notes without any problem. The idea of ​​personalization (with photo, name and date), although not an essential function, reinforces the idea of ​​"daily" or "personal notes", breaking the "coolness" of being just another application to be used as a calendar. Likewise, the ability to modify the background and text can make you even have the sensation of writing by hand on a sheet of paper. Moreover, as the application can be password protected, it is guaranteed that whatever you write will be for your eyes only, avoiding falling into the hands of gossips. If you always wanted to build a personal diary or like to take notes constantly, worth test.

Sys Information: Easily Check Technical Details About Your System & Hardware [Windows]

Sys-Information-Easily-Check-Technical-Details-About-Your-System-&-Hardware-[Windows]-(2)-ThumbSys Information is an amazing application that scans your computer and shows you everything you need to know about some hardware components, and provides details about the installed operating system as well as installed drivers and more on your machine. It is a good and brilliant alternative tool for you to discover a simple information in quick easy steps. Undoubtedly, Sys Information is one of the most complete applications which diagnoses your system and provides useful notes about some components. It goes beyond the diagnosis of hardware as it offers more including a listing of drivers and applications that are installed on the computer with the ability to uninstall the software found. Regarding the results displayed, all have many details, and are mounted in a manner that facilitates interpretation (on the screen and well organized with proper identification). Likewise, the components are separated on the interface by the application guide. The program's interface is well managed with nice Aero Glass effect and has distinct categories, which makes its use simple even for those who never had tried this type of application before. The ability to print a report is also useful because it allows you to better analyze the results for the case you're looking for the solution of a problem on the machine, for example. More to read.

C4 CPU: Check CPU Core & RAM Usage In Real Time To Know About System Health [Windows]

C4-CPU-Check-CPU-Core-&-RAM-Usage-In-Real-Time-To-Know-About-System-Health-[Windows]-(2)-ThumbHave you ever wondered how your computer uses each processor cores? With the C4 CPU you can find this along with some other useful information. This application makes an analysis over all components of your PC and also features several useful information like OS info, Drive Info etc. You can see CPU Core usage and RAM usage by your system real time as the information gets updated by seconds. In addition, the program obtains data about hard drives, operating systems, adapters and their respective characteristics. That way you can get a quick overview of how your system is working. This makes it possible to verify the need for any hardware upgrades, and find out if your computer has the ability to run certain game or program. Few monitors system are able to show the use of separate processors for each core information - and this is the largest differential C4 CPU. In addition to this, the application can show real time info about the use of memory and other components of PC without any problem. More to read.