Future Batteries May Be Powered By Sugar: Japanese Scientists Developed More Efficient Batteries Using Sucrose [News]

Future-Batteries-May-Be-Powered-By-Sugar-Japanese-Scientists-Developed-More-Efficient-Batteries-Using-Sucrose-[News]According to a report published by the website DigInfo, a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo, Japan, discovered a way to use sugar to develop rechargeable batteries in a more efficient and cheaper way, which would make it possible in future to replace Device such as Lithium Ion used nowadays. According to the research, lithium - widely used in batteries for digital cameras, cell phones and other electronics - is not abundantly found throughout the world, forcing many countries to import this substance. Thus, motivated in finding a viable alternative to develop new rechargeable devices, researchers used sucrose as an active principle to act as anode (means negative pole of an electronic junction) of the batteries.

Winamp: The Famous Windows Media Player Made It’s Way To Android With Ultimate Features [Android]

Winamp-The-Famous-Windows-Media-Player-Made-It’s-Way-To-Android-With-Ultimate-Features-[Android]-(1)For those who wanted an alternative to well known players developed for Android as default one or Poweramp, Winamp can be the perfect choice for them. The Nullsoft, developer of famous desktop player Winamp, put their Android version on the Google Play Store available to anyone. The software has an intuitive interface for users of Android, with a slider where it gets the name and duration of the music being played at the moment. Winamp has always been a favorite of many players on the desktop, and the Android version has everything to become the official music player on your phone too. The functions are very well distributed, the visuals are beautiful and uses the same Android system bar to navigate between windows - something very welcome. The program is very well finished and has no apparent errors, but still not back to familiar features of the desktop player that are already present in many competitors as equalizer and streaming audio directly from your computer. However, it is expected that these functions can be added over time, making Winamp for Android even better. Sliding the bar with the name of the song up the user is actually presented to the player with album cover and ID3 tag information of the audio file regarding the artist and album. There is also a button that takes the user directly to a list of other songs from the same album that's playing, and that leads to many other albums by the same artist of the current song.

Basketball Mania: Throw The Basketball And Put It In The Net To Get More Point [Android Game]

Basketball-Mania-Throw-The-Basketball-And-Put-It-In-The-Net-To-Get-More-Point-[Android-Game]-(1)Basketball Mania is a game made as to who is a fan of basketball. Here, you have a game and in a manner totally addictive casual games, although it requires the accumulation of points throughout the games. Basketball Mania is even a game that deserves mention: it's fun, and totally free with unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen that appear only in the intervals between one game and another. The feature that most pleases the Basketball Mania is the style of game that is totally casual, but at the same time appreciates the achievements of the player reward good games with tickets used to make new scenarios in the game. The interface of Basketball Mania combines a lot with the proposal of the game and brings color images formed by simple illustrations and fun. The sounds complement the gambling, making you feel inside play. The physics simulation game is very good. The ball hardly makes a path or have a reaction to touching the table very different from what happens in reality. However, undermining the very Basketball Mania is the look of the game: the ball does not have shadows or lighting to show the movement and distance of moves. This gives the impression that the ball is not responding as well to commands, although she is walking the path correctly. It also undermines the sense of total control of the ball, but not enough to invalidate the Basketball Mania, which is a totally addictive game.

THIX Dreamer: Create Drawings With 3D depth Using Only Two-Dimensional Shapes [iPad]

THIX-Dreamer-Create-Drawings-With-3D-depth-Using-Only-Two-Dimensional-Shapes-[iPad]-(1)THIX Dreamer is a simple drawing application for those who want to create designs with unique effects on your iPad. It’s main focus is for your tool deep, which serves primarily to allow you to create various forms at different "distances" of the screen, thus generating beautiful perspective effects. THIX Dreamer is an application that comes with an interesting proposal in the first place. But it should not take long for you to conclude that this program is actually just another design software - that, in fact, is somewhat too simple. The fact is that its ability to generate designs with depth - the biggest highlight of THIX Dreamer - is not as impressive as the application promises. With this tool, make your projects look different, but that could well be done the same way manually. Moreover, control the depth of the drawings is a real challenge. Since there is no "depth gauge," is difficult to know the distance in which each layer is drawing. The presence of only two tools in the options of the application is also far from being pleasant.You can only choose the width of the design and color of the lines to work with, which makes the software even less attractive.

Fishing Joy: Really Addicting Mobile Game To Fish Across 15 Varied Fishes [Android & iPhone Game]

Fishing-Joy-Really-Addicting-Mobile-Game-To-Fish-Across-15-Varied-Fishes-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Fishing Joy is an Android and iPhone game that will take players to the deep sea to witness the underwater wonders. The initial proposal of the little game is a little strange: use a cannon that shoots a spider web, to hold the largest number of species of fish as possible. Fishing Joy is an application that is a kind of spear fishing. The seabed, incidentally, is a place that portrays the little game with tremendous visual quality with corals and anemones filling colors seabed. The sense of depth is very good, with the fish moving across the floor area of ​​the screen of your device. The lighting features are brilliantly crafted, which provides an incredible visual depth difference.For those who had already dived or some other marine submersion experience will certainly be a rewarding experience to look at this game while listening to calm soundtrack. Each of marine species is portrayed with extreme fidelity and very whim. From tiny fish, such as the famous clownfish, can be seen in detail on the scales and reliable way to swim.

Run Roo Run: Hop Across The Australian Territory And Rescue Your Puppy [iPhone Game]

Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Run Roo Run for iPhone, you play the role of a mother kangaroo who must travel across Australia in search of her kidnapped baby. For this you must use acrobatic skills to jump obstacles that include wells filled with water, thorns and bonfires, scattered scenarios that represent the entire Australian outback.  Roo Run Run brings together all the elements needed to make a portable game environment: nice graphics, a gameplay system easy to master and phases that present challenges quite varied. Despite only have a single action, the game has enough variety to make you hardly Marie him. One of the main highlights are the title phases with extreme difficulty, in which one must show enough skill to survive. If you are those who like to always get the best possible score at any time you can return the overdue steps to improve your reflexes.

AOMEI Partition Assistant: Complete Tool To Manage Partition With Additional Features [Windows/Giveaway]


We have previously reviewed one of the best free partition manager tool called AOMEI Partition Assistant. This tool has come a long way from then introducing lot more amazing features like Making a bootable CD, recovering a partition and more. This is a genius freeware tool which has a separate paid Professional version with some more stunning features like Partition Alignment, Changing the Serial Number and more. During our test, AOMEI Partition Assistant surprised us again with the number of features and effectiveness here. It has a long list of features and we reviewed only a few of them in our previous review, today I will try to bring up some more feature that surprised me. More to read.

SlideShark: View & Share All Your PowerPoint Presentations Keeping All Settings Intact [iPhone]

SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(1)SlideShark an application is made for iPhone and iPad in order to view share all your PowerPoint presentations directly from your iOS device - always keeping all settings intact.  SlideShark is an efficient application, mainly because you can use your PowerPoint presentations keeping all settings. With this, people who make use of the software can feel safe and use it without fear of losing their jobs. The method used to pass files is convenient and fast, it just sync the app with the account accessed by the computer. Also, you only need to use internet connection once since then sync the file is already "inside" of the device. The interface used is clean and has no buttons or unnecessary spread. Thus, it is very easy to learn to use the application. Mainly because it allows some editions - another plus. However, the program crashes when organizing the files, because if a person has many presentations stored, they will be all together and mixed. You can not perform any kind of categorization - though there is the option to search every file, which mitigates the "defect".

Smart Optimizer: Improve The Performance Of Your Device With A Very Simple App [Android]

Smart-Optimizer-Improve-The-Performance-Of-Your-Device-With-A-Very-Simple-App-[Android]-(1)Smart Optimizer is an application quite different from most of the applications in its class: although it has a totally playful, it has complete tools to optimize the use of your gadget with Android. Smart Optimizer is one single app that could make the list more as a process manager and system optimizer, however, he manages to stand out in a single item: the look of the app. Here you will find graphics and buttons that seem to have been drawn by hand. This gives a totally playful air to Smart Optimizer and leaves the system with that style of old fashioned and conventional applications of the same category. This item alone would already be an attractive and well, but the sum of tools that brings Smart Optimizer also enhances the application and effectiveness of the Smart Optimizer to improve the speed of the device is the complement to the application to be almost perfect.

App Manager: Simple & Lightweight Tool To Do Batch Backup/Restore & Uninstall [Android]

App-Manager-Simple-&-Lightweight-Tool-To-Do-Batch-BackupRestore-&-Uninstall-[Android]-(1)If you are tired of the native app manager from Android or other heavy tools that offer unnecessary options, App Manager provides a lightweight utility totally focused on practicality. Despite the simple interface, App Manager allows you to perform two fundamental functions that are not available in the manager-standard apps from Android: uninstallations and do batch backups. The usability of the tool is very good, because the applications are loaded quickly with icons - facilitating their identification - and uninstallations and backups are done in a few seconds.Moreover, the list of programs can be organized by name, date or size. Although the main features do not require a handset with access to the root user, the blocked gadgets can not access the "Show System Apps" (View apps System), which obviously prevents their removal. However, this is not a problem of the App Manager, but the lack of permissions locked phone.

Run Like Hell!: Run For Your Lives To Escape From A Tribe Of Hungry Cannibals [Android & iPhone Game]

Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Run Like Hell! is a game that will not leave you bored in no time. In it, all the attention and agility may not be enough, since the game is very dynamic and fast. Here, regardless of location, you always chased by a tribe of cannibals hungry, eager to put you at the stake. Run Like Hell! is one of those games for Android and iPhone that can make you addicted. With several stages and canaries, he certainly deserves quite outstanding among other more casual game in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The play can be a great hobby for those moments of boredom, since the game will wake you with all his speed. What else stimulates the Run Like Hell! is the challenge: it is not easy to run without stumbling everywhere and whenever you are starting a new game, the obstacles are moved around. That is, each new game is totally different from the previous one. In addition, it also has a very lively soundtrack and realistic sounds at times when the character runs or takes tumbles. But if you're still not convinced to download Run Like Hell!, Know that your free version has almost all the tools of pay. So you can have great fun without spending anything.

Agent Dash: Guide A Group Of Secret Agents Through A Deadly Yet Funny Race [Android & iPhone Game]

Agent-Dash-Guide-A-Group-Of-Secret-Agents-Through-A-Deadly-Yet-Funny-Race-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)In Agent Dash for Android and iPhone, you encounter an action game in the style of running that puts you in the role of several secret agents go there for fun. Its mission is to run quickly through levels filled with obstacles and grab all the diamonds you can. If you're a fan of casual games running style and not release a game with neat graphics and sharp gameplay, Agent Dash has everything needed to amaze and keep you glued to your device for long hours. The work of the company known developer Full Fat brings an impeccable control mechanics based on touch gestures. The scenarios in which the characters have run three levels, facilitating gambling and making room for many objects and barriers. The cartoon-style three-dimensional graphics were very well done, showing a great amount of detail and texture quality. The special effects also attract attention by displaying many particles and realistic lights.

iCare Data Recovery: Effectively Recover Deleted/Corrupted Files For Hard Disc Or USB Stick [Windows/Giveaway]

iCare-Data-Recovery-Effectively-Recover-DeletedCorrupted-Files-For-Hard-Disc-Or-USB-Stick-[WindowsGiveaway]-()A small mistake or a rare accident can cause lots of data loss or even loosing an entire partition of Hard Disc. Many times we found out that those accidentally deleted files could be of great use with either official/work usage or as of sentimental value. Rather than whining about the deleted files, what you should do is to have a program capable of recovering those lost files as soon as you get aware of the situation. Previously we reviewed some of great free data recovery tool called Recuva, Pandora Recovery, FileWing and other. Today we will be featuring one paid tool called iCare Data Recovery Software which can effectively recover deleted files in a few clicks. This excellent program scans disks to find out deleted files and let you restore them easily. The quality of iCare Data Recovery Software is quite remarkable. In minutes you can scan the disk where your data was stored previously and restore your precious files. It also has a friendly interface, advanced search tools to filter and preview content. Sure we have other free programs for file recovery in ABC Trick, but some of our readers commented that using something paid in such critical time is much better (We are not saying that it’s true though).

iPhone 5 Owners Claim Problems On The Handset Screen [Video]

Once the iPhone 5 has entered into pre-sale phase, several people rushed to stand in line to purchase the new device. For some, the wait was well rewarded, while first-phase owners have found major defects in the smartphone. According to the Techcrunch, many new iPhone 5 owners are complaining of image transmission on the device. On some occasions, the screen blinks as if it were to stop working - what would scare anyone who just bought the newest phone. Other buyers are complaining specifically of image quality, because the screen is blurred or smudged, damaging the reading of texts, for example. In Apple's own forum, there were reports of screens blurry or wavy lines. Despite these defects, no statement was available from Apple as of now.

Current Caller ID: Complete Analysis Of Your Call Log & Find Out Interesting Facts Like Most Contacted, Best Time To Call Etc. [Android]

Current-Caller-ID-Complete-Analysis-Of-Your-Call-Log-&-Find-Out-Interesting-Facts-Like-Most-Contacted,-Best-Time-To-Call-Etc.-[Android]-(2)Current Caller ID is an interesting application of linked analysis of your Callers with which you can find several interesting facts and add more information to your contacts. The app uses the call log of your phone to mount a series of graphs that display important numbers for those using their phone as working medium. In Current Caller ID, you will find a connection management application that uses the call and SMS log from your phone to create graphs, statistics and patterns. The information may be useful for people whose job requires talking to many customers, for example. The simplistic interface of the app lets you navigate through your list of contacts in an intuitive way. When you select a contact, Current Caller ID shows all its power displaying a set of amazing information. That way you can find out what is the best time to call a client, or how many times have you received calls from a particular person.

The CATch!: Help A Mischievous Cat Who Needs To Flee After Stealing Food [Android & iPhone Game]

The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)In The CATch!, your mission is to help small and fat cat running away from his owner after sneaking a great prank. She was making lunch quietly, when the cat climbed on the table and picked up the sausages she would use while cooking. When she realized she was in trouble, she fled out the window as soon as he could. The CATch! It is a game clearly inspired by Temple Run. Its plot is very entertaining and introduce them to the developers chose to make a scene worthy of cartoon. The scenario is presented in three dimensions, but do not expect realism. Images are square and jagged, but that does not stop us from praising the game's visuals, with a very lovable character and fun images. The soundtrack is also a positive aspect. Music is one more item that reminds us classic cartoons, but it can be turned off - if you prefer. The sound effects are funny with cats meowing, bird sounds and a lady behind the furious pussy. The gameplay of The CATch! is easy, but even so, it was possible to identify unique characteristics - for good and for evil. On the plus side, the game features many elements in the scenario that enable interesting upgrades.

AireTalk: Free Call–A Complete Social Communication Tool With Free Calling & Sharing Service [Android & iPhone]

AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(1)It is true that there are many communication tools for mobile devices that allow you to send messages, photos and music and to make calls as well for free over the Internet. However, the new AireTalk: Free Call brings together all the features seen in other apps of its kind in a single, comprehensive tool. If you are tired of the WhatsApp, or Viber or others, AireTalk: Free Call brings a complete solution that brings together all the resources of competitors in one place. That way, you can send text messages, make calls or leave messages with voice recording feature. Besides the large amount of resources, one of the elements that draw more attention to the tool is intuitive and minimalistic interface that offers few menus and plenty of context to access functionality. During our tests, we tried out sending messages, links and video conferences. All features worked perfectly, except for the last, it is necessary that both apparatus provided with a front camera.

Iron Jack 2: Grab All The Coins In Stellar Futuristic Scenarios Full Of Obstacles [Android & iPhone Game]

Iron-Jack-2-Grab-All-The-Coins-In-Stellar-Futuristic-Scenarios-Full-Of-Obstacles-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Iron Jack 2 is a game of skill and quick thinking that puts players in the shoes of an Android and iPhone. Your goal is to fly for futuristic scenarios full of obstacles and grab all the coins you find energy. In Iron Jack 2, you find a 2D action game and platform that runs off a little from the standard genre. Instead of worrying only to annihilate enemies or jump off cliffs, you also need to pay close attention to the obstacles and must take all coins of each phase. The frantic gameplay is one of the hallmarks of the work, because the large amount of moving obstacles and opponents that requires the player to remain always alert. And the objects that react realistically can also block key passages. The downside is the lack of a D-pad that allows intelligent movements more precise. The two arrows still realize if the player remains attentive, but are not well suited for a fast-action title in which one mistake can be fatal.

Monitor The Temperature & Voltage Of Video Card, Processor, Hard Drives And Check Fan Speed With CPUID HWMonitor

Monitor-The-Temperature-&-Voltage-Of-Video-Card,-Processor,-Hard-Drives-And-Check-Fan-Speed-With-CPUID-HWMonitorHWMonitor (CPUID Hardware Monitor) is an advanced hardware diagnostic application which let’s you monitor and check voltage/temperature of Processor, HD, Graphics Card and other Hardware components individually and keep an eye on Fan speed right from your Windows Desktop. In addition to identifying the hardware components (processor, hard drive, DVD-RW, motherboard and others), it also shows the temperature of each elements separately including the cores of the processor, speed of the fans and voltages of the motherboard. Although HWMonitor isn’t as featured and completed as our previously featured SpeedFan, however, the idea is to show the temperatures, voltages and rotation speed of the fans too easy to understand with an armature's eye, it’s worth of try. But if you need detailed information and want to control CPU components from Windows, please read “Monitor Speed, Temperature & Voltage of Internal Cooling-Fan, CPU And Other Hardware Components With SpeedFan”. Data transmitted by this program are ideal for diagnosing problems related to overheating of the computer and improper power supply to/by the motherboard. The graphical interface is not very elaborate, although this does not make much difference because HWMonitor shows list information which does not require graphics to be understood.

Magic Piano: Learn To Play Real Piano Without Any Knowledge Using Your Finger [Android & iPhone]

Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Magic Piano is one of the best alternatives for those who want the feeling of playing the piano on Android and iPhone, without learning to read music, or even have the instrument at home. The Magic Piano brings a system very easy to use and you need not understand anything about music to perform the complete works as a professional. Magic Piano is the perfect app for those who know nothing about music and wants to have fun playing the piano. It is very easy to use and leaves no one to embarrass the execution of the songs, which is simple enough to be made. However, if you already play an instrument or have advanced knowledge of music, the tools can find the Magic Piano simple, but anyway, it works like a great game for those moments of boredom. Here the trick is to follow the marks given by the application, ie, there is nothing similar to reality.The audio quality is quite satisfactory, which gives positive points to the application. More to read.

Atom Launcher: Cool ICS Launcher With Stylish UI & Support For Other Launcher [Android]

Atom-Launcher-Cool-ICS-Launcher-With-Stylish-UI-&-Support-For-Other-Launcher-[Android]-(2)Looking for a new style for your smartphone and do not want to spend anything to do with themes?The Atom Launcher is perfect for this. He works as a package of free themes full of possibilities for those who want to change the look of the gadget is the default application or setting preferences. Atom is a launcher application that really surprised by its quality. The package works perfectly and has an impressive amount of customization tools, and various themes for you to completely change the look of your device. It is simple to use and ensures you leave your Android even more modern. The animations change pages are very gentle and let the Launcher Atom beautiful. The tools for customizing the home screen noteworthy for bringing a style quite different to the screen, either with drawings or simple transparency of water droplets falling from the display.

Aqua Mail: Alternate Client Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Customizable Settings [Android]

Aqua Mail Alternate Client Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Customizable Settings [Android] (1)Aqua Mail - new mail app is an email client with which you can access any account supports POP3 and IMAP protocols, such as Gmail and Hotmail services. The application provides an extremely clear and clean interface that is specifically designed for Android gadgets with small screens. If you're looking for an efficient tool to manage your emails on your gadget, Aqua Mail - new mail app is a great choice. The application allows you to sign up two email accounts compatible with POP3 and IMAP. The program interface like the layout very compact and simple, which intelligently adapts to screen size. Thus, the program is to look great in tablets and also in small gadgets. The bottom menu for quick shortcuts like with which you can reply, delete, or send an email quickly. While viewing a message, the option full screen also facilitates the visualization of large images. In the settings section, there are a lot of options to adjust the various parameters, such as the automatic loading of images, the debug mode, notifications, etc. More to read.

Espera: Metro UI Based Music Player Tool With Unique YouTube Integration [Windows]

Espera-Metro-UI-Based-Music-Player-Tool-With-Unique-YouTube-Integration-[Windows]-(5)Espera is a stunning Metro-UI based modern audio player for Windows that has some very interesting features. With it, you can not only listen to the music stored on the hard drive of your computer as well as the music/audio files from YouTube. The simple interface and intuitive application makes listening to music much more enjoyable and simple. During our test, Espera proved to be a good tool for listening to music. Occupying little disk space, the application is a viable option for anyone, even those who are not accustomed to using alternative music player rather then Windows Media Player. The main advantages of this tool over other applications of similar kind is the integration with YouTube, allowing you to access the entire contents of this video portal. That way, you are able to listen to almost all types of music anytime. Another positive aspect of the program is the ability to customize the items displayed in its interface. So people can leave only those elements that actually free comfortable with, freeing up more space for displaying information about the songs. Because the program does not have heavy features, you can use it on any machine, even in the oldest ones and with little processing power. Unfortunately, not everything works perfectly yet. It shows some random crash for now (hang up) while adding lots of music files in the library. However, after that, it continued to play the files normally, without showing new problems. More to read.

What’s My IQ?: Quick Puzzle Box Game Style App To Make You Think Out Of The Box [Android/iPhone]

What’s-My-IQ-Quick-Puzzle-Box-Game-Style-App-To-Make-You-Think-Out-Of-The-Box-[AndroidiPhone]-(1)What’s My IQ? is an Android and iPhone game for those who want to test their ability to reason in a way somewhat different. Instead of the classic questions and multiple choice answers, the game features a series of challenging puzzles, and not simply just be smart to stick to them: you need to know to think of unusual ways to get the answers. What's My IQ is one of those games that appeal with ease due to its concept and execution. Just start testing for the game to bring surprisingly challenging puzzles from the first phase. And most interesting is that the answers are usually quite simple. The graphics of What's My IQ may be simple, but the fact is that they fulfill their function well. All information is well organized and all the buttons clearly show your options, allowing you to clearly understand what must be done in moments. It is a pity that while the puzzles are really challenging, there's no denying a major failure of What's My IQ?: The puzzles never change, repeating the same values ​​for the player to solve.Therefore, after some time, this becomes a mere memory test, enabling people cheat with ease.

Widgetsoid: One Of The Best Power Control Widget With Notification Bar Widget Support [Android]

Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(1)Widgetsoid is a tool for you to put different widgets on the screen of your phone and easy access to installed apps and also the Android settings. So elegant and funky, the application helps make some mundane tasks much simpler and quicker. Widgetsoid is the perfect app for those who want more convenience when accessing some settings and apps from Android. The standard icons used in the application are very well designed, giving more elegance to the gadget. One feature that draws the most attention in Widgetsoid is the possibility to insert music controls on the main screen of the phone. Thus, navigating between songs or stop playback of the content is much faster and just as effective as if you were accessing directly into the player. Widgetsoid is beautiful, modern and lets you organize your items the cell. The customization options are to ensure that the app matches the look of your Android and can be made with just some touches. All very practical and simple. More to read.

Beach Moto: Elasto Mania Like Dirt Style Moto Racing Game In Sea-Coast [Android Game]

Beach-Moto-Elasto-Mania-Like-Dirt-Style-Moto-Racing-Game-In-Sea-Coast-[Android-Game]-(8)In Beach Moto you need to overcome various stages littered with obstacles while controlling a motorcycle bratty. Similar to the proposal classic games like Elasto Mania - Beach Moto allows a series of maneuvers on slopes and tops. The idea is to reach the next checkpoint vivo in various stages Coastal - all acclimated according to the theme. Beach Moto is another of the heirs of the formula started with pioneers like Elasto Mania. For those not familiar: it is put it on a motorcycle to traverse stages packed with the most varied challenges - ramps, stones, parked cars etc. The shift is, of course, is also in sidecrsolling (two-dimensional, such as a Mario Brothers. On wheels). But there is an obvious difference here compared to other games of the genre - obvious ... Not exactly relevant. All phases here are located in coastal landscapes. To close the ambience, there are still Hawaiian songs. And, of course, your driver comes dressed in appropriate clothing.

DIY–Why Ask For Help When You Can Easily Do That? [Humor]


Want To Become A Mobile Application Developer? Here’s How To Be [Infographic]

Want-To-Become-A-Mobile-Application-Developer-Here’s-How-To-Be-[Infographic]After the arrival of smartphone, the whole definition of being an application developer has changed. It’s now a much bigger field where many peoples are joining in regularly. Developing something isn’t really an easy thing (Well, it’s not hard too if you are so-called expert). You must have an idea, a though about what to built, clear sense of how to make it possible, know how to reach the user and most importantly, need to no how to put things together and code the app. So here’s an inforgaphic showing you how to get started right now. If you ask me, the first step is for me is to watch other people’s work and then watch again and again. Then let your imagination fly to capture and idea to built an app with and then finally learn stuffs and gather skills to put all them up together.

iMindMap: Create Mind Maps Completely Using Touch Gestures [iPhone]

iMindMap-Create-Mind-Maps-Completely-Using-Touch-Gestures-[iPhone]-(1)iMindMap is a drawing tool that was specially created for the development of mental maps. All commands are done through intuitive touch gestures, and a menu combines several features that complement the features of interaction. With iMindMap, you can create mind maps in minutes complete for use in your presentations or help organize your life. The app brings all the basic tools for the development of the design through simple taps on the touch screen. The default layouts are very useful because they are related to common situations that are usually used mind maps. Anyway, even starting a drawing with a blank screen, it is easy to form the diagram. The touch controls are well laid out, helping you create the roots and sub-roots through gestures.Typing is also facilitated, since the keyboard is always maximized. And the top menu contains several useful options for people who do not have much flexibility with the touch screen. More to read.

Jukebox for Android: A Full-Feature Alternative Music Player With Cloud Integration [Android]

Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(1)Jukebox for Android is a full-featured music player for your Android. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet: the Jukebox has the perfect tools for you.You will not have any work to use the app. All you need is to select the song you want to hear and ready. Jukebox is a simple but very useful app for those looking for an alternative to Android's native music player. With it, you can find simple ways to view content and listen to the songs, either in alphabetical order or randomly. Moreover, the Jukebox allows you to group your tracks also by artists and albums, facilitating the work in time to find the songs you want to hear. The app is not difficult to use and can be useful both for those who do not have much practice with Android as for those who simply do not want to waste time on applications filled with tools.

Wise Game Booster: One Click Instant Boost To Enter Gaming Mode By Releasing Unnecessary RAM & CPU Consumption [Windows]

Wise-Game-Booster-One-Click-Instant-Boost-To-Enter-Gaming-Mode-By-Releasing-Unnecessary-RAM-&-CPU-Consumption-[Windows]-()If you are a power gamer, a “Quick Boost” before running a game can be an effective choice for you. While playing a game, you probably not going to need some background apps running, several services and miscellaneous tools and closing them before starting to play a game will make your gaming experience smoother. From the same developer of our previously featured free registry cleaner called Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Game Booster is a program that has many tools to accelerate the performance of your system focusing on gaming mode. Wise Game Booster proved to be a very useful tool for hardcore gamers and wanting to get the maximum performance when running games. The program has a very beautiful interface, with a modern, attractive and well organized UI with its interactive menus and buttons. Moreover, the application showed a low consumption of computer resources - as one would expect for a software of this kind. Thus, it can even be used on system with poor resource without creating crashes. During our review, we lack a system to uninstall the games you've already completed or no longer want to play. The result of Wise Game Booster optimization is noticeable. In our case, the performance improvement was subtle, but the optimization should be more noticeable in computers with poor resource. More to read.

Puran Utilities: All In One Tool For System Optimization & Hard-Disc Maintenance [Windows]

Puran-Utilities-All-In-One-Tool-For-System-Optimization-&-Hard-Disc-Maintenance-[Windows]-(1)Puran Utilities for Windows is an application that includes a large set of tools for the maintenance and management of your computer. This tool has a good collection of feature for computer maintenance, especially because it groups several essential tools in a single interface. Even this is one of its great advantages, because as you can find all the necessary functions in the same place, it becomes easier to perform a complete optimization. The program interface is also noteworthy, since all applications are in the form of a button and can easily be understand and used. It has no hidden menus or tools, just a few buttons at the bottom of the screen that brings functions grouped (as maintenance at a click) for quick setup. All procedures are easy to do, because usually all you need to do is select (batch) which partition to be analyzed and the action you want to take. Maintaining in a click is a good service by being guided, but could be better if it were executed automatically by the program. Still, Puran Utilities is a great option for anyone looking to keep computer optimized and always organized. More to read.

Cut the Rope: Experiments Free–The Next Of Famous & Addicting Cut The Rope Game [Android Game]

Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)If you're already a fan of Cut The Rope, will be delighted with Cut the Rope: Experiments. In this game, you have once again the task of feeding the mysterious animal that came from space, however, here are 75 more to complete challenges you to have fun. The Cut the Rope: Experiments perfectly follows the line of Cut the Rope . The system of the game is the same, but with even more stages much fun for you to meet each challenge with all the experience gained in the first game. The game is fairly complete, the look of the game was very well produced and it has illustrations with high image quality, and a playful interface that will please both the short ones, as the most addicting one. The sounds of Cut the Rope: Experiments also very pleasing, because they are always a response to what happens in the game. Especially at the end of each stage, when the instructor indicates if your work was well done or not. More to read.

Computer Of The Future May Be Powered By Water: Researchers Shows Superhydrophobic Droplet Logic [News]

Computer-Of-The-Future-May-Be-Powered-By-Water-Researchers-Shows-Superhydrophobic-Droplet-Logic-[News]Have you ever wondered what if your computer could be powered by water? We are not talking about liquid cooling system, but also the data processing which cab be done through tiny drops of water. This is the latest technology developed by researchers at Aalto University, in the United States. The researchers have developed a technology that can make the water represent the 0 and 1 logic (fundamental of binary language) of informatics. The logic is called Superhydrophobic droplet logic. The trick is to use a surface that repels water, leaning every time when a small drop of water strikes. Thus, scientists calibrated the equipment so that each time the card is geared to a specific destination and track your position.

Ready Steady Bang: Become The Fastest Gunner In The West Else Die [Android Game]

Ready-Steady-Bang-Become-The-Fastest-Gunner-In-The-West-Else-Die-[Android-Game]-(1)Ready Steady Bang is a simple and fun game that tackles the classic duel of the "old west".Here you will control your gunslinger against a good friend or against the computer. Whoever wins the trigger faster. The challenge works previously chosen criteria: best of 1, 3 or 5 rounds. That beat the fastest gun in the West - possibly the loser will need to leave the city before sunset. This proposal is simple but incredibly addictive Ready Steady Bang. In a scenario "simpleton" in black and white, who have won the best timing to send the opponent to the other world with a pretty accurate shooting. The operation of the game could not be simpler. Each duel always follows the same step: a narrator with a voice and comic squeezed say, in response, "Ready", "Steady" and "Bang!" ...Win who is the first to touch the surface of the tablet / smartphone. But at this point there are two possibilities - both quite convenient. If count with a good friend, Ready Steady Bang can turn into a fun multiplayer one device only. Each contestant will be responsible for half the screen of the gadget. Once the unmistakable "Bang!" Is mentioned, the business is to have good reflexes to be the first to touch the screen surface.

1Tap Eraser: Schedule & Clean All History/Log Automatically In One Click [Android]

1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(1)If you are a person concerned about your privacy, you probably should have sought ways to clean your smartphone activities. Thinking about it, 1Tap Eraser allows you to do a thorough cleaning with just one click. In 1Tap Eraser, you'll find a complete cleaning tool that is totally focused on privacy. The app lets you clear history of any action on the smartphone, as the log of calls, the box of text messages and pages viewed in the browser. The simple interface and well organized sum many points to the application, it is easy to understand the operation of the tool. A function that allows you to schedule cleanings and add elements in the White List also pleased because you can delete only the items you want.

Best Battery Widget: Intuitive Widget To Check 1% Battery Level From Homescreen [Android]

Best-Battery-Widget-Intuitive-Widget-To-Check-1%-Battery-Level-From-Homescreen-[Android]-(2)Best Battery Widget is an app with a very simple goal: visually and numerically display the level of battery charging of your device. Although the operating system by default show an icon shaped pile, in some systems it is not the percentage indicated numerically. If you're tired of seeing the abstract design shaped cell that displays the battery status of your device, Best Battery Widget provides an accurate and complete, showing the level of load in a visual and numerical. The widget calls attention to the small size and beautiful design. The drawing shows a circle surrounded by a rim that is illuminated as the level of battery charge. As the element takes up little screen space, you need not worry about radically change your homescreen.

Pinnacle Studio: Powerful & Feature-Rich Video Editor From Corel [iPad]

Pinnacle-Studio-Powerful-&-Feature-Rich-Video-Editor-From-Corel-[iPad]-(1)Pinnacle Studio is an application made so you can edit videos in various styles using only your iPad. With it, you can create transitions photos, videos with effects and even music clips simple. The aim of the software is to be a practical tool that can be used naturally by a touchscreen device. Because of this, the commands come down to touch your finger on the screen and drag. The interface used in Pinnacle Studio is very modern and striking, as it uses long and rounded shapes, bright colors and interactive elements - such as video tape that are stored in your projects. This is a great quality because it gets you focused on your work. The controls are really simple and practical, as was the proposal of the developer of the program, since you simply tap and drag the desired effects. That way, you will need only a few minutes to understand how the work process works. The big plus point of application are the work options available because you can use different types of transition effects and media - besides being able to use various types of media - ensuring quality work and well diversified.

Lock Screen Active: Interactive Tool To Use Your Lockscreen For Quick Access To Anywhere [Android]

Lock-Screen-Active-Interactive-Tool-To-Use-Your-Lockscreen-For-Quick-Access-To-Anywhere-[Android]-(1)Lock Screen Active is the best alternative for those who do not like to waste time unlocking their smartphone for only then make calls, opening applications or even check updates from Facebook. For those who feel distressed to waste time looking for apps on their gadget for more effectiveness, Lock Screen Active is a good alternative. Besides being totally free, the app is simple to use, easy to configure and allows the user much greater freedom than is common for similar applications. Here, you can choose the tools that will appear on the main screen of the device. Thus, it is much easier and convenient access to your email, for example, or more often open your favorite social networks. One of the great advantages of Active Screen Lock is exactly that: the app serves both to those who use the gadget to work and for those who just want to have fun with it, since it is you who chooses what is priority in everyday life.

EULAlyzer: Auto Analyze EULA (End-User License Agreements) Text And Flag Texts On Interest-Basis [Windows]

EULAlyzer Auto Analyze EULA (End-User License Agreements) Text And Flag Texts On Interest-Basis [Windows] (1)Have you ever read through the license agreement show each time you wanted to install a software? I guess, almost 100% of normal users skip those agreements and jump to quick install all the time. Well, these are called License Terms (or End-User License Agreements - EULA), and that there is more text than you can imagine. In the License Agreement text, there can be clues about what the tool does, is that a spyware, or other type of software that may invade your privacy, or if it brings unwanted advertisements, among others. Most importantly, it tells you what types of data its going to take from you and why/how they are going to use it. It would be a real pain for anyone if you have read through the EULA every time. So, now there’s a program out there called EULAlyzer which will analyze the EULA texts and then flag out only the important phrases for you. EULAlyzer is a program that analyzes the licenses and warns about the risks you may face when installing it. More to read.

Balance Box: Physics Based Game To Balance Weight With Boxes In Both Side [Android Game]

Balance-Box-Physics-Based-Game-To-Balance-Weight-With-Boxes-In-Both-Side-[Android-Game]-(1)Balance Box is an interesting puzzle game for Android. Its gameplay is different and requires concentration, quick thinking and great balance. Balance Box has a very serious problem: only 20 levels to play. The game is interesting and will make you addicted quickly, trying to solve all the puzzles and so it's really a shame that he offers as low a number of challenges. The gameplay is different and has everything to please those who like intelligent games. Shares in Balance Box are very intuitive and you do not need even a help menu to understand what must be done. The visual leaves a little to be desired, as if he was even simpler could be more elegant. The changes between the types of wood are very subtle and could be more emphasized and clouds passing behind the scene are completely unnecessary.

HWiNFO32: Probably The Most Complete Tool To View Hardware Component Info And Benchmarking [Windows]

HWiNFO32-Probably-The-Most-Complete-Tool-To-View-Hardware-Component-Info-And-Benchmarking-[Windows]-(0)You have seen the inconvenience of having to manually search of or open your computer to find settings of a component? HWiNFO32 is a program designed to provide hardware information and diagnostics supporting the latest components, industry technologies and standards easily right on your computer screen. This application recognizes and extracts the greatest amount of information about your computer hardware. HWiNFO32 is designed for those who want or need to know the exact settings of the machine they using, along with information about performance. The program has a reasonable amount of information and with a good amount of detail. The results are easy to understand, with data separated into clearly defined categories. Furthermore, due to the excellent organization of its interface, functions as a button and categorized information, it is very easy to use. Finally, as a portable tool, you don’t need to install anything to use this tool – just download and open to run. More to read.

Panda Cloud Cleaner: Detect Possible Infections On Your PC And Take Necessary Steps Using Cloud Computing Technology [Windows]

Panda-Cloud-Cleaner-Detect-Possible-Infections-On-Your-PC-And-Take-Necessary-Steps-Using-Cloud-Computing-Technology-[Windows]-(1)Panda Cloud Cleaner brings another program for additional protection of the computer. It doesn’t works in any way to replace a conventional virus, it does not make a preventive protection (real time) – it just finds foci of infection that is already on it’s way in the computer and additionally for which it also offers a tool cleaning. One downside is that the starting time of the verification process (preparation of application, say) can be slow. This occurs because the program works using the cloud computing technology, and so it is necessary to load data directly from the internet. However, once entered into the analysis, Panda Cloud Cleaner proved really fast. The interface is very user friendly and has a good amount of data on the verification process of the computer. Even if you can not use the quarantine process fir some identified item, you can opt for the decontamination or view details to take whatever action it deems most appropriate. The decontamination process is simple to implement (involving only a click), and is very fast. As an added benefit, it is a virus detection tool based on cloud computing technology, the program requires less computer resources, and do not let the machine become slow during use. More to read.

Subway Surfers: Escape From Fearsome Subway Tracks In This Addicting Game [iPhone Game]

Subway-Surfers-Escape-From-Fearsome-Subway-Tracks-In-This-Addicting-Game-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Imagine you are designing your artwork in subway cars. Everything is perfect and peaceful, until the guard catches you in the act and starts a chase through the rails. The gameplay presented by Subway Surfers are simply amazing. That's because the trains, the character and all objects on the screen of the game are very well designed, have well defined contours and a cheerful color, with a light touch that gives rise to different textures. Every detail of the scenarios seem to be carefully thought out, even the shadow made by each timber that supports the railroad tracks and the darkest of environments that appear on the scene. The drawings well done and make the appearance of the Subway Surfers so beautiful that makes you want to play it just by looking at the initial screen of the game, before you even know what it is. Like all games offer missions that are acting as the objectives of the phases, each time these goals are completed, you can earn extra points and improve your character. This feature makes the game very addictive because it makes you want to accumulate more and more coins and can reach farther and farther in the scenarios.

WebDisk: Easiest Wireless File Transfer For PC To iPhone With Support For Large Flies [iPhone]

WebDisk-Easiest-Wireless-File-Transfer-For-PC-To-iPhone-With-Support-For-Large-Flies-[iPhone]-(1)With the application WebDisk, you have the option of passing all the files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad - regardless of the type of document. For this, you will not need any cables. WebDisk is a handy software, it allows to transfer files directly to iPods and iPhones. This is one of the greatest qualities of the app, it is not necessary to "lose" time going to a computer (because anyone can do it for you) or waiting to download some e-mail attachment end. Thus, the process turns out to be very fast - in our tests, no transfer has two minutes. In addition, the WebDisk works with any file type, so that it was possible to move photos, music, text and video to an iPhone. Despite the qualities, the application does not have instructions on how to start using it. Thus, some people may find it difficult to start transferring files. Another shortcoming is the fact that you can not move files to the computer gadget. If this feature was present, even more convenience would be provided by the software.

Collagetastic: Create Photo Collages With Multiple Photos Using Different Layout & Effects [iPhone]

Collagetastic-Create-Photo-Collages-With-Multiple-Photos-Using-Different-Layout-&-Effects-[iPhone]-(1)Making assemblies with multiple photos and apply various effects by choosing different layouts. This is the purpose of Collagetastic - an application that lets you work with multiple pictures (changing colors, sizes and positions) simply and with good results. The term "collage" means "glue" and therefore exemplifies the format Mounting obtained with the application. It lets you drag, rotate and compose your pictures (which contain the standard now being added style "Polaroid"), including putting on each other and fixing them in the manner you prefer. The Collagetastic offers good options for layouts and effects that help you get colored and custom assemblies. In addition, while using the application, some mini tutorials (how to move the pictures in space as editing or select them separately to apply effects) appear on the screen, helping throughout the process. Even though only in English, the application does not provides many difficulties in handling, especially for providing functions commonly found in apps other image editors (setting the edge of the picture, picture size, applying filters etc.). More to read.

Marbles in Wanderland!: Use Claws And Other Weapons To Play With The Cute Kitten [Android & iPhone Game]

Marbles-in-Wanderland!-Use-Claws-And-Other-Weapons-To-Play-With-The-Cute-Kitten-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)The friendly kitten Marbles is in hostile territory: kamikaze rabbits and armed with guns, dogs off with ninja way, are everywhere and may want to eliminate the poor animal. But who says he has no weapons to defend themselves? Marbles in Wanderland! is an excellent form of entertainment for those seeking a frantic game and make good use of the touchscreen, and has good graphics made for the iOS and Android platform. What is most contagious the difficulty of the game, quite sharply, growing and challenging, and the pace of adventure that does not stop until you get hit by an enemy, it will also make you repeat challenges to achieve better results. The touch screen responds well to movement and makes the adventure even better. The graphics, despite seeming too childish, soon lose that label when violence begins - and it should appeal to all audiences. Already sounds, including relaxing soundtrack and the sounds of gunfire and animals, also leave nothing to be desired.

Fotor For Android: iPhone Camera App Arrives In The Play Store With Quality Effects, Filters, Frames & HDR Feature [Android]

Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(1)There are hundreds of applications to capture pictures in Play Store , but it is rare to find an option that really deserves attention. Fotor for Android is one of those publishers that draw attention. You have four basic options: Camera, HDR, Edit and Collage. You can capture a new image, or select a file in the Android gallery to add effects easily. The app has amazing looks with high definition images, very few elements and elegance. The transition effects give the final touch and, despite being a free app, you will not suffer from annoying banner ads. The app UI is very efficient, and you will find all the tools available very easily. Each one brings an icon illustrative, which makes life easier for anyone. The editing options are very good with quality effects and FXs. Besides having a system for automatic image enhancement, you have several quality filters, which resemble the options available in Instagram. Furthermore, you get a wide variety of edges, four different levels of blur, various text balloons to complement the image and editing options nine basic as contrast and saturation of image. More to read.

SkyDrive: The Official Client Of Microsoft’s Cloud Service For Android Has Arrived In Play Store [Android]

SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(2)SkyDrive is a Microsoft service that works along the lines of Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a kind of Cloud Service, which offers up to 7 GB of free memory - expandable up to 25 GB. SkyDrive is an alternative service for those who want more free virtual space and can no longer count on the Google Drive or Dropbox or similar services. Its operation is similar and you can use up to 7 GB of memory in the cloud. Lately, but finally its official app has come to Play Store. The UI is very modern with Windows 8 UI inspired (Metro Typo) design and totally interactive menu, following the same design line of Windows Phone. It is not necessary to perform any kind of registration. Just use your MSN e-mail to login and start using the service. The process is fast and the speed during both to access menus and to download and upload files is good too - which is one of its highlights.

Switch Controls Lite: Yet Another Customizable Power Control Widget [Android]

Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(1)Switch Controls Lite is an application for you to have quick access to settings of your Android device. Here, you can customize the system and choose the functions they need more during the day to day. With the app, you get totally custom widgets that fit your needs. Among the many widgets available on Google Play, Switch Controls Lite surely deserves. The application is simple to use and allows full configuration of tools and visual widget. Although it is an essential function, not all developers make room for you to choose themes and widgets, for an application that appears all the time on the main screen of your device, it is great to have a system that allows making changes in color, texture and style. Therefore, customization is the highest point of the Switch Controls Lite. Otherwise, it follows the pattern of other widgets, with different possibilities of sizes and functions.So you can only have one widget Lite Switch Controls the screen with all that you need or keep several different sizes, with specific functions for every need.

Stunt Car Challenge: Control A Powerful Car In Stunt Racing [Android Game]

Stunt-Car-Challenge-Control-A-Powerful-Car-In-Stunt-Racing-[Android-Game]-(2)Stunt Car Challenge is a game made as for those who like speed and want to have fun with a very powerful car. The game has simple controls and can leave you stuck in gambling for a long time, since his style is totally addictive. The proposed Stunt Car Challenge is not groundbreaking, but the app is a great free alternative for those looking for a casual game. What draws the most attention in Stunt Car Challenge is the high level of difficulty in the advanced stages: not always the domain of the car is simple, which means that you have some work to get to the places you want. Earn more points for risky maneuvers leaves the Stunt Car Challenge even more entertaining, especially for those who like to see the car flying over cliffs and jumping rings of fire giants. The sounds of Stunt Car Challenge has nothing special, but the complete application. The roar of the engine does not quite seem real, but at least do not let the Stunt Car Challenge in complete silence. The look of the application is simple. While finishing the layout is well done (the game has a good level of detail and well-defined contours), the drawing style without many shadows or any type of texture can offend the most demanding. More to read.