Hands-On Google Drive: Official Google Drive Client To Store, Access & Modify Files Directly From Desktop

How-To-Get-Started-With-Google-Drive-Getting-My-Drive-Ready-[Tutorial]-(2)[3]Google Drive is the hottest tech topic this month. With this, Google has officially landed to the cloud based file storing and sharing world. Just like the similar service provided by Dropbox, SkyDrive and others, it has client-side application for Windows, Mac and Android to manage Google Drive from anywhere. The Google Drive Desktop client application integrates this Google Drive service with Windows and Mac. With it, you can sync, upload and access all content in your account directly from the desktop through a folder. The program adds an icon in the Notification area, through which you can access its options. Google Drive client is a very simple and effective way to integrate the Google Drive to your system. The application provides everything you need to manage, access, and modify files residing on your account directly from your computer, which makes it much more useful when you're on your own machine. More to read.

iSkysoft DVD Creator: Create & Burn DVD Disc Easily With Ready DVD Template Support For Windows & Mac [Giveaway]

sshotCreating DVD from video clips has now been a regular task even for the amateur users these days not only to save and share them but also to keep an archive record. If you are a pro user, then there’s a lot way for you to do so but if you are not so expert or looking for an easier way to create and burn DVD disc, DVD Creator for iSkysoft can be of great help. This software will allow you to create DVD file from video clips, add DVD menu to customize or to create chaptered videos. You will also be able to add a custom background image to your DVD or even add a background track easily. Additionally, this tool also allows to create brilliant photo slideshow with effect and background music. iSkysoft DVD Creator is in deed a simple and easy-to-use tool to let you create DVD easily. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac. More to read.

Fake-A-Call: Fool Everyone By Simulating Fake Calls With Contact Name & Programmable Schedule [Android & iPhone]

sshot-14Fake-A-Call is a free app for Android and iPhone to get rid of that annoying friend whom you want want to talk to. Instead of being rude, just enjoy a little time and program the application to make a fake call within a few minutes. Soon your phone will ring and surprisingly someone important will be requesting their presence as far as possible the inconvenience friend. Fake-A-Call is a free app mostly for fun, because although many people can cheat, it is not really necessary in everyday life. The settings offered by the application help to create the impression of a true calling, however, is difficult to program the phone to ring at a time accurate. Maybe a button for a few seconds would be more efficient than this feature. The interface is not impressive, but as the user does not need to be using the application for a long time, this is hardly a problem. In our tests we noticed that the application is very light, an important factor for an app that must run in the background. Some problems were found while using the Fake-A-Call Free, as an example: the function to schedule time not worked. Anyway, this software is not essential, but a test can be fun.

Legendary Heroes: Attack Enemies And Defend Your Tower With Different Heroes [Android & iPhone Game]

Legendary Heroes Attack Enemies And Defend Your Tower With Different Heroes [Android & iPhone Game] (1)The Maya Games did a great job of creating a universe of Legendary Heroes. The game features a very polished look and rich in detail, while the characters are unique and well designed. While the graphics of the game is impressive, not so with the gameplay of Legendary Heroes. Each of the five heroes have specific skills which, in theory, change the game strategies. However, regardless of the composition of his team, the game always presents the same level of challenge. Another problem presented by the application, and that makes the gaming experience very frustrating is the lack of response from the controls. While the developers have designed very simple commands, the characters do not always obey his orders. Thus, as it is free, the game may even be a good option to help pass the time, but hardly for fun. More to read.

Schemer: Google’s New Product To Find Something Amazing To Do Or Ask Your Friend To Give A Hand [Android]

Schemer-Google’s-New-Product-To-Find-Something-Amazing-To-Do-Or-Ask-Your-Friend-To-Give-A-Hand-[Android] (1)Besides being an Internet service, Schemer is a free application from Google that connects you to your friends in a different way. The idea here is not to create a social network, but only to gather your Google+ contacts in an appropriate place to share suggestions for interesting activities, which are called schemes. At first we were a little reluctant with the idea of ​​Schemer. However, after a while we see how the proposed application is brilliant. Besides serving as a task organizer, this software ensures greater integration with friends. Regarding the proposal, we do not have to complain about! The look of the program is also a positive aspect. Large buttons provide access to different areas. With the interface divided into tabs, Schemer ensures fast time to find out what friends are doing, create new schemes and find new tasks to perform. Schemer gains value with its incredible integration with other Google services. Unlike other new services, here you need not go hunting friends, since they are already in your social network. Moreover, the application identifies registered addresses on Google Maps, or you can suggest places to perform tasks without having to register anything.

The Sims FreePlay: Full Free Version Of The Most Popular Virtual Life Game [Android & iPhone Game]

The-Sims-FreePlay-Full-Free-Version-Of-The-Most-Popular-Virtual-Life-Game-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (1)If you're thinking that this is just another new version in the long list of versions of one of the most famous lifestyle/virtual life game, The Sims, then there’re something for you to be surprised. These virtual characters who love a party and sometimes urinate in their pants for no reason are back to the iPhone, but a completely different way. The Sims FreePlay, as its name suggests, is a free version of the game. The difference is that, like The Sims Social for Facebook, the game follows the life in real time. That means the day the game will have 24 hours, with nocturnal and diurnal cycles. It now works on Android and iPhone for free. Even being a hot subject, The Sims FreePlay shows that the Sims still have breath. It's hard not be impressed early on by beautiful graphics and the huge amount of customization options. It will be practically impossible to see a Sim equal to its any other handset. The gameplay is simple and anyone who has had contact with any of the previous versions will be automatically adjusted. The camera control is done entirely by touching the screen, and just touch it with two fingers, then rotate them to rotate the camera.

Camera Awesome: Leverage Your iPhone’s With Full-Featured Powerful Camera Management Tool [iPhone]

Camera Awesome Leverage Your iPhone’s With Full-Featured Powerful Camera Management Tool [iPhone] (7)

Camera Awesome is a camera application for iPhone that includes several features and functionality exist in the native app. Some options of the original app are also presented in a more intuitive, easy handling. The app has several interesting effects that can be applied to your images in real time. You can also manage the composition when taking a picture by choosing one of the templates available that fit in most situations. Camera Awesome is a camera manager application for iPhone that facilitates the use of several interesting effects. It also changes the position of some basic features of standard interface in order to make them more accessible and easier to use.

Marble Maze–Reloaded: An Accelerometer Supported Classic Tilt-Based Game [Android Game]

Marble Maze–Reloaded An Accelerometer Supported Classic Tilt-Based Game [Android Game] (9)Marble Maze - Reloaded is a game that will ensure your enjoyment for a long time: it is quite fun and simple to play. This causes you to be distracted by it without tiring. The game has a look that is pleasing enough, although the images are not high quality. The largest error in the Marble Maze - Reloaded is the texture of the illustrations, which are lacking mainly added to the lack of shadows, that would make the look more real. Still, that's not enough to disrupt gaming. A variety of mazes is a positive point in the Marble Maze - Reloaded: they are different types of challenges to overcome, which makes the game gets even harder as you progress phase. The app also has vibratory responses whenever the ball hits the walls. This improves the gaming experience and gives an incentive for the player. The app has few advertisements between steps, but they end up being tiresome because they require the player to wait for four seconds to go in the game. Even so, download Marble Maze - Reloaded definitely worth it to be totally free.

How To Get Started With Google Drive: Getting My Drive Ready [Tutorial]

How-To-Get-Started-With-Google-Drive-Getting-My-Drive-Ready-[Tutorial]-(2)Google Drive is perhaps the hottest topic of this week’s tech discussion. After months of rumor and talking/debating about Google’s new product to cloud power your files, Google Drive has finally arrived with 5GB free storage offer (Expandable up to 16TB upon this writing). Although Google Drive hasn’t gone public yet for all, but you can check either your Google Drive account is ready or you need to wait for more. Yesterday we have got access to Google Drive and after some test, I have concluded that it’s going to be a big competitor of Dropbox or SkyDrive. If you haven’t yet got access to Google Drive and need a way to opt in, follow after the break.

How To Get 25 GB Free Cloud Storage In SkyDrive To Store Files Online [Tutorial]

sshot-8If you haven’t been too lazy to the tech world this week, then you surly do know that the two most discussed matter around the internet is Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive now. Both of them are cloud service with free storage offer. SkyDrive is the cloud service provided by Microsoft. Just like Dropbox, Box and some others, SkyDrive allows you to sync and manage your files on Windows, Mac and mobile devices like iPhone and Windows Phone. Microsoft’s SkyDrive comes with 7GB free storage for everyone and now it’s offering 18GB extra space for a limited time. So you will be able to grab 25GB of full free cloud storage with SkyDrive for a limited time. If you don’t know how to grab this offer, follow after the fold.

WhatTheFont: Official Mobile Client Of WhatTheFont To Identify Fonts From Images [Android & iPhone]

WhatTheFont Official Mobile Client Of WhatTheFont To Identify Fonts From Images [Android & iPhone] (2)WhatTheFont is an awesome internet based service which allows to identify fonts from images. This is a great and useful service for designers. WhatTheFont also has official client for Android and iPhone. This application is a simple to use and can greatly help those who work with graphic design or need to find fonts in various texts. It requires just a few taps on the screen and a short time until you find out which fonts were used in each section. WhatTheFont is an essential application for anyone who works with design. With a few taps on the screen, you can uncover the fonts used in an advertisement, or any other packaging material. The app is very simple to use and requires nothing but the internet connection for you to discover everything you need. What draws the most attention in the app is the quality of the results, since the application is easily the fonts. The service that was already known by the WhatTheFont Web site, not in the leaves to be desired in its adaptation for mobile platforms. However, the look of the application could be further developed, especially since the application is for a specific audience, mostly quite demanding.

AntTek Explorer (File Manager): A Powerful Complete File Manger For Android

AntTek Explorer (File Manager) A Powerful Complete File Manger For Android (9)AntTek Explorer (File Manager) is a complete file manager that lets you view all the directories of your Android device, working with files and even explore local network. While navigating inside your memory card, you can freely manipulate it’s data, eliminating the use of a computer to perform simple and advanced tasks. AntTek Explorer (File Manager) is a file manager that allows you to control absolutely everything you need without having to connect your device to a computer. Thus, you can delete files, create directories, compress data and to explore local network. The interface of the app calls attention to the simplicity and organization. All elements are arranged intuitively for easier viewing of folders and files. If you hold your device in a horizontal position, an auxiliary panel appears in the left corner of the screen. It shows several shortcuts related to the directory where you are.

Memefier: Transforms You & Your Friends In Real Internet Memes [iPhone]

Memefier Transforms You & Your Friends In Real Internet Memes [iPhone] (1)Memefier lets you and your friends with the face of the most popular internet memes on iPhone. In total there are 18 characters you choose to use the photographs. The imaging options offered by Memefier bring virtually all existing memes on the Internet, which allows for more possibilities of use for you. The way to choose and insert the figures in the photographs is simple to understand, because the same application interface is well designed. All functions are logically and visually differentiated. The fact that Memefier allow you to insert several pictures at the same time, not just one at a time, makes use of the application even more convenient. If you want a good laugh, the random addition of memes can be a good thing, as the program puts the character you think is best and usually makes the result very funny. Although it is easy to mess with these features preliminary Memefier in time to fit the figure in the person's face that appears at the time felt was a difficult to use. The application does not allow you to adjust the meme exactly where you want and it does not do this automatically.

Archmage Lite: A Fantasy Based Multiplayer Magic Card Game [Android Game]

Archmage-Lite-A-Fantasy-Based-Multiplayer-Magic-Card-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)---CopyArchmage brings the strategic action of collectible card games - like Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon in Android. In an environment typically based on medieval fantasy scenarios, you need to control their troops to overthrow the opponent's castle. The letters here may represent attackers, and also spells resources - these are used for just about any maneuver in the game. Initially, each combatant gets six cards, plus 25 points of resistance to his tower. Each card features an image representing a spell or creature that will be invoked, even including a brief description of the effects associated with it. Thus, a vampire may "cause 10 points of damage", while a spell is able to "destroy all cards of the powerful enemy". Furthermore, the game features a total of more than 100 letters to various effects, beyond the possibility of facing battles against the computer or against a human opponent. A tutorial can still help gamers with little experience to get started. In a somewhat critical situation (with only five remaining points), my "Taran" emerged, including the promise of "ten cause damage to the wall and tower" of the enemy. It was exactly what I needed. Then a "Dragon" was in charge of giving the coup de grace. It seems incredible ... But the above is a collectible card game, not a blockbuster built with cutting-edge graphics.

Pandora Recovery: Effectively Recover Deleted Files With Easy Steps [Windows]

Pandora-Recovery-Effectively-Recover-Deleted-Files-With-Easy-Steps-[Windows]-Periodically people do some cleaning through files to reduce disk space or just to get rid of junks. But many times while doing so, we also delete files which may not seem to be important at the time of deletion, but need later. Also, sometimes even the most careful person deletes very important files of years of works accidentally. To let users recover those important files, we have previously reviewed some File Recovery Tool for Windows called Piriform Recuva, Abelssoft FileWing, Undelete360 and more. Today we are featuring yet another good tool called Pandora Recovery. Pandora Recovery is not a backup tool, but with it you can recover files that were deleted many times ago, even before you installed the program, if the bits that stored these files remain encrypted on the hard disk. What you do while commanding your system to delete something is you are just removing index MFT of that file from Hard Disc so the system mark that place as “Empty” leaving bits containing strings of that file. If you do not replace those bits by storing other files on them, recovering that file is an easy task. Pandora Recovery is a program that allows you to recover permanently deleted files on your computer. Pandora Recovery offers three methods of finding deleted files - navigation, search and scanning surface. More to read.

Quick Launch Lockscreen: A Lockscreen Replacement Tool With Calling & Opening App From Lockscreen Feature [Android]

Quick-Launch-Lockscreen-A-Lockscreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Calling-&-Opening-App-From-Lockscreen-Feature-[Android]-6Quick Launch lockscreen app is a very useful lockscreen replacement application for Android comes for one of the most powerful and reputable online company called Conduit and can help a lot on a daily basis. The feature of opening apps or make calls directly from the lock screen is the great advantage of the application. The interface of the Quick Launch lockscreen also brings strengths to the system, since it leaves any gadget with a unique style and brand new. For simplicity in the lines and buttons, Quick Launch lockscreen blends easily with any theme you choose for your machine. A tool that allows to customize background image also improves the use of the Quick Launch lockscreen, since much of the same kind of apps do not have this possibility. With so many advantages, it is hard to believe that the Quick Launch lockscreen is even a free app. But you can rest assured and install the theme without fear: it costs nothing and does not bring ads that hinder its use. More to read.

16 Picked Unofficial Metro Inspired Wallpapers Matches For Windows 8 [Featured]


Metro UI is the most discussed matter since the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Some says it only makes Windows 8 harder to use but the others are saying that Metro proves Microsoft has a brilliant design sense. On my opinion. Metro looks quite elegant at the first look but it’s not gorgeous. Although being gorgeous isn’t current trends of design and art. Rather simple and minimal are considered as a great design at this moment. On that sense, Windows 8 brings a lot visual improvement with Metro. Although Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with several official wallpaper, but only one of them does really suits with the Metro UI. So today I have decided to pick 16 amazing and best Metro-Inspired Windows 8 wallpaper for your pleasure. Those wallpapers have been picked from DeviantArt. Check after the fold.

svchost.exe : What Are They & Why They Are Running Behind Your System [Explained]


Just from human nature, even the person with the best possible hardware configuration and the fastest system speed wants to make his PC faster. We do a lot of things/tweaks regularly only to make our PC even better. Users with a good command over System do those tweaks manually where others uses applications designed to optimize the system. If you wondering how to make your PC faster, try to read Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your PC and Boost Performance and 10 Tips For Happy Computing. You can also check our review of free System Tool like Advanced System Care, CCleaner, Startup Master, iBoostUp,EaseUS CleanGenius, Tweak Me!, Wise Registry Cleaner, SlimCleaner Now if open your Task Manger anytime, you might as well get frustrated by seeing how many valuable system resource are consumed by some process called svchost! In plain eye, those seems as useless as garbage but as horrifying as hell. But wait! Do not end those processes without digging inside them! svchost isn’t as useless as they seemed to be, in fact they are some processes that needs to be running to make system functional. To find out more about svchost and why they are on the task manager consuming so much space, read more.

Backup Selected Files Directly To USB Stick As ZIP Manually Or Automatically Via FBackup For Windows

Backup-Selected-Files-Directly-To-USB-Stick-As-ZIP-Manually-Or-Automatically-Via-FBackup-For-Windows-()FBackup is a freeware backup utility tool for Windows used to make copies of your files so if your local storage have any problem, you may not loose your files. It is very easy program to use where you can save backup files as ZIP format on you local drive for directly to a USB Stick. You can also schedule backup on timely basis to USB/Local or online storage. FBackup is a very good program for those looking for computer security and safety for free. It works on completely unique and useful concept. For example, you can back up and save directly on your memory stick via FBackup. And, in addition to above, FBackup is quite light-weight comparing with similar programs and so it consumes considerably low system resource so you can continue regular computer task while backing up in background. With FBackup, you can select desired and important files and folder to backup and save them online or USB Stick as ZIP and you can also Encrypt the ZIP file with password for protection. More to read.

Optimize Your Android’s Performance In Single Tap & Clean Cache Via One Touch Optimize [Android]

Optimize-Your-Android’s-Performance-In-Single-Tap-&-Clean-Cache-Via-One-Touch-Optimize-[Android]-2One Touch Optimize is an optimization tool specifically designed to improve the performance of your mobile device. The app has a function as the main highlight One-Touch that runs all available optimizations automatically, discarding complex manual settings or options in just a simple tap. One Touch Optimize was developed for Android. It is a very functional application, which aims to clean and optimize your device in order to improve performance and address problems such as lack of space. Although the optimization features follow the same pattern of efficiency found in most apps that do not require root, One Touch Optimize stands out for its clean interface and the monitoring features, which exhibit a clear and simple summary of the unit. The main function, One-Touch, performs a quick cleanup in the system, stopping services and applications side. The cache memory storage is also eliminated, freeing up space on your card. During our tests on a Samsung Galaxy SII (Where we tested all apps reviewed in ABC Trick as well as on the queue of reviewing and after installing many apps is now a bit slow) – released a small bit of memory, although not that notable still worth of trying out. More to read.

Ice Age Village: Help Manny & Others To Build Their Village While Scrat Gone Nutty Again [Android & iPhone Game]

Ice-Age-Village-Help-Manny-&-Others-To-Build-Their-Village-While-Scrat-Gone-Nutty-Again-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]--8Even if you are not a movie fan, you must’ve heard about Ice Age Animation Series. This is one of the most widely watched and loved movie series with a huge number of hardcore fan around the world. Ice Age Village is an indispensable game for anyone who is a fan of the Ice Age movie series with iPhone or Android device. The game is incredibly beautiful and a lot of attention for high-definition images rich in detail. Here you will find all the characters from the movies (both the main and the secondary). The game music is very lively and they appear from time to time, taking the monotony of the game, although the Ice Age Village rely on animal sounds all the time, making the game more real. Another plus point is that you can choose almost everything in the game, from the name of their prehistoric village. The variety of possibilities, such as animal species and actions to be taken is also able to please even the most experienced players. The only problem is that the game after the download and installation, you will still need to download additional packages over and wait for uploads, even if you just download the game.This makes the player can not waste time and start playing right away. With all this and be totally free, the Ice Age Village leaves nothing to be desired when compared to other games in the same style. With so many positive points, it should be highlighted and can be considered as one of the best games available for free in Google Play and iTunes App Store.

PixBuilder Is An Easy-To-Use Free Image Editor With Advanced Tools For Windows

PixBuilder-Is-An-Easy-To-Use-Free-Image-Editor-With-Advanced-Tools-For-WindowsPixBuilder Studio is an image editor which could be one of the best free alternate for Windows. It's allows to make small adjustments to details to make your photo more like you want it to be, create montages with pictures, retouch images or add a different effect on your photos and leave them with a special touch. PixBuilder Studio is a great alternative for those who want the free opportunity and a simpler application easier to use than a Photoshop. In addition, one of the great advantages is the fact that it does not consume much memory or processing power, allowing its use in the lowest hardware without crashing. PixBuilder’s UI is simple and easy to use, you won’t be needed any extra knowledge or anything to play with it. Tools are grouped by category, so finding them is easy, even for beginners. More to read.

Race Around The World With Famous Formula One (F1) Team Red Bull With Red Bull Kart Fighter WT [Android & iOS Game]

Race-Around-The-World-With-Famous-Formula-One-(F1)-Team-Red-Bull-With-Red-Bull-Kart-Fighter-WT-[Android-&-iOS-Game]-7Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a fun racing game that puts you in the role of a pilot of the team Red Bull Racing Karts. You travel around the world to compete in various circuits against other opponents. Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is a game of WT corerida Kart that puts you to drive the cars faster and crazy world. Defending Formula One team Red Bull, you travel to different countries in search of new challenges and points to win the world championship. The gameplay of Red Bull Kart Fighter WT is completely arcade. You can drive the cart using the accelerometer of your gadget or via buttons on the screen. Despite the uncompromising call, control Karts is not easy, requiring a good deal of coordination and reflexes. The graphics of Red Bull Kart Fighter WT are quite simple. The carts are seen from above, in 2D and the backgrounds are almost completely static. Yap, it’s not a 3D game and you might not enjoy the navigation from sky-view, yet a good game. The few animations are limited to the stands. The few visual effects represent the beats and smoke the tires only. In fact, the game presents a set look rather poor. All the sounds of the game follow the same casual appeal of graphics and gameplay. The sound effects are simple and unrealistic, but the whole match. In turn, the music is pretty cool, she rocks the menus and also - more subtly - the races.

Check HD Storage In Structural View, Find Large File & Locate Duplicate Files Via FilePro [Windows]

Check-HD-Storage-In-Structural-View,-Find-Large-File-&-Locate-Duplicate-Files-Via-FilePro-[Windows]-()FilePro is an application to benchmark (diagnose) files stored if your hard disc, find out the largest files/folders, view analysis in a graphical manner, find duplicate files on your computer in any folder or disk installed and more. Furthermore, you can also check out the entire directory structure and documents from a hard disk, which makes it easier to find files that consumes huge space on your HD and files that you can delete to recover some space if you are running low. This tool is pretty much similar of our previously featured Overdisk or SpaceSniffer. But comparing with those two, this tool runs much faster and shows more effective result in various perspectives & criteria. FilePro is an excellent Windows application to view all folders and files on your computer. Besides being simple to use, it is really lightweight. More to read.

Bdrive Creates Private Cloud Server & Allows Access From PC, Mac & Mobile For Free [Featured]

Bdrive-Creates-Private-Cloud-Server-&-Allows-Access-From-PC,-Mac-&-Mobile-For-FreeCloud storage has been significantly useful and widely used these days. Most of the people are now relying on to Cloud storage as it’s easy and handy and can be accessed from anywhere in this earth with a verity of platform support. Dropbox, Ubuntu One, Box.Net and various of other popular Cloud Service now provide free online storage and as well as their own client for PC and Mobile to allow user access from anywhere. But all of them follow a common baseline. Your files will be stored in a intermediate server and you can access and share your files from that intermediate server. If you need a private cloud storage for your own, Bdrive is a free and easy solution for that. Bdrive allows to create personal server in a Windows or Mac PC and store/access files via that. You can enter your server from Bdrive’s Windows or Mac OSX client and from Android, iOS device. Once your server is connected, you can get to it quite easily.

Age Of Empire HD: A Free War-Strategy Based Online Game [iOS Game]

Age-Of-Empire-HD-A-Free-War-Strategy-Based-Online-Game-[iOS-Game]-6Age Of Empire HD is a war strategy turn-based game for iOS. In it, you are the lord and in control of a city and must expand your empire to the world. Do this by managing resources, updating the local structures and conquering territory with your army. There are no limits for global domination. At the beginning of the game, you receive a brief tutorial on the missions. They are important for you to get your kingdom and expand it, acquiring resources and well understanding the mechanics of the main game - they are collecting resources and recruiting the army. After putting the house in order, you can go out to conquer the natural resources around its capital. You can also attack the citadels rivals in the region, plundering materials to further enhance your power and fame. So do not waste time! Organize your kingdom, recruit your army and go fight!

Cheezia: Gears of Fur–A Great Free Fun Game For Everyone [Android & iOS Game]

Cheezia-Gears-of-Fur–A-Great-Free-Fun-Game-For-Everyone-[Android-&-iOS-Game]9Cheezia: Gears of Fur is a successful iOS/iPhone and Android with a brilliant gameplay mode and interesting concept. Instead of puzzles, Gears of Fur will throw you into a classic platform adventure as you drive the mouse on an epic Manu revenue to recover stolen by the evil Evil Kiwinel. Here you control the mouse heroic Manu, who is indented to recover the revenue stolen by the Evil Kiwinel - a pun on the name of the legendary Evil Knievel stunt. Instead of a puzzle, here is a great platform game, the kind that probably would have made some success in the golden period of the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Ok it is true that there is a plethora of titles of the genre available on iTunes. However, it is easy to see that the treatment given by Nordic Solutions developer goes considerably beyond. Starting with the physics that governs the universe dainty Manu. The command responses here - that, in fact, boil down to jump and walk from one side to the other - are as perfect as the reaction offered by the scenarios. Something really impressive if you consider the originality of the proposal: its hero walks in here a gear (direct reference to the first game, of course) - skill that is well used here, especially in times of vertical structure.

Embark On An Adventure Full Of Danger In The Middle Of Wild Monkey: iOS Game Temple Run Is Now On Android [Game]

Embark-On-An-Adventure-Full-Of-Danger-In-The-Middle-Of-Wild-Monkey-iOS-Game-Temple-Run-Is-Now-On-Android-[Game]-5Temple Run is an addicting adventure games with a huge success in iOS device now available as Android Game too. After the remarkably brilliant success as an iPhone game, Temple Run has landed on the field of Android Game recently. In the Temple Run you will live in a hostile environment with wild monkeys who want to destroy you. Here is your challenge to stay alive throughout the race by the platform, always looking for the golden coins scattered along the way. It is practically impossible to cite negative points in the Temple Run: The game has impeccable graphics, an amazing and dynamic objectives that have a good level of difficulty to be achieved and most importantly, suitable for all types and ages of games like highly popular game Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. The range of obstacles in the way makes the game even better, since the user can not predict what will happen during the game. The sounds of the game also deserve attention - beyond the sound of monkeys running, you'll hear you own footsteps and a soundtrack that combines a lot with the style of the game and lets the player even more tense. The speed of the game and number of obstacles in a row gradually increases, making sure that the game does not become tiring. Another advantage is that demand points in medals, coins and distance to be unlocked, which is one more stimulus for the player. More to read.

Boot-Time Defrag & Automatic Defrag Your HD To Eliminate Fragmentation With IObit Smart Defrag 2

Boot-Time-Defrag-&-Automatic-Defrag-Your-HD-To-Eliminate-Fragmentation-With-IObit-Smart-Defrag-2-7A fragmented HD causes real frustration to many computer users because it makes the whole usage experience unstable and slower. Fragmentation is one of the major causes of your PC slowing down. So to make and keep a productive system as well optimize your PC for maximum performance, getting rid of those fragmentation is a must. We have already shared what is file fragmentation and why does fragmentation occurs and two freeware tool to defragment your HD called Auslogics Disk Defrag and Jwansoft Disk Defrag. Today we are walking along with another brilliant free defragmenter tool called IObit Smart Defrag. This comes from one of the most reliable system utility tool developer IObit who have developed Advanced System Care. The latest version of IObit Smart Defrag, version 2, brings some excellent maintenance alternatives such as Scheduled Defrag, Boot-Time Defrag and Automatic Defrag to let you stay at more ease. IObit Smart Defrag 2 is indeed a full free effective software to eliminate all fragmentation from your HD to improve performance. More to read.

Search & Find Any Files From Your PC Using Faster Desktop Search Engine Called Find and Run Robot [Windows]

Search-&-Find-Any-Files-From-Your-PC-Using-Faster-Desktop-Search-Engine-Called-Find-and-Run-Robot-[Windows]-6Is it possible to use the computer without the help of a mouse? This is a difficult but not impossible, you just need to have the right tools. Clearly this is an extreme case, but many people prefer using the keyboard over the mouse more or less, and Find and Run Robot (FARR) is an application of great help in these cases! Anyone who has used the Spotlight system-wide desktop search feature of Mac OS X knows how much it is useful and how much easier to use the computer with it. And that is what makes the Find and Run Robot an application so useful, since it closely resembles the search feature of Apple. It is very fast comparing with Windows’ default search engines, which makes it quick and effective search for what you want through the FARR. One of the biggest advantages over the Windows’ native system search is that it can search files via file name as well as search keywords inside text files. Moreover, the list is refined so that you always find relevant results to what you want to open. Although very responsive and helpful, FARR still has some points that could make the tool even better. One is that the results are arranged without any classification by type. In Apple's Spotlight, list shows programs, files, and modification time etc., but the FARR entries found are arranged freely and unsortable. More to read.

Deer Hunter RELOADED: Enter The World Of Hunting In One Of The Best FPS Games [Android]

sshotIf you are looking for a first person shooting game for your Android, it's for sure that you will be impressed with the Deer Hunter RELOADED. But if you're against hunting animals, stay away from him because the realism of the game is high. Here you can see in detail the bullet starting toward his hunting and entering the animal's body, while blood covers the screen. Deer Hunter RELOADED is not a game for those who like a breeze: here, the gaming is intense and can leave the screen of your gadget full of blood. The goal of the game is to hunt as many animals as you can while walking through the forest. You can play in two modes: the most common way is when the game starts and you see animals standing around. The second game mode is only unlocked after a few rounds, then you have waves of animals that run through you.You must be fast and good sight to get along in the game. With graphics even more finicky than its early versions, the Deer Hunter RELOADED brings 3D graphics breathtaking. Both the pictures of the scenery, the animals you can see the concern of developers to bring a quality game for the players.

Gunman Clive: Be A Brave Cowboy In Old-School Style Shooting Game [Android Game]

Gunman-Clive-Be-A-Brave-Cowboy-In-Old-School-Style-Shooting-Game-[Android-Game]-(1)Gunman Clive is an arcade shooter game that came to assist people looking for a 2D shooting interface. The game puts you in the place of a cowboy who, on a mission to save his beloved, must go through 16 stages annihilating hundreds of bandits and other dangers. The gameplay follows a pattern completely arcade, and you just bother to move your character around and shoot the 2D scenario, which consists of several components that form platforms, such as boxes, barrels, boxes and precipices. The controls are done via buttons on the fixed interface. Nevertheless, the protagonist moves smoothly and responsively. The D-pad has a good tolerance, which makes him move followed his finger. Gunman Clive charts are without a doubt the biggest highlight of the game. The art style used in the preparation of all images are incredibly beautiful, with soft colors and designs with thick strokes. The game gives the impression that you are interacting with an old sheet of newspaper that, moreover, fails purposeful and subtle effects with many particles.

Format Pen-Drive, Check For Bad-Sector & Create Bootable Windows/Linux USB With FreeDOS Support Via Rufus

Format-Pen-Drive,-Check-For-Bad-Sector-&-Create-Bootable-WindowsLinux-USB-With-FreeDOS-Support-Via-Rufus-(4)If you need to format USB pen-drive or other sorts of removable drives, Windows’ default tool should be well enough for you unless the pen-drive has been write-protected or gone non-format able using the default utility. But if you want to use the same USB stick as a bootable disk for DOS, you need to go a little further and that is where Rufus (Reliable USB Formatting Utility Software) can help you. This application enables the option of creating a flash drive to boot DOS or for whatever you want to use (e.g. Bootable Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux-based OS’s like Ubuntu/Fedora or Mac or others with ISO file). Rufus is a small portable and yet smart powerful utility that will allow you to format your Pen-Drive, check for bad sectors and make Bootable USB drive. At first glance Rufus may seem a cloned copy of Windows’ formatting utility as the interface looks almost like the same. And really, for those who just want to format the pen-drive usually there is not much difference even in addition to checking locks. More to read.

FoxTab Is A Beautiful Tool Manage All Opened Tab Easily In 3D Layout [Firefox Extension]

FoxTab-Is-A-Beautiful-Tool-Manage-All-Opened-Tab-Easily-In-3D-Layout-[Firefox-Extension]-5If you are a power internet user who spends lots of time after the big web, then surly sometimes you get messed up with so many tabs opened at the same time. Like you are chatting in Facebook, at the same time tweeting in Twitter and checking mail in Gmail and Yahoo as well as searching in Google and visiting your favorite. Isn’t it a confusing time to find your preferred tab at once? We previously Side Tabs to access all opened tab in Firefox. Now FoxTab will help you with this arduous task again. It is a simple and useful extension for Firefox that displays thumbnails of all tabs that are open, allowing you to switch to the tab you want more easily. FoxTab shows opened tabs in different layouts and background colors with various 3D layout. More to read.

Browse Interesting New & Articles Based On Subject Or Create New Group With Preferred Sites Via Mixtab News Reader [Mac]

Browse-Interesting-New-&-Articles-Based-On-Subject-Or-Create-New-Group-With-Preferred-Sites-Via-Mixtab-News-Reader-[Mac]-5Want to find interesting content to read, find the best articles based on interest? Mixtab is one of the best custom feed manager application for Mac. With it, you can browse through Music, photography, sports, technology and much, much more. You can search a topic of interest and then just subscribe to receive posts directly in your inbox. Mixtab is one of the best news aggregators, which will appeal mainly to those who are always looking for new sources of knowledge. The categories are broad enough for all types of readers and you can create new groups of sites = if what you want is not yet on the application network. The interface of Mixtab is amazing, easy to understand and quite elegant. Themes allow the person who is using the application to put it even more personalized, but the number of advanced settings is quite few. One problem is that the Mixtab can not subscribe to a feed separately if it is not part of a specific subject. To circumvent this, you can create a group to receive updates from your favorite sites. It would be interesting, however, there is the feature of importing feeds from Google Reader as a category Mixtab, centralizing all your readings in one place. Unlike feed readers like Google Reader itself, Mixtab creates groups based on subject not on site. More to read.

Panther: A Full-Featured Audio/Video Converter Tool With Batch Bit-Rate Converter [Windows & Linux]

Panther A Full-Featured AudioVideo Converter Tool With Batch Bit-Rate Converter [Windows & Linux] (4)Panther is a free audio and video converter that lets you change a media file (Video Clip/Sound Track) from one format to any other as the program is compatible with almost all types of format. Moreover, the application also provides a tool called Reduce the size of Music file that enables the reduction of the size occupied by a music file without losing its original quality. Although the interface of Panther is just a plain simple window, the items are well organized and easy to use. Although comparing with other media converter tool we have previously shared, the conversion process of the application is a bit slower but it had no problems during the execution of processes and after the conversion, we got a good quality output. Panther works with both audio files and video in a satisfactory manner, performing all processes controlled by you and presenting quality results. However, the program will be even better and complete if it could also provide a tool to reduce the size of movies, as well as it provides this function for music. Panther offers advanced options for those who prefer to customize more the result of the process, allowing you to change the characteristics of the file that simply are not available. Rightfully so, the program can be used both by people who do not have much experience with audio and video converters and also by professionals.

Download & Convert Video From YouTube, MetaCafe, Viemo And More With NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader

Download-&-Convert-Video-From-YouTube,-MetaCafe,-Viemo-And-More-With-NoVirusThanks-YouTube-Video-Downloader-()From the same developer of our previously featured Online Virus Checking Service, NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader is another program from NoVirusThanks that allows not only to downloads YouTube videos but also convert files to different formats on your computer. The tasks can be performed with just a few clicks and you can save and enjoy videos on many formats. As developer stated, NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader can download from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Blip and MetaCafe. NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader is a video downloader tool works on Windows and it has both Installable and Portable version. Although services and applications of same genre of NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader is not lacking on the Internet however, this is one of the better tools of this niche. More to read.

Arc Journal Lite: Keep Diary Notes And Images College With Brilliant Free Personal Journal Application [Android]

Arc Journal Lite Keep Diary Notes And Images With Brilliant Free Personal Journal Application [Android]  (6)Arc Journal Lite is a kind of image editor that allows you to create different notes and make photo groups. You can write on the screen with your finger, organize pictures and even risking a few simple designs that can then be shared on your favorite social networks. Arc Journal Lite app is a combination of drawing and notes for Android in which you can unleash your imagination playing notes or beautiful picture. The editor has a lot of brushes, colors, and positioning possibilities when it comes to photos. Also, everything can be shared on your favorite social networks. The interface is pretty nice, placing all the tools at the top of the screen. That way, you get much of the drawing sheet clear. Still, the app uses widely Multitouch technology to resize elements and even to adjust the zoom. You can share your works in the social network of your choice by pressing a button or relate them to a Google calendar event. These possibilities significantly improve the integration of Arc Journal Lite, since you can create reminders for events on your calendar, for example.

Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge: Race With The New Volkswagen Scirocco Car [iPhone Game]

sshot-5Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a free game which has been developed so that Volkswagen can promote their new car. It is a game that can provide enough fun for those who like racing games that challenge the player. The graphics are beautiful and well made, well-designed scenarios and sound effects are excellent, as were recorded in a real test of the car. The soundtrack is very well suited to the game and fits perfectly in the races. The various options that can be set to the gameplay is a strong point of the game because you can choose to use the accelerometers or the screen to control the car. It is a pity that comes only one runway. Nevertheless, Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a great game. Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a simple 3D racing game for the iPhone, which is intended to show the new company car. In this game you race down a runway in Germany against other competitors and the sound of a rock by "Eat The Gun". More to read.

MultiBootUSB: Create Bootable USB Drive With Multiple OS & Test/Emulate ISO In QEMU [Windows]

MultiBootUSB-Create-Bootable-USB-Drive-With-Multiple-OS-&-Test-Emulate-ISO-In-QEMU-[Windows] (6)MultiBootUSB is a simple but very useful application for those seeking a way to install new Operating System using USB. This is a brilliant free Bootable USB maker tool for Windows which supports creating multi-boot USB using multiple Operating System in single USB stick. With it, you can create bootable flash drives as well as even emulate from bootable USB or ISO file. This way, you can format any computer, even netbooks or ultra-thin notebooks, which doesn’t have Optical Drive (CD/DVD ROM). During our test, MultiBootUSB was very effective creating bootable USB real quick as well as testing ISO. In took just over 10 minutes to prepare bootable USB and copy the entire contents of an ISO image of Ubuntu into the USB Stick, without making the system slower. In addition, you need not to install MultiBootUSB to access resources offered as it is a portable tool. Another advantage is that the executable file is small (just over 3 MB) which let’s you carry it easily anywhere. More to read.

Smart Optimization Box: Improve Performance & Productivity Of Your Android

Smart-Optimization-Box-Improve-Performance-&-Productivity-Of-Your-Android-2Smart Optimization Box is one of the most complete applications currently available for you to optimize and improve the performance of your device with Android. The program includes several tools that allow you to increase the battery life of your gadget, kill processes, optimize RAM, clear the cache, moving applications to the memory card and more. Smart Optimization Box is a collection of tools that allows you to optimize and improve the technical aspects of their gadget with Android. Thus, it is possible to extend the battery life and significantly improve the performance of the device. The app's interface is highlighted by soft colors and well organized resources. Each category opens a range of further enhancements, but without losing focus on simplicity. Various graphics and dynamic bars allow you a sense of palpable results.

Undelete/Recover Deleted Files (Picture, Music, Video, Docs, Archives etc.) From HD Or Removable Media Via Recuva

UndeleteRecover-Deleted-Files-Picture,-Music,-Video,-Docs,-Archives-etc-From-HD-Or-Removable-Media-Via-Recuva-()Many times we delete real important files by accident, that’s nothing you or I can stop. Things happens sometimes even if you are a real careful person. So don’t be surprised to discover that you have just accidently deleted any important files or favorite music or even memorable pictures. Also, don’t get too upset thinking that you have lost it, because you didn’t. If you know how the file deletion method works then you will not really be surprised to get your deleted files back. While we delete any file for our HD, we really don’t DELETE it, we just command the system to mark that place (Sector) as empty so that other files can be stored it that place. Even if you replace the sector with other files, that sector yet contains strings and bytes of previous files and using a file recovery software, you can recover most of them. Recuva is such an amazing and free (and portable) file recovery tool for Windows that can recover images, music's, videos, compressed files, documents and emails. Just make the HD scan with Recuva to restore anything, to search for any type of file that has been lost lately. More to read.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed: Be Fast & Smooth On The Steering Wheel In One Of The Most Awesome Racing Games [Paid–iOS Game]

SHIFT-2-Unleashed-Be-Fast-&-Smooth-On-The-Steering-Wheel-In-One-Of-The-Most-Awesome-Racing-Games-[Paid–iOS-Game]-8If you like speed and want to test how fast you can be on the slopes, SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iPhone may be the right match for you. With it, you have total control of the car and can be guided by tracks filled with turns and intense challenges. The game here can be played in a haphazard manner or in career mode. Also, you can choose to play the races with friends or play alone. Compared to other racing games from the App Store, SHIFT 2 Unleashed deserves full featured in some points, but loses in others. The graphic quality is impressive and the response of controls is fairly accurate. However, the game is not high speeds as in other games such as the Asphalt 6 . This makes sense is to be driving at low speeds, which slightly disappoints those looking for a fast game. Still, it does not take the credit SHIFT 2 Unleashed, which has a fairly faithful simulation of reality. As is common in the series, the beats have different reactions to the windows and bodywork of the car as its intensity. Moreover, the variety of tracks, tournaments and races is impressive. The only thing that really fouls in the game is a larger amount of cars for fun. In addition, SHIFT 2 Unleashed yield much less in cash than the value of items. More to read.

6 Best Music Downloader Software For Android: Download Music/MP3 Directly On Your Gadget [Android]


People used to buy a mobile device only to make an (very) important call or send a quick message once, but that day has passed long since. Mobile phone is now the main entertainment gadget for most of the users. To keep pace with the latest technology, smartphones are getting improved day by day. Now you do not need to have a PC to listen to your favorite song or enjoy any music track as you can easily download them directly via your mobile phone. In some cases, doing so over the phone is even easier than the traditional ways, since the look of applications for mobile gadgets is simplified to the utmost to provide a better user experience for this type of device.  The only prerequisites for doing this are an internet connection - can even be 3G, but if your plan is limited, it is best to choose a Wi-Fi network - free space on your memory card and a gadget appropriate application. There are thousands of application available to do so. We have listed 7 best free Music Downloader application for your Android that have some important point and may be exactly what you are looking for. More to read.

One Touch Drawing: Puzzle-Based Game To Create Shapes By Drawing Lines [iPhone Game]

One Touch Drawing Puzzle-Based Game To Create Shapes By Drawing Lines [iPhone Game] (5)

If there were only one thing to say about what smartphone’s can do, most of the people will then say Entertain. There are lots of way of getting yourself entertained via your mobile device. Playing games is one of them. Isn’t it real fun solve small puzzles, logic and encouraging the search for results that do not seem obvious. One Touch Drawing is a great example of these types of games. With a simple proposal and very challenging, it tests the perception of the user to bring an image that must traverse all points connected with no path to repeat. Although it seems a simple challenge, prepare to face the same image for a long time to find a solution. One Touch Drawing is one of the most complex and challenging game available for iPhone. While this may appear to be simple, the puzzles will require the existing maximum of reasoning of the players - and great patience.

Mobo Launcher: New App Launcher To Customize Homescreen With Themes & Category [Android]

Mobo Launcher New App Launcher To Customize Homescreen With Themes & Category [Android] (1)Mobo Launcher is a powerful alternate launcher application for Android, which prioritizes the display of applications on the home screen. It is able to share your homescreen, widgets and icons showing apps separately. Mobo Launcher has a very beautiful interface. It’s organization buttons are small, discreet and elegant. In addition, the app offers a range of facilities to create groups and share all downloaded programs - an ideal function for those who have many things in the unit. In addition, you can even download wallpapers and themes unique to the Mobo Launcher, accessing the store virtual application. This will ensure that you have a unique, different from all other Androids. But there are many aspects Mobo Launcher that may make you annoyed. The first is that the division of the screen to display the apps very limited space to enter your widgets. You can slide your finger down, not showing the icons of the apps, but this is not the default mode Mobo Launcher.

Monitor Speed, Temperature & Voltage of Internal Cooling-Fan, CPU And Other Hardware Components With SpeedFan

Monitor-Speed,-Temperature-&-Voltage-of-Internal-Cooling-Fan,-CPU-And-Other-Hardware-Components-With-SpeedFan-(6)SpeedFan is a very useful application for monitoring performance of hardware parts of a computer from Windows. Within minutes, this software can collect and display information about the cooling fan, processor temperature/voltage, hard drive speed and many other components. Using SpeedFan requires a little bit technical knowledge about hardware, otherwise there is no way to correctly interpret the information displayed. That means, you can still use it but you will not be able to figure out what it says or even what it does. But its interface is very user friendly and hopefully you can get some very basic info like Fan Speed, CPU Temperature etc. without that much knowledge. However you shouldn’t (or mustn’t) use the options for configuring the motherboard clock speed (for overclocking) if you do not have perfect knowledge about it or your are completely sure of what you are doing, otherwise your CPU may just burn up, for example. Finally, SpeedFan creates charts to help you to monitor the effectiveness of changes, allowing you to choose the best settings easily. In addition of monitoring Fan Speed and Voltage of the computer, SpeedFan is also capable of measuring the temperature of the machine and let you control cooling fan for optimum temperature. Using SpeedFan, you can save lot’s of energy and create a Echo-Friendly power saving PC as well as reduce CPU noise while running. More to read.

Snapster: An Instagram Alternate With Brilliant Image Capture Tool With Pre-Determined Filter [iPhone]

Snapster-An-Instagram-Alternate-With-Brilliant-Image-Capture-Tool-With-Pre-Determined-Filter-[iPhone]-1Snapster is a brilliant free Instagram alternate of iPhone that allows you to capture images from your camera quickly and then edit them easily. It provides a button in the center of the screen, which makes the catch at the same instant you press it, without any delay. However, the main feature of Snapster is the fact that it lets you take pictures with a color filter selected. That is, you can choose a landscape and take a photo of the site using an aged effect to make the scene even more beautiful. After taking the photo, you can use the various editing tools offered by Snapster to work with the image appearance. It is possible to add frame, modify the color scheme to apply texture and even increase or decrease the brightness of the catch. More to read.

Death Rally FREE: A Great Addicting Free Racing Game For Android [Game]

Death-Rally-FREE-A-Great-Addicting-Free-Racing-Game-For-Android-[Game]If you are looking for a racing game that will leave you glued to your mobile device, Death Rally FREE is a brilliant game for you then. Here, you control racing cars full of adrenaline, speed and violence. There is a same titled game for PC which is already famous, now it comes to mobile devices with stunning graphics and breathtaking adventures even more intense. Although this game is available for Android and as well as iOS, the iOS version is available at $4.99. In Android, it comes at no cost and with the same steps and options of existing cars in the version made for the iPhone. However, you can buy your Android extension packages, leaving the game even more violent with new weapons and upgrades for the cars. The game controls are simple and can be made via on-screen buttons. The left button acts as a joystick, controlling the direction of the car, while the button on the right side of the screen is responsible for triggering arms. More to read.

Easily Tweak Windows 7 System & Customize Start Orb, Login UI And More With Sunrise Seven [Featured]

Easily-Tweak-You-Windows-7-System-&-Customize-Start-Orb,-Login-UI-And-More-With-Sunrise-Seven-[Featured]-()If you are frustrated with the performance of your Windows 7 or wants to boost it’s speed and usability, it allows several improvements to be done in it’s interface, options and its features. However, most of these options are found real deep in the settings which makes it really hard to find those options even if you knew they are here. And most of them need to manual editing on registry that is a nightmare even for advanced users. We previously shared a great Windows System Utility tool called Ultimate Windows Customizer which listed some real useful Windows settings under the same window to make them easy to find for the user. Sunrise Seven is almost same as the Ultimate Windows Customizer. Sunrise Seven brings together a large number of useful options in a easy to find and organized interface from where you can make huge change to your system with a single mouse click. At the same time, the program also adds some new options like changing the Start Menu Button (Start Orb), changing the Log In background, Windows XP like taskbar in Windows 7 and more to make your computer more personal. It is very easy to change system settings with Seven Sunrise. But it can also compromise the computer if the user does not pay proper attention at what he is doing. In our tests, we were able to change Windows firewall notifications, Change Start Menu icon and Log In window background as well as taskbar appearance. More to read.

Restore All Types Of Deleted Files From You Computer & Securely Delete Files Forever With FileWing

1-Restore-Deleted-Files-From-You-Computer-&-Securely-Delete-Files-Forever-With-FileWingIf you have deleted a file by accident and do not know what to do to recover it, then don’t get so busted at that time because there’s some tool available on the Internet to undelete/recover deleted files for you. Yesterday we have shared such a full free recovery tool call Recuva from Piriform. That was a brilliant tool indeed to find and recover deleted files. Today we are going come up with another tooled called FileWing from Abelssoft to recover all types of deleted files for Windows. FileWing works much like the full free Recuva, scans through sectors to find recoverable bytes and then displays the files that can be effectively recovered and also lists those lost completely or partially recoverable. Recuva is yet more recommended as it is full free but considering effectiveness, FileWing can be a perfect competitor as it works as good as (even better sometimes) Recuva. Also it has a modern and appealing User Interface that makes it easier to use for amateur uses. On one point FileWing is way more ahead of same genera application is it has a verity of tool. Besides recovering files quickly and safely, it is also able to delete them permanently, using calculations and algorithms in order to avoid any future possibility of recovering those files.

Manage Multiple Cloud Services & Social Networks From Desktop Using SocialFolders [Windows & Mac]

Manage-Multiple-Cloud-Services-&-Social-Networks-From-Desktop-Using-SocialFolders-[Windows-&-Mac]-()SocialFolders is a new way to let you access to some famous social networking sites and cloud storage at once right from your PC. Currently it supports Box.Net, Evernote, Facebook, Flicker, Google Docs, Photobucket, Picasa, Twitter, YouTube and few other services. With itm you can upload and share images on Flickr, Box.net and Facebook, download all published picture from there and upload and download files from Google Docs. You can also upload videos to YouTube and download photos of Instagram and so more with this simple tools. Once you install SocialFolders, it will create a folder on Favorite just like Dropbox. From the moment when you connect a service compatible with SocialFolders, a local folder in that SocialFolders folder will be created on your computer. While connecting a service, it will ask you to choose which folders you want to add to user SocialFolders account. SocialFolders will then start downloading files on that folder in you computer. Each time you upload an image in an identical folder, it will automatically share it on that service and vice versa. This means that you can download and upload multiple files simultaneously without opening a browser and login accounts synchronized. The service provides automatic daily updates, but you can perform a manual sync at any time from the system tray icon. SocialFolders is available for Windows and Mac.

Get On The War Zone As A Military In Gun & Blood: First Person Shooter Game [Android]

Get-On-The-War-Zone-As-A-Military-In-Gun-&-Blood-First-Person-Shooter-Game-[Android]-2With a neat visual effect and exciting soundtrack, Gun & Blood is a great choice for FPS (First-Person-Shooter) fans who want a brilliant game, but not too heavy for your Android. As all the action happens in a static scenario, your device does not need a tip setting to shoot without suffering from slowdowns and crashes. The concept is very simple and that’s why it is one of the most enjoyable First Person Shooter games for Android. The controls are simple and facilitated through the commands make it fun, since there is no hidden secret to equip a gun and go fight. Although you need to adapt to the style of each piece of equipment, this point is what serves as an incentive for you to continue advancing in his military career. Thanks to several films and war games, many people think being a soldier is easy. Wearing a uniform, pick up a gun and go into battle until it seems simple and poetic in the big screen, but is not as pretty in real life. Whether you have spent hours in front of the Call of Duty, this experience will help you just in a situation. However, knowing that this would be a bit more like being in a conflict area? Although not the same thing as reality, Gun & Blood simulates very well the feeling it is to be in front of an enemy and having only a few seconds to shoot before the opponent does.

Change Or Recover Windows Password, Get Saved Passwords From Browser & Others With Advanced Password Recovery

Change-Or-Recover-Windows-Password,-Get-Saved-Passwords-From-Browser-&-Others-With-Advanced-Password-Recovery0It is very difficult to remember passwords if you use different ones for each service such as emails, messengers, log on to Windows or Internet. Most people uses the same password in all of those services. Although it’s make sure that you are not going to forgot that single password, but it is highly recommended to use different password for individual services since your privacy and security is related to this. Advanced Password Recovery is an excellent way to recover passwords which are saved on your PC, but you can not remember anymore and also it let’s you control the Windows logon password. Both functions are performed without incident and a very easy way. Even the least experienced users can manage this application in a short time as this tool has a simple easy-to-understand UI with only a few but useful buttons. The highlight of Advanced Password Recovery is the password recovery feature. It scans in directory and browser for saved passwords and then lists all passwords with username and then saves it in a txt file. More to read

Recover Deleted Files From HD/USB Drive Or Images From Digital Camera Using Undelete360

Recover-Deleted-Files-From-HDUSB-Drive-Or-Images-From-Digital-Camera-Using-Undelete360Undelete360 ​​is a functional software designed to recover deleted files from your Hard drive, USB drive, digital camera or even floppy drives. Whether by accident or by because of virus, we often lost important documents that has great official value or personal pictures that are priceless. At that time, it's always good to have a recovery applications to recover them so that you don’t need to start your work again from the scratch or get upset by the lost of those priceless pictures. Although if you search on the internet, you will get tons of applications that says they are going to recover all your date – most of them are fraud. In past few days, we covered two brilliant and free Data Recovery tool called Piriform Recuva and Abelssoft FileWing that actually works. Today I have came across another functional tool called Undelete360. Undelete360 is possibly the best option available to recover deleted files easily, offering easy and interactive menus, visually attractive and complete information about the results. Two great things to consider about Undelete360 with other files recovery tools is, it is portable (Has separate version with installer) and it can recover deleted photos from a digital camera. Also it’s quite faster then others and at the end, result is going to please you. More to read.